This is a short story about love.

(Because isn't everything in life too short and isn't love at the center of it all?)

Or perhaps this could be called a love letter.

In that case…

Dear Mello,

It is widely accepted that there is no such thing as perfection in a human being; a lesser-known fact is that there is no such thing as strength. We all have our crutches and addictions and playthings. We all need other people, if not someone to talk to and touch, then someone to exist on the same plane as we do.

That's what you were to me.

I've always been accused of emptiness, but only now do I see it, feel it… taste it. You've left a blank space, a craving, and even chocolate can't sate me.

When I eat chocolate, it tastes like murder, yet not half so beautiful as you were.

It isn't logical…

Of course it isn't logical, but I love you.

Not the person you were — those sides of yourself you never showed to anyone else and I couldn't possibly picture — but the image, the icon —

The thing that burns in the Church and in Dante's Inferno both.

…And maybe we'll meet there someday, in the ash and the cinder.

Doubtless, this is what you wanted more than anything; my dear, dear Mello, doubtlessly you wanted to be objectified and immortalized: not as another piece in my puzzle, but as the be-all, end-all.

I love you after all.

I love you because you're dead.


A/N: Hello. :D I wrote this ages ago but edited/added to it today for reasons unknown, so I decided to post it. How is my concept of MelloxNear? Frankly, the emotions and motivations involved in their relationship confuse the fuck out of me, especially when it comes to Near, so writing a MelloxNear fanfic from his POV is like groping blindly for lines and then thinking to myself, "Oh, is that how it is between them?" when I come up with something. 8D

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