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In a rainy snow, the night grows colder and quiet. The loud disturbances from the citizen in the light up city was very hostile and unwilling at night. Not all people were out on this cold season, and amongst those who are. Only a small, raven-hair shape, boy walked through the night with no one by his side to comfort his cold, weak body. His dark hazel eyes looked pale as his young face. A plain black and red stripes sweater, and a pair of black pants were the only clothing he wore for the time being.

Walking away from the cheering crowd, the boy looked sad and desperate. He saw how the people acted toward him as he bump into them without an apology. Instead, it was they who apologize to him, and the boy thought 'ignorant being' as he walks by without a word to speak of. Though they excuse themselves, the constant boy knew what the older being were thinking of him, and he didn't appreciate their pity nor their sympathy. In fact, they shouldn't concern to the lonely boy since he is five time adore than any average little boy in this dwelling city. Yep, this boy is special, so special that whenever he wishes for something that he wants, the servants in his huge home brings it to him immediately without questioning.

But even with money and fame, the boy knew that his life isn't as happy as it should. There are trouble and hurtful things happening in his home that no one outside of the house knows, deep, dark secrets. And with the mental pain in his sight, he runs away from his troubles and never look back. That's why he took this long journey walk, to keep himself away from the pain, and to be amongst the people. So far, being just like everyone else, he has to admit, he live with much luxurious than everyone that he had bump into, and that was just a couple of minute of walking

As he continue his pointless walk, he came across to the city's main park. To the little oy's eye, it looked plain with no outstanding playground or at least a skate place to watch the kids play in. Apparently his trip about walking threw the park wasn't his brilliant ideas, but something from the park did caught his black eyes that made him walk in curiously. He didn't know what rolled in his young mind as he examined the place. It looked huge, including everything else, but the place looked mysterious and scary at the same time.

Before the boy took a step close to the mysterious place, he glances around with cautious stares, expecting to see other people wandering around the area but at night, no one but himself was there. Than he gulped, taking hesitating steps on the icy snow underneath his uncomfortable shoes. The boy held himself tight, to keep warm as he made it to the front door of the strange place that pulled him in. He slowly reached to the door knob and pushed the wooden door rushly. With a huge clash, a few pound of snow, from the end of the roof top, fell on top of the boy's head, "owww cold cold," he cried, walking in the place without knowing it.

Once he cleaned himself from cold feeling of icy water, the boy scanned around the old, dark place. Everything looked broken and cover by rotten woods, even the windows looked tainted. The colors were fade and there were a few broken glasses that appeared to be shatter for a long time. There were wooden, long chairs, ones that you'll find in a church temple. In the center of this 'church' there was a dusty red carpet. It begins from where the boy enter to the end of where the chairs faced. There was no sound to describe this unfamiliar place aura, but it did feel like trap cage. The boy suddenly felt odd about continuing his walk to the place, so he decided to leave this place at peace and walk back home. He turns and began walking peacefully without thinking back of what he saw in the temple, but before he was able to get out of the door, it suddenly close by itself.

"What?" he asked cautiously, pulling the lock door, "Hey! Let me out!" he yelled, desperate for freedom but unfortunately, he couldn't be set free with just his young body.

"Hey..." the boy's eye widen from a creepy voice behind him. He hesitated to turn around and see the person, but once he turned to see the stranger, he saw no one. His heart began beating extremely fast as he shivers from both the cold and fear of the strange place, "Who's there?" he asked out of fear, glancing around the place once again, expecting an answer but didn't get any.

After a few second of patient, the boy starts shaking the door knob to open, but no budge, "Open you stupid thing," he said aggressively toward the old wooden door, but as he gave it, with all his force, his voice was the only strong thing happening at the moment, "Damn..." he tried again, but couldn't get a single move. He than kicked it, "Stupid door," he said, than turned around to face at the area. Again, his eyes widen from the shocking light that glared down at the end of the dusty carpet. The light point at a sudden doll. He first walked with cautious than speed up his steps, than observed the small doll. He never touch or held a doll in his life. In fact, the boy never liked the style of the two feet, lifeless, plastic, dead, insignificant 'thing'. It just stood there, sitting down, without a care in the world, it annoyed the boy badly, "Dolls, humph," he said, looking away from it, than began looking around the doll.

What he didn't noticed from the two feet doll was that, she had a small old scroll on her two plastic hands. The doll wore a nice black dress, with flame design on the bottom of her small dress. As the boy was about to walk away from doll, result in finding nothing, the boy accidently hit the doll. Which made her fall off her place, landing on the dusty red carpet with a thud. The boy stared down at the doll than ignored her, "Stupid doll," he insulted her again than walked away to one of the windows. The boy's idea was to climb on top of broken woods and brake the glass window to escape from this curse place, but again, bad luck stroke upon him without a warning.

"Aw you poor thing, desperate for a help," spoke a feminine voice from behind the boy.

"Ah!" he didn't bother to turn around and look at the creepy voice, he rather hide than be seen by the ghosty sound.

"Why you hide, pure child? I could smell your wonderful soul a mile away, so please. Come out, wherever you are," the voice came closer to the boy, causing him to shake in fright, and looking at the being that scared him from his paints.

"Who... who... who are you?" he shivered, talking uncontrollably to his words. Of what he saw, he saw nothing but the same figure of the doll that he just drop on accident. The figure sat on the same place that the doll did, and she carried the same small scroll on her hand, holding it pretty tight on her palm.

"Well are you going to stare at me, or are you going to pick my little dolly up," she asked softly yet lifeless in her tone as she stares at scroll on her hand.

The boy didn't know what to do, keep hiding till the figure leave, or obey her words and hope for her to leave after she gets what she wants. He thought for a second, 'Do it' he told himself in his young mind, than walked slowly to the dirty doll and pick her up from the dusty ground. It was the first time the little boy hold a doll, and it felt weird. Sure it was a toy but, this was different, the doll felt like a living being. It the worse thing that the boy have ever done in his spoil life.

He reach up to the dress up figure and handed her toy back, the boy took a step back, hoping to get out this awful situation he is in.

"Thank you... why I don't even know your name. Would mind telling me your name little one?" she asked politely, smiling down at the scared boy, giving him a spiking feeling that only his dark secret gives.

"S-Sasuke Uchiha..." he hugged himself comfortably as the figure smirked down at him.

"Sasuke Uchiha... Such a lovely name," the figure slowly reached down to the boy's face and gently touch his red cheeks as he froze from the freezing skin of the dark figure.

"Cold cold," the figure's hand felt as cold as the ice outside of the strange place. He step away from her cold hand as she flinched from his reaction to her tainted touch.

"Cold is it? Well that's how I am..." the boy touched his pink cheek and cover it to make it warm again, "Considering the fact that I am not normal," she said, taking a step closer to the boy.

"Not normal," he gulped, "Than what are you?" he asked, not reacting to take a step back, instead he became hypnotize by the figure's eyes.

"I'm the devil's lady," she slightly bow to the boy after presenting her true self to him, "I have been living here for a long time, and you're my first visiter after so long, and for that, I owe you something in return,"

"You mean..."

"Any possible wish that you desire Sasuke, name it and I'll grant it within an instant," her expression than turned empty, looking down at boy with lustful filth of his pure soul.

"This is crazy... your crazy," he replied, turning from the weird lady and began walking back to the door but before he took a few steps further, the lady appeared in front of him.

"Surely there must be something in your mind that you desire dearly," she spoke lightly, standing in front of the boy with questionable expression.

"No. I have everything that I need, so go away," he walked pass her with an annoying looking in his eye, but she appeared in front of him again.

"Everything you say, than you must be the happies boy in the world, how lucky of you," she saw the boy's eye widen once she brought up the adjective that expressed the human's desire in the whole world.

"Happies..." he repeated the curse word from his regretful mouth, and stared down at the red carpet in sadness. Than a brief memories of his past surfaced in his mind. He remember all the awful stuff that happen in his aggressive family. He remembered when his brother would fight with him about something stupid, and how Itachi would get hit from their mother because of harming Sasuke's feelings. It was stupid though, Sasuke didn't expected that Itachi would get hit for making Sasuke cry, just because his feeling was hurt. Sasuke figure that his mother was going to scream at Itachi, never hit. Whenever Itachi gets hit their father would argue with their mother, than someone would end up getting hurt again. Sasuke would always run to his room whenever this violence occur in the house, and Itachi would stay away from them.

The family's action doesn't get out to the press because everything is kept secret, and if anyone finds out, they'll be sleeping with the fishes(lol). His father owns a lot of business and companies, he is more richer than the president himself. Everything he does, it gets famous instantly, but still, to Sasuke's eye, he thinks his father is a big fake.

He rose his head back up, staring at devil's lady with his serious black eyes, "Yes... I want one thing," he said, his fear suddenly disappear, impressing the woman with his courage and demanding eyes.

"Name it," she responded, smirking at the dominating boy.

"I want to..."

"Before you continue, allow me to clear about the wish," she interrupted the boy's wish before it was fully spoken, "You must be very specific on your wish, make it perfectly clear and significant on what you say, because sometimes the way you want, isn't always what you really want in reality,"

"Right..." the boy took a few second on his thought as he takes the lady's word seriously, thinking critically on his wish as she waits patiently for him to speak.

"Ready?" she asked.


"Than speak for your desire,"

"I want my family to stop abusing with each other so I could stop living in fear. I wish for a normal life"

"Is that what you want young one?" she asked, making sure of his commending wish as he looked serious at her.

"Yes, that's exactly what I want," he said coldly, glaring at the lady furiously.

"As you wish," she than gave the doll back to the boy's hand and rolled the scroll to open fully. Sasuke wasn't sure what she was doing but he wasn't liking the feeling of the unpleasant doll. The doll had clear white eyes, with no pupil on it and her hair was long and straight, colored in lavender. To Sasuke's perspective, the doll looked deadly yet cute.

"There," she finally said after a couple of second later, "Now all you have to do is sign here, if you want your wish to be granted," she showed the little scroll in front of Sasuke's unsure face.

"How do I……."

"Just press one of you finger on the line my boy," the lady instructed condignly, waiting patiently as the boy place his small finger on the line.

Once he did it, a quick sting harm the boy's finger, "Ow!" he instantly pulled back his finger and placed it in his mouth to heal the bleeding wound.

"Excellent. That would do," she said, satisfy with the boy's corporation, and a single drop of blood on the contract scroll. She unrolled the ancient scroll, and turn around carelessly, "Now enjoy your new life, little one," she said, walking back to her place.

"Wait! What about your doll?" he asked, reaching back to the woman and returning the scary doll.

"Her name is Hinata, and she intent to get a bit jealous, but whatever you do, don't lose her. If you some how you would lose possession of her, than the wish would decease, and everything you have would fall. Hee mine warning, boy!" suddenly the place began moving like a giant earthquake, the whole place was falling apart and Sasuke was losing his balance. The devil lady was the only thing still standing without any fear of the crazy movement, she stood still like a statue.

"What's going on!" he held the doll really tight on his arm, than shutting his eye sharply, "Hee mine warning, don't allow anyone to take advantage of her, nor yourself. If you become tainted before her, than their would be horrible consequences. She holds your wish and your life!" with the lady's last words, gash of winds appeared inside of the building, and made the little boy frighten.

Sasuke took a few step back, avoiding any danger but he soon fell from a small trip of a broken brick. Once he fell, he hit his head and lost conscious of himself, thus leaving his body helpless and alone.


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