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"Who Loves You" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (off Jersey Boy soundtrack)

As a little girl she never thought that at the age of seventeen she would have a life changing experience like this.He was older than her and they had gone back to his house after dinner and dancing under the moonlight. She shouldn't have let lust and desire overcome her judgment that night. For a couple months later she stood in his office and told him that she was pregnant. He was angry with her and they had fought. He advised her to take a leave of absence from the show. On camera he was the charismatic guy that she thought she adored. Off camera he was different towards her and every time she started to talk about the pregnancy they would argue.

Shelley and Tammy stood by her and listened to her when she needed to talk about her hopes and fears. Another person was there as well. She wouldn't have thought that he would be since they've been dating on and off for years. It was while they were off that she had gotten pregnant. They had known each other since the first grade when they were seated next to each other and he'd throw things at her to annoy her. Even though they were older he could still annoy her and that was one of the reasons they'd stop dating. Another reason was that he was still a kid at heart who loved reading Superman comics. But she also found that endearing at the same time.

After a big fight about the baby she had come out of Corny's office crying. She saw him standing a few feet down the hall.

"Fender, what are you doing" she asked.

"I saw you going in Corny's office and I thought that you'd need someone to talk to afterwards" he answered.

She walked up to him and hugged him. To her surprise he hugged her back.

"It's just I want him to step up and take responsibility for the baby and all he wants me to do is give it up for adoption but it should be my decision not his" she said.

"Have you made that decision yet" he asked.

"Not yet, but I have time" she answered rubbing her still flat stomach.

"I'm here if you need someone to talk to" he told her.

"Thank you" she said smiling a little. He handed her a handkerchief to wipe her tears away.

Months had passed and Brenda had moved in with her aunt and uncle. They lived in Towson, a town north of Baltimore. Only a handful of people came up to visit her including her parents from time to time. Tammy and Shelley also came up to see her but not as frequently as she would have hoped. There was one person who came up every weekend. She hadn't expected this from him but she was elated at seeing him. Sometimes he would bring caramel popcorn, her favorite snack, with him.

"Fender thank you" she told him.

He smiled. "No problem doll"

They would talk for hours about the show and what was happening at school. He would talk about the newest comic book he was reading and she would tell him about her plans with the baby. Sometimes they would go out to eat or go to the movies. When she was feeling sad or her hormones were out of control he would try to comfort her and cheer her up by telling her funny stories.

As the weeks passed she found that she had developed a close friendship with Fender, closer than they ever had been while they were dating. Her face brightened when she knew he was coming up and when he smiled at her she felt butterflies in her stomach. Throughout the entire time of their on again off again relationship she knew that she had liked him but she found herself falling in love with him. One Saturday when he was visiting they were sitting outside. It was still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors but in a month it would be too cold.

"Fender why are you so nice to me" she asked.

"Brenda I know these last months have been difficult. You've had to move up here and be separated from everything you've known and cared about and its hard to make believe that you are happy when you aren't. I guess I just want to be here for you to make you smile and not feel so lonely" he answered.

She smiled at him. "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said"

He smiled at her and sat a little closer. He took her right hand in his. She gave him a quizzical look.

"I have also discovered something" he said.

"What" she asked.

"Even though we've had a rocky relationship where we would break up and see other people then get back together again I really care for you" he told her.

Looking nervous he continued. "What I mean to say is that I think I'm in love with you"

Her eyes welled with tears as she smiled at him. She let her eyes tell him that she wanted him to move closer. When he did so, she captured his lips in a tender kiss.

"I love you too" she told him. He cupped her cheek and pulling her close kissed her again.

Lyrics that inspired me:

Who loves you pretty baby,

Who's gonna help you through the night?

Who loves you pretty mama,

Who's always there to make it right?

Who loves you pretty baby,

Who's gonna help you through the night?

Who loves you pretty mama,

Who's always there to make it right?

Who loves you,

Who loves you pretty baby?

Who's gonna love you mama?

Who loves you,

Who loves you pretty baby?

When tears are in your eyes,

And you can't find the way.

It's hard to make believe,

You're happy when you're gray.

Baby when you're feelin' like,

You'll never see the mornin' light.

Come to me,

Baby, you'll see.