Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

In reality, they had been together their whole lives, yet still separate. In their world, those first 13 or so years didn't matter; they had been together ever since then. Everything before that didn't count.

People were shocked at first, but not their former team mates who had always known too much for their own good anyhow. The new leader of the Hyuuga clan and someone from the Branch family?! It was Konoha's newest scandal, talked about behind hands as he protected her while she did the day's shopping at the market.

Neji glared at every person giving them judgmental looks. What business did they have with Hinata's affairs, whether they be political or personal? He was the one person who knew her inside and out; the only one who understood her every motive.

Hinata wasn't nearly as weak as everyone thought her to be. Her physical strength had improved, just as her emotional and mental strength had. She could now hold a clan meeting without stuttering; could well and fully be assertive and voice her own opinions, no matter how controversial they may be. Neji adored that. He knew he had been part of the change, one of her motivations all the years. She wants to fight you, everyone always said, she won't rest until she can be as strong as you. So Neji had taken it upon himself to help her train.

But Hinata was stronger than even Neji knew. She had suffered the untimely death of her sister, Hanabi; even though it had been a relief to be rid of the homicidal girl, Hinata still grieved. Whenever Neji had to leave her in the care of another shinobi, usually Naruto Uzumaki or Shikamaru Nara, she always made excuses to slip away for hours. She would sit in Neji's room, breathing in the smell of him, and cry. Tears fell for her sister, even though on multiple occasions the girl had tried to kill her so she could become leader of the Hyuuga. More tears for Naruto, her first love, and Neji, her last.

Over the years, people began to understand little by little. They were yin and yang – opposites that fit together perfectly to make something beautiful. Hinata learned how to lead the clan with gentle words and hard fists. Neji learned to fear some things, like death and love, and how to be down-to-earth. He still believed in destiny, and knew it had led him to Hinata in the end.

They married in the fall of their 24th year. She wore a simple off-white kimono, he in simple black clothes. Almost none were in attendance, only all their fellow Chunin and Jonin that had been in the Academy with them and that they both had gone on countless missions with. (For, although she was the Lady of the clan, Hinata was still a shinobi and still had her missions.) Kiba married them, a simple ceremony with their own written vows. Ino, Sakura, and Tenten were bridesmaids, while Shikamaru stood as Neji's Best Man. Everyone else sat on the plush couches inside the Hyuuga home and watched.

After that, no one could remember a moment the two spent apart. He learned how to give her gentle suggestions when needed, but not to force his ideas on her. He never left for missions that Hinata wasn't also assigned to, and Lady Hokage finally realized to always put them on squads together.

Yin and Yang…powerful forces, and just as powerful in love as not.