The sun shone brightly on Ada, and for a moment she closed her eyes and basked in its warmth/ When she opened them, she saw Leon seated across a small wrought iron table, his legs crossed, and holding a small cup of espresso. He flashed her a smile that was warmer than the sun, but said nothing. She slowly turned her head around, observing the hustle of a busy Parisian street. She came to the realization that she was at her favorite bistro in all of Paris, L'Ardoise. In the air above her, a pigeon lazily flew toward the street in a slow downward spiral.

"Where was that restraint you wanted to go to tonight?" Leon casually asked her, sounding utterly relaxed. She was about to answer when Leon turned to his right and called out to a young waitress standing near the table adjacent to theirs. "Miss, can you bring me another cup when you get the chance?"

The blonde girl turned around to face him with a large smile. Ada withdrew immediately in shock as she instantly recognized the waitress to be Ashley Graham. "Certainly!" she exclaimed with a smile. "And can I get anything for you miss?" she added, folding her hands behind her back as she politely smiled at Ada.

"N-no, I'm fine, thank you," Ada responded, confused. Not far away someone began to play a happy tune on the violin. Leon turned around in the direction of the music, and waived the man over.

"I'll be right back with your drink sir," Ashley informed Leon. She turned towards Ada again as she began to walk away. "You're so close. Just a little longer, that's all. After all this time, you need to hang in there just a little longer and everything you've ever wanted will be yours. I promise," she said with a smile before walking away. The violinist had made his way over to the table, and Leon laughed merrily and gave a whistle of admiration. Ada withdrew in shock, recognizing the musician as the deceased Luis. He smiled at her as his bow danced across the strings of his violin, and Ada noted with horror that there was a gaping hole in the middle of his stomach. Leon didn't seem to notice, and looked thoroughly entertained. He began to move the bow at an increasingly quickening pace as the performance reached its climax, then in a showman's display of grandeur, he dramatically thrust the bow into the air following the last note, and took a deep bow.

"Bravo!" Leon whistled, laughing.

"Gracias," Luis replied. "You will want to wake up for this next song, my dear," he addressed Ada.

Leon turned to face her. "He's right, you need to wake up,"

"Leon, I don't understand…"


She gasped as she wrenched her eyes open. Her head ached incredibly, and everything appeared upside down. In a moment of comprehension, she realized that she was upside down, hanging by a rope high above the ground. She quickly turned around and saw that Leon and Nikhil were also suspended in a similar fashion. Most worrisome however, was the fact they were all in what appeared to be a giant domed cage.

"Oh no…" she muttered to herself as memories of the giant winged monster that attacked Leon on the roadside flooded back to her. She heard a loud clanging noise from down below. Someone had just closed the door to the cage. A loud screech erupted from the bottom.

"Ada, quickly, swing over to me!" Leon shouted. She obliged, and worked up the momentum, swaying back and forth, until she was close enough that she was able to grab hold of Leon. "Don't let go until I say so," he commanded, "then push away from me as hard as you can."

She nodded in assent, and gasped as the flying black monster soared out of the tree tops. It stopped, hovering in midair for a moment. Its red eyes stared straight at the three before it swooped at Leon and Ada. Its arms reached out at them, and it opened its mouth in anticipation.

"NOW!" Leon screamed as it dove in for the kill. They pushed against each other, and separated quickly, but the sharp wings of the monster caught the ropes as they separated, severing them. Leon reached out and grabbed on to Nikhil, causing the two to swing all the way to the edge of the cage. They both desperately grasped for the bars and managed to secure a grip.

Ada was briefly in a freefall before hitting the upper canopy of the small cluster of dead trees. The branches whipped at her and scratched her face as she tumbled down, reaching for a grip. The wind was knocked out of her as she collided with a branch. She gasped, but wrapped her arms around it, stopping her headlong plunge. How she wished she had her grapple gun.

Above, the evil creature soared up to the top of the cage before diving down towards Leon. He was franticly working to untie the rope from Nikhil's feet, and finally loosened it as the demon began its descent. They scurried down the side of the cage as it flew towards them, and it was just about to sink its claws into Leon's back when he pushed off against the bars into a back flip, with the monster flying just overhead. It tumbled downwards, barely missing Nikhil, who jumped off away from its collapsed form. He joined Leon who was in a headlong spring to the cluster of trees by which Ada was situated.

With a cry of anger, the creature stood on its two hind legs, and expanded its leathery black wings fully, tilting its head toward the air. Leon and Nikhil dived behind a tree, where they found Ada crouching. Fine red lines from the tree branches dotted her face, and her hair was a mess. "Take these!" she shouted, tossing long sturdy branches to Leon and Nikhil. Leon noticed that she had tied the rope she was hanging from around the trunk of the tree. She held the end of it in her hands and dashed out from behind the tree, until she reached the cage side a few yards away. Quickly she tied a knot before backing away from the rope.

"Ada, get back here!" Leon shouted, beckoning to her from behind the tree. She ignored him, placing her hands on her hips and staring out towards the creature, which was in a fit of rage, thrashing and screeching, after its failed assault on Leon.

"Hey ugly!" she shouted, "I shoulda finished you off while I had the chance! What are you waiting for, come and get me!" she taunted. It took a few steps before spreading its wings and gliding toward her head first. Anxiously, she took a few steps back as it rapidly closed in on her. Just as it was about to strike, it threw its head back, so that its six arms, feet, and the tips of its wings were all pointed directly at her, ready to tear her apart, just as she wanted it to. A moment later its stomach collided with the tightly wound rope, throwing it back to the ground.

Leon and Nikhil wasted no time, burst out from behind the tree. Leon observed open wounds in its stomach, caused from the gunshots Ada inflicted earlier. With all his might he drove the branch into one of the openings. Nikhil followed suit, and the simultaneous blows caused the demon to cry out a shrill, horrible death rattle before it ceased thrashing and became motionless.

For a moment, all three stood still, panting heavily. Finally, Ada spoke, "Never play chicken with me. I always win."

"I've noticed," Leon said between breaths.

"That's it!" A loud voice shouted from the edge of the cage. Josiah Hodges approached, his pale face a crimson red.

"I believe that's 2-0, in my favor," Leon called out.

"Humph! Wesker and his instructions can be damned! That's two of MY creations you've managed to kill now. Dead is dead, and I've got a team of men with automatic rifles here. All the acrobatics in the world won't help you dodge a bullet. Fire at will!" he shouted. Leon, Ada, and Nikhil ran back to the cover of the trees as shots rang out from all sides. However, they soon realized the fire wasn't focused on them. Yells and shouts were heard from all around outside, as bursts of fire erupted all around.

Regardless, the three huddled close together behind a tree, until silence once again overtook the valley. The rusty metal gate to the cage creaked as it opened once again, and footsteps padded against the ground.

"Are you still alive in here, Americans?" the accented voice of Dragos called out. Leon breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"Thanks to you, yes," he replied.

"You put on quite an impressive show in there, but you are lucky to be alive. Come, follow me and soon we will see if we can get you home." Dragos replied, walking over towards Leon, and handing him a canteen of water. For a brief moment Ada felt her heart flutter and an inexplicable wave of joy washed over her. It was just like Ashley had told her in her dream; she just had to hold on a little longer, and everything she ever hoped for would come true.

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