A/N: I am not Stephenie Meyer. I wish, but that stupid genie quit on me after I told him that I wanted to be her.

A/N 2: This is told in Alice's and Bella's point of view. I absolutely love the way Alice thinks. She has a childish mind, and she sticks to it. She does act grown up sometimes though. Bella is like the character that is so easy to know. She is so stubborn though. I am like that also. I will let you know when I change the point of view. Also, some of the parts are used from the first chapter of the new book. For example, Bella doesn't know where Jacob is and don't get me started on Charlie.


I needed to get to Bella's house soon. She was about to get married, and I needed to talk to her. I knew she was nervous. She didn't want to do this, but stupid Edward said that he would only change her if she married him. She agreed. Today was the day she was supposed to tell Charlie, as if that isn't enough to get nervous about. Charlie had some very intense opinions on her getting married. He didn't know about the Cullen's being vampires or the way that Bella feels about Edward.

I finally gave up. I went to Bella's house. When I knocked on the door, Charlie answered. He looked really unhappy.

"Hello, Alice, nice to see you here. Maybe you could talk some sense into Bella about getting married." He seemed upset, of course. I didn't think that this was going to be smooth.

I tried to answer honestly. "Actually, Charlie, I think that she deserves to be married. I also think that you are giving her too much about it. She will be safe. Edward has pretty intense opinions about her. She feels the same way."

Charlie walked off, mad because I told him that. Edward threw me a warning glance, but I just stuck my tongue out at him.

Finally, he asked to see me alone. Bella said okay, a phrase that I wouldn't have hoped she would have said. Edward was going to be pissed. He would probably hate me for this.

"What were you trying to do? You know that Charlie is already furious. You just added more to it. Thanks." He voice was acidic on the last word. He seemed to be as frustrated as I was the whole day when I wanted to know what was going on.

"I just wanted to know what happened. Charlie seemed to be even more furious than before. I also wanted to talk to Bella about some arrangements. I wanted to give her the guest list." I just shrugged and headed toward Bella.

"Hey, Bella, can I talk to you alone?"

"Um… sure." She looked at Edward, and he just shrugged.

I pulled her to a corner and started telling her everything. "Okay. Here is the guest list. Give it back to me tomorrow so I can make the invitations. Your wedding is set for July 30. It gives me enough time and it is before your deadline." In fact, July 30 is only a month away. I figured I needed to make it quick. The wedding is going to be beautiful.

"Thanks, Alice."

I just nodded and went back to Carlisle's Mercedes. I had a lot of work to do.

When I got into the house, all eyes were on me, literally. They all wanted to know what I was up to and how Charlie took it.

"Charlie is fine. He is angry, but did you expect anything else? He tried to get me to persuade Bella that marriage isn't right, but I told him my mind." I did this to watch their faces; they were shocked. I just continued. "I told him that Edward and Bella feel strongly about each other and that they should get married. Of course, he was mad even, but I didn't really care. Edward was mad at me for coming, but I had to drop off some things to Bella."

"Is she going to be fine, honey?" Esme said. She was so worried about Bella that it made me laugh. I just nodded and eyed Jasper. He put a new wave of serenity in the room.

I went back to my room; Jasper followed. He followed me a lot of places, except Bella's. He was still upset about what happened awhile ago. He also didn't want to hear all of the girl things Bella and I talked about. They weren't bad; he just didn't like to watch me giving her a 'makeover' against her will.

"So, is Charlie mad at you for saying that?"

"I don't know. He just walked off. I had to, though. Now I feel so bad about it, but they deserve to be together. If Charlie doesn't like it, oh well. He is going to have to live with it."

"You did the right thing."

"How will I know?" I really felt bad now. Why couldn't my emotions come before?

"Trust me." He put a new wave of serenity in me. He was holding me, so it came on easier. I loved when he did that. It made me forget all of my problems. Usually, he didn't do it often. Since we have had Bella around, it has been happening often. He often has to calm her down. She gets too freaked out sometimes, and Jasper is the only thing that will make her feel better. He hated doing it, but he had to. I just drifted off to my visions about random things. It calmed me more.


After Alice came, Edward was keyed up and Charlie was mad. Alice really made Charlie mad because he didn't have another opinion to back up his side. He told me that I had to call Renee. I was nervous, but Edward just played with my hair. It calmed me down. Renee just said okay. She didn't want me to do that, but she said she knew it was coming. I went over the guest list while Edward was away. It was really simple. She invited no werewolves…

With the word werewolves, my mind went to overdrive. I thought about Jacob and how much I missed him. He was like my sun. Using the past tense hurt me. Charlie wasn't in on that secret either. He wasn't in on many. Jacob was busy running around as a werewolf somewhere. He left knowing that I was going to turn into a 'filthy bloodsucker'. I wanted him back with the way I love him, but I cannot live without Edward. Charlie was mad at Billy for not caring about Jacob. Billy knew everything I knew: Jacob was fine and he was a werewolf. Charlie just knew him as a boy. He didn't know that he was also part of the problem last year with the wolves.

Edward jumped back in my window, and everything seemed to go fine. He was wondering why I was so down, but I refused to tell him. He didn't like Jacob at all. Werewolves and vampires weren't friends. They were both my friends.

"Will you please tell me what you are thinking?" He said, an edge to his voice. "It's hard not knowing, but you not telling me…"

"Fine, but you're going to be mad. I was thinking about Jacob." He did get mad. His cold body turned to stone under me. I froze too, a reaction to him freezing.

"Bella, why must you worry about him. He's fine. He doesn't like the choices you have made, but he will be okay. I don't like the choice that you have made of turning into a monster, but I am okay. He will get over it. You never did tell me…"


"Did he ever imprint on you?"

"He said he didn't. I thought you would know. Did he try to keep that out of his head?"

"Yeah. He wouldn't tell me."

I was shocked. I thought he knew. Jacob must have been so mad at himself for that that he tried to keep it a secret.

Thanks to me, it was out. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. He wasn't coming back.

Edward then tried to get me to go to sleep. He said that I needed to rest because a lot of things happened today. He sang my lullaby, and I obeyed his words. I drifted.