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Author Notes: It's a Ryoko angst. I took the song from Outlaw Star. Melfina sang it. I like it. So I wrote it in my fic. This shouldn't be out of character. I'm feeling depressed, so this will most likely make you depressed. All right. On to the story.

Ryoko's Final Lullaby

[I don't know]

[What words I can say]

I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do it. I never wanted to do it.

Kagato forced me to. I had no control.

[The wind has a way]

[To talk to me]

I could hear the screams. The wails of orphaned babies grew .

No one would guess I wanted to scream even louder. I could hear the wind.

It was like a sinister voice telling me I had no right to cry. I have no right to mourn.

[Flowers sleep]

I look around me. There are cherry blossoms resting calmly near the entrance of my cave.

They rest in peace, oblivious to me and my past.

[A silent lullaby]

Tenchi. I wince. So naïve to his surroundings.

I hear a child's happy laughter. Sasami. My little sister.

She is so innocent. She shouldn't be tainted by my presence.

I watch myself lazily create my light sword. It flickers. On and off, on and off.

[I pray for reply]

[I'm ready]

I love Tenchi so much, it hurts. It hurts when he pushes me away. It stings when he doesn't reply. It's a cruel torture I can't bare. Maybe love is not meant for me.



[Calm me]

The wind blows gently across my face. My sword still fazing in and out. I idly toy with it. I run it over my skin, uncaring to the danger. It just doesn't matter anymore. I just feel...calm.

[Oh serenity...]

I look up to see Ryo-ohki running towards me. She jumps into the tree, and climbs to my resting spot. Poor girl. Ryo-ohki knows something is wrong. I pet her with a serene contentment I never knew before. Maybe, it was because I knew. I knew it was time let go.



[Tell me]

I feel a tear roll down my cheek, followed by many others. Ryo-ohki tries to comfort me, but there's nothing she can do. I wonder if Ayeka ever did forgive me. I have no right to be forgiven though. What I did to Sasami was unforgivable. What if Tsunami never saved her? I can't bear to think of what would happen. Everyone is right. I truly am a demon. I look at my sword once more.


[What is it that they say]

[Maybe I'll know one day]

I'm sorry...

A whispered hiss is heard, as a sword tore into flesh.

A small whimper.

A red trail is left on a piece of tree bark as a body slides down a branch.

A dull thud is heard as the body comes in contact with the ground.

No longer does the body breathe.

A cabbit's mourning wail could be heard, as a stale wind blew.

Soon, many others would join it.

For, Ryoko Hakubi...was dead.

From above, a dark angel watched.

" Don't you see, I don't have the right to live?"

" This is my lullaby."

" My final lullaby."

[A silent lullaby]

[I pray for reply]

[I'm ready...]

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