Edward leaves Bella convinced that it's for the better but when he realizes his mistake and comes back it may be too late.

First Chapter Rough Draft

Bella's Point of View -

I was having the worst day ever known to mankind. Wait scratch that known to man- and vampire kind.

Today the Cullen's had to go on a 'necessary' hunting trip because evidently if they didn't go soon they would go on a blood induced rampage killing every powerless human in their path which wouldn't really work out well. At least that's how Edward explained it.

On top of the fact that my personal miracle from god wasn't there to catch me when I fell (which happened a lot) Mike was constantly at my side flirting and touching me in someway, I failed my Trig test which I could of passed if I hadn't spent all my studying time with a certain someone who is absent today, and Eric accidentally bumped into me causing me to trip on an the pencils I had in my hand which I slid on down to the end of the slippery hall and ended with me crashing into the Trigonometry teacher, Mr. Varner, and him spilling his scorching hot coffee all over his pants in a very sensitive area.

But back to right now. I'm on my way to Edward's house to see if their back from their little 'trip'. Along the way I start to get this creepy feeling like I should turn around and come back later but I shrug it off as paranoia and turn my radio on to a classical music station which always calms me down. As I'm pulling into the Cullen's driveway I see a car I've never seen before. It's a midnight blue Charger. I sigh as I jump out of my used faded truck and walk past it and wonder what it feels like to drive one. The gravel crunch's under my feet as I walk up to the door and reach under the windowsill next to it to get the key Edward taped under there so I could get in.

Edward's point of view-

I have been having an eerie feeling following me around all day. It didn't really make any sense because there was nothing I could really be afraid of. I pondered on what it could be as I pounced on an unsuspecting a bear when she suddenly froze. She was having a vision. When she got like that she was unaware of anything else so I had to attack the bear before it attacked her. By the time I had all of its blood and had my attention back on Alice she was just coming out of her reverie. Her face was ashen, her eyes were wide and dark, and she looked horrified.

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