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Summary: Tenten got makeover during summer break, and she's getting all the attention from the boy population of the school. Neji's thinking she's the hottest girl he's around now but will what he did in the pass make or break his chances with Tenten now?

Author corner: didn't I say I might writing a new story? Yea I'm writing one. After three new one shots it's about time don't you think...idk how long this story will be it will probably be between 6 to idk how many chapter so…yea. But it will be great!

Regular couples apply.

Chapter1: who's the new babe?


Ah yes, summers over. This was the time all parents rejoice in because they could get their lazy ass children back into a place called school. And high school, this was a place where some children called it hell and others called it heaven. High school a place of love, learning, laughing, broken hearts, relationships you know the normal things that goes into being a human. And this is the story a story of a girl who liked a guy but he didn't like her back and now that she's back he wants her but the question is will he get her?


"Is that Tenten?" a girl over to her friend.

"It can't be she's wearing a skirt!" the girl exclaimed.

"Shit man I'd tap that." A boy said. a couple more boys whistled at Tenten. Tenten just turned to them and winked.

Now I know you may be wondering who exactly is this Tenten, okay so you know that girl who everyone is talking about. Yeah that's her. Tenten Takashi, skirt loving, makeup wearing, priming queen. But she wasn't always like that, before summer break Tenten was your average tomboy but something changed her and that's something was Neji Hyuuga.


"Yo Hyuuga." Sasuke said giving Neji a low five.

"Uchiha." Neji said giving him a nod.

"Hi Neji" Two girls said in a seductive tone and giving him a wink.

He gave the girls a wink. "Morning ladies." The girls just giggled and walked off.

"Neji how was break?" Naruto asked leaning against the locker.

"It was okay…I met this babe and-" his sentence was cut short, when a brunette haired girl past him.

Meet Neji Hyuuga, one of Konoha high hottie. Along with his friends Sasuke, Naruto and Shikamaru. Long luscious chocolate hair which most girls envy, nice muscular body and always clean and cut. Yup he was your average pretty boy.

"Who's the new babe." He said eyeing the brunette who was talking to her friends.

The boys cocked their heads to the right. "That's no new babe." Shikamaru informed. Neji raised his eyebrow.

"Neji that's Tenten." Naruto said.

Neji stared in shock. "Tenten? It can't be" he said.

"Oh but it is." Sasuke said smirking.

Neji continued staring at the girl, there was no way in hell that could be Tenten…not tomboy Tenten who always wore either sweatpants or basketball shorts with t-shirts or tanks…this girl had on a blue miniskirt, with a pink wife beater and over it was a green tube top. And the Tenten last years always wore tennis this girl was wearing wedges. And she was looking mighty fine! She would be his; he decided and began walking over to her.

"Neji, where are you going?" Naruto asked.

"To talk to Tenten." He said.

"Really after what you did you really think she would want to talk to you." Sasuke said.

"She's probably forgotten all about that." He said.

"You had the girls in tears" Shikamaru stated.

"Details, details." Neji said brushing his friends off.


"Tenten you got everyone looking at you!" Ino exclaimed.

Tenten laughed. "Well it's only because of you guys." She said giving her friends a hug.

"Guys can you walk me to my locker?" Hinata asked.

"Sure." They said and walked off.


"Hey, hey wait…" Neji said taking hold of Tenten's wrist.

Tenten rolled her eyes and turned. "What do you want?"

"What that's all I get." He said letting her wrist go. Tenten folded her arms. "You walk right pass me and not even a good morning Neji."

"Um Tenten yo-" Sakura spoke.

"You guys go ahead this will only be a minute." She said

"So…" he said placing his thumb under her chin. Tenten stepped back. "How was your summer?"

Tenten only stared at him. "Why are you talking to me?" she questioned. "You made it pretty clear last year that you wanted nothing to do with me." She said.

"Why you remembering our bad times." He said eyeing from head to toe. 'I can't believe I fucked my chances with this.' He thought.

"Neji what you did hurt, I liked you a lot." She said.

-Flash back-

The last bell had rung and school was over for the summer. Neji was by his locker and opened it, a small paper fluttered out. "What's this?" he asked and picked it up. He looked at the paper; it seemed to be a love letter. He looked at the name and sighed. "Alright come out I know you're out there." He said. Something knocked on the locker and Tenten came from behind it. Now this was the Tenten we all know and love. This was the old Tenten, she wore a grey sweatpants and a black wife beater along with white and black converse. "What is this?" he questioned.

"My name is Tenten Takashi; I'd like you for three years and was wondering if you would go on a date with me?" She asked her face red as an apple.

Neji smirked this never got old. "And what makes you think you're worthy enough od going out with me?" he asked.

That stunned Tenten a bit. "I-um-I-" she stuttered.

"That's right you're not." He said ripping the letter to pieces. "And if we were to go on a date, I'm sure you wouldn't be able o act like a girl." He said and walked off leaving Tenten there in tears.

-End flashback-

"Yeah... you like me." He said sliding his arm over her shoulder.

Tenten nudged it off. "No. liked, meaning you are my past." She said.


The bell rang indicated indicating it was time for first period.

"Look I got to go." She said before walking off.

"I bet you're only doing this for me." He said loud enough for her to hear. He smirked when she stumbled over her two feet nearly causing her to fall. She didn't say anything though and kept walking. 'What she doesn't know is that we have the same first period class' he thought with a smirk before picking up his backpack.


-Period 1, life skills and health class-

Thirty minutes into the class and the teacher had not arrived yet, so everyone was talking, sitting on the desk and just acting like they were in a fish market.

"I bet you the teacher is Kakashi." Naruto said to Sasuke.

"Idiot everyone knows the teacher is Kakashi." Sasuke said. Naruto was about to say something a big box coming through the door caught his attention.

"Sorry I'm late kiddies… I had to pick this box up now please line up at the door." Kakashi said setting the box at the table.

Everyone started to mumble Kakashi was actually telling the truth for once.

"Okay don't act so surprise." He said. "This is the deal you will sit wear I place you." He said before calling out the names it was two per table. "Now every one look at your partner."

Naruto looked at Hinata and smiled. Hinata blushed.

Sasuke smirked and winked at Sakura, who winked back.

Ino looked at shikamaru who was sleeping and rolled her eyes.

Tenten slowly turned her head to Neji, who just blew her a kiss.

"Now…" Kakashi said placing a doll on each pair table. "They will be your partner for the entire term." He said. Gasps were heard. "And this." He said pointing at the baby doll. "Will be your baby."

Tenten slammed her head against the table.


Author corner: my new story! Like I said idk how long it will be, I will be asking you guys for help sometimes since I do not have this written out already like I had for what's with love. So please review and tell me if you want me to continue.