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Rin, age: 17, lives with uncle who abuses her after her parents death blaming her. she has been best friends with Inuyasha since childhood along with Miroku, she hangs out with Kagome, Sango and Inuyasha. Rin has a crush on Sesshoumaru

Inuyasha, age: 17, lives with his brother Sesshoumaru, mum and dad, has been friends with Rin since childhood, he is the only one other than Miroku who knows her secret of being abused. he hangs out with Sango, Kagome, Rin and Miroku but not as often. He has a crush on Kagome, he is a half demon

Sesshoumaru, age:18, lives with his younger brother Inuyasha, is best friends/hangs out with Miroku, he is also very popular in the school because he is a demon

Miroku, age: 18 is best friends with Inuyasha, Rin and Sesshoumaru, he is the other person who knows Rin's secret of abuse and has known her since childhood, he's been dating Sango for four years.

Sango, age 17 is best friends with Kagome, Rin and Inuyasha, had been dating Miroku for four years

Kagome, age 17 is best friends with Rin, Sango, Inuyasha and Miroku, she has a crush on Inuyasha

TO MEND WHAT IS BROKEN! pairings: Sesshoumaru/Rin Inuyasha/Kagome Miroku/ Sango


RING, RING, RING, the bell to signal lesson one had finished Rin jumped off her desk, she had fallen asleep. Inuyasha turned to face his life long friend and gave her a stern look as she winced and limped out of the classroom. Rin was trying to catch up with Sango and Kagome before Inuyasha could ask her any questions. She charged out limping, everyone in the corridor was laughing at her as Inuyasha was trying to catch up. He rugby tackled her to the ground .She let out a huge yelp "owww, that hurts, please my leg its..." her voice trailed off, knowing she had almost told the entire school that she had been beaten,

"I'm sorry but if you hadn't run away...now then where were we missy Rin" Inuyasha gave her an apologetic look. All of a sudden Inuyasha was being pulled off Rin by a slightly angered Miroku and a little help from Sesshoumaru

"what the hell do you think you are doing Little brother, your twice the size of her and she's your best friend..Jesus Christ" Sesshoumaru scolded

"Miroku can I have a word" Inuyasha gave him that look to say something is wrong

Sesshoumaru just looked confused and turned his attentions to Rin who obviously needed a hand getting off the floor.

"here" Sesshoumaru glanced at the girl offering his hand

"thanks" she said blushing and taking his hand He helped her off the floor

"so you're Rin huh?" Sesshoumaru said in a mono tone

"yeah, I take it your Sesshoumaru, the whole little brother scene gave it away" Rin giggled

Sesshoumaru was baffled why was she giggling

"I've heard a lot about you, My family always seem to squeeze the subject of you, into their conversations" Sesshoumaru gave Rin a smirk

"oh really I shall have words with Inuyasha" Rin grimaced

At that second Sango and Kagome came racing down the corridor

"oh my god, Rin are you okay" Sango screamed they had all bundled her in a small group Rin looked around to see where Sesshoumaru was but he had gone.

"yeah I'm fine"

Kagome sighed with relief

"quite an audience you got there" Sango giggled

"and don't think we didn't see who helped you up" Kagome sniggered

"oh guys..come on" Rin laughed as they all started walking to next lesson

"you're long time hotty" Sango said lovingly linking arms with Rin and Kagome

"YOU THREE, DETENTION, YOU ARE LATE" A low roar came from behind from the head teacher

"oh no!" Rin panicked gritting her teeth at the thought of the beatings she would get. Not realising they had two onlookers- Miroku and Sesshoumaru

"what's she panicking about...it's only detention" Sesshoumaru grinned cocking an eyebrow

He looked round to find Miroku had gone over to help Rin, not quite understanding what the fuss was abvout, he decided to just wait for Miroku to finish his heroic act


"YOU WILL DO AS I SAY" The teacher growled

"why don't we all come to a compromise" Miroku interrupted catching Rin's pleading look she shot at him

"YOU LISTEN TO ME, YOU ARE THE STUDENT AND I AM THE TEACHER, YOU WILL DO AS I SAY" the teacher leaned over her his face was purple with rage and he was spitting in her face Sesshoumaru was amused in the background leaning against the locker arms folded until his eyes widened in disbelief as Rin had curled her hands into fists and was about to take a swing at the teacher as Miroku had grabbed her and dragged her off in his direction.

"meet you after school babe?" Miroku glanced at a shocked Sango

"yeah...sure" Sango said blowing him a kiss

While Kagome had grabbed Sango's arm and walked her into the classroom

Rin's face was red and her teeth were gritted

"Rin calm yourself" Miroku said sternly as he watched Rin glare at the teacher

"TIME OUT" the teacher bellowed and slammed the door

"Miroku, I need you and Inuyasha" Rin shakily whispered

Only Miroku would have heard but Sesshoumaru being a demon heard every word, he was still amused

This girl is quite something, trying to attack a teacher Sesshoumaru thought to himself quietly with a smirk

"Sesshoumaru can you do me a favour and go get Inuyasha please" Miroku asked politely

"lazy ass, why don't you do it" Sesshoumaru realised when he caught sight of Rin why he asked, she was clutching Mirokus jumper and breathing heavily

"fine but I will meet you in physics" Sesshoumaru stated with an annoyed tone as he walked out

"Rin" Miroku queried softly


"Did he hit you again"

"no, he burned my leg with a poker, wanting to mark me as his property, apparently, I can't belong to anyone else, because he would have nobody to take his anger out on if I did" Rin replied feeling the tears welling up she started sobbing violently until she started hyperventilating her vision went blury as Inuyasha burst into the room and She passed out

Inuyasha lifted her off Miroku and walked slowly to the entrance of the school.Walking past Sango and Kagome's class they saw her out the class window and gasped, limp in Inuyasha's arms But Miroku put his thumb up to signal she would be okay and they relaxed somewhat

"I hope she'll be okay, I wish someone would tell us what is going on" Kagome looked at Sango worriedly

Sango nodded before they were silenced by the teacher.

On the way to the entrance they also walked past Sesshoumaru's class, who had turned to look out the window because this annoying girl fan had starting flirting with him, He stared blankly at Inuyasha holding the girl in his arms how amusing! I must get to know this girl... getting so wound up she passes out... it shouldn't be hard since she is at my house alot with Inuyasha anyway, shame I nearly always stay away when his friends are over His attention was then turned back to the girl who had put her hand on his arm. He shook her off before shuddering trying desperately not to kill her.

"we will take my car" Miroku quickly said getting into his car "Sesshoumaru will kill you if he is left to walk home again" Miroku laughed

"hey he does it to me...but I suppose we have enough to worry about" Inuyasha trailed off remembering Rin limping out of first lesson and coming into school late

"hey Miroku! Did Rin tell you what happened"

"yes, that piece of scum burned her leg to mark her, just to prove she's his" Miroku clenched the steering wheel as he spoke

"oh right thanks, we will take her to my house and sort her out...Sesshoumaru should be the only one coming home and that won't be till lunch, my mum is out"

"to yours it is then Inuyasha"

They pulled into the drive and heaved a still unconscious Rin off the back seat. Inuyasha took her upstairs and placed her gently on his bed. coming back downstairs to a hot tea being shoved in his face by Miroku

"figured you would need one"

BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ - Miroku's phone went off

"Sango" Miroku cried

"sorry to disappoint you but it's Kagome"

"oh, hey What's up?" Miroku asked curiously

"well, we have Rin's phone here" Kagome said with just as much curiously

"I'll pass you over to Inuyasha" Miroku replied

Inuyasha looked confused taking the phone

"hey Kagome, what's up" Inuyasha greeted

"hey, well we have Rin's phone here and don't know what to do with it" Kagome softly told

"oh, can you find my brother and give it to him to bring home, she's at mine"

"okies can we come see her after school? Oh and by the way her uncle rang a few times" Kagome Informed lightly

Inuyasha chocked on tea and went pale "ye-" cough "sure" cough HANG UP

"her uncle phoned and she didn't answer" Inuyasha looked sheepishly at Miroku

Meanwhile back at the school Kagome and Sango had been going around the school looking high and low for Sesshoumaru, until they saw him walking out third lesson looking really annoyed with a girl in toe chattering away

"oh, I don't want to do this can you ask?"Kagome looked at Sango pleadingly "you know him better than I do"

"barely, but fine...chicken" Sango sighed making chicken impressions as they both approached Sesshoumaru

"Sesshoumaru" Sango called he turned to look at her with an annoyed look on his face

"yes" he cocked an eyebrow at her wondering why she was walking like a chicken

"Inuyasha told us to ask you to bring Rin's phone home with you please" Sango eyed him wondering what his reaction would be then smiled at his response

"I will do, but what good will it do at my house with Inuyasha"

"Rin's there now" Kagome butted in gaining an evil look from Sango and Sesshoumaru

Sesshoumaru took the phone and staring off into space as his head clouded with thoughts what the hell are they doing out of school, I presumed he was taking her to the school nurse Sesshoumaru's thoughts trailed off when he saw Kagome and Sango staring at him as if he had lost his mind

"day dreaming?" Sango asked amused by the demon in front of her

"hardly" Sesshoumaru sarcastically replied "my lessons are over for the day so I'm going now"

"oh mine too, would you mind giving me a lift to yours I really need to speak to Miroku" Sango looked at him with puppy dog eyes with her hands clasped together and then shot an apologetic look at a frustrated Kagome

"yes... sure" He hesitated "what about you?" Sesshoumaru offered turning his gaze onto Kagome

"I have lessons" Kagome snorted turning and walked off "laters" she called back

Sesshoumaru and Sango got in the car and started the 15 minute drive home, he couldn't resist but ask what was going on

"so what's up with Rin" Sesshoumaru glanced at Sango

"nice try, but my lips are sealed" Sango replied smugly

Sesshoumaru was irritated he always wanted to know what was going on. They entered the house covering their ears to the heavy sound of music that rushed at them creeping into the living room and standing amused at the entrance of the living room waiting to be noticed by two boys and a girl dancing round the room singing to Avril Lavignes song Slipped away Rin was singing at the top of her voice while the others just danced

Wow slight change of mood angry to happy she is quite the weird one Sesshoumaru's thoughts were cut short by Rin's screaming "how long have you been there"Rin struggled through giggles glancing at the pale looks on Miroku's and Inuyasha's face. "Long enough" Sango smirked, going into the arms of her love "do you remember what day it is today" Sango looked up at Miroku before he could answer Rin bellowed "so Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru do you want a drink in the kitchen, I'm professional at making tea?"

Catching her drift to give Sango and Miroku some time alone Inuyasha followed her out the room, Sesshoumaru leaned against the couch "carry on, don't mind me!" Sesshoumaru grinned Miroku looked puzzled at him until Rin jumped at Sesshoumaru grabbing his arm and dragging him out the room

"such rudeness you possess" Rin tutted at him playfully

He was stunned at the girls strength and then realised she spoke

"hey now...miss Rin! when did you get the right to instruct me in my own home"Sesshoumaru replied poking her this girl continues to amuse me, girls are ususally drooling not bossing me around

Rin ignored him shoving the tea in his face beaming

"hey how did you know how I like my tea" Sesshoumaru stared at the cup then smiled at her

"well duh, your brothers in the other room" she laughed then he laughed with her


"do you remember what day it is today" Sango looked up at Miroku

"of course I did, our four year anniversary" Miroku let her out of his embrace, but still held her hand, as he fumbled about in his pocket, he looked at her lovingly "I love you" he said sweetly Sango kissed him passionately for a few minutes before letting go and whispering "ditto" in his ear, he then got out a small box form his pocket

And handed it to her. "oh but I never got you anything" Sango sounded saddened "its okay my sweet just open it" With that she felt a bit better, she dropped the box and gasped when she opened it, taking out a ring, beautiful silver with fancy engraving on it saying 'I love you my sweet'

She put the ring on and tears welled up, "thank you" Sango sobbed.

Miroku chuckled slightly at how happy he had made her and stood there kissing until a loud thumping on the front door came making everyone jump Sango and Miroku went out in the hallway meeting Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Rin there,

Inuyasha went to the door and opened it "hey KAGOME!" Inuyasha beamed

"hey Inuyasha, can I have a word with Rin please" Kagome's voice was sour and it didn't go un-noticed

"yeah sure do you want to come in?" Inuyasha asked softly

"no she can come out" Kagome's voice was even more sour this time and everyone's eyes widened

Without another word Rin joined her outside closing the door behind her in such a way that it gave everyone the chills. Sango gulped "If Kagome has found out what I think she has and gets into a fury she could get seriously hurt...we should keep watch on them" Sango said briefly starting to walk into the living room to watch the two who were just standing glaring at each other

Sesshoumaru was at the window before anyone else I wanna see this seeing as how scared they seem to be of Rin when she's angry

Everyone looked on at the glaring two until finally something happened

"you did you slut...you told me you didn't" Kagome hissed

"well, you're one to push the blame on, you slept with Kohaku too" Rin spat

The onlookers gasped as they saw Rin's hands slowly curling into fists "this could get interesting" Sesshoumaru sniggered

"you lied to me" Kagome walked up to Rin so she was right in her face, then without warning brought her hand to Rin's face and slapped it hard causing stinging sensations

Rin grabbed Kagome's arm and squeezed it tight as possible and remembered all the times she had been hit and beaten by her uncle which made her shake with rage

Miroku and Inuyasha shot each other a few worried glances

Before hearing Sango scream they turned their attentions back to Rin who had pushed Kagome to the floor and was now sitting on her, punching her over and over again

Miroku and Inuyasha scurried outside, while Sango cried and Sesshoumaru stood in bewilderment looking at the girl on top of Kagome as she was being pulled off her by Inuyasha and Miroku it took some force to tear her off Kagome who was quite petrified Once Inuyasha and Miroku had a good grip on Rin's arms, Inuyasha calmly asked "Kagome are you okay?"

Kagome nodded and looked at Rin who had dark, pained eyes and was looking at the floor.

"Rin, how about you?" Miroku asked softly

But all she did is stand there face down. At that moment Sesshoumaru appeared leaning in the doorway and Sango came out to sit on the step.

"let me explain to you, what Rin would have said" Inuyasha spoke calmly feeling Rin tense in his arms

Sesshoumaru was observing Rin who was getting an apologetic look from Miroku something is being hidden...no way would Inuyasha be this gentle to Rin after she literally beat the crap out of the girl he's had a crush on for years, Rin has a secret and I want to know what it is

"well Kagome, Rin was trying to lure you away from Kohaku so you didn't sleep with him twice because of what Sango had informed about her brother, but he drugged her and they slept together, after that she didn't want to tell you what happened because she was scared you would get hurt...so when the subject came up she panicked and couldn't tell you the truth so she lied and said he went off with another girl" Inuyasha finished sighing

Kagome started sobbing " thanks nuyasha" she walked over to him and gave him a hug, feeling the connection between them,he blushed. Turning to Rin her obviously broken friend. Inuyasha and Miroku let her arms go and Rin stood in the same position not moving or even breathing

"errr guys in case you haven't noticed she's not breathing out" Sesshoumaru stated

With that Rin let out a breath and started sobbing Kagome hugged her and started sobbing

At first Rin's body refused to hug her back but she forced her hands shakily round her friend and they stood there apologising and weeping until Sango got jealous of their hugging session and joined in herself

"hey why don't you guys all stay over tonight" Inuyasha suggested cheerfully

Rin looked down sadly "I can't but I can stay till about 11"

Inuyasha's face dropped at this as he realised what he had said "oh Rin, I'm so sorry, I- I didn't think"

"I have an idea why don't we call your uncle and tell him your on a study night" Miroku suggested looking at Rin proudly

"where are your parents" Sesshoumaru thought out aloud, he wasn't going to ask but he kind of blurted out

"uhh" Rin started but her eyes turned dark and Sango squeezed her arm for comfort

"sorry, it's okay you don't have to say if you don't want to" Sesshoumaru said

"o it's okay" Rin whispered

"they passed away last year" Inuyasha said firmly but quietly so Rin couldn't hear punching his brother in the arm

"sorry" Sesshoumaru said walking up to her and putting his arm around her, she blushed a deep crimson at this, why the hell am I blushing...guys have touched my in alot worse ways than this Rin shook the thoughts out of her head and changed the subject

"sooo Sango, did you like the present Miroku got you?" Rin teasingly poked

"oh it's so beautiful" Sango beamed pushing the ring in front of Rin's nose, Rin squealed in delight

"you're a lucky bitch aren't you" Rin giggled

"aren't I just" Sango replied laughing also

"hey Rin, can I borrow your phone to call your uncle please" Kagome called

"yeah, just don't give it away, you have no idea the amount of trouble I will get in if he finds out" Rin knew she was taking a huge risk but she didn't care she wanted to hang out with her friends and...Sesshoumaru! Wait a sec why do I want so desperately to hang out with Sesshoumaru

"good evening sir, this is Mrs Marshall speaking" Kagome said in her most posh voice

Sango and Rin turned away from Kagome to try and calm themselves from laughing, they were even going blue in the face

Sesshoumaru didn't laugh he was able to control himself and just listen amusingly

"Rin will be staying in a dorm tonight at the schooling house to complete some work" Kagome informed uneasily and then hung up just in time her voice was breaking every second

Turning to Inuyasha she burst into fits of giggles and went inside linking arms with him to steady herself Sesshoumaru and Rin were watching, "hey you stalker" Rin hissed at Sesshoumaru smiling

"you can't talk" He said smiling

Kagome gasped when she realised Inuyasha was blushing a very deep red and she started blushing herself, for linking arms with him

Sesshoumaru and Rin just laughed at them which ruined the moment between them.

Miroku and Sango on the other hand had just started cooing and awwwing the two of them which made Inuyasha blush deeper, he shot a pleading look at Rin to help him

Rin rolled her eyes and whistled to get peoples attention, causing everyone to cover their ears apart from Sesshoumaru who found it interesting to say the least "so who's up for a game" Rin bellowed

"Rin my ears are ringing" Miroku whinged

"come on get over it you big girls blouse" Rin teased

"I know lets play truth and dare" Kagome loved that game and everyone knew it

"how did I know you would say that" Sango giggled

"I say we play" Inuyasha cheered

Sango and Miroku nodded and Rin didn't need to be asked she was already sitting on the floor with Kagome

"Sesshoumaru will you be playing" Rin asked not giving away her eagerness for him to play

"Fine, but I'm only doing this for you.." he rolled his eyes and went to sit next to Rin

"so shall we use a bottle or count to 21" Kagome asked happily

"A bottle" Inuyasha stated quite firmly "then no-one can pick on anyone intentionally"

"oh I don't know about that" Sesshoumaru laughed turning his head to Rin

"HEY" she poked him in the arm only to have her hair ruffled back

"Don't those to make a really cute couple" Sango whispered into Miroku's ear

"Don't think I didn't hear that" Sesshoumaru winked at Sango who blushed and hid her head in Miroku's chest.

Inuyasha and Kagome laughed

"come on Inuyasha" Kagome enthusiastically grabbed his sleeve and led him over and sat in a nearly full circle Sango and Miroku followed making a full circle

Kagome decided she would be in charge of bottle spinning, she spun the bottle as hard as she could and it landed on Sango "so Truth or Dare Sango" Miroku asked huskily making everyone laugh

"erm TRUTH" Sango said smirking thinking it couldn't be that bad

They all huddled for a second muttering so she couldn't hear, a few moments of snickering and whispering went on before they all joined Sango again

"well..."Kagome started but got embarrassed and couldn't finish "can one of you say it" Kagome put her head down

"whoa don't look at me" Inuyasha put his hands up as if surrendering

"oh for gods sakes what's so hard about a stupid question" Rin confidently accused "I'll ask"

Sesshoumaru admired Rin's confidence, he was really starting to like her does this girl have no fear she is a really great person...oh no don't tell me I'm starting to like her

"have you and Miroku had sex yet" Rin asked forwardly figuring there was no way else to ask a question like that without making a fool out of yourself

Sango cocked her eyebrow at Miroku

"hey my sweet, I was out voted" Miroku pleaded

Sango just stuck her nose up at him before answering "yes" and blushing

Kagome spun the bottle again and it landed on Inuyasha

He chose truth as well and they all huddled around making him feel uncomfortable because of what they had asked Sango

"are you finished" he asked nervously

"yes little brother" Sesshoumaru said shuffling back into his place

This time Kagome had the guts to ask the question "if there is a girl you like, who is it?" Kagome looked at him with hopeful eyes

"well, that would be you!" Inuyasha said speaking really fast, Kagome blushed and sat back in her place not saying anything,

"awww bless" Rin cooed looking over at Inuyasha sitting awkwardly next to kagome

"watch it Rin, or I will be mean on your go" Inuyasha winked at her

"leave her be" growled Sesshoumaru shocked everyone by saying this And everyone laughed, Rin squeezed his arm in appreciation and he smiled at her

Next it landed on Sesshoumaru who looked up proudly and said "dare"

"ok then, seeing as you are so proud of it we dare you to wrestle Rin to the floor" Sango almost screamed

"ok" He got up into a fighting stance and gazed at Rin who was already up and ready,

He went to grab her but Rin twisted his arm and flipped him over her shoulder

Sango laughed and Miroku kissed her not wanting to see what would happen next he knew Sesshoumaru too well. Inuyasha was off the floor and ready to protect Rin and Kagome was giggling

Sesshoumaru was laying there speechless until a smile came across his face

"do you need a hand" Rin laughed softly

"if you don't mind" and with that she held her hand out to him, he grabbed it pulling her on top of him

They both laughed hard, but Sesshoumaru stopped when he realised how close they were...she's close enough to kiss but he shook the thought out of his head, Rin was removing herself from him and sitting in the circle

Kagome spun and it landed in between her and Rin that put them in a position to do a double dare and nothing else

"ok then you two" Miroku looked at them and they both gulped knowing it was something perverted

"show your breasts out the window for five minutes or to this room, your choice" Miroku closed his eyes not wanting to look at their expressions anymore

"PERVERT" Sango yelled slapping him across the face

"sorry my sweet" Miroku winced

"well it will be out the window then" Kagome and Rin said in unison

They grabbed each others hand nervously

"if you two get arrested I will punch him for you" Inuyasha hissed

They both took slow movements to the window and then "one...two...three and SHOW" Rin cried

Pulling up her top and bra along with Kagome they stopped after two minutes

Everyone then bundled Miroku and the game stopped and a pillow fight emerged

Rin was fiercely knocking people to the floor, Inuyasha grabbed her ankle and she came down to the floor being smothered by pillows from Inuyasha, kagome saved Rin by smacking Inuyasha over the head

"oh so you want to play it that way do ya" Inuyasha flirted with Kagome and turned to hit her with the pillow and she ran out the house squealing, outside it was raining but the pair still continued to smack each other finally falling to the floor, slipping on the mud Kagome bought Inuyasha down with her she looked up at him and caught his golden eyes sparkling slowly she leaned in closer to his lips, when their lips connected Kagome felt tingles go through her whole body and made the kiss deepen

I have never experienced such a passionate kiss before Kagome drew back

"we had better go inside before we catch a cold" Kagome whispered,

All Inuyasha could do was nod he was in a trance from the kiss

When they got inside they were soaked, but their attention was turned to the laughter which came from the other room Kagome and Inuyasha crept up to the door hand in hand and peered around into the room careful not to be seen

They smiled at what they saw. "hey Sesshoumaru, look over there" Rin chimed with sparkles in her eyes

"don't you think I'm falling for that one" Sesshoumaru turned his back to her Now she had him!

"ha to late" Rin chanted jumping on his back

He laughed and spun her round and sat on the couch sitting on her

"ahh, get off you fat lump" Rin laughed trying to ignore the pain in her leg from the burn

"fine then" he got up and fake sulked

"don't be like that" Rin winked at him but before she knew it she had been thrown on the couch and batted by a pillow

"ha I win" Sesshoumaru looked at her

"ohhh, no fair" Rin gasped pouting

At that moment Inuyasha and Kagome entered the room laughing at them holding hands

"you always were a sore loser Rin" Inuyasha teased

Rin ignored this for the sight of them holding hands "oooo, what's this" she chanted pointing at there hands

"yeah little brother what is this?" Sesshoumaru cocked his eyebrow

"well tomorrow, we are going on our first date we are going to ask Miroku and Sango if they want to come to"

"o that's so cool, have fun you deserve it" Rin cooed at the pair before jumping at them giving them a hug.

"hey Rin "Sesshoumaru's voice sounded uneasy

"yes" she turned around to face him smiling meaningfully praying that he was about to ask her on a date

"do you want to go out sometime...on a date" he relaxed when he saw the smile on Rin's face

"yes, I would love to" Rin's eyes shined even more

"hey we could make it a triple date" Inuyasha suggested

"alright then" Sesshoumaru agreed

They all went upstairs to the biggest bedroom and flopped out on the floor with lots of blankets,

"hey this is like in the movies" Rin chanted looking around the room she looked at the sleeping order Miroku was on the end with both arms wrapped around Sango as he slept on her, she was playing with his hair,

Next to her was Kagome who was lying next to Inuyasha holding his hand and he was laying facing her,

Then it was Rin who's head was currently on Sesshoumaru's chest listening to him breathing as he slept.

His arm was wrapped tightly round her, all the guys were asleep and all the girls awake

"isn't this just like heaven" Sango sighed dreamily

"uhmmm" Rin agreed straight away

Kagome was almost crying

"oh honey are you okay" Rin looked at her concerned

"aww Kagome" Sango cooed

"I'm okay, just happy!" Kagome answered and a few minutes later she fell asleep

They woke in the morning Rin sleepily looked at her watch

"I'm late" Screeched Rin which Sesshoumaru even heard from the shower, he smelt tears

"INUYASHA" Kagome screeched as Rin started to have a panic attack

Immediately Sango got up from her place and got a hold of Rin, Her breathing had become quicker and she was crying violently, shaking

Sesshoumaru could hear from the bathroom Sango call Kagome for help and he decided to speed up getting ready

"RIN" Kagome screeched as she passed out "oh no, Rin wake up"

At that point Inuyasha came running up the stairs picking the limp girl up and getting down stairs as fast as he could, Kagome and Sango followed worriedly

"please, tell us what is going on" Sango pleaded looking at Rin in Inuyasha's arms

"sorry we can't" Miroku whispered

"we are going to take her home now, tell Sesshoumaru where we have gone and to be at Rin's at 7 to pick her up please" Miroku asked Sango

"yes sure" Sango agreed kissing her love briefly as he followed quickly

Sesshoumaru had just come out the bathroom when he heard the door click, he ran to the window to see what was going on...to his surprise and worry he saw Rin passed out with tear stained cheeks shaking in Inuyasha's arms, he banged on the window but they didn't hear him "dammit" he chocked Rushing off to the front door, just as he reached the door and opened it the car sped off.

Then a worried voice from behind him shocked him out of anger

"don't worry, sometimes this happens but she'll be fine" Kagome smiled reassuringly at him

"Miroku said to be ready at 7 to pick up Rin with him" Sango said

"ok, where is he now?" Sesshoumaru asked curiously

"taking Rin home with Inuyasha" Kagome quickly blurted

Something isn't right but I don't know what...why didn't Inuyasha take her home alone, it's not like it takes two to carry her

Inuyasha and Miroku sped down the road fast turning on Rin's favourite song Avril Lavigne - slipped away

"I really don't want to leave her with that bastard" Miroku snarled

"I wish there was something we could do" Inuyasha turned a corner sharply and roared up her drive way waking her up

"I'm really sorry" Rin grumbled

"it's okay you haven't done anything wrong don't apologize "Miroku said

She got up took a deep breath and walked inside

"be ready by seven" they called back to her

She stopped in her tracks without turning to face them and nodded, she couldn't bare to look at them knowing the horror that was awaiting her as she walked in the door and closed it sending shivers up Inuyasha and Miroku's spine as they watched.

When they returned, to Kagome, Sango and Sesshoumaru came running up to them

Sesshoumaru was angry until he saw the look on their face, they looked pale and Sheepish

"what the bloody hell is going on.. Will someone just tell us, we are all going crazy here" Sesshoumaru's voice was cold and icy

"she just had a panic attack" Miroku reassured. "just make sure you make it to hers for 7"

Later that evening they all went on their date everyone enjoyed it so much they made it sort of a trait to go out on triple dates and then split up into couples later on, meeting back at Inuyasha's house for drinks and games and stuff later on.

It was now six months later, Rin was still managing to hide her secret from Kagome, Sango and Sesshoumaru, each of the couples were very much in love but trouble is soon to strike.

TBC, I will carry on writing if people like this :)