Chloe Sullivan looked over at her computer screen and sighed, she had been transfered from the Daily Planet to The Gotham Headline. Not that Chloe was complaining she rather liked being away from the excitement of Smallville, yet Clark had been worried and told her that he didn't like how Gotham had a history of gangs.

Her cousin Lois was frankly curious and told her that being a reporter elsewhere might have benefits. Such as a new boyfriend, Chloe still winced at the memory, Lois had just been trying to point out the obvious yet Chloe couldn't quite shake the memory from her mind.

The phone rang, jolting Chloe from her own thoughts and glancing down at the phone, she sighed and picked it up, "Hello?" "This is Tony Stark may I speak with Oryon Bryce please." "He's not here do you have a phone number so he can get back to you?" "There's no need, he knows how to reach me." "All right then bye."

she hung up and grabbed a sticky note and scribbled a note down on it, then getting up she walked over to Oryon Bryce's desk and stuck it on his computer. She took out her cell phone and glanced down at the little screen to see what the time was, her eyebrows rose in shock, 1:30 am in the morning could this day get any worse.

Chloe had an urgent meeting that had a Mr. Bruce Wayne presiding, plus numerous reporters coming from other magazines and newspapers to hear him. Her eyes closed as she tried to remember what the time was, then her eyes snapped open, 10:00 am.

It just figured that she would have this happen to her, picking up her suitcase she glanced down at the laptop in pride of place, then put her ID card in along with a recorder, and a notebook, glancing down she opened a drawer and took out a bottle of mace this she regarded warily, Lois had given it to her as a parting gift, so far Chloe had never had a reason to use it and she hoped she never had to.

Putting it in her purse Chloe leaned over and saved what she had been working on and shut the computer down. Getting up, Chloe took out her keys to the building and proceeded to lock up, she was grateful that her apartment was two blocks down and she never really had a reason to use her Volkswagon car.

Walking down the street she felt an odd feeling like she was being watched, turning Chloe looked back and saw nothing suspicious so she kept walking. And to think I'm afraid of an empty street she thought but Clark had always been there in case of an emergency and now

. Well now was a different story with Clark miles away it wasn't the same, sure she could call him but what would the point be. With these thoughts tumbling through her brain Chloe entered her apartment.