I fancied doing a story where I could really write personal stuff about other characters, other than Ianto. Not that I mind Ianto, hence the Janto in this story. Please review. XxX

"It was…terrifying…the dead body, bobbing on the surface of the water…" Owen gasped. Then he looked around at the others and grinned ruefully. "Nah, that's not gonna work, with our jobs is it?" They shook their heads.

"Seen too much horror, I guess…" said Gwen.

"Yeah…but it's not all bad is it?" said Ianto cheerfully.

"Well no, not while you're shagging the boss…" Owen pointed out.

"Owen!" Tosh shushed him. "Come on, we all want to go home, things to do, people to see…"

"And whose idea was it to close the Hub down? Trapping us all here tonight?"


"Hey, come on guys…"

"To be fair, we did trick him into thinking it was a code red…"

"Code mauve."


"Mauve. Not red."

"What's red then?"

"Oh you know…"

"Give us a clue…"

"It involves dancing."

"Jack, everything with you involves dancing."

"No. That's not true."

"Come on then Ianto. What does Jack do that doesn't involve dancing?"


"Don't tell 'em, Yan."



"How come we've got no lights? I mean, I get Jack locking us in but the lights?Aren't they on a separate system?"

"Well, Owen, I could've turned them on 10 minutes ago but Jack and Ianto had been sitting next to each other, in the dark for half an hour. I didn't want to look…"

They all considered the truth of this.

"Still…" Gwen said, breaking the silence. "At least they're together now, sort of. I dunno about you but it was driving me crazy!"

"Gwen?" Tosh asked. "You don't have to, y'know, pretend. That you're fine with them being together. And it's okay, they left silently 'bout... a minute ago, they're not here anymore."

"Jeez Tosh." Owen said loudly. "Can't you, for once, not spy on people?"

"Just because you didn't notice them leave!"


"Owen Harper, you can be such a bloody annoying prick at times!"

"That's me, yeah."


"Okay Tosh, I'm sorry. You're right-we're stuck here for the night. I recommend sleeping-not that Jack and Ianto are going too but…"

"Yeah. Well, Gwen is edging towards the bench-so it's just me and you on the floor here, Owen."

"Oh great, what more could a man want?"

"Just don't try to rape me and I'll be happy."

"As if I would…"

It had all, technically, been Jack's fault. I mean, sure they had tricked him but…how were they meant to know that he would over react? They had made up the planet's name, for God's sake! But apparently Skaro meant something to Jack.

Not that it mattered really, Ianto considered. It just saved him having to avoid going home until everyone else had left, until it was just him and Jack, the way he liked it best.

Oh, they were his friends, he didn't doubt that. But he didn't love them, not in the way he loved Jack. In the way he sometimes thought, wistfully, that Jack loved him…

He had never told Jack. He knew they were more than just shagging now. After that dance, at Gwen's wedding, that ever so public display of them, he knew that it was more then sex.

But a relationship? No, that implied domesticity and…and meeting the parents, and dates and living together and…

And, to be honest, he couldn't picture Jack meeting his parents, sharing his flat, going on dates and holidays with him.

So it remained a mystery, as to what they were, Jack and Ianto. However, that wasn't important now. Jack was. Grasping life today, before it got taken away from you, that was the important thing. Lisa had taught him that.

But now Jack was asleep. Ianto got dressed again, ever so quietly and crept upstairs. What he saw surprised him.

Tosh was curled up next to Owen, both of them asleep on the floor. Gwen was on the bench, snoring softly. Ianto chuckled. He'd never imagined Gwen as being a snorer…

Suddenly a cry from Tosh filled the air. She sat bolt upright, staring at nobody.

"It's coming! The ghost!" she screamed. "It's coming for me!"

Yeah, a bit of a rubbish cliffhanger but the idea is that Ianto goes around the Hub and as the night progresses he gradually finds out more about the others. I'm going to (hopefully) write longer, better chapters...this was just a starter. Thanks! Xx