Author: Jadelyn Tate

Story: Begotten

Characters: RJ

Disclaimer: I own no one, the idea of RJ sister is all Tara's over at PRU's, I'm just expanding it into a fic.

Summery: RJ gets a most unexpected, but not unwelcome, visitor…

TimeLine: Set after One Master Too Many

Author Notes: I blame this one entirely on Tara. Seriously. I do.

Jungle Karma Pizza was at the end of its lunch rush when she came in. At first, Casey just saw her as yet another customer he had to serve. As he approached the corner table she had sat herself down at, however, he could feel the Tiger within him stirring in curiosity. While it was similar to the way he had felt when he'd met Master Phant, Swoop, and Finn, it was not the same.

"Hi, welcome to Jungle Karma Pizza, I'm Casey and I will be serving you today," he told her with a smile. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Yeah, a strawberry smoothie," she requested without looking at the drinks section. Casey nodded, a bit baffled as she continued to peruse the menu absently.

"Right, so I'll just go…get that," he told her and went over to his teammates. Lily saw his expression and frowned.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, concerned. Theo glanced over and Casey shrugged.

"Yeah, just…something's off with my customer. It's almost like she's a Master but…not," he tried explaining and his teammates exchanged looks before turning in the direction of the woman. Casey let them study her and went back to grab the smoothie. When he came back, Lily and Theo looked as confused as he felt.

"I feel it too," the yellow ranger told him and Theo nodded his agreement, looking worried. The red ranger knew they were all thinking about the incident with Camille.

"So what can I get you to eat?" he asked once he'd set the smoothie down. He pulled out his order pad and waited.

"A personal size Banana Surprise, please," she ordered and Casey nodded. He wrote it down, took the menu from her, and left. He gave the order to Fran who was working in the back with RJ, and then turned to study her some more.

She was sitting at a booth in the corner, staring down at six carved figures in bemusement. Ever since they had arrived, RJ had been obsessive about the six figures staying together so whenever their master got into a rearrangement mood, they were always moved as one. He moved forward.

"Cool, huh?" Casey asked when he was by her. She looked up, her doe brown eyes curious. He smiled.

"RJ carved them, apparently. He never lets those six get separated," he told her. She chuckled.

"I bet," she replied wryly. Casey looked down and saw that she was holding the crane gently in her hands.

"Like crane's?" he asked and she started.

"What?" she asked confused. He motioned to the figure in her hands.

"You seem pretty taken with it," he commented and she looked down at the wooden animal.

"I was just thinking about how they remind me of the Ninja Rangers zords back in Angel Grove," she told him. It was Casey's turn to appear startled and he looked at the six animals in surprise.

"Really?" he asked, sliding into the seat across from her and reaching for the smallest of the six. "They had a frog ranger?"

For some reason, this question caused the woman to fall into helpless giggles. He stared at her uncomprehendingly until she finally settled down.

"Sorry, I just…frog ranger," she giggled again. Casey couldn't help the smile that came to his face; her laughter was infectious.

"Seriously tho, yeah. The Ninja Rangers of Angel Grove had these six animals after they lost their old zords. As far as I know, the black ranger never went by Frog Ranger though," she told him and Casey laughed.

"Probably like the Jungle Fury Rangers here," he told her. "None of them go by their animals either."

"It's been my experience that most rangers don't," she told him with a small smile. Casey's smile turned wry.

"So you're from Angel Grove?" he asked and she nodded.

"I was born here in Oceans Bluff but moved to Angel Grove with my mom when I was six," she told him.

"What about your dad?" he asked and she frowned.

"He and my brother moved to a tiny town a few hours from here," she replied, his voice telling him to not to speak of her father again.

"What about your brother?" he asked instead and she smiled wryly.

"He moved back to Oceans Bluff a couple years ago," she told him and he nodded.

"Here to visit him?" he asked and she nodded, looking amused.

"More or less," she replied with a laugh. Casey was about to ask what was so funny when Theo called him. Seeing his expression, he groaned and stood up.

"I hate to do this, but I have to go, uh, get some supplies for the dinner rush. Hope you have a good visit with your brother!" he called and was out the door before she could reply.

Half an hour and many newly formed bruises later, Casey finally returned to the pizza parlor. Walking down from the loft, half his attention was on listening to RJ, Theo, and Lily discussing the latest attack while the other half was thinking about his customer from earlier. As he walked through the door to the main room, he was surprised but not unpleased to see that she was still there, though about to leave if the cash in her hands was any indication. Fran turned around and smiled brightly at them. Casey's answering smile turned to a frown when Fran's expression suddenly went confused. He glanced at the woman and was surprised to see her staring at something behind him with an amused smile.

Turning, he found Lily and Theo watching RJ warily as the older man stared at the woman in shock. Suddenly, his expression brightened like the sun and he rushed forward and swept the girl into his arms. Casey moved back with Fran, Lily, and Theo as the woman laughed as RJ swung her around. Finally, RJ set her back down, still grinning.

"New employee's bro?" she asked, looking up at him, her lips quirked into a smile. RJ glanced at the four teens. He nodded.

"This is Casey, Lily, Theo, and Fran," he introduced the four, pointing to each as he said their name.

"Met him," she replied, motioning to the red ranger. She smiled apologetically at the other three. "Haven't met them."

RJ laughed and wrapped an arm around the girls' shoulders. Casey was struck by the physical similarities between the two and a theory formed in his head. It was confirmed a minute later when their master introduced the woman.

"Guys, this is my big sister, Kimberly."