These are connected and very short, but I'm posting them together. I'm much more of an epic fic writer. I have a hard time with short work of any kind, and I really struggle with drabbles, which are not only incredibly short but have a very specific word count. Once in a while, I like to challenge myself, so I set a goal to write exactly six snapshots of Leia's thoughts as Luke walks off to face Vader in ROTJ, and I wanted each one to be a drabble (exactly 100 words). I had the opening line of the first one and the final line of the last one in mind when I began, so my ultimate goal was to communicate everything I envisioned and still get to the last line in the aforementioned number of steps.

I haven't had much inspiration/ability to focus on lengthy pieces, so I decided to try drabbles. What I ended up with was Vader's Daughter. I see quite a bit done about Luke and Vader in the fandom, and since the prequel trilogy came out, I see all kinds of people either making graphics or writing about the rather obvious parallels between Leia and her mother, but I very rarely see anything dealing with Leia and her relationship or reactions to Vader. I'm one of the few (possibly only) Star Wars fans I know who can honestly say that Luke was my least favorite of the OT characters. I had an active dislike of him until I was about twelve. I thought he was whiny and disrespectful in ANH; cocky and rude in ESB; and although my opinion of him softened in RotJ, I really wished that more time had been given to Leia's feelings and such upon learning that Vader was her father. I truly love Padme, and I thoroughly enjoy writing her, especially in One Path, which gives me the opportunity to develop a much more satisfying mother/daughter relationship than is possible in canon. That said, having grown up with a Star Wars where "the twins' mother" was largely a non-entity (meaning that she could have been anyone who was "kind but sad" and had given birth to Luke and Leia) I guess I've always wondered why there is such a heavy focus on the father/son dynamic in Star Wars, writing, either professionally or in fandom. Here's my small contribution.

Vader's Daughter

Leia watched her brother's silhouette disappear into the forbidding night, swallowed up by the greater darkness that shrouded the forest moon. Once he was gone, she shivered, having nothing left to distract her from the rest of his revelation. There was still relief and comfort in being able to acknowledge what her heart had, somehow, always known. It was a faint relief, though, and the comfort flickered weakly, like a fire built with wet wood in a storm. It smoked heavily, assaulting her senses. Her eyes stung, and her throat in convulsive rebellion at the stench of her own skin.