Perfection Chapter 7

I stood in court, my arms crossed, listening as the defense attorney- whose name I had not bothered to learn- floundered. I had much better things to do on a Friday afternoon...

"Witness, are you absolutely sure that the only people to pass by you were the victim and the defendant?"

"Yes," he replied, just as I had told him too. "The victim passed by me into the alleyway, and a few minutes later so did the defendant."

"What about before that?"

The witness hesitated, making me scowl. "I had only been there a few seconds before the victim showed up, so I don't know..."

The fool! I told him not to mention how long he had been there! My hand clenched and unclenched on my sleeve in irritation as I waited for the defense attorney to make his pathetic point.

"Your honor, the defense would like to assert the possibility that there was another person in that alleyway. They were the real killer! My client just happened to stumble upon the body!"

"Hmm... Well yes, the possibility exists, I suppose..." I could see him reaching his gavel and too my horror I realized that he might extend the trial to another day. Usually that wouldn't be a problem- it would simply give me more time to perfect my case- but tomorrow was the day when I would finally win over Adelina!

"Objection!" I shouted, inwardly cursing myself for not having a perfectly prepared argument prepared for this. I should have expected this to happen... No matter, I would be able to come up with something. "Your honor, I see no reason to investigate this further! There's no evidence that there was another person in that alleyway. With no witnesses, that would be impossible to prove! Furthermore, it was a dead-end. Anyone in the alleyway would have been seen by the witness when he went to investigate."

"The real murderer could have been hiding!" the defense attorney argued. "There was a large dumpster on the scene, he could have easily hidden in there!"

"Then how do you explain the scream the witness heard?" I asked. "It was a woman's scream. And let me remind you that the victim is a woman and the defendant a man!"

"The defendant also recalls hearing the scream," he shot back. "The defense asserts that it was the murderer that screamed to frame the defendant!"

"Where's your evidence? In a court of law you need evidence, not conjecture!"

"I believe that an examination of the dumpster would provide all the evidence we need!"

My scowl deepened and to my dismay I saw the judge reach once again for his gavel. It seemed I only had one choice left... I had only done this once before, but I would have to risk it- I wasn't about to let some to-bit defense attorney destroy my perfect chain of logic and my plans for Saturday. "Your honor, the prosecutor would like to submit a a piece of evidence to the court. A Piece of decisive evidence."

"Why was this not presented to the court before, Mr. von Karma?" the judge asked.

"Because I did not believe it was necessary until now," I replied crossing my arms.

"Very well... Present your evidence to the court."

I presented the evidence to the court- the forged evidence. It ended the trial almost immediately; with a guilty verdict of course. It didn't bother my that I used forged evidence as much as it bothered me that using it was necessary. I should have been able to finish it in one day without it. I went to bed that night cursing my imperfection.

The next morning, I as awakened by a loud knock on my door. I looked over at the clock and grumbled. Who was waking me up at six am? Before I even got to the door, I was certain of the answer to that question.

"Manny!" Gant exclaimed, inviting himself in. He was wearing an orange t-shirt and orange shorts... Did the man wear anything else besides orange? "Are you ready to go?"

"Of course not!" I snapped. "It's early in the morning. I will not allow you to go and wake up a woman at this hour!" Not to mention that I wasn't even dressed yet. What was the fool thinking? Then again, it was Gant. He probably wasn't thinking at all.

Gant stared at me a moment, his face serious. hen he lit up and clapped his hands. "Too late for that, Manny!" He stepped aside, allowing Adelina to step into the room.

My first thought was that she looked awfully awake for such an early hour in the morning. My second thought was about how I was standing there in my pajamas in front of her. I cleared my throat self-consciously. "I wasn't expecting you until ten."

The detective shrugged. "I got bored of waiting."

I decided not to press on why he was tired of waiting when he probably just got up. "Still, it's not proper to awake people at this hour... Adelina, I hope you'll excuse my friend's horrible lack of manners."

"It's fine, Manfred," Adelina replied. "I was already awake when Damon showed up around five."

Five? So she had been with Gant for an hour? I took note of how she used his first name as well. Damn it Gant, what were you up to? "I see... Well, if you'll excuse me, I must get prepared for the day." I gave a slight bow before retreating to my room. If he had waited an hour longer, I would have been perfectly prepared... I instinctively reached for one of my suits when I remembered that we were going to the beach. I would have to dress... Casual. It wasn't something I did often. It felt odd for me not wearing a cravat, never mind a suit. I wore a blue t-shirt, khaki pants and sandals. I of course packed my bathing suit- another thing which I didn't use often- and a towel. I quickly brushed my hair until it was perfectly tangle free.

When I reemerged from my room, I found that Gant was talking to Adelina. "And that's how I solved the Multa Case."

"You're a wonderful detective, Damon," Adelina replied. "How long have you been on the force?"

"Oh, its been about five years now," he replied, playing with his hair. He spotted me and grinned. "Manny! I see you're ready! Let's go! We can get there before the beach gets crowded!"

He marched out of my house, Adelina in tow. I followed after him, annoyed about how little I had been able to speak to Adelina. She was supposed to be my date, not his! I was even more annoyed as I found myself shoved in the back seat with all of Gant's beach gear.

"Is all this really necessary?" I asked, shoving a beach ball away from my head.

"Of course it is, Manny!" Gant exclaimed. "Don't you want to have fun?"

I wanted to reply that my version of fun and his were completely different, but as I glanced at Adelina, I decided that I would curb my tongue. "Of course... Let's get going, shall we?"

The detective grinned. "Yes, let's go!" He stepped on the gas pedal and drove off at a speed which was no doubt breaking the speed limit.

a/n Another slow update, sorry. Manfred von Karma has got to be the hardest character I have ever had to write for... At the moment, I'm debating Gant's role for this story. Should he take a semi-major role, or not? I was thinking of making a semi love triangle, but I'm not sure... What do you think, lovely reviewers?