Maybe I should go see Peyton

'Maybe I should go see Peyton?' Brooke says to her husband as she holds her daughter. 'I haven't seen her since the funeral.' She says placing Emmy down on the changing table.

'I think you should.' Jake says walking over towards his daughter and wife. 'She needs her best friend.' He pulls Brooke into a hug. She sighs and relaxes against his hold.

'I know.' She sighs. 'I just don't know what to say to her. What can I say to help?' She says as Jake tightens his hold on her. He places a kiss on her forehead.

'You don't know how glad I am it wasn't Emmy,' He says looking towards his daughter who is looking at her parents. 'I don't know what I would do without her. She's perfect.' He says as Brooke smiles and kisses him on the lips.

'You're such a good daddy,' she says with a smile. He returns it and picks up Emmy who had started whimpering. Brooke goes over and places a kiss on her daughter's forehead. Brooke loved Jenny but nothing compared to the love you feel for your own baby. It overwhelmed her some times. 'Bye Emmy. Bye daddy.' She says placing a kiss on Jake's lips.

'Bye Brooke.' He says as she exits their house. As he stares down at his daughter he knows that he can't lose her.


Brooke sighs as she peaks into the bedroom. Lucas had been downstairs writing. He told her that Peyton was in the bedroom and she refused to get out of bed. She steps into the bedroom quietly. When she saw her best friend she had to swallow a gasp. She looked horrible. Her curly blonde hair everywhere. Her eyes look glued shut. They're shut so tightly. She slips into the bed beside her wrapping her arms around Peyton. Peyton doesn't flinch. 'P. Scott.' Brooke sighs her arms wrapped tightly around Peyton.

'B. Jagelski.' She whispers so quietly that Brooke wonders if she imagined it. Brooke pulls Peyton close next to her.

'Peyton.' She says letting go of her. She gently climbs over her friend so they are faced to face. 'Open your eyes Peyton.' Brooke says. Her eyes remain shut, closed off from the world. 'Please.' She begs. She hates seeing her bestie like this. 'Please, open your eyes Peyton.' She begs one last time. Peyton's eyes open slightly so that she can see the brunette laying next to her.

'Brooke.' She whispers as a few tears fall from the standing position. Before she can wipe them away Brooke grasps her hand and holds it.

'It's not your fault P,' Brooke says as a few more tears fall from Peyton's eyes.

'No.' She says closing her eyes once again to the world. Brooke's seen Peyton like this before. When her mom died. She blamed herself then and blames herself now. It breaks her heart to see Peyton like this. But she knows what Peyton needs to do.

'Time to get up.' Brooke suddenly says. She can't let Peyton stay in bed for another 2 weeks.

'Brooke.' She whines as Brooke throws off the cover. Brooke swiftly moves from the bed to the curtains letting the light shine in. Peyton's hand flies to block the sunlight from reaching her body. 'But Brooke.' She sighs as Brooke starts pulling her off the bed.

'No buts.' She says forcefully. 'You need to get up and leave this house. Either you do that with your husband,' She says pointing out the door. 'Or you do it with me.' She says as she drags Peyton to the closet.

'Please Brooke.' She starts pulling off her shirt.

'No.' Brooke says as she throws her a clean shirt. 'Should I go get Lucas? Cause if you want to go shopping with him that's fine.' She says knowing Peyton needs to get out.

'Fine.' Peyton sighs throwing her shirt over her head. This was going to be a long day.


Their eating lunch when the husbands arrive. Jake has Jenny and Emmy with him. Lucas is behind him looking uncomfortable.

'Hey sweetie.' Jake says placing a kiss on Brooke's forehead. 'How was shopping?' He asks as Jenny slips into her mother's lap.

'Wonderful.' Brooke says nodding to the bags from their shopping spree. 'How are you doing?' She asks Jenny giving her a hug.

'Amazing!' Jenny squeals as she turns to Peyton. She gently slids out of her mother's lap as the adults went quiet. She walked around the table over to Peyton and placed her small arms around Peyton's petite frame. 'It'll be okay.' She said as the other adults sit back shocked as Peyton absorbs the embrace.


'Ummm…. Peyton?' Lucas stutters as he enters their bedroom. He's been sleeping on the couch for the past 2 weeks, trying to give Peyton her space. But after his 'talk' with Brooke …………….

'You're not even sleeping in the same room?' Brooke says as she smacks his arm. Peyton is in the bedroom drawing and her little family playing in the yard.

'Ouch!' He yelps rubbing his arm. Brooke just rolls her eyes at him. 'No. I'm trying to give her space.' He tries to explain earning another smack from the only Brooke Jagelski

'Lucas!' She yells. She quickly turns down her volume not wanting to make a scene. 'You're 'giving her space?' she says with air quotes. 'That's the stupidest excuse ever Luke.' She sighs sitting on a stool in the kitchen.

'But she needs time.' He tries to explain.

'No. Luke,' She sighs looking deep into his eyes. 'No you' she startes pointing to him. 'want time. You want to pull yourself together before you help her because you are just as broken.' She sighs as Lucas hangs his head down.

'That's not a bad thing.' He whispers. 'I don't want to break in front of her.' He says sliding into the stool across the counter from Brooke.

'No Luke.' She says taking his hand in hers. 'She needs you. And you need her. That's the way you guys fix each other.' She says as he gazes into her eyes knowing she's right. He nods slightly but enough that Brooke notices. 'Ok. Tonight you need to sleep in the same bed as your wife.' She says as the front door breezes open.

'Mom!' They hear before they detangle their hands from each other and share a smile before a very energetic little girl flys into the kitchen.

'Lucas?' He hears someone say from the bed. He turns on the light to see his wife curled up into bed. He turns off the light and walks towards the bed. He slips into bed next to Peyton. He can feel her body tighten. He gently slids closer to her. He can hear her breath quicken but he doesn't stop. He wrapped his arms around his wife, whose body had physically tighten.

'Breathe.' He ordered softly into her ear. She released the breathe she didn't know she had been holding. His grip tightened as her body sighed and relaxed in his arms. A tear falls from one of her eyes. Before it reaches the pillow below his hand gently wipes it away. She turns around so she is on top of him. She is softly sobbing into his chest. She is holding him for dear life as her hands grip his shirt. It kills him as the sobs ripple through her body to his. He holds on to her as she sobs for her little boy. The sobs slowly come to a stop as she realizes her grip on his shirt slightly. He gently kisses her forehead and hold her for the rest of the night just like that. They are slowly healing themselves through each other.

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