Too Long

Too Long

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto...but I wish I did because the events in this story would not even take place. The bad one…that's at the very beginning…that Masashi Kishimoto is wrong for doing…anyways…


Okay, now that that's over and done with, the real intro. This is basically a one-shot that I thought of while actually reading the manga and the plans that were being made by certain people…Sasuke and Tobi (Madara Uchiha).

This is just what I think should happen when Sasuke and Sakura meet again…when Sasuke is attacking the village.

Akatsuki members flooded into the city from all angles, their shapes only visible by the light of the full moon that illuminated four other shapes poised on the opposite side of the village walls. This was a newly-formed group by the name of "Falcon." And leading this menacing group was the missing-nin Sasuke Uchiha who had grown up in this very place.

His raven-colored hair blew peacefully in the breeze though this entire village was about to be thrown into uproar. His onxy-colored eyes focused in on one point. The plan had been to surprise Konoha, swiftly handle the elders, and make their getaway before anyone could intercept them, but his keen eyes told him that wasn't happening.

A flash of pink and blond running toward the Hokage's tower told him that Tsunade and the others were expecting this attack already and had a plan just in case. Suddenly, Sasuke realized that this would be a lot harder than he had thought.

"Falcon mobilize," Sasuke said with his eyes still focused on that one spot where he'd seen the flash of pink hair. The three people standing by him immediately vanished, but Sasuke stood still.

He was waiting. He did not intend to get involved in any of the fights going on below him. He'd had more than his share in the past month or so. His goal resided within the highly guarded Hokage Tower, where all of the Elders were probably in one high-security room with guards all around to stop intruders.

Soon, he saw his opportunity. Suigetsu managed to make a big enough fuss to draw many of the ninja's attention away from the tower. The rest of the guards rushed off to fight off Akatsuki. Even Tsunade was drawn away by one specific member of Akatsuki.

With the tower left undefended, Sasuke made his move. He made it in without anyone catching him. With sword drawn, he rushed down the halls searching for the elders. Unfortunately, they hadn't figured this far into the plan since there was no telling where they could be.

But after trying a few routes, he encountered some guards who he didn't recognize and he sliced through them…literally. Sure they belonged to the village he'd came from but he didn't know them and thus, didn't care whether they lived or died. But as he rounded the corner, his rampage was stopped suddenly.

Standing in front of him was a figure that held a very specific role from his life in Konoha. There she stood, her bubble gum pink hair contrasting her fierce emerald eyes. "Sakura…" was all he could say as he looked at her in shock, his sword slipping out of his hand.

When it registered who was standing in front of her, Sakura gasped. "Sasuke-kun!" she exclaimed in shock. No, he couldn't, he isn't…helping Akatsuki? She thought as her mind raced over that very thought. But his blood-stained sword lying on the floor confirmed her darkest fears.

Trying to hold back tears, all she could think was… "Too long, it's been too long…"

End: Well, I know you guys probably hate me for leaving you hanging like that and don't get mad at me for the spoiler about the attack on the village. I warned you! Well, please review, this is my first ever one-shot and I actually hate them myself. Who knows, it might become a story if you guys request it…and once I finish Lone Wolf….