The spring's warm breeze surrounded the gray building, creating a serene atmosphere. The tulips on the lawn had started to bloom, and the stale looking grass had transformed back to a thick green blanket. The entire base had been decorated for this special occasion for the Hauser wedding. White and Red roses dominated the front lawn, along with a wide white carpet, which stopped at the altar. Several groups of Joes sat around, whispering on how many times the bride or groom would faint. And since the last wedding on the base, which held no fainting spells whatsoever, the betting pool was rolling in dough.

In her suite, Sky Dancer glanced out the window, wearing her white wedding dress that flowed down to the ground, with a slender waist, filled with small white sequins, creating a Greek Goddess image. Her hair had been whisked up in a bun, while curls dangled around her heat shaped face. Around her neck, her locket shined from the sunray's touch, with a second necklace keeping it company, her mother's, which had been worn during her own Wedding. She touched the two special tokens and her heart pounded. Her parents would be missing this special occasion, but she knew that they were right there, close to her heart, inside the locket, right next to the person she loved the most, the person that will be part of her world within a few short hours, when those powerful words of "I do" will bind them together for all eternity.

Her hand left the two trinkets and landed on the third, the golden bracelet which Scarlett had given her a year ago, and that held two golden heart shaped charms. Laughter came to her ear, and she slightly turned around, her gaze traveled around the suite, which had become a wild scene within a short moment. Scarlett and Jaye rushed to pin the curls on their daughters, while both Eryn and Rowan squirmed around from the anticipation of being again flower girls. She spotted Kimmy Falcone, Jinx, and Colleen on the couch, with both twins, talking about the babies, while on the other side, Siobhan O' Hara and Cover Girl had started a conversation on adoption. Sammy sat in one corner of the room, her large stomach only allowing her to just sit and watch. And Aunt Fallon with Aunt Gracie, had taken upon themselves control of the crowd of Joes downstairs, making sure that none will create havoc during the ceremony.

Her eyes looked around, memorizing every little detail in the suite. From Scarlett's dark blue gown, to Jaye's hunter green, to the girls pink flower girl dresses and to the dark rose silk bridesmaids dresses. She caught sight of her pet tarantula quickly moving toward the redheads on the couch, and small smile spread on her features, remembering the day Jeffrey Hauser had placed the spider in her suite, to petrify her, only to have her laugh at the creature, taking it in her hands and stroking it, like a small puppy.

She wondered if Jeffrey felt the same nervousness like she did. And also wondered what was happening at the Hauser suite at that same exact moment. A hand touched her shoulder, and she nearly jumped.

"Easy, it's just me," Sammy said gently.

"Sorry, I was only thinking," Sky Dancer smiled at the other Joe woman.

"It's weird, really," Sammy pointed out, looking out the window, spotting her husband taking the bets. "Us, getting married, starting a family-"

Sky Dancer nodded slowly, feeling a dizzy spell surround her and felt her world crumble to the ground.

Jaye bent over and gently patted Sky Dancer's cheeks. "Come on wedding girl. Wakie wakie."

Scarlett panicked, rushing to the young woman. "Colleen! Call Cayden!" she cried to her daughter,

Colleen immediately dialed her husband's cell. "Cay, can you come quick-" Her eyes widened, and she shook her head slowly. "Damn that man! Taking after his father!"

Sky Dancer slowly opened her eyes, spotting Jaye right above them. "Please don't tell me I fainted."

"Okay, you fell asleep and hit the floor," Jaye joked with her. "Come on, you need to get something in your stomach. I brought some sandwiches that are white dress safe."

Scarlett helped up the apparently nervous pilot. "You will be just fine, Reena." Her soft dark blue eyes glanced into the brown jittery ones. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, really," Sky Dancer assured the redhead, touching her hand.

"You better eat something," Colleen lightly scolded. "We don't want you fainting again, do we?"

Sammy shrugged. "Maybe she's pregnant with triplets?" she suggested, walking over to the kitchen to grab herself a large sandwich.

Pregnant! ran though Sky Dancer's head, sending her another whirl around the room and collapsed once again.

"SAMMY!" Cover Girl shook her head, standing up to grab a glass of orange juice for the bride.

"What?" Sammy asked, looking innocent, stuffing a cheese sandwich in her face and chewing like a horse.

"No more pregnancy talk," Jaye said and once again roused the bride.

Scarlett bent down to Sky Dancer. "You all right?" she asked again in concern.

Sky Dancer nodded, slowly sitting up. "I think so."

"And here comes my husband," Colleen murmured, listening to the pounding feet coming down the hallway.

Cover Girl walked directly to the door and opened it, just when Cayden flew inside, almost topping over his mother, and Sky Dancer.

Jinx looked to Siobhan O' Hara. "It's going to be one of those days."

"Oh, quite," Siobhan smiled, gently picking up one of the fussy babies.

Cayden righted himself. He kneeled down to Sky Dancer. "What happened."

"I had a meeting with the floor," Sky Dancer answered, her cheeks flushed, embarrassed.

"Twice," Colleen piped in, picking up the second baby, who had also fussed.

"Thanks, Colly," Sky Dancer replied softly, turning pinker, slowly standing up.

"My diagnosis is she is pregnant with triplets!" Sammy stated, munching on her sandwich and instantly gulped from Jaye's glare.

"I think it's just your nerves and you need to have something on your stomach," Cayden said as he quickly looked her over.

"Which is what I've been saying," Jaye said, rolling her eyes.

"Thanks, Lady Jaye," Sky Dancer smiled, kissing her on the cheek. "I'll eat something, promise." She then turned to Cayden. "How's Jeffrey?"

Scarlett walked toward the kitchenette, and grabbed a plate with a sandwich, giving it to the bride. "Here," she said, making sure that she won't be having any more fainting spells for the day, she hoped.

Cayden chuckled. "He's a wreck."

"Like father, like son," Jaye said with laughter.

Sky Dancer looked nervous. "Maybe we should had just eloped," she weakly smiled, hoping her love was fine.

"Sorry, won't let you do that," Scarlett smiled. "Now eat!"

"So how many times has he passed out?" Sammy asked with a smile on her face, then snickered at their glares. "What? The betting pool needs to know."

Cover Girl shook her head, walking over and sitting near Rowan and Eryn

Eryn quietly got up from where she was sitting and went up behind Sky Dancer. She picked up the back of Sky Dancer's dress and climbed underneath.

At this, Sky Dancer nearly leaped off the ground. "There's something under my dress!"

Scarlett looked at the bride perplexed. "Reena, are you sure you are all right?" she asked, concerned.

Colleen, Kimmy and Cover Girl shared a giggle.

The wedding gown moved and Scarlett, Jaye and Cayden backed away a step.

"What the -?" Scarlett went to ask when the little Faireborn peeked out from under the white gown. "Eryn, what are you doing under there?"

"Wooking for babies," Eryn said innocently.

"What?" Jaye asked confused.

"What do you mean you're looking for babies?" Cayden asked, kneeling down to her level.

"Jeffy put babies in Reenie," Eryn answered.

"He...he...what?" Scarlett asked again, thinking she didn't hear right.

Sky Dancer's eyes widened and her hands flew to her stomach. "Cayden, do you know something I don't know, because I think I'm about to faint again."

"Eryn, why do you think there are babies under her dress?" Cayden asked.

"Cause Jeffy rub her tummy wike you do'd wif Colly," Eryn told him as if it were the simplest explanation.

Sky Dancer knelt down to Eryn, looking her in the eyes with a gentle smile, and touched the girl's shoulder. "Honey, did you see Jeff and me, when we were changing the twins?"

Colleen looked horrified for a split second. "Oh man! What did she see!"

Scarlett closed her eyes and counted to ten on her daughter's Duke mouth.

Sammy took out a piece of paper. "Reena, let me know when you fall. Betting pool you know." She started munching on a second sandwich.

Eryn looked up at Reena with innocent hazel eyes and nodded.

Jaye sat down in a chair, scared to hear what her daughter had seen.

Sky Dancer smiled at the little girl. "Eryn, darling, Jeffrey touched my tummy because Cayden wants it to get bigger, and have me eat more." She sent an amused look toward the medical doctor, saying, 'see what you do?'

"W-w-ere you two...?" Scarlett tried to ask, feeling a dizzy spell herself.

"Just changing the babies and nothing else," Sky Dancer answered, looking at both women. "Really, nothing else!"

"Thank heavens for that!" Siobhan O' Hara stated, standing up from the couch and glancing out the window.

"Darn, and I thought I had dirt!" Cover Girl stated.

"No!" Eryn exclaimed putting her hand on her hips.

Jaye paled thinking her young daughter saw something she shouldn't have.

Cayden tried to pick Eryn up but she would have none of that.

"You haveta have babies. He rubbed your tummy. Dat de only reason he do dat!" Eryn exclaimed angry.

Sky Dancer shot Scarlett a pleading look, not knowing how to explain this situation to the little girl.

Scarlett bent down to Eryn's eye level. "Eryn, do you want Reenie to have babies, like Colly?"

Rowan went over to Jaye and carefully sat on her lap, giving her a hug.

Jaye hugged the little girl and kissed her head.

"No!" Eryn exclaimed crossing her arms.

"You don't want Reena to have babies?" Scarlett asked, surprised.

"Cayden, you need to tell Jeffrey..." Sammy said, while chewing on a massive chunk of the sandwich. "Maybe he will pass out..."

"No," Eryn said. "All dey do is eat, sweep, puke and poop. Dey smewwy."

Cayden tried really hard not to laugh.

Scarlett took the little girl into her arms. "Yes, they eat and sleep, and puke, and poop, but they also love you, and you love them too."

"Even doe dey puke on you?" Eryn asked confused.

"Even if they puke on me, I love them even more," Scarlett said smiling, then looked at her Godson. "Cayden puked on me, and I loved him even more, though I think my eyes almost bugged out when it happened!"

Colleen burst out in laughter at her husband's expense. "Mom! you never told me that!"

"He pee'd on Daddy too. Mommy say got right in his eyes," Eryn whispered loudly and started to giggle.

"Mom!" Cayden whined, however, Jaye just looked at him innocently.

"Oh, you love listening about yourself," Colleen smiled. "And Devon went on him last night too!"

Scarlett giggled. "Did you take pictures?"

"Oh, yes!" Colleen answered. "And we can frame it right next to Dad's! An matching pair!" She blew a kiss to her husband, while placing down the baby in the basket.

"I...ummm...ahh...better go check on Jeff," Cayden said and made a hasty retreat causing his mother to break out in laughter.

"Bye, Cay Cay." Eryn said waving.

"Yes, bye bye, Caveman!" Colleen waved, then sighed dramatically. "He didn't even kiss me." She looked at Jaye. "I may just chase him later with one of your javelins!"

Scarlett shook her head. "That poor man!"

Singing came from the doorway and Scarlett's three brothers burst in with shovels, singing, "Danny Girl." Their own made up version of Danny Boy.

Sky Dancer paled. "Umm..." She stood up and took a step backwards.

"Ummm...guys I don't think that's such a good idea," Jaye said.

"What idea?" Frank asked, walking over near the bride.

"Yeah, what idea?" Brian repeated, holding the shovel in his hands.

"Just taking a stroll... and bury someone..." Shawn smiled wickedly at the bride.

Sky Dancer looked from one to the other. "You are going to bury me!" she concluded in alarm. Her eyes rolled, her hand touched her forehead and she dropped to the floor, not moving.

"Oh crap!" Scarlett's three brothers screamed and raced out the door, shovels and all.

Once they were gone, Sky Dancer opened her one eye. "Well, that worked," she said with a grin.

"You know, Allie." Cover Girl said, with a chuckle. "Reena acts more and more like you everyday."

"Come on, Little Miss Broadway, up we go," Scarlett helped the bride off her feet and then smiled.

Falcon opened the door, his face filled with glee. "Almost show time ladies!" he said with a wide grin on his face. "Shana, your son fainted."

Sky Dancer and Scarlett paled.

"Vince!" Jinx scolded, grabbing his arm, and pulling him out of the suite, with a "What?" in the air.

"Two Bride, One Groom," Sammy wrote down on the piece of paper.

Scarlett looked at Sky Dancer, taking her hand. "I have something for you," she said in a motherly fashion. She walked the bride over to the couch and sat her down, then took a rectangular box. "These are for you, my mother wore them, I wore them, and Colleen wore them. Now, it is your turn."

Sky Dancer opened the box and a tear dropped. "Thank you, Scarlett," she said gratefully, taking out the silk white shoes. She placed them on her feet and stood up, hugging the other woman.

"Call me, Mom," Scarlett gently requested, her own tears trailing down.

"Thank you, Mom," Sky Dancer continued to hold the older Joe, knowing that she was indeed now part of the family.

Colleen smiled from the couch. "Okay, we have something old, now its something new..." She looked at her mother-in-law, who was full of smiles.

Jaye walked over to Sky Dancer and took out a small box. "Here," she said softly, her green eyes sparkling.

Sky Dancer slowly opened the box and her eyes danced with gratefulness. She reached in and pulled out a horseshoe charm bracelet, for luck, and symbolism of a happy long marriage. "Thank you," she said with her angelic voice, hugging the other woman, who months ago wanted her under the Wolverine.

"You're family now, Reena. That husband of mine unofficially adopted you," Jaye said as they hugged.

"I do love you all," Sky Dancer admitted, her tears trailing down.

"You going to get mascara all over the dress..." Kimmy Falcone warned, her black hair bouncing on her shoulders from all the excitement.

"And this is something borrowed," Colleen stated, standing up and walked over to her best friend. She took off her pearl earrings and handed them to Sky Dancer. "I want them back after the reception, otherwise, knowing Jeffrey, he may lose them!"

Sky Dancer lightly giggled, hugging her friend. "If he loses them, I'll dive bomb him seven times!" Which caused a lot of laughter.

"And this is something blue," came a sweet voice from the suite's door.

Sky Dancer slowly turned around, her features turning into surprise and shock at the same instance, finding herself spotting a short slightly plumbed blond hair green eyed woman walking into the suite. The woman's eyes sparkled and a tear trailed down the cheek. "Elena," the name escaped the air pilot's mouth, and found herself falling down, again.

And once again Jaye roused her by patting the pilot's cheeks. "Come on, Reena. Wake up."

"You know, if she keeps doing this, its going to be one interesting ceremony," Colleen shook her head.

"Bride three, Groom one," Sammy said, while munching.

Scarlett glanced from the fallen pilot to the woman who entered timidly into the suite, and wondered who this person was, and how she got there. Her face turned into a frown, trying to decipher the visitor's actions.

Elena walked to her long time friend and bent down. "Ourania?" she softly spoke, her green eyes turning into concern.

Sky Dancer began to stir awake. Her eyes opened and went huge, finding herself face to face with a friend who had become lost though the years. "Elena!" she cried out with joy, sitting up and embracing the other woman.

Elena smiled. "Well, I couldn't miss your wedding, now could I?" she stated, handing her a small blue object. "Here, for luck."

Sky Dancer took the little token, a glass blue charm, which had an symbol of an eye on it, an omen to wear off all evil and was given for luck. "I totally forgot about this," she said, looking at the charm.

Jaye smiled. "I'm Alison Faireborn." She held out her hand for Elena to shake. "My husband is the one that found you."

Elena politely took the other woman's hand. "Nice to meet you Mrs. Faireborn. But I must inform you that half the Greek Embassy wants to murder your husband at this point. He quite makes a point, doesn't he?"

Sky Dancer looked confused. "You lost me, how did Flint know about you, Elena? The only person who knew about you was..."

Someone cleared a throat and they all turned to see the Joe leader.

"I told Flint about Elena. He made it a point to go find her to make up for everything," Duke said with a smile. He looked really sharp in his dress uniform. "It's time."

Everyone turned to the bride, expecting another fainting spell, but none came and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Sky Dancer embraced her child hood friend. "I'm very happy you are here," she sniffled from happiness.

"So am I," Elena replied softly, returning the tight embrace. "And who knows, maybe I'll stick around too."

"Already spotting the cute men, just like we were kids!" Sky Dancer commented, making the others laugh. She walked up to the general and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, Duke."

"Don't thank me. Thank my second and command," Duke said as he kissed her cheek but whispered in her ear for only her to hear, "You are very welcome."

Jaye walked up to them and smiled when she saw her husband.

"What is keeping you all up?" Flint asked with a huge grin, staring at them all. "The groom is ready to spend the honeymoon at the Infirmary!"

"How many times?" Sammy inquired, holding her large stomach.

"Two I think..." the warrant officer chuckled, then spotted Elena. "Geia sou!" he greeted her in Greek, making all eyes widen with suprise.

"Pos esaste, Flint?" Elena asked politely, causing more confused faces.

"Kala," Flint answered, then chuckled at the others. "Hey, it's funny what you can learn while you are screaming at the top of your lungs in English!"

Sky Dancer embraced him, and kissed his cheek. "Thank you," she said in a very soft tone.

"You're welcome," Flint answered with a smile, holding her close, and kissing her forehead, like a father would. If hers could not be there, he would, always. "Come on people! We got a Joe Wedding in two minutes!"

Scarlett burst into tears, and Colleen went to her mother's side. "I got her," she said, wrapping her arm around her mother.

Jaye walked up to her best friend. "Shana, are you all right?"

Scarlett slowly nodded, wiping off her tears with a white tissue. "I'm fine," she sniffled with a smile. She glanced at her husband who shared the same conclusion on understanding her emotions, their son would had never been able to be married a year before.

Sky Dancer walked over to Scarlett and embraced her tightly, sharing the thought. The two women composed themselves and the bride walked over to the warrant officer, who offered his arm, then turned to his wife and offered his other arm for the walk to the ceremony.

Jaye took his offered arm.

Eryn looked at Rowan. "Grown ups are strange."

"Don't forget the Windex!" Rowan reminded her best friend.

"And the Wysol." Eryn nodded in agreement.

Both the girls dashed into the kitchen, grabbed the Windex and the Lysol and raced toward the pilot.

"Incoming, Reena!" Siobhan O'Hara cried out in warning, taking hold of the twin babies in their baskets.

Sky Dancer turned, her face turning into shock, then burst into laughter, taking off from Flint and Lady Jaye, who had two complex faces, until they noticed the two younger girls race pass them, aiming at the pilot.

"Conrad!" Scarlett cried out, pointed now to the three who ran down the hallway, straight for the ceremony.

The entire bridal party raced after the two girls, who were chasing at top speed the bride, who continued to laugh.

The bride burst into the ceremony area, holding her skirts high, trying to outrun her two tails, which aimed for her dress! Duke and Flint rushed after next, followed by the rest of the party.

"Rowan!" Duke called out laughing.

"Oh boy," Cayden said chuckling, from standing next to his friend at the altar.

"I hope they are getting pictures of this," Kastor said with a smirk, watching his love run away from his sister.

It must had been the most comical thing anyone had seen during a wedding as ripples of laughter came from the wedding guests. Joes pointed and laughed, watching Sky Dancer jump over empty chairs trying to lose her pursuers, who kept squirting the bride with the liquids!

"Reenie! You got cooties!" The girls hollered.

Everyone turned then to see Sky Dancer race down the aisle, followed by the two flower girls, who were being chased by their parents, bridesmaids and a guest.

"Hey! Who's that?" Anchors asked, watching the blond woman help with the chase.

Sky Dancer passed the altar, with one laughing fiancé and Best Man, and one appalled looking Minister. "Hi honey, bye honey!" She raced pass them.

"Eryn! Stop right now!" Flint shouted, laughing at the same time. "Well, Folks, you knew that a Joe Wedding would be filled with comedy!" he shouted to the crowd, causing everyone to laugh at the scene.

"Should we help?" Kastor asked Cayden.

"Nope," Cayden laughed.

"Girls stop. It's time for the wedding," Jaye called out to them.

"Rowan Hauser!" Scarlett called out, chasing after her daughter.

Sky Dancer raced back toward the back of the ceremony area, watching over her shoulder at the two flower girls.

Two hands reached from one of the rows, and grabbed both Eryn and Rowan in one swift move.

"Glad you made it, sir!" Sky Dancer cried out gratefully to the man who held the girls. She stopped and smiled at their little surprised faces.

"I wouldn't miss this wedding for the world," Hawk chuckled, holding the two squirming girls in his hold. "ATTENT HUT!" He looked down at them, and instantly they froze, a game known to them from the general himself.

In seconds, Flint rushed in, along with Duke and the rest of the bridal party. "Thanks Hawk," he said, taking the Eryn frozen statue in his arms.

"How do we unfreeze them?" Scarlett asked, watching her daughter stay so still.

"The question is, do we want to unfreeze them?" Cover Girl asked, huffing from the run.

"Come on, people! I want to see a wedding today!" Hawk chuckled, making everyone start walking towards their places. He gave Rowan to Duke. "Just say.. ehh.. A-T E-A-S-E... and they will unfreeze."

Flint placed Eryn in front of the aisle that led to the altar, right next to Apollo and Athena, who wore white colors.

Duke placed Rowan next to the other flower girl, right next to Wolfie and Lady, who wore red colors.

Little Gem stood in the front with a blue color.

Jaye chuckled. "Man I wish I would have known about that sooner." She told her husband.

"Now we know," Flint laughed, making funny faces at the two young girls, who remained frozen like stones statues.

"And knowing is half the battle!" Scarlett snickered, placing her hand through her husband's.

Everyone groaned.

The music began to play, soft and gentle notes touched the air and all their hearts, creating a serenade of only happiness and nothing more.

Everyone waited for the two little girls to start down the white carpet, but they did not move, not even a single inch.

"Conrad, stop gawking at your wife and start the ceremony!" Hawk shouted from the crowd, making a few Joes laugh at their leader's expense.

Flint walked at the end of the line, and gently took Sky Dancer's arm in his, patting her hand.

"At ease," Duke told the two girls, smiling at their statuette features.

Both Rowan and Eryn started walking down the aisle, each followed by the dogs, and each very elegantly tossed the three colored rose petals on the ground.

Duke turned to Scarlett, kissing her teary cheek, and squeezing gently her hand, sharing the same thought for their son. They followed the girls, while the music played, and sat down in the front row as Jaye took her spot next to Elena as the honorary mother of the bride.

The bridesmaids followed next, and each more enchanted then the other. Kimmy and Ben almost glided down the aisle, their faces drawn to one another. Spades and Sammy walked down next, taking their places. And lastly Cayden and Colleen, walked down the aisle took their places as the Best Man and Matron of Honor. Her smile wide and her eyes soft glancing from her brother to her best friend, and to her parents.

Jeffrey watched entranced at the bride, his heart pounding in his chest, knowing that in a few short minutes, she would be walking down that carpet and into his arms, and sharing his world forever. His mind wondered, what could had been, and he silently thanked the unknown for letting him live this moment, he would live a thousand times this moment, again and again, just to watch her walk down the aisle and to his arms.

Allegra, Rock-N-Roll's daughter, played the piano with expertise, like a true born musician. The music changed tune and instantly, everyone rose to watch the moment they've been waiting for.

Flint kissed Sky Dancer on the cheek, before starting to lead her down the white carpet and to the person who loved her most. "I'm very proud of you, just like they are," he whispered with fatherly pride. "They are here you know, watching over you." He patted her hand again, sharing her pain on the lose.

Sky Dancer became teary from the treasured thought. "They are with me, Dash," she whispered back, her gaze only watching Kastor, wanting to run and into his arms. "They are my strength, in my locket, with my Jeffrey." All too soon, the words escaped her mouth, she felt another rush of dizziness, and her body slumped against the warrant officer.

"CAYDEN!" Flint nearly shouted, trying to hold her from hitting the floor.

Ripples of laughter sounded from crowd.

"FIVE!" Spades announced, his face with pride.

"No, you dum dum! That's four!" His wife shot him a look.

Cayden quickly went over to the bride and took out a bottle of smelling salts he brought for this very reason. "Rise and shine Valentine." He cooed at the fallen pilot.

Sky Dancer almost bolted straight up, her eyes wide, and shouted, "Take them out!"

Gung Ho burst out laughing, falling off his chair, and his cane fell with a clunk to the ground, while Snake Eyes shook his head.

Flint helped the young woman up. "We can take them out later, " he joked, making sure she was all right.

Sky Dancer blushed, then started down the aisle once more, knowing all eyes were on her for any more fainting spells. Her eyes brightened when they came to the altar, and in front of her world.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" Father Xavier asked, his robes swaying from the gentle breeze.

"I do," Flint replied with great pride, taking the pilot's hand and giving it to Jeffrey. "Take care of her, or there's hell to pay." He smiled at the couple, walked over to his wife, embraced her and held her tight.

Sky Dancer glanced at Kastor, holding his hand tightly, not wanting to let go, ever. "Word on Joe base is, you passed out, Hauser."

Kastor just looked at her unable to answer. His eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backwards into the waiting arms of his Best Man.

Cayden gently walked backward, guiding him down to the ground.

"Jeffrey!" Sky Dancer cried out, kneeling down, and gently patted his cheek.

"Kiss him!" Anchors called out from the crowd, making a few Joes chuckle at the idea.

"Smack him harder!" Shipwreck added to the rouse.

"Bride four, Groom two!" Spades announced for the betting pool.

Sky Dancer grinned at the group, and lowered her head right next to her love's ear. "There's also a rumor going around that I'm pregnant with triplets," she whispered, making sure he only heard.

"What?" Kastor cried out, bolting up into a sitting position causing everyone to laugh.

Sky Dancer leaned over and kissed him lightly. Her brown eyes sparkled with happiness. "Ready to get married, Hauser?" Helping him to his feet, holding him around the waist, making sure he wasn't going to do another repeat.

The dogs started barking, wanting eagerly for the ceremony to take place.

"I've got him covered, Reena," Cayden said, showing her the bottle he held in his hand with a smile.

"Ummm...sorry," Kastor apologized to the priest.

"That's all right, son," Father Xavier, grinned his white beard swaying from the breeze. He opened the golden book in his hands and began the ceremony. "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Jeffrey Clayton Hauser and Ourania Diamondis-" But the minister's words were interrupted.

"Who the hell is Oragania?" Shipwreck asked, then shouted, "You got the wrong couple then up there!"

A hand reached behind the sailor and smacked him hard in the back of his head. "That's Reena's real name you dolt!" Elena sneered at him. "Ourania in Greek means sky."

"Well, then, okay!" Shipwreck rubbed the back of his neck.

Duke and Flint sent him a scowl that made the sailor sink in his chair like the Titanic.

All eyes went back to the couple and the ceremony.

Father Xavier spoke the words from the book in both English and in Greek, binding the couple together. His voice filled the room, and everyone's ears, sending warm thoughts to all their hearts.

"It's time for the vows," the priest requested, nodding to the Best Man for the rings.

Cayden started to pat his tux jacket and had a frantic look on his face.

Jaye leaned over to her husband. "He gets that from you, you know."

Flint shook his head. "And I'm so proud of that!" He then cried out for everyone to hear, "Your other pocket, Cayden!"

Scarlett once again started sobbing against her husband, clutching on to his jacket, her tears wetting its fabric.

Colleen, holding the two wedding circlets, walked over to her husband, patted his arm gently and dug into his pants pocket, making the Joes go, "OOOHH" and pulled out the wedding rings. She kissed him gently on the cheek, and took her place right behind the couple. "If you both faint, I'm not catching either of you."

Cayden grinned at the priest and handed him the rings.

Duke held onto his wife giving her the comfort she needed.

Father Xavier took the rings, which shimmered from the light's rays touching them, feeling the inscriptions inside, in both Gaelic and in Greek, I love you. He handed the one ring to Jeffrey.

Jeffrey turned to Sky Dancer, his crystal blue eyes glued into her brown ones, and with a deep breath, his words floated out of his mouth with love, "I, Jeffrey Hauser now take you, Reena Diamondis to be my wife. In the presence of God and before these witnesses I promise to be a loving, faithful and loyal husband to you, for as long as we both shall live."

"Her name is Ouranziga!" Shipwreck cried out, then another agonizing cry came from his end, from the heavy hand of Elena. "Man, woman! You are nuts!"

"Takes one to know one!" Elena stated, causing a few chuckles.

Father Xavier crossed himself, then handed the second ring to Sky Dancer.

"I, Reena Diamondis now take you, Jeffrey Hauser to be my husband. In the presence of God and before these witnesses I promise to be a loving, faithful and loyal wife to you, for as long as we both shall live." Sky Dancer held his hands strong, her brown eyes starting to tear, loving him so much and finally knowing his heart belonged to her, for all time.

They turned to the priest who continued the ceremony in Greek now, and nodded to Colleen to places the wedding circlets on the bride and groom's heads, and changing them around from one to the other, three times each. Cayden stood next to his wife, and took the circlets in his hands and repeated the changing.

Father Xavier then started walking around a table, holding the golden book in his hands, high.

Jeffrey and Sky Dancer followed, while Cayden held on to the circlets, and Colleen held Sky Dancer's long train.

Father Xavier stopped, and smiled at the couple. "Do you, Jeffrey, take this woman to be your loving wife, til death do you part?"

"I will."

"And do you, Ourania, take this man, til death do you part?"

"I will."

"You may kiss the bride." Father Xavier ended the ceremony.

Kastor looked right into Sky Dancer's eyes and that is all he saw before everything went dark yet again.

"Jeffrey!" Sky Dancer screamed once again, going on to her knees. Her hands trembling and taking his head in her arms, and laying it gently on her lap.

"Bride four, Groom three!" Spades once again announced.

Cayden once again used the smelling salts on Kastor.

"Mmmm...I'm comfy right here." Kastor said with a smile on his face.

"You can stay there as long as you want," Sky Dancer glanced down at his handsome features.

"Come on, son. There will be time for that later," Duke called out causing the room to fill with laughter.

Sky Dancer bent down, her face inches from his. "Well, I order you to kiss me, but not as a higher rank, but a loving wife."

"As you wish." Kastor said with a grin then pulled her down almost on top of him and kissed her passionately.

"OPA!" Shipwreck shouted, throwing rice toward the newlyweds.

Sky Dancer giggled at the sailor's Greek humor, and then kissed her husband in a more passionate, deeper kiss that sent sparks flying all around them. "I love you, Jeffrey."

"I love you, Reena," Kastor replied, and once again claiming his love with his soft lips.

A photographer came in front of the couple, taking a picture of the everlasting kiss. He then motioned for the Best Man, Matron of Honor, Scarlett, Duke, Flint and Jaye for one special photograph.

The two Hauser couples and the two Faireborn couples smiled brightly at the camera.

"SWITCH!" they all cried out instantly when the flash lighted the room. The four Joe couples switched places for the second picture. Duke with a smiling Sky Dancer, Jeffrey with an arm around his mother, Cayden with an arm wrapped around his mother, and Flint with a smiling Colleen.

Another flash caught this special moment, and again the couples changed places, back to their true-life partners. A third picture was taken with the entire bridal party, and one more with Eryn, Rowan and the twins.

But the most memorable picture, that till this day is talked about is the one with the bride and groom kissing on the lips, while right next to them is one shocked General Hauser, who is being kissed on each cheek by Flint and Cayden Faireborn, and with Scarlett, Colleen and Lady Jaye laughing at his expense. Truly, this was indeed the Joe Utopia where dreams came true.

THE END or is it?