Chapter 1

It had been the perfect trial. It had a perfect witness, who gave a perfect testimony which I perfectly exploited to get a perfect guilty verdict.

I can hardly even begin to explain the perfection of the witness. Her testimony was flawless, of course that is expected considering I was the one who prepped her. She spoke clearly and concisely, which pleased me. Most female witnesses I deal with usually start blubbering rather unpleasantly on the stand.

Her voice was of the perfect timbre; not too high as to be annoying, but not too low as to be masculine. She had a perfect body; not fat, but not pencil thin either. She had perfect green eyes that contrasted with her beautiful brown hair.

From the moment she spoke her name and occupation -Adelina, Certified Public Accountant- I knew that this perfect woman would make the perfect wife for I, Manfred von Karma.

I am ashamed to say however, what happened after that was far from perfect.


During the trial, while the judge had been prattling on about some such nonsense, it occurred to me that I could not just walk up to this woman and get married to her on the spot. Not that she wouldn't be delighted to be married to me; after all it would be quite an honor for any woman to be married to me.

No, I was more worried of the small tiny almost nonexistent fact that I might be wrong. What if she wasn't perfect, like I thought she was? I couldn't simply be stuck with an imperfect woman for the rest of my life, and it would be unseemly for me to get a divorce.

As the defense attorney began his cross examination, I considered my next course of action. There was a certain process to go through, wasn't there? Yes, I would go out on some so-called "dates" with her. If she did not prove satisfactory, I could simply "dump" her. If I was right, and she was a perfect woman, we would then "go steady" or whatever they call it. After that we would get married. I nodded to myself; it was the perfect plan.

I noticed that the defense attorney was trying to trip up the witness.

"If the person you say was wearing a hat and sunglasses, how could you be so sure it was him?"

She was about to answer when I cut her off. "Did you miss the part of the witness's testimony where she stated, quite clearly, that the defendant took off his glasses to read something? Furthermore, the hat and glasses she mentioned were found in the defendant's apartment!"

"Anyone could have a hat just like that! It's just a baseball cap!" the defense attorney argued.

"Oh? And how many people have hats covered with the victim's blood?"

The judge frowned. "There was blood on the hat?"

"The prosecution submits the defendant's hat as evidence, your honor." I took out the evidence bag containing the blood stained hat.

"Evidence accepted," the judge replied.

I stood with my arms folded as the defense attorney floundered and asked meaningless questions. Eventually the judge pounded his gavel.

"That's enough! This court sees no reason to further prolong this trial. Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant. This court finds the defendant, Seth Vitcko guilty. This is all! Court is adjourned!"

I smiled triumphantly. Another guilty verdict for my perfect record. I collected my things and followed the witness over to the elevator.

"Excuse me," I said, causing Adelina to turn around. "I am offering you the honor of going on a date with me."

"You must be a foolish fool to think that I would be foolish enough to go out with a foolish man like you!"

A/N Yep, Franziska picked up her way of speaking from her mother. I know Manfred describes Adelina as perfect, but she's not a Mary-Sue (or at least, I hope not.) I had to describe her as perfect, because lets face it; a von Karma expects perfection in all things.