"what do we do now?" Rin asked feeling her voice break "they might not come back and it will be all my fault" dropping to her knees, Rin felt all the happiness she had been feeling since she woke up disappear,

"RIN, don't ever say that, it is certainly not you're fault and I know for a fact they will all come back to us and Kagome will be marked" Sango sternly told

"we can't just sit here and do nothing though, we have to help!" Rin pleaded

"Rin's right we can't sit here and do nothing, she knows how Naraku's mind works and I kind of have a strange feeling we are being watched, I don't like it" Kagome argued

"now that you say it like that, I keep hearing creeks and stuff, I think we should go and sit down on the sofa to calm our nerves" Sango paused "it's probably nothing" Sango then heard a loud creek, then the lights went out and darkness surrounded them

"quick Rin, you're mobile, put the flash on" Kagome panicked

"okay, I got it!" Rin paused looking around the room with her flash "sit in a circle and all hold hands" Rin finished.

"I'm scared" Whimpered Kagome clutching onto Sango's hand and Rin's

"It's okay, now I've got Rin's hand, now quick give me yours Kagome" Sango shakily asked to terrified to move

"what are you talking about Sango, I have you're hand" Kagome suddenly felt panicked

"no Kagome, I only have Rin's hand" Sango was now very alarmed, she heard shuffling

"then who" Kagome paused feeling the other hand tighten around her hand and another slipped over her mouth

"mm- Rin -mm-hp-" Kagome cried as she felt a cloth come up to her mouth taking harsh raged breaths, she started to feeling woozy as she breathed in something quite strong from the cloth

"KAGOME" Rin screamed hearing the muffled cries and starting to shake as much as Sango

At that moment Rin's flash died and she felt Sango being pulled with force away from her, but Rin refused to let go even if she couldn't see

"RIN" cried a terrified Sango clinging onto Rin's hand as she was being pulled away, Rin felt a wet patch on her hand panicking even more thinking Sango was hurt she then realised it was just a tear drop.

"I won't let go, hold on Sango" Rin struggled to shout as her voice was weak from fright

The next thing Rin heard a smashing sound and a 'pssssss' before she felt very sleepy all she saw was pink gas and then darkness. Sango could feel the hands around her waist tug tighter as she also heard the smashing sound, holding her breath as she saw the pink gas, pour into the room and clamp her hands tighter on Rins hand, but she felt Rin go limp and struggled to keep her breath, taking one last deep breath Sango also felt the darkness creeping up on them.

Miroku was riding on Sesshoumaru's back as he didn't have the demonic speed Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru had. They were currently racing towards the place where they knew Naraku worked in hopes of finding his disgusting scent

"you got anything?" Inuyasha shouted turning to side glance Sesshoumaru

"not YET" Sesshoumaru replied emphasising the yet as if to say 'we will get that bastard'

"I have a bad feeling about this almost as if it's a trap" Miroku cautiously informed hoping not to be chucked off Sesshoumaru's back

"GRR" Sesshoumaru growled suddenly making Inuyasha and Miroku jump

"what is it" Inuyasha cried slightly panicked as he could sense whatever it was wasn't good as Sesshoumaru's eyes were slightly crimson and his pupils had narrowed, he was also clutching his neck were a mark would supposedly be if Rin had fangs

"the girls are in trouble" Sesshoumaru stated skidding to a halt, grabbing Inuyasha around and speeding off in a ball of light towards their house, reaching it in a matter of seconds, already they knew it was bad. Miroku gasped when Sesshoumaru let him off his back to see the door was hanging off it's hinges, the smell of miasma was even making Inuyasha choke and the window was smashed, cautiously stepping into the house Sesshoumaru sniffed the air

"all clear" he growled as the other two joined him, looking around they saw everything seemed to be in order apart from the door, the window in the living room along with the sofa that had claw marks and had been shredded with only a piece of paper pinned to the wall above the sofa, Inuyasha ripped it down in urgency, praying it wasn't what he thought it was but to his dismay it was wore than that.


Shame I couldn't stop for a chat I heard you were coming to find me

but these three young ladies were bleeding all over you're nice carpet and I thought that to be incredibly rude so we took them to my house, you want them you can come get them, but I warn you now, try anything foolish and all three will meet their end


My condolences on you're losses boys


"that bastard I'm going to rip him to pieces" Inuyasha spoke in a dark low tone which even caused Sesshoumaru to hold in a shiver

"well what are we waiting for, I'm not having him touch my Sango anymore than he has already" Miroku huffed heading towards the door only to be stopped by Sesshoumaru

"what do you think you're doing Miroku, you can't go barging in like that, it will probably get us hurt or them killed is that what you want" Sesshoumaru hissed glaring that famous glare at Miroku which made him pale and Inuyasha was standing behind him in seconds thinking he was going to faint

"no that isn't what I want, I want them brought home safely, but if this is Rin's uncle then I can assure you Rin isn't coming home without a new black eye or swollen lip" Miroku stated coldly

"can I just ask before we go any further how long have you two known about Naraku her so called 'uncle' and how long has he abused Rin" Sesshoumaru asked in a deadly tone hating the fact that his mate was a punch bag to this deluded freak

"from the day she started staying with him two weeks after her mum and dad were killed and we've known ever since, we tried to do everything to get her out of it but the police didn't believe us because of course Naraku was good at the whole acting scene and was a police sergeant and top off the chart he had custody, legal custody over her" Inuyasha finished taking in a deep breath,

"okay so we have to play this smart" Miroku informed feeling uneasy

"so what's the plan?!" Inuyasha impatiently asked tapping his foot on the ground

"we surround the place, you go to the back while I go in the front distracting them, you will take the girls up to the roof where Miroku will be waiting, we will then guard him and the girl and make our escape to lead him into our own deadly trap!" Sesshoumaru stated

"I'm lost at the deadly trap part" Miroku pointed out scratching the back of his head

"Inuyasha will explain" Sesshoumaru commanded rolling his eyes "now lets get ready"

Sesshoumaru went off to put on his battle armour along with Inuyasha, Miroku stood there dumbfounded

"you have armour" Miroku stupidly asked

"yes Miroku would you like to borrow some" Inuyasha asked smirking

"n-no I'm f-f-fine thanks" Miroku slumped onto the clawed Sofa "I need a very strong drink after all this"

Inuyasha chuckled chucking him a small sword which Miroku caught and stared at it wide eyed "don't look so shocked we are demons and that is for you're protection"

Once the boys were all set they went out to Miroku's car, he got in the drivers seat and nodded to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru while putting the car in gear, at that the two demons sped off leaving a dirt track and coughing "Don't panic my sweet I'm coming for you" Miroku said out loud before he himself sped out of the drive and down the road.

Rin opened her sore eyes and looked around, it took a moment for her vision to come back along with her memory what was that pink stuff...shit...KAGOME SANGO

Rin frantically looked around the room, it was a small room in the shape of a square, no wallpaper on the walls, a radiator, a barred window and a single bed spread right across one side. She spotted two girls on the other side of the room, their hands both cuffed to the radiator,

"KAGOME!! SANGO!!" Rin screamed as loud as she could at the two hand cuffed girls, it obviously made them jump

"RIN" they both screamed in unison

"are you both okay" Rin asked her eyes scanning the two of the girls for injuries

"we're fine, how about you" Sango answered tears welling up when Rin nodded in relief that she was okay.

Just at that moment three Hench looking Half demons who looked identical, bright green hair, cat ears, very tall, bright purple eyes, came pounding in

One began unlocking Rin's cuffs and then slung her over his shoulder, the others did the same to Kagome and Sango

"time to move out wenches, that blasted mutt and his half breed brother have gotten here sooner than we anticipated, nap time" A low, purring voice ordered as he pulled out a needle and stabbed Rin with it, Kagome and Sango began screaming out loud as they watched Rin go limp.

Miroku was waiting patiently on the roof for Sesshoumaru's signal when he heard what sounded like Sango and Kagome start screaming, he felt a rumble and a hole was blown through the wall shit what the hell is that! Miroku's questions were soon answered when he noted that three identical looking demons pounced out the hole with the three girls, his blood boiled when he saw they were all unconscious

"INUYASHA, SESSHOUMARU" Miroku called out, knowing they would hear him, he had been told that if there was any trouble to yell their names as loud as possible, all of a sudden Miroku saw Inuyasha come crashing down from the sky and land on his feet in front of Miroku

"this had better be good, we were just fighting the guards at entrance, boy did we underestimate that Bastard Naraku, Sesshoumaru is still fighting them and worst off the guards are all demons guarding this one house" Inuyasha informed

"well I am afraid that is not all Inuyasha, three half demons blew a hole in the wall earlier and made their escape with all three girls, I have no idea where he has taken them, and they obviously didn't want to be followed because they used demonic speed!" Miroku got quieter as he carried on explaining because he could see Inuyasha's eye twitch in anger and his fists curling tighter and tighter

Moments later a bright white light hurtled towards them also, it was Sesshoumaru

"I have defeated all the guards now" Sesshoumaru stopped seeing Miroku and Inuyasha's anxious faces

"what" he concluded

"well you see some half demons blew a hole in the wall and took off with all three girls a few moments ago" Miroku spoke in anguish

"we'll ditch this place once we've dealt with Naraku to find them" Sesshoumaru answered darkly

"follow me" Sesshoumaru barked

Inuyasha, Miroku and Sesshoumaru walked through the damaged wall into the girls previous prisons and through the door slitting the throat of the guard at the door not making one noise. Naraku came into view as they walked along the corridor, the three boys hid around the corner hoping to hear what was going on, hoping to get a lead on where Kagome, Rin and Sango were

"order the three pathetic half breeds to bring my niece and her friends to the mansion, that's where I will get that little squirt Kanna to finish them all off for good, I will meet you there in ten minutes, do not start until I command it!!" Naraku had a powerful voice that was very creepy

"yes Milord!" a young woman replied, turning and walking in the opposite direction to where Naraku went

Around the corner Miroku had gone white with fear "we have to find them and fast!" With that Miroku jumped on Inuyasha's back and they broke out into a run, before breaking through the wall themselves.

Flying into the sky to rescue their beloveds

Kagome was first to wake up, her eyes were once again adjusting to the light that shone down on the girl, her arm was throbbing from those three strange half demons jabbing needles in it. Turning her head to the side Kagome gasped Sango and Rin were just dumped to the floor like they were a piece of trash

Rin was second to stir and she heard a groan coming from the side of her

"Sango, oh god Sango are you okay" Rin cried starting to weep

"it's okay she's fine" Kagome rushed to Rins side and comforted the girl as they embraced each other frightened for what was to come when Sango rose as well. She seemed puzzled as she noted the two terrified others embracing in the corner

"why haven't we been tied up this time!" Sango asked crawling over to Kagome and Rin for much need comfort

"I've been asking myself the same question and to be honest I don't like it" Rin mused going into deep thought as to why, when a eerie little voice came from a shadowed corner in the room

"you will find out soon enough" came the eerie voice which made Sango and Kagome cling tighter to Rin

Out of the shadows came a girl looking no older than five, she had dark eyes, bright white hair, with white hair, a white dress and two white flowers in her hair.

"w-w-who are y-y-you" stuttered Rin feeling the braver of the three at that moment but still obviously scared by the creepy girl.

The girl in white said nothing as she took out a mirror and pointed it towards the girls.

"aghh" Rin cried as she felt a painful tug from the inside gripping Sango and Kagome so hard that her nails drew blood in her skin

"what's going on" Sango shrieked panicked

"her soul is being sucked from her body" the eerie girl simply replied

Sango and Kagome degraded into a fit of sobs as they tried to shield Rin from the mirror but it was no use, she just kept screaming and screaming, until all went silent.

"Rin, Rin...RIN" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs as she watched her friend fall towards the ground Sango caught the girl before she hit the ground,

"is she okay" Kagome struggled to speak sobbing, Sango was checking her pulse and examining her with a worried expression before she turned to Kagome with lifeless eyes.

"she's...she's dead" Sango blurted crying again

"now it's your turn" the eerie girl called to Kagome

Kagome felt a tug at her heart and screamed in pain

"NOOOOOO!!" Sango screamed as Kagome also hit the floor, watching as the eerie girl left the room,

Sango crawled into a corner and pulled her knees to her chest she buried her face in her hands and didn't stop crying for the grief of her only two best friends gone forever.

Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha and Miroku were cascading through the skies at lightening speed following the girls scent, they knew they were getting closer and closer by the second, at that second a mansion came into view, then the half breed and demon smelt it, it hit them like a speeding bullet and they stopped dead where they were, Miroku's uneasy feeling got deeper, gulping he found the courage to ask

"what's going on?" although Miroku found the strength to ask he didn't feel all that strong, his voice came out no more than a whisper, he was sick with worry for Sango and the other two, he prayed like no other in his head that they would be okay

"the scent of death and tears!" Sesshoumaru answered his voice low with depression not wanting to carry on Inuyasha sensed his brothers turmoil, he to was feeling the same, so he carried on for him

"the only thing is there is only Sango's tears and that's not good when the scent of death is around" Inuyasha spoke in a solemn voice almost as if he was mourning, all of a sudden Miroku felt something snap inside of him, it was pure determination, they would save those girls no matter what and they would all be ALIVE!!

"well what are we waiting for, the scent of death can't be good, so lets get them the fuck out of there" Miroku sternly spoke almost shouted as he jumped down from the stunned Inuyasha's back with the sword they lent to him in his hand and starting charging towards the mansion

Inuyasha blinked, yes they could do this, we will save them, my best friends and the love of my life is in there

Inuyasha felt the anger burn up inside him, how dare someone hurt his beloved and with that he off towards the mansion. Sesshoumaru followed closely behind, upon reaching the castle Sesshoumaru began to transform,

"GRRRR!!" Sesshoumaru growled out loud, the scent of death was making him want to vomit he couldn't stand it he had to kill and get Rin out of there.

"SESSHOUMARU STOP WE NEED YOU, RIN NEEDS YOU!!" Inuyasha shouted grabbing his brother by the arms and shaking him, hoping to shake the transformation out of him.

And with those words resounding in his head Sesshoumaru's eyes turned there usual golden colour, he stared down at his little brother clutching onto his arms as if his life depended on it

What did he just say to me...he didn't just say Rin needs you, he said we need you, Inuyasha my little brother needs me!! All of sudden Sesshoumaru felt overwhelmed for the first time in his life. Inuyasha let go of his brother when a loud pain filled scream was heard.

"lets go!" Miroku charged into the mansion fighting the guards, luckily they were human so he urged Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha to go on and find the girls. Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru picked up pace, the alarm going off all through the mansion set the boys ears ringing. Crashing through a large wooden door using his claws Inuyasha jumped through the door he destroyed followed by Sesshoumaru to come face to face with quite an alarmed looking girl, she looked about five, with a white dress, white hair and dark eyes, holding up a mirror to her chest.

"who the hell are you kid" Inuyasha hissed through gritted teeth.

"Kanna" the girl simply replied, almost sending a shiver up Inuyasha's spine as she spoke in such an eerie voice, it was only then that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru sensed the other presence in the room

"well, well, well... what do we have here, a couple of hero's here to save the damsels in distress" Naraku laughed evilly. "shame you are too late"

With that last word Sesshoumaru couldn't control himself, was he to late to save his mate

"you will pay" Sesshoumaru hissed his eyes crimson red, claws and fangs growing and a deep rumble was heard from Sesshoumaru's chest as he lurched forward to slash at Naraku but Kanna had already anticipated his move and thrown her mirror in the oncoming attack, it would form a barrier, but Inuyasha had grown furious how dare she defend the one who took my love!

He lunged forward slashing at Kanna, she dodged one of his attacks but fell victim to a second one and she smashed into thousands pieces of glass, with that her mirror cracked and a bright light and echoes of the wind filled the room as what looked light millions of shooting stars burst out of the room.

Meanwhile Sango was rocking herself back and forth trying to calm her sobs when a bright light shone into the room and what appeared to be two shooting stars came down on the bodies of her lost friends,

Sango immediately thought that the things were trying to attack her friends and stood in the light, kicking and punching the air in vain to defend her best friends bodies when she heard a soft whimper from beside her, looking down she gasped as Kagome and Rin opened their eyes and were staring at her

"Rin, Kagome" right then she felt a lump in her throat she threw herself at her two friends laying side by side on the floor, sobbing and sobbing into both of them as she pulled them closer

"I-I-I thought y-y-you (hiccup) were ...go-n-ne forever" Sango managed to finally get out

"shhh, it's okay, we're okay now" Rin replied feeling weak but still managing to stroke her friends hair, while Kagome patted her back. Slowly feeling her strength wash back over her, Rin sat up with Sango still clinging to her and Kagome, Kagome sat up as well. Thinking a joke was in order to lighten the mood.

"quite an interesting day for us wouldn't you say, kidnapped, mated, proposed to, soul sucked quite violently from us, I wonder how the rescue will go" Kagome stated rising an eyebrow in amusement

Rin burst into fits of giggles "yeah I don't think we will be forgetting this day anytime soon"

"I think it's brought us closer together though, you two will not be able to get rid of me now" Sango said with a hint of sadness which certainly didn't go a miss to Rin and Kagome who took one look at each other and pounced on Sango, holding her tightly

Miroku had finished fighting off the guards, sweat was dripping off his forehead and blood dripped in a rhythm off his sword, before running as fast as his tired legs could carry him in the direction of some serious howling which he knew was coming from Sesshoumaru. Reaching a door which had been destroyed by what looked like claws, Miroku took a deep breath, gulped and then entered the room, to see Sesshoumaru had Naraku up against the wall by his neck, poisonous green acid dripping from his claws...his eyes widened and he gasped at what happened next

"this is for all the times you hit Rin" Sesshoumaru spoke calmly but coldly

Inuyasha slashed Naraku's arm deep with his claws and Naraku cried out in agony

"and this is for ever laying a finger on our girls" Inuyasha stated before he could slash again, Miroku grabbed his arm and punched Naraku in the face hard

"BASTARD" Sesshoumaru spat into Naraku's face before the poison green acid leaked out and within seconds Naraku had gone, finally dead.

Standing back next to Inuyasha and Miroku, who had gone a little bit pale, they were getting more nervous by the second, they really didn't want to end up finding three corpses instead of three beautiful smiles

"don't worry little brother, they will be okay" Sesshoumaru calmly informed even though he wasn't so sure himself.

Walking cautiously down the damaged corridors of the mansion they began the hunt for the three girls.

Inuyasha searched all around the second floor of the mansion in every nook and cranny, not finding a trace of them. Sesshoumaru was wildly searching the top floor still no sign of them. Miroku on the other hand was on the bottom floor and was about to give up searching in the library when leaning against the book shelf his arm slipped and the light came down, Miroku cursed himself, but just at that moment he heard a creak, turning behind him was the bookshelf was ajar, he pulled it open to see a dungeon door, but what was inside made him smile.

The girls were beginning to get restless, it seemed like ages since they had been in this dark place not knowing where they were

"I hear movements from all over the place and it's making me even more nervous than I already am" Rin whispered.

"me too" Sango cried

"guys I just heard something too" Kagome whimpered as the girls tried to get as close as humanly possible the girls jumped as the door to their cell opened

Sango cried out as she saw who it was staring back at her, flying across the room and jumping onto him Sango sobbed her heart out "I love you, I was so scared" Sango cried with her arms wrapped around Miroku's neck, Miroku felt a lump in his throat as he held onto his girl.

"I FOUND THEM!!" Miroku belted out as loud as possible and then buried his head in the crook of Sango's neck

"thank god you're okay" Miroku's voice was muffled and he lifted his head and held her close to his chest, while stroking her hair

"when Schools out Sango, will you marry me" Miroku whispered

"YES, YES, YES!!" Sango squealed holding Miroku tighter

Kagome and Rin were jumping up and down squealing and cheering, while hugging each other when Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha burst in, Rin and Kagome immediately burst into tears, while Sesshoumaru was in front of Rin in seconds crushing her into his chest and holding her close, he was leaning down and sniffing her mark just for comfort.

"I missed you" Rin chimed through tears and looked up at Sesshoumaru and gave him a bright love filled smile, she looked so cute Sesshoumaru himself couldn't help but smile as he leaned down and captured her lips in the most passionate kiss they had ever had, pulling away still smiling he cupped her cheek in his hand and she whispered "I love you Sesshoumaru!"

"I love you too" Sesshoumaru whispered pulling her back into his embrace

Inuyasha had dropped his sword and ran over to her, lifting her off the ground and swirling her around before pulling her into a tight embrace

"I love you so much Kagome, if anything would have happened to you, I'd of never have forgiven myself" Inuyasha babbled into Kagome's as he pulled away, leaving a kiss on her forehead before looking her dead in the eye and she knew what he meant, Once Kagome had nodded in approval, Inuyasha didn't wait any longer, before sinking his fangs into her neck, everyone cheering and sobbing in happiness,

Sesshoumaru bent down so Sango and Rin could grab onto his back, while Inuyasha did the same for Kagome and Miroku and they both sped home like lightening. Upon arriving they all went to sit down at the table in the kitchen. Rin couldn't wipe the smile off her face because from now everything was okay- Miroku and Sango were engaged to be married, Kagome and Inuyasha had mated, Sesshoumaru and her had mated, Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha have fully excepted each other now and most of all Rin was happy for the first time in years with Naraku gone and the most important people in her life by her side