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Sheppard and McKay's guide to the Pegasus Galaxy: part 4

"So, you're turning into a bug?"


--Sheppard, You can't write that!! (RM) But it's true!! (JS) eyeroll (RM) --

--Ignore him; he's just got issues with bugs (RM) RODNEY! Why you… (JS) --

The rest of this publication is split into two sections, one for the 'Goons' and one for the 'Geeks'.


Did you READ the part about NOT touching stuff?!

INFIRMARY NOW! Faster than that. Run. Oh, look, a wraith, run faster!

If the good Doc lets you out of the infirmary, LOCK YOURSELF in your room. You are still a security risk… probably. Read a book, chill, play chess with yourself. Panic. Whatever you do, DO NOT go and see your friends. AT ALL. Especially if they're female.

Okay, I'll stop scaring you now. Sorry about that. Seriously though, TRUST your team. TRUST the good Doc. They WILL pull a Hail Mary out of the proverbial.

Be prepared for much apologising. You ARE going to lose your secret stash over this. You WILL have done something, said something or kissed something you wouldn't normally. APOLOGISE. Or Teyla will hand you your ass on a plate.


1)… And, how did this happen? Hum? I'll tell you how. YOU LET him get DAMAGED! Contrary to popular theory, he is not a walking, talking Action Man. You cannot get a full refund – WATCH him much, much more carefully next time. In fact, don't let the fool out of your sight.

2) LABS NOW! As usual it will be up to real scientist… and Keller… to save the day. STOP PANICKING. He has not gone crazy and tried to kill you. Yet.

3) Be on the ball. Use the Life Signs Detector to keep an eye on him as you work to save his unworthy ass. If he starts climbing out windows and attacking people, YOU WILL be the first to know -- radio Ronon. He's good with guns.

4) DON'T GIVE UP HOPE. If plan A doesn't work, keep going until you've passed plan Z, and are now on plan A(b). Then take a break, drink some coffee, and go through the alphabet again. And again if necessary.

5) Enjoy the chocolate. Once he's fixed (and therefore no longer a Smurf), the colossal guilt he feels will provide you with at a least months supply of the best the chocolate the Milky Way has to offer. Also, be prepared for a heartfelt, drink fuelled, "You guys are the best!" being slurred your way. warmfuzzies


Geeks… you'd better radio me, or you'll find yourself 'training' with me. glares

Brought to you by

Dr R. McKay and Lt Col Sheppard