Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Naruto could perfectly remember his childhood. He could remember everybody's hatred, his or her glaring eyes, eyes so hurtful. Naruto would not get any respect, kindness or sympathy. Everywhere he went, he was disrespected and thrown away like trash. Nobody had the tenacity, patience and ability to love him. Which, he thought, he was the problem.

He felt that he was entitled to it and he want it. To do so, Naruto believed he was not "correct" the way he was now and he did something that's human nature to do when things are not correct, he tried fixing and reforming it. It would take him a year to do but he did it. He created his first mask. The mask was craved out of wood and unpainted but when termites got inside and at the wood from inside, Naruto decided to change it to the unpurified version of wood: Paper. The mask held up longer, even though people could see through it easier and it was far weaker. When the mask was torn open, Naruto knew he had to change it much differently. Finally, he came up with an "iron version" of the Kabuki mask. It was hard, stronger, and powerful. However, he would come to realize that the mask was uncomfortable to wear.

Even then, he had a problem. Parts and parts of the old Naruto were breaking through, parts that he didn't which to show the world for he feared he would rejected, again. He realized that the iron mask was oxidizing from costly being in the rain and was finally rusting, no matter how hard he tried avoid the rain now.

He felt naked again, like he was not bound to this world, like he wasn't akin to it and in ways, he was not. It was sad how it that he has gotten far from his reality like this in such a short time.

And then he realized, this all. The match, the fights, his struggles, they were all met for something. This match was like destiny. It was no longer set to Naruto vs. Kiba but to Naruto vs. himself. It was sad really how it turned out and he thought he killed his "old" self but it survived and crawled up, pending up its strength to defeat the "new" Naruto.

Naruto stood there, looking down and troubled in his own thoughts. When it finally occurred to him that Kiba and him were still in a battle with each other, he felt a flush of pain exploding in his stomach as Kiba rushed at him and knocked him back with a fairly powerful elbow. Naruto came crashing down, unmoving.

"What the hell? Naruto!" Sakura shouted at her teammate. "Come on, get up!"

Kiba guffawed at Naruto's unmoving body. "What a weakling." The smug and sneering remark came off of Kiba's lips. "Referee just call the match alre- yow!!" he soon howled in pain as shuriken impaled his back.

Naruto stood there, glaring at Kiba and then smirked. "Heh, you thought you could keep me down, dog-boy? I'm not going to lose to such a mutt like you, Kiba."

The dog-carrying boy growled beastily. "Don't think you can defeat me. Everybody keeps saying that you gotten stronger but I don't think so! Even you were so strong, you wouldn't even able to touch me more than you hit me with shuriken and believe this, you won't be getting anymore hits than this."

Kiba fell on all fours again and charged at Naruto again, but Naruto knew that Kiba would not fool him again. Kiba watched as Naruto leaped over him and smirked.

Naruto never made it to ground as another Kiba came and attack him. Naruto fell down, buckled in pain. Naruto held his jaw in pain. "What the hell? That's not regular Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)." Naruto declared. Kiba smirked at him.

"You're right for once, dead last. It's not but a stronger version present in my family's skills. I like to introduce you to Jujin Bushin (Beast Clone). It's really good. It's impossible figure out which one is the real one, weakling. Kiba, attack!!"

"With pleasure." The next Kiba came and try smacking an animalistic and savage slug to Naruto. Naruto quickly did a cartwheel to the side but soon felt a massive kick to his right side of his body. He almost exclaimed in pain as Kiba grabbed him with talons and dug them inside Naruto's arm. The extra pain didn't really occur to Naruto until Kiba flung him to the other side of the battlefield.

Naruto grunted, as he didn't find his wounds heal up. 'Damn, Kyuubi is really plugged up. Well, no matter. I got to stay cool-headed. Maybe if I rile up Kiba, I can get him to falter.'

Naruto stood, grinning. "What are grinning about, idiot?" Kiba sneered.

Naruto chuckled. "I was just evaluating your strength, mutt."

"'Evaluating my strength'? Ha! With you being thrown like that, I doubt it. It seems like I'm just playing around with you." The two Kiba charged but with purple orbs in their fingers. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Smoke bombs?"

The smoke came clashing in as Naruto frantically looked around. "Where is he…?"

"Here!" One Kiba screeched as Naruto felt a fist drive in his solar plexus.

"No, here!" Naruto this time felt a knee rock against his jaw. It took all his strength not to fall from that attack, as his knees almost rocked back and forth.

'This can't be happening. I can't be this weak, can I?'

Naruto soon felt a fist thump on his head and Naruto unfortunately reeled into unconsciousness. 'No.'


Naruto could no longer find himself in the real world but in a darkened place, however, it wasn't the lair of Kyuubi. No, this lair wasn't filled with murky black waters or a yellowish gleam in the background. The ground was just placed with a dark abyss of oblivion. Naruto almost yelped in surprise as he was over the abyss. Thinking he would fall, he braced for impact and closed his eyes but the impact never came.

"Huh?" Naruto still stood over the never-ending darkness. "I'm still here?"

"It's very amusing to see you pitifully believe that." A voice rang through, that Naruto begrudgingly remembered.

"It's you, Oturan."

"So nice of you to remember." Oturan said, sarcasm dipping from his voice. "Welcome to the empty space that is your mind."

"My mind? Why is so… bleak?" Naruto asked the voice.

Oturan scoffed. "Your memories, dreams and hopes are on the other side of the mind, with the side of the demon. Here lies your knowledge and unfortunately, you don't have much."

"Hey!" Oturan chuckled darkly at Naruto's response.

"Yes, well. I'm sure you know the reason why I brought you here."

"I was kind of hoping for a gift basket of Ramen, hehe."

The voice ignored the sarcastic answer. "I brought you here to help you acknowledge something. Tell me, do you believe you're winning against Kiba?"


"There is no 'well'! You are losing to him. It hasn't even been a full ten minutes yet and you're losing to him. Do you really think that you can get up and fight? Do really think that you can win because of your 'strength'?" The voice mocked the word "strength" in Naruto, in which he snarled.

"I am strong! I-I took out those Rain ninjas."

Oturan's shadowed body looked through him. "All with help."

"No! I am stronger." Naruto would not give up. He was stronger! He was more powerful than before… right?

"That may had been true but you're losing now. If you can't defeat Kiba, how are you supposed to defeat anybody and withhold your honor of protecting your friends and loved ones?" The voice would keep mocking Naruto until he listened and learned. "The only way you could defeat him if we joined. I have information that even you could not gain. I gained information when you were unconscious, sleep or wounded. I have the knowledge to defeat him, and you have the body. Together, we would become a new Naruto. Together, we would complete. I'm not only thing you sealed away, idiot."

The voice sounded more collected and cool, but Naruto refused to listen.

"No, I can handle him on my own. I don't need your knowledge when I have all of my own!! I refuse to listen to you any longer. Get… out… of… my… MIND!!" Naruto screamed at Oturan as the voice snarled with anger to Naruto.

"You want a war? Fine! You can have the half of yourself you structured to be. Soon, you'll realize that to deify me is to deify all of yourself. I'll wait to when you are put in a danger you cannot get out of; I'll be there, to pick your pieces. You sicken me, false Naruto. Now, be gone and never come back until you realize that you need me more than I need you."

Naruto soon felt himself leave this place and back into the reality of light…


When the smoke and dust cleared, the two, Kiba and Akamaru stood over Naruto's unconscious body. Sakura looked shocked. How could Naruto lose?

Other turned away, knowing who was the victor. Asuma and Gai shook their head in shame. Ino looked at Naruto with disgust while Shikamaru and Choji didn't look surprised. Hinata looked at Naruto like she was going to cry, Shino nodded at his teammate as he practically won the match and Kurenai smiled. The others looked at Naruto like was the weakest ninja in the world; he talked big but he wasn't quite on top of the food chain

Hayate walked over as he coughed. He was going to call the match but Naruto's so-called unconscious body was nothing but smoke and… his dog. Kiba glazed over and looked shocked. "Wha-"

He soon felt "Akamaru" smack a fist into him his temple, revealing to be the number-one prankster. Naruto smirked dangerously. "You thought you could defeat me?" He scoffed after that and threw his right arm to the left. "Ha! Such a mutt could defeat me. Here, let me tell you about something. As the smoke covered the field, I found one of the Kiba clones and knocked him down, revealing to be your puppy. Then, I quickly used the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) to not only change into you but change Akamaru into an unconscious version of me."

"Wh-what did you do to Akamaru?!" Kiba screamed.

Naruto waved him off, trying to stay cool. "I just knocked him out. While I don't condone to animal violence, I'll have to make an exception."

Kiba grabbed Akamaru's unconscious body and soon grinned. Naruto and everybody soon saw an Akamaru get up. Naruto was nonplussed. "What the hell?"

"Haven't you heard the oldest dog trick in the book? Playing dead?" Akamaru barked more fiercely as he soon turned red. "Because of your stupid declare, this gave me enough time to pop a soldier pill in his mouth."

Naruto growled. "Didn't anybody tell you, mutt? If you give a dog candy, it will only give them worms!!" Naruto soon threw an array of shuriken stars and kunai knives at the pair. Both jumped as Naruto charged at them. Naruto soon jumped as high as he could go and attack Kiba with a kunai in his hands. Akamaru bit Naruto in his leg, giving Kiba enough time to smack his heel into Naruto's cheek. As Naruto harshly hit the ground, he hit the ground with a smoke hazy. Kiba growled.

"It was a clone? But his clone was solid, it should have been able to do all of that if it was just the Bunshin no Jutsu."

Naruto didn't answer Kiba as he launched a high jump-kick at the falling Kiba and Akamaru, smacking them both in the face. Naruto grinned but soon frowned as Kiba and Akamaru stood fast and threw more smoke bombs at their own location, revealing Kiba's infamous Jujin Bunshin. The clones came running at Naruto. "Here's a technique that dead last gets to see before he's defeated. Gatsuuga (Double Piercing Fang)!!"

One tornado appeared that was once Kiba and another spun into another tornado. "Dual Gatsuuga!!"

The tornado almost crashed with Naruto but he skillfully jumped over it, thinking the move would be canceled out as soon as they hit the walls. However, both tornados bounced off the walls and by the time Naruto realized this, it was all too late. Naruto felt a ton of pain whip his back and soon, Naruto crumbled to the arena floor as both Kiba skidded to the floors as well.

Naruto, coughing up blood, still smirked at the boy. "Come on, that's the best you got?"

Inside, Naruto knew he didn't much in the tank. 'Maybe I can still psyche him out.'

Kiba laughed. "It's almost amazing to see you stand, loser. You know, if I were you, I would give up now. You can't defeat me, so why fight it? Maybe if you walk away now and give up smartly, then maybe they'll have mercy on you and let you have the Chunnin title but why encouraging you? We both know you'll never win against me and you'll never get the title of Chunnin or even the title of Hokage you keep saying you're going to get. Ha! I would make a better than you, loser. What village wants to have such a loser for a leader huh? Just give up and you can live without honor."

All Kiba and everybody in the stands heard was laughter. Naruto was simply on the floor, rolling on his belly, roaring in laughter. "You? Hokage? Don't make me laugh. Oh, you already have. If you can beat me, why bother taunting me? I think we both know who's going to win, Kiba and and its certainly not going to be you. You tell me to end to this match but I really believe this match-up is done. Look at your Akamaru."

Kiba stared to see another Naruto with Akamaru lying unconscious in his arms. "Damn it, Akamaru!! Wake up, wake up!!"

"He isn't playing dead now, idiot. He's truly knocked out. Now, for you!!" Naruto soon created four more. "Kage Bunshin Jutsu!"

All six Narutos stared at him, circling around Kiba who was practically sweating in nervousness. Kiba stared wide-eyed as one Naruto directed a fist in his face. Another kicked him in the air. Spinning around for another kick, all Naruto clones declared, "U-Zu-Ma…"

The real Naruto flipped in the air, coming down fast with a heel kick. "KI!!"

Kiba felt immense pain as Naruto charged all of his chakra in that kick. "Naruto Rendan!! (Uzumaki Naruto Combo)"

Kiba's jaw fell to the ground as everybody as how easily crumbled to the ground. Team 8 stared wide-eyed at the blond boy. "No way!!" Asuma was the only one to smile.

As did Gai and Lee when Naruto beat Kiba. Hinata blushed at Naruto victory. "G-good job, Naruto… sorry, Kiba."

Shino shook his head in shame, as Kiba was defeated, although he expected Naruto to win somehow. 'That boy is surprising.'

Kurenai mimicked Shino's action. "And I thought Naruto was weak like they said."

Sakura grinned and pumped her hand. "Yeah, Naruto!!" "Hah, I knew you could do it, baka no Naruto!!" Inner Sakura also was content with Naruto winning the match.

Everybody didn't need Hayate to raise his hands and declare this match was over for Kiba.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto laughed as he fell down, tiredly. "Whoo. That was rough." But he still smiled. This wasn't only a victory against Kiba but against Oturan. He proved to the voice that he was too strong to give up. With him keeping at it, he showed that bastard that this Naruto didn't need any outside help. For he was Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage!!


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