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Since they had arrived, quite unintentionally and completely unexpectedly, on the set of the vampire biker romance movie, Sydney had been forced to watch her partner making a fool of himself over the lead actress. Gage had been ogling Lily from the moment they'd arrived, so Syd was not the least surprised when he offered to escort her to her room in the motel. Sydney understood why Lily requested the escort, understood why she was nervous; she had, after all, been attacked earlier that day by a crazed fan. But Syd wasn't entirely convinced that was the only reason she'd asked Gage back to her room. And given Gage's response to the other woman, she had the uneasy feeling that Trivette would find himself lacking a roommate that night.

She rolled her eyes in reaction to Gage's eager offer of escort, hoping that Trivette couldn't tell what she was really feeling, which had nothing to do with humor and everything to do with hurt, confusion, and, worst of all, longing. Longing that Gage would look at her the way he looked at Lily, that he wouldn't at this moment be trailing after Lily like an adoring puppy. Longing that he would instead be escorting her to her room. And longing that he wouldn't be leaving her room until the morning.

But none of that was anything that she could, or should, express. And so that left her with nothing to do but long for things to be different.

Gage gestured to Lily to stay back as he opened the door to her motel room. He did a quick check of the room, including the bathroom and closets, before coming back to the door. "It looks okay to me."

Lily sighed in relief and said, "Thanks, Gage. I know it's silly now that Johnny's in jail but—"

"No no no, it's better to be safe," he replied, standing awkwardly by the door while he watched her make herself comfortable.

"Uh..." She moaned as she flopped back on bed. "What a day..." She propped herself up on her elbows and looked directly into his eyes as she said, "I can't wait to step into a hot shower."

Gage, feeling more uncomfortable by the minute, darted his eyes to the door. "Uh... I better go. I'm in room 516 if you need anything at all."

Lily rose from the bed and came to stand near him, quite a bit nearer to him than he knew what to do with.

"Don't leave before I have a chance to thank you properly," she murmured before pressing her lips to his.

The kiss was over quickly, leaving Gage unsure what to do or say. "Well... uh..." He held up her key. "Goodnight."

"You don't have to leave so fast," Lily replied, an invitation clear in her eyes.

Gage was unsure exactly why, but he knew that he did in fact have to leave so fast. "I... better go."

Her entire body posture changed instantly, and she pulled away from him, saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was someone else."

"Oh, no, there's no one else," Gage hurried to say. "I mean..." But since he had no idea what he meant, he allowed his sentence to trail off.

"Uh huh..."

"Really," he insisted. He did know that at least that much was true. Didn't he?

"Whatever you say," she replied, clearly just humoring him.

"I'll see you later," he said as he stepped into the hall.

"Thanks again," Lily called before closing her door, leaving Gage with only his confused thoughts as he walked away from her room.

He certainly wasn't in a relationship at the moment. And yet, he'd just turned down a very clear invitation to spend the night in bed with a beautiful woman. And he wasn't entirely sure why, although Lily sure seemed to believe she knew why.

Lily had clearly seen and understood something that Gage himself didn't have a good handle on yet. The reason he felt as if he were "taken" despite not having a girlfriend. The reason he was uncomfortable with Lily's clear interest and flirty behavior, especially in front of Sydney. The reason he had so enjoyed filming the stunt sequences for the movie, specifically the ones in which Syd was pressed up tightly behind him on his bike. The reason he had actually been pleased that it was Syd acting as Lily's stunt double for those particular scenes, rather than the actress herself.

He had never really tried to classify his feelings for his partner, but it looked as though perhaps it had finally become necessary to do so.

He trusted her more than anyone, both to watch his back and to give sound advice and show good judgment. He literally put his life in her hands without hesitation or question, and he knew she did the same.

She was his partner.

She could make him smile or laugh more quickly and easily than anyone else in his life. She knew nearly everything there was to know about him. He felt so comfortable with her that he could talk to her about almost anything: his doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams. The one thing he'd never really been comfortable talking about was the women he dated, which was probably significant, now that he thought about it. He had a better time hanging out with her than he did with other friends he'd known practically his whole life.

She was his best friend.

Now came the part that was difficult to admit. Every time she smiled at him, his heart would start to beat a little faster. Every time she laughed, his breath would catch a little. Every time she touched him, his arms ached with wanting to pull her towards him and wrap her in his embrace. The two times they had kissed, he had wanted to never let her go. Every time he heard her voice, he smiled, and every time he said goodbye to her at the end of the day, he felt an ache of disappointment at leaving her side. She was the first thing he thought about every morning, and the last thing he thought about as he fell asleep.

She was the love of his life.

He finally admitted it to himself: Sydney was his partner, his best friend, the love of his life. In short, she was his everything. Until now, he hadn't allowed himself to acknowledge his feelings for his partner, perhaps out of fear of rejection. But somehow, Lily had known what even he hadn't. And here she was, apologizing for not having realized before that there was someone else. How could he expect her to have realized it when he hadn't even really known? And what in the world was he going to do about it now that he did know?

It was the next day, and it had been an eventful one. The drug trafficking movie producers were locked up, the drugs had been confiscated for evidence, Lily and her recently-framed but innocent brother Doug were both safe, and production on the movie, which had been just a cover for moving the drugs from Texas to Mexico and back, had been completely shut down for good. All in all, it was a rousing success except for one thing—Gage still didn't have a clue what he was going to do about his newfound, or at least newly acknowledged, feelings for Sydney. He kept sneaking glances at her as they were preparing to head back to Dallas. He snapped his eyes away from her as Walker drove up in his truck.

"Hey guys, I have to get home and finish the nursery, so I'll see you at headquarters," he said, barely waiting for Gage's "See ya," before driving off with a wave.

"Hi," Lily said as she and Doug, came over to where he, Syd and Trivette were getting ready to leave.

"Hey," Gage replied and Sydney and Trivette both nodded hello to the actress.

"We both just wanted to say thanks," Lily said, gesturing to Doug.

"Yea, thanks man," Doug said gratefully.

"Ah, you're welcome," Gage said.

"Hey, Gage, can I talk to you for a second?" Lily asked, leading Gage a little ways away for some privacy.

"Sure, what's up?" he asked, a little nervously.

"Well..." she said as she leaned up and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight hug. Gage chuckled a little as he returned the hug.

As Lily started to pull away, she said, "You're the best."

"Thank you."

"I'm sorry things couldn't work out between us."

Gage was a little thrown by the fact that Lily was bringing up, although vaguely, what had happened the night before, and he had absolutely no idea what he should say in response. "Ah well..."

He had studiously avoided looking in Sydney's direction, so he was surprised when Lily looked straight at Syd before saying, "She's very lucky."

Even though he knew there was no point in denying his feelings for Sydney to this particular woman, he still tried to pull off sounding confused as he asked, "Who?"

"Come on. I can see you have a thing for her. You really wanna make her jealous?" Lily offered.

She was the one who had forced him to confront his feeling for Sydney just the night before, and now here she was offering to help make Sydney jealous. If given enough time to think things through, he would have told her that, no, he didn't really have a desire to make Sydney jealous. However, before he had a chance to even fully comprehend what she was offering, before he managed to say any more than, "Make her—?", Lily was kissing him.

It was a rather passionate kiss, and he knew that he probably should be enjoying it more than he was. But he was constantly aware of Sydney watching from just a few feet away. And as much as he appreciated that Lily only meant to help, he couldn't keep from flashing back to how he had felt when he had seen Sydney kissing Lorenzo Cabral. And, if he was the luckiest guy in the world and she happened to feel the same way about him as he did about her, that feeling of intense jealousy and heartbreak was a feeling that he didn't really want Sydney to have to experience. Just as he was preparing to extricate himself from the kiss that he wasn't even truly participating in, he felt Lily pull away. And as she did, she looked straight at Sydney, and she seemed to him to be gloating, although he was a little too distracted trying to figure out exactly what had just happened to be sure.

Lily then turned back to him and said, "Thanks again."

"Uh... thank you, I mean you're welcome," Gage stuttered out. "Bye."

He waited a moment before walking back over to his bike, studiously avoiding making eye contact with his partner on the way. When he finally got up the nerve to look at Syd, it was clear she'd been watching his and Lily's kiss. What wasn't necessarily clear, at least not to him, was her reaction.

"That was some kiss," she said dryly.

He shrugged it off, "I've had better." He was relieved to climb on his bike and hit the road a minute later, glad the road noise would interfere with conversation. He could use some time to sort out his thoughts.

About forty miles after they'd crossed the border back into the US, Trivette's bike started to cough and sputter and make terrible grinding noises. A minute later, his bike had completely broken down. Sydney and Gage had continued on, and, incredibly conveniently, happened to find a mechanic just a mile down the road. Trivette had walked his bike the rest of the way and had been in the shop talking to the mechanic for the last fifteen minutes.

When Trivette finally returned to fill them in, he did not look happy. "Hey guys, it looks like this is going to take a while," he said. "He's not even going to be able to take a look at the bike for another half hour. Why don't you guys go on ahead without me?"

"What if he can't fix the bike? How will you get home then?" Sydney asked, knowing that Walker was long gone in his truck, and that it was far too long a drive to take a taxi.

"It's really not that likely that he's going to be able to fix it today. Why don't we leave you one of our bikes?" Gage suggested. "Then after you talk to him and figure out what it's going to take to fix your bike, you can just come home and arrange to pick it up when it's done, whether that's later tonight or tomorrow or in a week."

"Or you can just tell the charity people what happened," Syd said, ignoring Gage as he piped up with, "What, that we got chased by vampires?" as she continued addressing Trivette, "and where you left it, and let them deal with it. After all, it's not even your bike, so it really shouldn't be your responsibility to figure out how to get it the rest of the four hundred miles from here to Dallas."

"True. Hey, it looks like the mechanic wants to talk to me. I'll see you later. Thanks guys," Trivette said as he took the keys from Gage and walked quickly back into the garage.

"And now that you've given your bike to Trivette, how exactly do you plan on getting home, Gage?" Syd asked teasingly.

"On the back of your bike, of course," Gage said, smiling and winking at her. "I'm sure you'll enjoy having me on the back of your bike just as much as I enjoyed having you on the back of mine."

Sydney felt her cheeks heat, as she blushed at the thought of just how much she'd enjoyed being pressed up so tightly behind him the day before, how she'd inwardly rejoiced every time the director told her to get even closer. Hoping that Gage wouldn't notice her blush, and that he couldn't tell where her thoughts had wandered, Sydney teasingly smacked at his shoulder, saying, "Come on, Romeo. Climb on. I'm ready to head home, and we have a long ride ahead of us."

While Syd was driving along with Gage's arms wrapped tightly around her waist and his entire front pressed against her back, she had to admit that he was right: she was enjoying having him on the back of her bike. She felt as if he were surrounding her completely, and it made her feel so incredibly safe, and more than that, it made her feel tingly everywhere their bodies touched. And it was even better than it had been the day before, because there was no one else around yelling out instruction, and there was no one following that Syd would need to turn and pretend to shoot at.

It was just she and Gage and the open road, on one bike, sharing body heat. Although, not nearly as much as she would like. His hands were against her hips, holding on to her just enough to keep him safely on the back of the bike. She wished she could pull his arms tighter around her waist and clasp them to her. She wished that at red lights she could lean back into him and enjoy the warmth of his embrace. She wished more than anything that she didn't have to hide her feelings for him, her attraction to him, her longing for him. She wished that she had the courage to tell him. And she wished that she could walk up to him as easily as Lily had, without fear and without worrying about who was nearby and watching, and grab him and kiss him passionately.

And unfortunately that brought her back around to contemplating what she'd been unable to put out of her mind for most of the past two hours: the kiss he had shared with Lily. The entire time they had spent on the movie set, Gage had been practically drooling every time he saw the actress, and she knew that he'd been back to Lily's motel room the night before, so she shouldn't have been so surprised to see them sharing such an intense kiss. However, she had been a little bit stunned, and rather uncomfortable, while watching their embrace. And more than that, she had been unaccountably hurt. But she had to move past that, and she knew it. She just needed a little more time, not to mention a few more miles, between her and that kiss. But the part that had her confused, the part she was really stuck on was Gage's answering comment when Sydney remarked about the kiss.

"That was some kiss," she had said.

And what was it exactly that he had said? He had kind of half shrugged and very casually said, "I've had better."

Well, what did he mean by that? Did he only mean that the kiss with Lily wasn't very good? But how could he mean that? The kiss she had witnessed had certainly seemed passionate. And Lily definitely looked like she had enjoyed it. So instead, Gage must have meant that although that kiss was good or great or whatever it was, that he had had a kiss sometime in the past that surpassed it. Well, now she was left to wonder exactly whom it was that he had been kissing when this kiss to end all kisses had taken place.

So Sydney started mentally sorting through all the women that she knew, or suspected, that Gage had kissed. Although he talked very easily to her about everything else, Gage had always been hesitant to talk to her about women. She didn't know that much about girlfriends that he had had before she met him, and she was sure there were some women that he had dated more recently that she didn't even know about. But the few names that she was able to come up with were: Marilyn, his high school girlfriend whose father had chased him with a shotgun; Buzz, the ex-con computer hacker who helped them take down the Chairman, although she only suspected they might have kissed; and then there was Lara, the fugitive.

Thinking about these women, and the kisses, either suspected, assumed, or witnessed, that they had shared with Gage, was not improving Sydney's mood. Knowing that the sound of the motorcycle and the wind would prevent Gage from overhearing her, Sydney started muttering to herself. "What is it with him, anyway? An ex-convict? And then the escaped prisoner? Does he have some sort of a thing for bad girls?"

Of course, in all fairness, she admitted to herself, Lara had turned out to be innocent in the end. But, honestly, she didn't particularly feel like being fair. She had never liked that woman, and watching her kiss Gage had been one of the most uncomfortable experiences of Syd's life. By then, she'd realized that her feelings for her partner went beyond professional and even beyond friendship. It was only as she watched him kissing Lara that she realized just how far beyond her feelings actually went.

Of course, there had been plenty of clues well before that. Plenty of times when it was made clear to her that she cared more than she should: when she'd rushed into his arms the moment she first saw him after he had rescued her from the Ortega brothers; when she'd been completely out of her mind with fear when he'd been attacked by the bear during Walker's bachelor party; when he'd given her such a lovely compliment after Walker and Alex's wedding; when they'd had to pretend to be a married couple adopting an infant for a case. Each time, Sydney realized a new depth to her feelings, beyond partners, beyond friends. But it was witnessing his kiss with Lara that made her realize just how deeply and hopelessly in love she was with him.

And she also had realized at the same moment just how obviously he didn't share those feelings. All because of Lara. "What kind of name is Lara, anyway?" Syd muttered, realizing a moment too late that she had pulled to a stop at a red light and shouldn't have spoken out loud.

Gage was puzzled when he heard Syd's comment, but then quickly put on a blank expression as she looked back cautiously, checking to see if he'd heard her. Now that was interesting. Why on Earth would Sydney be thinking about Lara? It had been months since he'd last thought about the other woman, and, to his knowledge, no one he knew had mentioned her name once in that time. So why would Syd be thinking about her now? The last time that Sydney had seen Lara had been... when she had kissed him. And Sydney had been standing nearby, watching. Was it possible that his kiss with Lily had reminded her of the earlier kiss with Lara? Had Lily's plan worked? Was Syd jealous? But if watching him kiss Lily had made her jealous, that wouldn't necessarily lead her to thinking about Lara. He puzzled over the connection for a few minutes more, and then it finally occurred to him. Perhaps Syd's muttering had less to do with the kiss than with what he'd said after the kiss. Perhaps she was trying to figure out with whom he'd shared a better kiss than the one with Lily.

When she had commented on the kiss, he had been honest with her, admitting that he'd had better kisses before. He just hadn't mentioned that those kisses were with her. He had assumed that she would just let his statement go, not try to figure out whom he was talking about. But if that was really what she was doing, then he would bet almost anything that while working through her list of everyone she knew he'd kissed, or even suspected he'd kissed, that she would leave herself off of it. He decided to give her a little longer to muse on the subject, pleased at her reaction. It would seem that his partner was in fact less disinterested in his love life than she would like him to believe. And while that didn't necessarily mean she felt the same way about him as he felt about her, it was definitely a good sign. He decided to test his theory, just a little.

He moved one of his hands from her hip to wrap around her stomach. He felt her take a quick breath in and smiled to himself. He shifted forward, pulling himself even closer to her, closer than was necessary and closer than was really appropriate for friends and partners. He felt her stiffen in reaction, and as they pulled up to the next light, he heard her sigh, and it was just about the saddest, most depressing little sound he'd ever heard. And it finally occurred to him that if she did share his feelings, then thinking about all the other women he'd kissed was likely making her miserable.

Taking advantage of the red light, he said, "It was you."

Syd looked back over her shoulder as she said, "Hmm? What are you talking about? What was me?"

"The best kiss I've ever had. It was you," he explained, seeing the shock cross her features at the same time the light turned green. He gestured forward with his chin. Syd figured out what he was telling her about the same time the car behind them started honking obnoxiously. Rather than continue down the highway, however, Syd turned and pulled off into the nearest parking lot. The moment the bike was stopped, she whipped off her helmet and spun so she was facing him, her legs hanging over the top of his knees, keeping him pinned to the seat as he dropped his feet to the ground to keep the bike upright. She was so small that despite the unorthodox position they were in, there was still plenty of room between them, much as he may wish there wasn't.

"Let's try this again, without the helmet blocking my ears. What did you just say?" she demanded.

Now that they were face to face, and especially so close, it took a lot more courage for him to say, "It was you: the best kiss I've ever had... was with you."

It was just as shocking the second time as the first. And yet, looking into Gage's eyes, she could tell it was true, and she realized that she'd left a name off of her list of women he'd kissed: her own. It really should have been the first name she thought of, given how often she'd thought about those two kisses she'd shared with him.

The first kiss had been over almost before she realized what she'd just done. She had been relieved; she had been celebrating the news of Walker and Alex's safety. But more than that, she'd had Gage's words from earlier in the night running through her head on a loop from the moment he'd said them. He'd called her beautiful and smart and funny and told her that any man worthy of her wouldn't be intimidated by her ability to kick butt with the best of them. Every one of his words had headed straight for her heart and taken root, and whether she was truly relieved, whether she really was celebrating her friends' safety, none of it had anything to do with why she had grabbed him and kissed him. Her feelings for him had simply overflown her ability to contain them at that moment.

The second kiss had lasted far longer, and while it was a wonderful kiss, and while she may replay it in her mind day after day and night after night, it hadn't meant nearly as much to her as the first. Because it had taken place while they were undercover, and she could never be fully sure if Gage had kissed her, or if Nail had kissed Ronnie.

And now she was forced to wonder which kiss Gage was referring to, which had been better than Lily's kiss. But she had no idea how to ask, or if she should. She had no idea what he was actually trying to tell her. Was he simply complimenting her? Or was he admitting something more? She decided to go with the easier question first. "Which?"

"Huh?" Gage asked, clearly surprised and confused by her question. Either that, or he was playing dumb, but she didn't think he would do that, not now, not about this.

"Which kiss?"

"Oh. Both of them."

"You said the best kiss, that means one. Which one were you referring to? Please, Gage. I want to know."

His gaze softened before he said, "Walker and Alex's wedding."

As much as she was hoping that was what he would say, she still couldn't quite wrap her brain around it. She had grabbed him and kissed him. It had been over before he could even truly respond to her kiss. Lily's kiss had been far more passionate, and far more two-sided. "But—" she began, shaking her head and giving up. She didn't have the right words or perhaps it was that she didn't have the courage she needed to say them.

"The other one, I never could be sure if you kissed me back or if Ronnie kissed Nail back," Gage explained, having misinterpreted her confusion.

Hearing him echo her own thoughts finally broke her out of her shock and confusion. She laughed. She laughed in relief and sheer joy. Whether or not Gage's feelings for her ran as deep as her own for him, the best kiss he'd ever had had been with her. That was a pretty fantastic starting point, and a wonderful compliment. Seeing his uncertain expression, Sydney realized that she needed to even the playing field, confession-wise.

"I always felt the same way. I never knew if you kissed me or Nail kissed Ronnie. It felt like you not Nail, but I never could be sure."

He nodded. "It was me. It should have been Nail, but I totally lost sight of our covers in that moment. I just knew that I had to kiss you. Then when they started to cheer, I finally remembered where we were, and more importantly, who we were. And I began to doubt the reason you had kissed me back. I had no idea if you had maintained your cover the entire time, or if you had slipped as I had."

"The moment your lips touched mine all thoughts of our cover identities flew out of my head. I only regained my senses after you pulled away. And by the way," she glanced away, feeling uncharacteristically shy, "you were also the best kiss I've ever had."

"Which?" he echoed her question, and she chuckled before replying, "The first."

A proud smile curved his lips at her admission.

"But Gage, I don't. I don't—" She didn't understand how that one kiss, that had lasted so briefly, possibly could be better than Lily's kiss. She knew Gage was attracted to the other woman. She had witnessed the kiss. She didn't know how what he was saying could be true. But she also didn't know how to ask the question.

His smile melted away instantly. "That's alright, Syd. I don't want—" He paused a moment, seeming to have as much trouble as she was finding the right words, before trying again. "I only told you because it seemed as though you might have been... upset. I got the impression that you were wracking your brain trying to figure out whose kiss had been better than Lily's, and I just, I guess I just wanted you to know. I'm not asking for or expecting anything from you."

He had clearly interpreted her aborted attempts at a question as a rejection. And as she recalled that the only two words of her question she had managed to get out had been 'I don't', it was clear why. "Gage, no. Look, I'm sorry. I was trying to ask a question, but it's a stupid question and I couldn't get the words out. I wasn't trying to say that I didn't want... that I wasn't interested... Why is it suddenly so damn hard to talk to you?" she muttered in frustration, running her hands through her hair.

Gage dropped the helmet he had been holding onto and took her hands in his, giving them a gentle squeeze. "What were you trying to ask? I don't want it to be hard to talk to me. You can tell me anything."

"I saw the kiss with Lily. Heck, I saw the kiss with Lara," she practically spit out the name and she saw the corners of Gage's mouth kick up in amusement. "And much as I wish I hadn't, I heard the story about Marilyn's father chasing you with a shotgun, so I can only just imagine what those kisses must have been like. What I don't understand is how you could possibly say that my quick little 'celebration' kiss," she said using air quotes, "is the best kiss you've ever had."

He sat there for a minute before he replied. "Didn't you say that it was the best kiss you've had as well?"

She nodded.

"And haven't you had kisses that were far more passionate or deeper or longer?"

She nodded, but far less convincingly.

"Why weren't they better than our kiss?"

Because they weren't with him. It was a very simple answer, but one she wasn't sure how to share with him.

"On my end, at least," he continued, "it's because Lily, and Lara, and Marilyn, and anyone else there ever was—they weren't you."

And she felt it again. A rush of relief, a rush of joy, and an overflowing of her feelings for him. She reached up, wrapped her arms around his neck, and pulled him to her for a kiss. She could feel his surprise, just as she had all those months ago when she first had kissed him, but this time, she didn't pull away and try to pretend it hadn't happened. This time, she simply kept kissing him, and this time, he kissed her back. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up and into his body, leaving her with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist as she straddled him. She moaned as he deepened the kiss, and now there was absolutely no debate, and no contest, and no doubt, this was the new best kiss of her life.

It was only as she felt the bike start to tip under them that she pulled away with a gasp and a laugh. Gage quickly regained his footing and righted the bike before smiling up at her.

"That was some kiss," she said dryly.

He shrugged. "We'll have better."

"Oh, really?" she asked with a smile, finding that hard, but fun, to imagine.

He nodded confidently. "I'm sure there will be many, many more that will at least be equally amazing. However, there are a few in particular that I'm one hundred percent sure will be better."

"And those would be?" she asked curiously, running her fingers gently through the hair at the nape of his neck.

"Well, there's the 'you may now kiss the bride' one, and then there's the 'congratulations, it's a girl' one, and then—"

And then she cut him off with a kiss, pulling back only long enough to whisper, "I love you, Gage," and hear his reply of, "I love you, too, Syd. I love you, too."

The End