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Chloe bit her lip and looked around her surroundings, after Mr. Osborn had dragged her to a black nondescript vehicle she had been drugged. Not that Chloe had never been drugged before, but she hated the sick feeling she got when she woke up.

As of right now she was handcuffed to a pole that stood in the middle of the room, she was in a sitting position leaning against the pole with her hands pulled back by the handcuffs. She could tell she was in dungeon and the thought made her give a grim smile, if Lois ever found out she'd probably freak out.

Thinking of Lois made Chloe's heart clench with sadness, she knew that she could count on Clark to protect Lois if need be. That was when her right hand started to fall asleep, and all thought left her mind. While she slapped her hand against the ground a man walked in to peer in at her through the bars, "Well, well, well fancy seeing you here Chloe."

Chloe froze, she knew that voice even though in all accounts he was supposedly dead. "Lex? How did you survive?" she demanded, her voice gravelly from having not had a cup of coffee in awhile. Lex chuckled darkly, "Well Chloe, I'm sure you remember project 33.1 don't you?"

The question itself brought back memories that she would have rather forgotten, "How could I forget Lex? You were the one who put me there." She snapped, Lex snorted the continued on "With help from your DNA I was able to forge the first active clone, I'm sure you remember Lana's."

The mention of Lana's clone made Chloe see red, "You had no right to recreate someone else Lex, for one thing a clone would never be truly perfect or act exactly like you." Lex nodded as if he was seriously considering her words before he spoke, "And that's why you never spoke to my clone face to face, you would have seen the difference."

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Since you failed the Joker once already who's to say he won't kill you just because he feels like it?" Lex stiffened, "I'm not sure what you mean." He spat out. Chloe scoffed, "The Joker himself said that you failed in finding information about the Batman, knowing him it won't be long before he kills you just for the heck of it."

At this Lex yelled in anger and backhanded her so hard she saw stars, "Remember Chloe I'm not the one who only has fifty minutes to live." He growled before he stormed off, Chloe hated feeling hopeless and utterly defeated and yet Lex had brought those feelings back to the surface.

(Meanwhile back at the Watchtower)

Tony and Bruce had left to go change into civilian clothes before heading back to Watchtower, while they were gone Oliver and Clark went over different strategies to save Chloe. "We only have a limited time frame here guys, so we gotta start cracking. Impulse were you able to find any camera security footage from any holding near the area?" Oliver asked

Impulse sighed, "Nothing, all of the video cameras were destroyed." Oliver nodded his face becoming haggard, "Clark have you been able to track her heartbeat?" At this Clark's eyes narrowed and his face tilted to the side, "Dude, I hate it when he does that he looks like some hound dog." Muttered Bart not so quietly under his breath.

Oliver glared at Bart who instantly assumed a pseudo innocent face, "I can't hear her anywhere." Clark said. Oliver nodded taking it into stride, "My guess is Lex must have warned the Joker about your amplified hearing and they put her somewhere with lead shielding. So next we need to look up any buildings that may have had some sort of lead around surrounding it."

Cyborg instantly started tapping away on a keyboard , while everyone paced around not making eye contact. It was then that Tony and Bruce made their reappearance, holding briefcases in their hands and wearing similar grim expressions.

"I think I found something, according to this log Mr. Osborn recently bought into a firm that sits on a iron deposit, along with that he rebuild a castle that resides over it." Bart gave a longdrawn whistle, while Aquaman muttered something about a castle being a waste of money.

"That sounds like the place, all right boys we need to suit up and head out if we want to get her out before the hour's up. Cyborg, you man the comms everyone else let's go." And with those words Oliver headed off.

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