Chapter 26: I had fun chasing you, and I'll chase you till the end.

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The sun shined through the little space in the curtain. The alarm clocked had just turned to seven thirty and the alarm started buzzing. Now I know what you're thinking, why wake up so early on a Saturday. Well that's because it's prom day…well actually night. Neji quickly shut off the alarm…he didn't want Tenten to wake just yet. After he told her that he loved her he didn't want to let her go. The moment they stopped hugging he had lifted her bridle style and carried her to the bed, where he gently laid her down and they shared an intimate moment of passionate lip locking.

Neji stared at his girlfriend and played with her hair a bit. Seriously it was all just setting in his mind that he told Tenten he loved her. She was the first girl who he actually told the truth when he said he loved her. I mean he did 'love' or at least felt an attraction towards them. But with Tenten it was so different, he always had an urge to be around her, to make her laugh, to stop the tears, to hold her, kiss her, hug her he just wanted to be with her. Heck! He was even thinking about spending his entire life with her…yes marriage. Can you believe Neji Hyuuga who use to be a play boy, a boy who had a different girlfriend every other week, a boy who never thought once that he would be tied down. He pushed her hair to the side so he could see her neck and gave it a light kiss. A sigh escaped Tenten lips. He smirked to himself; yeah she was definitely the one. The one he wanted to spend his life with. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"I love you." he whispered into her neck.


"Girls this was just what we needed." Ino said putting her hand out so the nail stylist could paint them. The girls were currently at the salon getting all prepped and ready for the big night.

The girls nodded in agreement.

"Tenten why weren't you answering your phone yesterday?

"Yeah I sent you like five text yesterday and you didn't text back." Ino said.

"I was with Neji…" she said with a blush.

"Really…?" Ino said in a sly way.

"Tenten do you have something you want to tell us?" Hinata asked.

"Neji told me he loved me." she said happily.

"Seriously?" The girls asked.

"Yeah…he was so romantic, he made us dinner, then we just…chilled in the hot tub with a bottle of wine and after that he got like all quiet and asked me to follow him and when we got to his room he got this little box off his bed and gave me this locket." She said showing them the locket. "Then he told me he loved me and we…"

"You lost your virginity!" Ino shrieked.

Tentens face turned bright red. "Ino!"

"What? It's about time." Ino said blowing on her fingernails and thanking the woman for painting her nails.

"Ino I did not have sex…"

"Make love." Sakura corrected.

Tenten rolled her eyes. "Make love with Neji."

"We just made out a lot…and fell asleep, then this morning he held me in his arms and told me he loved me again." she said smiling.

"That so sweet Tenten…I always knew my cousin had a romantic side." Hinata said.

"Tenten that's sweet and all but seriously when are you going to pop you cherry." Ino said.

"Ino…" Tenten hated when Ino got like this.

"What, I'm just saying you're like the only one in the group who hasn't lost it."

"What are you talking about…Hinata hasn't lost it yet."

Sakura shook her head. "That's why we were texting you."

Tenten looked at Hinata. "You and Naruto?"

Hinata had a small blush on her face. "Yeah."

"Oh my gosh Hinata." she said giving the girl a hug. "I can't believe that you would…like wow." Tenten said.

"I think we should throw one of those virgin sacrifice parties." Ino said. "Like right after graduation."

Sakura laughed. "You mean for Tenten?"


Tenten rolled her eyes. "You guys…" she looked around. "Look I want to make love to Neji but I just want to make sure that the time is right. You guys remember your first times right when the time felt so right. Well I want mines to be like that. So can you just lay off the pressuring…this is already hard enough as it is."

"Sorry…I guess I got besides my self." Ino said.

"Look lets put this all behind us and spend the rest of the day getting ready for one of the best nights of our life."


"Ow! Sakura what are you trying to do kill me! I can't breathe." Ino said 'gasping' for breath.

"Ino shush." she said tying the back of her dress. "Besides the tighter it is the bigger your boobs look."

Ino stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. "Your right." she said turning side to side. "Shika's won't know what to do with himself when he sees me."

"Alright Tenten…your make up is done." Said Megumi. The girls were currently at Tenten's house getting ready for the prom.

"You guys look so beautiful, I wonder if this is how it would have been if I went to prom." Megumi said.

"You didn't go to prom Megumi?" Hinata asked.

"No…my last year I hung out with the wrong crowd so instead of going to prom we sat behind a food store and got high and drunk off our asses. I nearly killed myself that night, I spent like two weeks in the hospital with IVs in my wrists." she said.

"But now she's a good girl and what the past is the past." Tenten said putting her hand around Megumi's shoulder.

'Ding dong'

"That's them!" Tenten said.

"Tonight's going to be the best." Sakura said grabbing her purse.

"Well you girls better not keep the boys waiting." Megumi said going towards the door.


"Guys there's wine in here." Naruto said pulling out a bottle of wine from the mini fridge in the limo.

"Seriously?! Maybe we should open a bottle" Ino said taking the wine from Naruto.

"Um I don't know guys remember they said if the catch any of us with even a hint of alcohol on our breath we wont graduate." Hinata said.

"Oh come on Hinata live a little…"


Music blared through the extraordinarily decorated hotel ball room. The room was decorated with gold, purple and black balloons and streamers and so were the table cloths. They had a buffet style spread of pastries, foods and appetizers and punch. Teachers were everywhere chaperoning they didn't want a repeat of last year prom where some one had spiked the punch and almost everyone was drunk. The room was dark but lit with a center light

"Wow…" The girls said.

"Can you believe it girls we're at prom…I mean we've been dreaming of this since grade seven." Ino said.

"I know...And tonight couldn't be more perfect we have the perfect boy and everything." Sakura said.

"I can't believe I'm even here." Tenten said.

"Say cheese girls." A school photographer said.

"Cheese" the girls said with a smile.


'Ding Dong'

"Coming…" Megumi said resting her melted ice-cream and crackers. Yes melted ice-cream and crackers, oh how the carvings had begun. "Kashi?"

"Hey." he sad coming in.

"What are you doing here, aren't you suppose to be chaperoning?"

"Well I thought what fun chaperoning would be with you."

"You want me to come…but I don't even have anything to wear." she said.

"That why I got you this." he said pulling a bag from behind him.

She looked inside the bag to see a black halter dress with a sliver ban. "It's beautiful." she said. "I just hope it'll fit…I already see the baby bump forming."

"Really?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes…want to see?" she asked.

"I would hope this is my baby forming in you."

She rolled her eyes and lifted her shirt. "You see it?" she asked.

Kakashi looked and he did indeed see a little bump.

"Kashi I'm I getting fat?" she asked.

He walked up to her and placed his hand on her stomach. "I wouldn't say fat…your just stretching a bit to make a new life." he said rubbing her belly.

"Gee thanks." she said dryly.

He kissed her neck. "Even if you do gain a little weight, you'll be beautiful so you have nothing to worry about." he said giving her a next kiss on the neck.

She placed her hands on his. "What do you think it'll be?" she asked referring to the baby.

"I don't know, what do you want?" he asked.

"Hmmm…I've been thinking of a boy." she said.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah…and his name would be Taito."

"A boy would be nice."

"Have you told Akashi about her becoming a big sister?"

"She's thrilled and she really wants to see you." he said.

"She can come by anytime she wants."

"About that I was thinking Tenten's going to graduate soon and she's going off to college. With you being pregnant we'd have to start moving your stuff to my house soon." he said.

"We'd be living together?"

"You don't have a problem wit that right?" he asked.

"No its just Tenten was thinking of maybe going to college right here for two years."

"Well that's okay to I have enough room for her." he said.

Megumi smiled.


"Glad that's over." Tenten stepping of the platform they had them posing on. "I thought my face was going to fall off with all that smiling."

Neji smirked and held her hand.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, just wanted to hold your hand." he said. "Hey is that Megumi?"

"It is her." Tenten said. "Megumi what are you doing here?" Tenten asked.

"Kakashi asked me to help chaperone." She said. "Besides I had to make sure that you two didn't rent a room or anything." she said giving them a wink.

Both teens had a blush on their cheeks.

"So you were planning something." she said.

"We weren't… I mean I don't know." Tenten tried to explain.

"Aren't you two suppose to be chaperoning?" Neji said trying to change the subject.

"I suppose the kiddies are right…" Megumi said. "Have fun." Megumi said walking off with Kakashi. "But not too much fun."

"You know what she said was right." Neji said.

"What do you mean?"

"I did get us a room…" He said.



"I can't believe that bitch is wearing my dress!"

"Stacie calm down…its like okay, you totally look cuter in it." one of Stacie's girls said.

"Its not damn okay Brittany." she paused and blew her nose. "That bitch just knows how to ruin everything how the hell am I suppose to get prom queen if she wearing the same dress as me. She just aghhh.

"Stacie your mascaras going to run…look there's a simple way of taking care of this."


"Hey Ino." Steven said talking to Ino who was sitting at the table.

"Hey Steven."

"Have any of you seen Tenten, Ami has something she needs to tell her."

"Well we lost track of where she and Neji went but I mean if it's impor-"

"Have any of you seen Tenten something bad is going to happen…"


The minute they had reached the room Neji had grabbed Tenten by the waist a kissed her. Neji kissed her with so much force that it caused her to tumble on the bed. The kiss had continued and things had heated up quite a bit.

"Nnn…" Tenten moaned. "Neji my dress…"

"hmm…" he mumbled pulling the zipper at the back of her dress.

she pulled his jacket off.


"That bitch!" Ino said. "There is no way in hell I'm letting this happen. Let me find her." Ino said standing up.

"There's still a way to stop this."


'Baby you know that I miss you
I wanna get with you
Tonight but I can not baby girl and that's the issue
Girl you know I miss you
I just wanna kiss you
But I can't right now
So baby kiss me through the phone
Damn it." Neji mumbled. 'So close.' he thought

"Sorry…" she said covering her self.

He laid on the bed.

"Hello…yes..excuse me! I'm coming." she said ending the call.


"Look she's coming now." Brittany said. "Just stay calm we have this." she said walking over to Neji and Tenten. "Hey Neji…" she said giving him a wink. "we noticed when you came in you didn't vote for who prom king or queen, mind casting your ballet?"

"Oh sure…" he said.

"Hey I'm going to get a drink." Tenten said and walked off to the punch bowl. A gasped escaped her lips at the sight in front of her. There stood Stacie in her dress. Tenten glared at the girl. 'What the hell.' she thought and got some punch.

"Nice dress." Stacie said.

"Thanks…" Tenten said.

"You know…" Stacie said getting some punch. "It'd be a shame if something was to happen to it." she said bringing the cup to her lip. "Like if someone was to just- Oh my god I'm so sorry." She said covering her mouth.

Tenten held the tears back as red punch dripped from her hair to her dress. Her lip quivered, she looked at the people who were surrounding them and pushed pass Stacie and ran in the bathroom.

"Oh fuck no!" Megumi yelled causing everyone to look back. First of all they didn't know who she was and second the guys thought she was fine. "Excuse me…" Megumi said walking through the crowd. "I know you did not just pour punch on Tenten."

"And what if I did."

"Give me a minute…" she said taking out her earrings and giving them to Kakashi to hold.


"Tenten it's going to be okay." Hinata said. While the girls tried to fix her dress.

"It's not…no matter how hard I try I always get treated the same…." she sniffed. "I want to go home."


"Megumi…you should be fighting in your condition." Kakashi said.

"I just want to bitch slap her." Megumi said.

"She's a student."

"I don't care!"

"Tenten?" Neji said walking up to his girlfriend. "W-what happened?"

"I'm going home." she said walking pass him.

"Wait…" he said running after her.

"Okay and the Prom king and queen of 2008 is…" the principle announced totally oblivious to the things that had just happened. "Neji Hyuuga and Stacie Lennon."

Stacie smiled. "Oh my God me!" she said clapping. "If you don't mind I have a crown to receive." she said running up the stage. "I can't believe I won!" she said walking up the stairs to the stage.

"Hello what's this?" Hinata said looking at Stacie lose bow.

In two seconds flat a scream went through the building and students started to laugh. There on stage was Stacie in her undergarments with her dressed ripped.

Ino and Sakura laughed. "Oh my gosh Hinata…" they said.

"What I thought it was a loose thread."


"Hey…" Neji said grabbing her arm.

"What's this about you going home?" he asked.

"Don't you see me? My make up is ruined and my hair and dress, I look hideous." she cried. "You don't want me…"

"Don't say think if I didn't want you I would chased after you." he cupped her face. "I already told you I love you" he wiped the tears from her eyes. "And I don't care how you look or anything, you could have been naked for all I care. Well I would prefer that…"

Tenten laughed.

"See…that's what I wanted to hear. Baby I love you and you mean the world to me and I'd be a fool to let you go." He said capturing her lips.


Stacie looked at Kiba. "Kiba…" she wined.

"What…you deserved it bitch." he said and started to walk off.
"if you don't come back here its over." She said.

"Fine with me." he said and placed his arm around Brittany waist.

"It's been fun Stacie." she said with a laugh.

"It's not fair…." Stacie cried stomping her feet.

"Life's a bitch isn't it?" Megumi said.

Tenten and Neji walked back in the room and the first thing Tenten did was laugh. "What the hell happened."

"You missed it…" Ino started to explain.


"I think I'll be taking that." Naruto said taking the crown from Stacie.


"You serious?" she asked. "Thanks Hinata." she said giving the girl a hug.

"I think these belong to you two." Naruto said giving them the crown.

"You guys are going to make me cry."

The lights went dim and a slow song came on.

"Alright folks since all the drama is gone time for the final dance." Sasuke announced and hoped of the stage.

"I love you…" Neji murmured in her hair.

"Love you too…" she said.

Megumi watched Tenten and Neji. "You wouldn't believe the funniest thing, back in Kindergarten, I don't believe any of them remember they all went to the same pre school…and they got married back then." she told Kakashi.

"And you didn't tell them this why…"

"Because it was cuter this way, and when I tell them this tonight it's going to be funny…"

"You're bad…"

"And you love me."

"That's true...can I have this dance." he asked.

"You may."

And that is the end, everyone got what they wanted the tomboy got the guy, and everything went perfectly…well minus the drama it did. Stacie well yeah she got all the karma she deserved and the gang they lived happily ever after.


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