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Chapter 21

Tim sighed deeply, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel as he glanced across at Coach Taylor's house one more time.

Julie…he didn't want it to be over.

Not that they were of course…but he'd best make that clear before she got the stupid idea stuck in her head.

It had thrown him, seeing her turn up at the police station, it had felt good too, her defence of him except for that one horrible minute when he though that she might actually believe that he'd touched Paige Foster.

After Julie had left, Sheriff Clarke had come back into the interview room, and since Julie had come clean about their involvement to the Sheriff, there wasn't much left to explain except about the humiliating scene in the cafeteria where he'd shown the girl up in front of her peers and told her that she could fuck the entire Dallas Cowboys Football team and then some.

Afterwards the Sheriff had confronted Paige Foster and gotten the truth out of her.

All charges were dropped, but Paige Foster would be in serious trouble for the fake allegations that she'd made and the waste of Police time.

He was in the clear. All he needed to do now was get out of his truck, knock on the Taylor's front door and ask to speak with Julie, and then actually speak with her.

If she was in a mood to listen.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth about her jealousy over Paige Foster having said she'd slept with him he'd regretted them. He'd known full well how much those lies had hurt her, after all hadn't their entire argument in the police station come about over his humiliation of the rally girl been because Julie had been upset?

He'd been an idiot to lash out at her, and now he was afraid that his actions were going to do the one thing he feared; push her back into the arms of Matt Saracen, QB1 wonder kid extraordinaire.

Knowing that he could put it off no longer, Tim climbed down from his truck and up the path to the front door.

Quickly he knocked on the door before he could change his mind.

"Tim!" Tami said in surprise as the door swung open. "Is everything ok honey? Did you want to speak with Eric?"

"No! That is no ma'am." Tim responded, clearing his throat and glancing down awkwardly. "Is, uh, Julie in?" He asked looking back at her.

Tami gave him an odd look, but answered his question. "No, Lois dragged her down to Applebee's."

It was then that Tim knew Julie hadn't told her parents. Well, that was hardly a surprise he thought viciously, especially if she thought there was nothing going on between them any longer.

Hell, Saracen was probably already chasing after her, getting ready to take advantage of her emotionally upset state. Probably trying to comfort her and find out what the problem was, probably trying to cheer her up.

Because any girl that thought things were over between her and Tim Riggins, no matter how light and brief the involvement was bound to be upset. And well, what was between him and Julie, it wasn't brief or light.

She called him on stuff, and didn't put up with any of his bullshit.

He'd taken her virginity.

They were exculsive for fucks sake! Well, between them at least.

"I, uh, you should be the first to know." Tim said clearing his throat.

"We already know that you never touched Paige Tim." Tami said.

"I'm dating your daughter." He said bluntly in a rush knowing he really should be addressing this to his Coach but aware that if Saracen was putting the moves on his Jules while she thought they were over, she might do something stupid. Like sleep with him or something as she'd almost done with that Riley jerk when she'd split up with the Quarterback. He really needed to be alive to prevent that from happening, and if Coach got his hands on him he probably wouldn't be. Call him a cave man, an asshole, a jerk, a hypocrite or possessive, he really didn't care; the only person Julie would be sleeping with was him! "And she's not getting back with Saracen, and I don't care if Coach kicks me off the team, and he can give me as many suicides and wind sprints as he wants but I'm not giving her up."

Tami stared at the teenager, mouth opening and closing as she tried to come up with a response.

Tim gave a resolute nod. "So now you know." With that he turned around, headed back down the path to his truck, and fired the engine up and then peeled down the street.

Tami watched as he disappeared out of sight and then quietly shut the door, completely stunned by the revelation. Julie and Tim. Tim and Julie.

Tyra had been right she thought.

Julie's odd reaction to the news that Tim had gotten into a fight over some random rally girl now made sense. If it was over a nameless rally girl, it might have been over Julie herself. No, not might! It was over Julie!

Oh god! Her little girl was having sex! Tami took a shaky breath and pressed a hand to her thumping heart. With Tim Riggins!

"Honey?" Eric called out sticking his head round the other end of the hallway. "Who was at the door?"

Eric, Tami thought. He was going to explode, he'd work himself into such a state he'd bring on a heart attack. He'd murder the boy! He'd know Julie had somehow lost her virginity to Tim Riggins! Hell! She cursed, he'd probably seen the marks his baby girl had left on his Fullback at some point! No wonder Julie had been walking a littles slow that evening and had gone to bed early! Tami turned to her husband in disbelief. "Tim Riggins." She uttered.

Eric's brow creased. "Riggins? What did he want?" He asked wondering why the fullback had turned up at their house.

"He said he's dating Julie."

"Julie?" Eric questioned, his blue eyes flashing as he clarified exactly just what his wife had said.

"And that you can kick him off the team for all he cares, but he's not giving her up."


"I'll be right back," Lois said as she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Julie nodded and gave a brief smile. "Sure." She said, the smile slipping off of her face as soon as her friend disappeared out of sight.

She really didn't want to be here tonight, but it was better than sulking at home and replaying every aspect of the fight she'd had with Tim down at the police station. Wondering what else she could have said, how she could have reacted differently. If she was right by saying enough was enough and then walking out that door having tossed his truck keys at him knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to follow her until Sheriff Landry had finished with him.

That was if he was inclined to follow her.

Had she wanted him to follow her?

Did she still want him to come and find her?

Was she really ready to go to school tomorrow morning and hear how he'd hooked up in a threesome when he'd been released from the station?

'Cause he'd probably do something that stupid to show her that he didn't care what she did.

At the moment she had no idea, her mind still in a whirl.

"Hey Julie."

Julie tensed at the familiar sound of Matt's voice. She really didn't need this right now. "Hey."

"What are you doing here tonight?" He asked.

"Just hanging out with Lois, the usual, y'know." Julie responded automatically. "What about you?"

Matt's eyes flickered across to the table of football players and rally girls at the other end of the dinner. "The same, I-I g-guess." He shuffled in his feet, trying to catch her gaze, but Julie studiously avoided the contact. "D-do you need a r-ride home tonight?" He asked.

Julie sighed and then looked up at him. "Look Matt, I appreciate the offer, I really do. But you've caused enough trouble for me today, so why don't you go back to your girlfriend, cheerleader, rally girl, or whoever else you're here with tonight and just leave me be, yeah?"

"I've got you into trouble?"

"Just leave it Matt." Julie snapped cattishly. "I am really not in the mood for it this evening."

Matt may not have done anything directly to cause her problems with Tim, but she still couldn't help but feel slightly resentful of him when he was the reason they'd argued. Yeah, Paige might have gotten Tim thrown into jail, and she wasn't without blame but Matt had been the reason for Tim's ridiculous jealousy, over what was, looking back at it now, little more that a crush.

"But if I got you into trouble-" Matt started.

"Matt, it's not any of your business." Julie told him bluntly. "So just do me a favour and back off!"

"But-" Matt said staring again and refusing to take the hint.

He was cut off mid sentence as he was shoved back from the table Julie was sitting at.

"My girlfriend just told you to back off Seven!" Tim growled appearing from out of nowhere. "So why don't you try doing what she says?" He said punctuating the question with another shove.

Julie sat, frozen in silence, her eyes fixed on Tim as she wondered just what the hell was going on and how she was supposed to deal the explosive situation that she was stuck on the middle of.

"Girlfriend?" Matt said repeating Tim's claim. "Julie?" He asked glancing across at the blonde.

"Hey!" The fullback snapped, giving Matt another shove and then stepping in between the pair of them so that Julie was out of Saracen's line of sight. "She ain't the one talking to you!"

The boisterous chatter in the dinner has fallen silent, waitresses have paused in the middle of serving to watch the confrontation and more than one person had paused mid bite to watch the escalating scene unfold.

Aware of the attention that they were attracting, Julie shifted uncomfortably on her seat, her face burning with embarrassment not knowing what the hell to do.

Matt simply stared at Tim in silence, not bothering to defend himself as his team-mate laid into him, giving him a shove every so often with each biting comment.

"She's not your problem or concern any longer Seven, so back the fuck off!"

Another shove sent Matt stumbling back a few steps, unprepared for the ferocity of the attack.

A few football players stood ready to intervene if necessary although they didn't make any move to do so at that moment in time, content to let the confrontation play out.

"You're her ex and that's what you're damn well staying as, so get that into your head right now!"

"Tim," Julie said quietly snatching up her bag sensing that they were heading onto territory that she didn't want the entire dinner hearing.

"You even think about doing the kind of stuff that I do with her and QB1 for the Dillon Panthers or not I'll end you." He threatened intently taking a step towards the younger boy.

"Tim!" Stepping between the two of them, Julie faced Tim, pressing her hands against his stomach as if to physically hold him back. "Come on. You've made you point." She commented knowing that everyone within the dinner knew just how far the secret relationship between the pair of them had progressed and that within five minutes the whole of Dillon would know as well.

Not that they'd think there was anything unusual about that, it wouldn't matter whose virgin daughter she was, they'd say, if she's dating Tim Riggins she wouldn't stay that way for long.

Julie looked at Tim who was currently engaged with glaring at Matt, "Tim."

His hands that had been clenched into fists at the side of his body ready for action grabbed hold of her hips, jerking her against his body and holding her there, but his eyes remained stuck on Matt as if he was physically wrenching her away the the Quarterback. As if he had to hold onto her to keep her by his side.

Her body tight against his, Julie could feel every quick breathe he took, the tension in his body. Her thumb started stroking back and for against his abs in an attempt to try and gain his attention while her other hand covered one of his gripping at her hip and forcing him to let her go so that she could link their fingers together as she refrained from dropping her head against his chest to hide her embarrassment.

"Julie-" Matt started.

Feeling the aggression surge through Tim, Julie whipped around keeping her back pressed against Tim's chest and his arm about her waist so he couldn't do or attempt to do anything stupid without her knowing it.

"Stay out of it Matt! It's none of your damn business so just stay the hell out of it!" She barked out at him. "Tim, we're going." She grit out. "Now."

Making as dignified an exit as possible and trying to avoid the nosy eyes of everyone who was watching, Julie breathed a sigh of relief as they left the strained silence behind them, but didn't have time to calm her pounding heart before she was hustled across the car park to his black truck and then pinned against it's hood.

His mouth fastened over hers before she could protest, his hands tangling her hair and holding her still as he thrust his tongue into her mouth and took what he needed as he pressed his body against hers.

Julie whimpered in encouragement, stretching up against him and wrapping her arms about his neck.

"I'm sorry for being an ass." Tim mumbled against her lips between kisses because, he figured, if there ever was a time for verbal diarrhea it was now, not that what he was saying to her was shit though, but he just, y'know, needed to say it. Get it out there in the open. 'Cause she was bound to be pissed, he'd just told the entire diner, hell, practically the whole of Dillon that he was fucking Julie Taylor, the Coaches daughter! Not that it was just fucking, it was more than that, but the town wouldn't see it like that. And Coach would find out, and he'd be even deader for airing that side of their relationship to the entire town. Plus, although she hadn't said anything yet, she didn't think that she was technically his girlfriend. Hadn't she all but said it was over? Thank god, he thought, that she hadn't brought up in the diner and picked a fight with him, embarrassing him the way he'd embarrassed her. It was one thing to storm in the diner and take down Matt Saracen, it was quiet another to storm in there and get verbally lashed by said girlfriend when trying to prove the point to her ex, that she was with him, Tim Riggins despite what people said about him. "And for hurting you. For being mad that you'd told Sheriff Clarke the truth about where I was." He apologised the words tumbling from his mouth easily now.

"I'm sorry for thinking that you'd believe her. For saying that you'd screw around behind my back with Saracen," he continued, taking her mouth in another hard kiss in an attempt to wash the taste of Matt's name from his mouth.

"For being an ungrateful bastard when you defended me, for not chasing after you when you walked away." He groaned, "Oh god, for making you walk away."

They kissed again, breathing heavily when they broke apart for mere seconds and oblivious to the audience watching them from inside the diner.

"For-" He began again only to Julie cut him off with another kiss. "Just shut up and kiss me Tim," she demanded. "You can grovel later."

An amused chuckle sounded from him before he kissed her once again. "I love you."

"I love you too," Julie responded unthinkingly.

A few seconds later and she pulled back from the kiss, eyes wide as she processed what she'd just said.

Tim stared back at her, his eyes and face unreadable in the darkness of the night. Despite that she knew he was thinking that she'd not meant it, that she'd said it because she felt she ought too after he'd said it. That she'd responded automatically not because she actually meant the three little words.

The truth was that partly was the case, it felt as though they'd been saying the words forever, that this wasn't the first time they'd come from her mouth.

There wasn't any hesitation, no doubts as she'd spoken the words.

Not like with Matt where she'd been taken by surprise by his confession and had felt she had to say them back even though he'd said that she didn't.

Slowly she smoothed her thumbs across the ridge of his cheekbones and smiled gently at him. "I love you too."

He must have read the sincerity in her tone, on her face, in her words because he relaxed and grinned down at her.

Softly Julie kissed him again, squealing in surprise as Tim lifted her up and set her on the hood of his truck.

Wedging her legs open, Tim stepped between them and tightened his arms about her waist.

Resting her chin on top of his head where it was buried against her collarbone Julie rubbed her hands across his shoulders and then toyed with the short hair at the back of his neck.

Her eyes flickered across the parking lot, and then to the dinner where a few people were entering and leaving, their attention fixed on the pair of them. Other curious people were watching them out of the dinner windows, even so bold as to continue watching them blatantly even after Julie spotted them.

It was going to be something that she experienced a lot more though. Dating Matt Saracen the untried QB after the travesty of Jason Streets accident was one thing, being known as Tim Riggins girlfriend after his numerous peccadilloes and the recent scandal caused by Paige Foster meant that a lot of people were going to be watching them closely. It wouldn't help matters that she was Coach Taylor's daughter.

Nuzzling aside the hair covering the plane of his neck Julie dropped a couple of kisses along the line of muscle and then nipped at his earlobe.

"As nice an apology as that was Thirty-Three, you still have some making up to do." She whispered scraping the shell of his ear with her teeth. "I want a date, where you pick me up and then drop me off and where I get to decide whether or not I'm going to let you kiss me goodnight depending on how well you do."

He didn't know of any other girl that would make such a demand after he'd made an apology simply because he was Tim Riggins. Drawing back, Tim cupped Julie's face in his hands. She treated him like a normal guy. Like a boyfriend. "You Julie Taylor, are one of a kind."

Julie smiled down at him, lips bruised dark red, eyes glassy and hair mussed, looking thoroughly kissed. "And you love me for it." She teased as though they'd been saying the words for years and not mere minutes.

"That I do." He agreed sealing his words with a kiss.


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