Another Day's Possibilities

Okay this is the sequel to 'Losing Your Way'. So you really need to read that one first otherwise this one will be a tad confusing… Also it contains massive spoilers for LYW so read the first one fist!  Okay?

Rating: G  (There won't be anything scary or scarring in this fic… I hope!)

Prequel: Losing Your Way (written by me!..  jona)

Pairings: This aint a romance but two pairings I ship for are Ron/Herm and Gin/Harry


LYW deals with the aftermath of Harry's brief allegiance with Voldemort

Shaping The Future deals with the aftermath of the aftermath!!!  Focuses on Harry's recovery with a bit of Snape thrown in for good measure!


This will probably not be for romance luvers but there could be a good deal of action and possibly violence, with a twist of angst and a smidge of humour.


So… At last we come to the story!!!


Shaping The Future


Part One

Harry glanced at Sirius nervously.  He still liked to check that his godfather hadn't disappeared again.  Also he was extra jumpy today...  It was the first time since running away from the Death Eaters that Harry had been away from Hogwarts.

After receiving a reassuring smile from Sirius Harry lifted his eyes to the large building that stood forlornly on the windswept hill they were climbing.

"Remind me… Who's idea was this again?"  Asked Harry as he took in the monstrosity of a house.

"Ah, Albus Dumbledore.  I always wonder… Where does he get them from?"  Said Sirius with a slightly worried grin.  "I only hope the food's alright.  I can't imagine Snape is much of a gourmet."

Harry had to grin at this, but taking in his godfather's worryingly skinny frame made him nervous again.

"I'm just glad I don't have to go back to the Dursleys again."  Said Harry pulling his cloak around himself more tightly.

"I wouldn't have allowed that!"  Said Sirius solemnly.

After a moments pause Harry said, "Quit procrastinating and let's get inside!"

Just as Sirius reached up to knock, the large heavy doors swung open revealing a slightly flustered and irritated looking Severus Snape.

After a few seconds where no-one moved Snape barked, "In!  Come in!"

Sirius and Harry scurried inside and winced slightly as the doors slammed shut behind them.

"Welcome to Snape Manor."  Said Snape with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.


As he looked around Harry's dingy bedroom Sirius wondered what on Earth had possessed Dumbledore to convince him that this was the best place for a severely traumatised teenage boy.

"Just dump your stuff Harry.  I think we ought to let Dumbledore know we've arrived safely."

Harry looked equally keen to leave the bedroom but then Sirius noticed his Godson's eyes were glinting just like his Dad's used to when he formulated a plan.

"What is it Harry?  I know you're up to something."

Sirius grinned at Harry's attempt at feigned innocence.

"I just thought that maybe Dumbledore thinks that it's Snape that needs the cheering up."

Sirius grinned even wider, "Hmm, you may have a point."

With a swish of his wand Harry transformed the dull, dark and depressing bedroom into a warm, cheerful and inviting place.  Festooned with Gryffindor colours.  Sirius ran a hand along the previously dark green wall, which was now a vibrant shade of red.

"Not bad!..  How long do you think it will take to do the rest of the house?.."


Harry admired his latest decorating feat and cast a final cleaning charm on the window of the now royal blue and gold dinning room.  He still couldn't believe how many shades of dull green it was possible to find in one house.  Obviously the Snapes had never been very keen on interior design.

Shoving his wand back into his pocket Harry made his way down some more wide stone steps and found himself for the first time in the dungeons of the manor.

Harry entered the first room he came to and the smell hit his nose immediately.  It was the musty smell of a place where potions ingredients are stored, mixed with the metallic smell of cauldrons.

There was a wealth of scope for a keen potions student in the room and Harry couldn't help feeling the urge to brew something.  Noticing a whole bookshelf full of neatly stored potions books, thoughts of décor were replaced with curiosity and Harry took down a book and started to read.


Snape hurried along Knockturn Alley worrying incessantly about everything.

I can't believe I've left them there alone!  I dread to think what they're getting up to in my absence!

Oh my!  What will I give them to eat? I'll bet Potter is fussy about his food.

What if…

Then suddenly he reached his destination and all unimportant worries faded away into oblivion.  He entered 'Kneissel's Apothecary' and his chest constricted.  As for the last three days he entered the shop.

Bilren Kneissel himself was behind the counter as usual, surrounded by a variety of ingredients not usually stored by a respectable supplier.

"Ah, what would it be today Severus?  Is there anything in particular or just the special?"

Kneissel squinted at him almost as if winking.

"I need some dragon's blood, but do tell me, what is today's special?"

Asked Snape casually leaning across the counter.

"I do have some onswen draught…"

Said the apothecary his eyes locking with Snape's

"I'll just take the blood Thankyou Bilren."  Said Snape looking downcast.

After collecting the vile of blood that he didn't need Snape swept out of the shop.

They say no news is good news.  But this is insane!  How could Voldemort have just disappeared?!  I have to see Dumbledore about this.

Once he reached Diagon Alley Snape ignored everything else and headed straight for the Leaky Cauldron.

As he stepped through the fire saying "Snape Manor" As clearly as possible Snape remembered who would be there waiting for him when he returned…


Harry had been flicking through some of the volumes but he'd gotten the shivers, as he'd come across a couple he'd been taught about using by the Death Eaters. Finally he decided to put the books away.  As he slid the last volume back onto the shelf Harry felt something brush against his hand.  He couldn't see anything there, but he knew he'd felt something.  He reached into the 'empty' space and was surprised to feel the outline of a book.  He pulled it out and opened it.  The pages suddenly became visible and on the leaf it said 'The Invisible Book of Invisibility'

Grinning Harry turned to a page that was marked.

'Invisibility Potion'

'Brewing invisibility potion is much simpler than most people think.  The difficulty comes in obtaining the ingredients.'

Harry stared at the page for a minute.

He remembered with a sinking heart that Lucius Malfoy had taken his father's invisibility cloak when he'd been with the Death Eaters.  He hated the way everything he thought about led him back to the terrible mistake he'd made.

Glancing along the row of ingredients stacked along the shelves Harry realised that the ingredients needed for an invisibility potion were all available to him.

Feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm Harry decided to brew the potion.

Sirius had stayed with Harry for the first few rooms they decorated, but he realised that with Harry distracted it would be the perfect time to talk to Dumbledore.

He separated from Harry and made his way to a large drawing room where a fire was already burning fiercely in the grate.

Sprinkling some powder into the fire Sirius muttered Dumbledore's name and soon the headmaster's head appeared in the fire.

"Hello Sirius.  How is everything at Snape manor?"

"Albus!  I still can't believe you've sent us here, I don't know that it's the right place for Harry to recover!"  Said Sirius taking a look around the neglected room.

"Trust me Sirius.  I wouldn't have sent you and Harry there if I didn't think it was the right place."  Said Dumbledore calmly from the flames.

"Have you seen this place recently?"  Grumbled Sirius swiping at a cobweb on his cheek.

"It will be fine Sirius, now I must go, I've got an important meeting with Minister Fudge."

"Alright then."  Mumbled Sirius in a defeated tone.

"I suggest you try to persuade Harry to write to Ron and Hermione.  It would be better if he could tell them what happened just in case word got out somehow before he got the chance to explain."  Said Dumbledore.

"I agree.  I'll let you know how things go."  Said Sirius biting his lip anxiously.

And with a small pop, Dumbledore's head disappeared.

Before Sirius had time to turn to leave Severus Snape suddenly came sprawling out of the fire, covered head to foot in soot as he was and with an incensed glare.

"What the hell were you playing at Black?!"  Snape yelled

"W-What?"  Spluttered Sirius feeling slightly alarmed at Snape's sudden arrival.

"This fire is for floo-travel only!  Use one of the others for chatting!"  Growled Snape shaking his robes and smudging the soot on his face into streaks.

"Do you have any idea what it's like being stuck in the floo-system?"

Snape shouted.

Sirius was by now struggling not to laugh, he merely shook his head and managed to mumble, "Won't happen again," before he took off in search of Harry, shaking with suppressed mirth.

He wasn't however able to prevent himself from laughing openly when he heard Snape's strangled yell as he came face to face with a Gryffindor themed bathroom with Gryffindor lions leaping across the shower curtain.


Okies… so…

Harry's brewing a potion which is bound to lead to some sticky situation, Sirius is cracking up with laughter and Snape is scarred for life… and we're only at the end of the first part…


Anywhoozle, lemme know what you think, kay?





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