Mother's Lament

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Author Notes: I finally found out what was wrong! I was going to start with a happier song, but I'm not ready to move on yet. I still want this to be sad. My work is not done. Therefore, Washu shall be the star of this heart-wrenching tale. She was the main focus in my other one, but it just didn't feel right. This is pretty short, I know, but I hope you like it. Thanks for all the good reviews and understanding you gave me! I felt really bad because I was updating almost all of my stories except for this one. (gravels) Forgive me! Good reading to you all!

     [Sit back and listen to this song that I'm singin',
      Photon, Proton, Synchrotron are interesting]
   If you had met me a few months back, I would have had no problem in announcing to you who I was. I was the greatest scientific genius in the universe, or even Professor Washu to some. I knew everything, and never doubted my ability to do so. That was the way it was until she left. My only daughter left me because of that stupid boy. Don't get me wrong. I love Tenchi like a son, but he's thicker than a sumo wrestler when it comes to girls. (An: I know. Sumo wrestler? ) Because of that, Ryoko had no reason to live on. Not that I was helping any. Just last week I was about to lose my other baby. Only by Tsunami's good graces was I able to find and stop her.
      [Science is better than love can ever be
      Falling in love is based on chaotic theory!]
   I convinced her I'd bring Ryoko back. That I had found a way. Of course, me being the scientific genius that I am, she believed me. Who was I to tell her I too had been broken down? I was only a mere shell of the scientist I was. I didn't bother to mention that there was a fifty percent chance that my invention wouldn't work either. Damn you Tenchi! Damn your love! Love is for fools! People who want to ruin their lives and die. I should know.

     [Emotions are exhausting,
      Quantum mechanics never ever make you frown
      With scientific methods,
      Imaginary walls will come tumbling down, yeah!]

   I can feel myself tense up when I hear Sasami's quiet voice. " I brought your dinner down Washu." She turned and she left. The poor girl. I never told her about Ryo-ohki's close call, but one never knows with her. Tsunami might have informed her. She no longer tried to mask her unhappiness. She just put herself in autopilot. No emotions whatsoever. I want to call out and tell her it won't work, because I had tried. I had submerged my self into my work and it didn't matter. All I could think about was my daughter as she tried to live and grow without me. Now it's too late to do anything about it. Well, not really. There is one machine that I have been working on. It might take months, or even years to do it, but I might be able to bring her back. It will either do that or get effectively get rid of these persistent risings of hope I get every time I think of the possibility of getting her back. These delusions can't go on. I will let science show me the truth.

      [Listen, through his experiments, Heisenberg
      concluded that the accurate measurements of
      one of two related observable quantities, such
      as position and momentum, produces
      uncertainties in the measurements of the
      other. He figured that the product of the
      uncertainties of position and the uncertainties
      of momentum are equal to or greater than h
      over 2 pi, where h equals Plank's constant. It
     means that observations in quantum mechanics

     always lead to uncertainty.]

   I feel a tear slide down my cheek. What? Well that's certainly a new experience. I walk over to the sleeping Ryo-ohki. " Look at this. I'm actually crying. And all this time I bet you thought I couldn't do it huh?" Yeah, that's me. The woman with no emotions. The one who can't feel anything. I wish it were true. I wish I could ignore this growing pain in my heart. I can't handle it. Is this what Ryo-ohki, or even Ryoko felt like? Did they feel on edge? This feeling, it's overwhelming, consuming, and overbearing. What is it?

[You understand
     this, don't you?]

   Suddenly, I knew. It was the love I felt for every one, and everything. I love this household. I love this family. Most of all, I love my family. I have the greatest scientific mind in the universe, and I'm going to use it. I will save my family, my whole family, and I will revive my daughter. There will be some risks, but…

[Ryoko:  No. Not at all.]

   But who am I to stop such a great mind with such a small problem. I, Washu, can overcome anything! Just anyone try to stop me! I will revive my daughter!

[Kiyone: I think it's hopeless.]

   Ryo-ohki peeked open her eye and smiled as the forgotten A and B bots cheered on their maker. " Go Washu, you're the greatest!" " You're the best scientific genius in the universe Washu!" " No one can compare to the Great Washu!" " Washu never fails!" "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" I believe in you too Mommy. I know you can bring Big Sister back.


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