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Brooke Jagelski didn't know what to do. Maybe Brooke Davis would have. But not Brooke Jagelski. She didn't know what she could say. What do you say to a woman who's just lost her child while you were giving birth to your own?

Peyton Scott thought that it must be a sick joke. Who loses their baby while their best friend gains one in the room next door? God must hate her. It's her fault. She can't help but to think. This little boy was born because of her. He died inside of her. While she was trying to give birth to him. She had killed her son. How could Lucas forgive her for that? How could she forgive herself?

Brooke was happy. And it made her sad. She was happy about the little girl being cooed over by her husband. But how could she be happy when her best friend had just lost hers?

Emmy Peyton Jagelski, their beautiful little girl. She couldn't help but smile. She knew she had to rest but she had to see Peyton. Peyton needed her, she could feel it. So she sent the best she could, her husband.


'Brian Keith Scott.' Peyton said as Jake walked in. Her eyes were closed, like she was refusing to wake up. She could just believe this was a nightmare. That would be better. She didn't want this to be reality. A nightmare would be much better. But the reality was a nightmare. 'It was going to be Keith. I was going to surprise Lucas.' She says a small smile on her face. 'But I didn't want him to lose Keith two times.' She says as the smile disappers from her face. Jake doubts Peyton will smile for a long time. He knows that she blames herself.

'Peyton.' Jake sighed taking a seat next to Peyton's bed.

'It's my fault.' Peyton said with no emotion showing. 'I killed him.' She said keeping her eyes closed shut. She couldn't let this sink it. She couldn't cry because then it would be real. This couldn't be real.

'This isn't your fault.' He said as he took Peyton's hand. She quivered under his touch. Her hand started visibly shaking. Her eyes popped open. Sobs started shaking through her chest. Soon her whole body was shaking, filling the room with hollow sobs. Jake pulled her into a hug as she clung to him for dear life. 'Shhh…' He couldn't control the happiness he felt that it didn't happen to Brooke and him with little Emmy.


'Brooke.' Lucas said as he walked into the room. He was the picture of a broken man. His eyes were red and puffy His tie crocked and loose. Brooke couldn't have felt worse for them at the moment. Lucas walked over to wear Emmy was sleeping soundly, her little hands and feet scrunched up. He gently traced her jaw line with his fingers. 'What's her name?'

'Emmy.' Brooke said as he turned towards her.

'That's beautiful Brooke,' He said his eyes watering up. 'Mine was Brian.' He said as a tear fell from his eye.

'I'm sorry,' She said knowing it wasn't enough to console him. 'Luke, come here.' She said as she saw tears threatening to fall in his eyes. She opened her arms as he hugged her tightly. 'I'm so sorry,' She said trying to console him. Just as quickly as he had started crying, he stopped. He slid out of Brooke's arm and into the chair next to her. 'How's Peyton?' She asked concerned for her friend.

'Bad.' He stated as he stared at little Emmy. 'She has your smile.' He said with a smile smile as Emmy opened her eyes and showed her dimples. 'Brian had my eyes.' He stated.

'Luke.' She sighed staring at her friend. 'It'll be okay.' She said as he took his eyes off of little Emmy.

'Promise?' He asked staring into her hazel eyes.

'Promise.' She replied with as much confidence she could muster.


Peyton and Brooke leave the hospital at the same time. Peyton can't help but think God hates her. Her best friend doesn't see her in the wheelchair beside her. She is staring into her daughters eyes. Peyton can't help but stare. Jake is standing beside Brooke holding her hand while staring at both of them, Emmy and Brooke. The name is so Brooke Peyton notices. Not Elizibeth but just Emmy. It almost brings a smile on her face but she can't smile. She doesn't deserve to smile. She was a murder. Lucas walks next to her. He doesn't hold her hand he just stares at the door. How could he not blam her? She blamed herself.

'Peyton.' Lucas sighs as he shuts the door. She's sitting in the front seat next to him. She should be sitting in the back seat cooing over their new baby.

'Lucas,' She returns. She suddenly feels the tears spring to her eyes, she tries to control them, to send them back. Lucas looks at her, really looks at her for the first since they lost Brian. She's broken he can see, she's lost. She's the same girl he first fell in love with, a torture soul. Now he just needs to save her again.

'Peyton,' He says turning so he can see her fully.

'I'm sorry,' She manages to whisper out. The tears start falling from her eyes. Lucas takes her as much into his arm as the car's layout would allow. She starts sobbing into his chest. 'I'm so sorry' She repeats over and over again. Now he knows. That this is breaking both of their hearts. Lucas holds on to her and doesn't ever plan on letting go.

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