The Proverbial Table by AndromedaMarine

Rodney McKay knew that he was smart. In fact, he flaunted this detail to anyone who was willing to listen. As the years on Atlantis went by, Rodney learned that everyone knew he was brilliant. His constant repetition to anyone who would listen (those who did were unfortunate souls) diminished slowly, and by their sixth year on Atlantis he had stopped saying it entirely. It wasn't that nobody listened anymore – it was that he had someone to regulate him and keep him in line. Everyone (new personnel and old alike) had been informed before transfer to the Ancient City that Rodney McKay was the man with the smartest brain in three galaxies who had saved their asses innumerable times. So, everyone learned to keep their mouths shut about Rodney.

The one person who had kept him in line was Katie Brown. She and Rodney had begun dating their second year on the city – during the fourth he had asked her hand in marriage. He had turned a spectacular shade of red and puce when she said yes, something John Sheppard would never let him live down. They married two months later in the 'gateroom (for safety's sake the shield of the gate had been erected, making the ceremony more beautiful).

So now, the fifth year, he was pacing furiously outside of the infirmary, snapping at everyone who dared approach him with stupid questions or a worried expression. He had been pacing for four hours and then paced for an hour before Carson Beckett, the Chief Medical Officer, stuck his head out and ushered the nervous scientist into the infirmary.

Katie McKay lay on a hospital bed holding a small bundle of blankets. "Rodney, say hi to your daughter," she said, smiling at her husband.

The brilliant scientist smiled and took the child cautiously, as if he were going to break her. "What should we name her?" he asked, cooing down at his newborn child.

Katie smiled and said, "Elizabeth Jenah McKay," she replied softly.

"I love that," he said. "I wonder what she'll bring to the proverbial table."

His wife laughed. "Your brains, my compassion, and Elizabeth's diplomacy." It was one year to the day of Elizabeth (Weir) Sheppard's death.

"Hello, Elizabeth."