Part One

Author's note:

What If after their first real kiss of Jason and Carly, this happened….

Jason followed it up with another kiss and then another one. He held his girl's face and just kept kissing her over and over again because this was an explosion of what he really wanted most in this world. Sure at this moment Carly screwed up a lot of things but he carried her upstairs and got her out of the dress. He then took off his shirt and pants, he showed Carly the condom and threw it away. Now Carly had a choice if she continued, she could get pregnant but if she didn't, Carly just grabbed him on top of her, he entered her over and over again until she screamed so much pleasure and made so many scratch marks on his back. When it was over, Jason told her that he had a plan and this plan was going to work. The only bump in it was Carly did see Jason with Elizabeth which was innocence, she did sleep with Sonny, he did get shot and he did get better. While this was all going on, Carly was pregnant, both guys found out about it and Jason did leave but he was coming back, he found the evidence against A.J and as he returned…He took Carly in his house. "I know what happens when you don't think, I love you and if the baby is Sonny's, I will raise it as if it were my own." Jason said and Carly responded in-between tears, "Really?" Jason shook his head and Sonny butted heads with him.