Chapter 1

The Beginning


Link thought as he peered out the window at the sprawling land of Hyrule before him.

It's cold outside, but…it's not the weather. Hmm, something's not right. I…I can't shake this feeling that something's just…off.

Link took another look at the rolling hills that made up Hyrule Field. He thought back to the time when he became the hero of legend, the one that the people turned to, the Hero of Time. He had saved an entire civilization from the brink of destruction, yet absolutely no one seemed to know anything about it. It was like none of it had ever happened.

Was that what Zelda meant when she told me to go back? Did she really erase everything that happened? It's as if nothing I did mattered at all. I don't know why I'm thinking about this now, I mean, it's been almost seven years since then and there's been no hint of Ganondorf. Maybe it was all just a dream. I mean, I don't even have anything left to prove what happened. I don't have the Master Sword or the Ocarina of Time, Navi's gone, and there's no sign that I still control the Triforce of Courage. Maybe I never did.

His words seemed to roll from his tongue with a taste like that of sour grapes. Had he really just questioned something he knew to be true?

His face contorted into a sort of frown as he weighed the validity of his own memories.

Can I even believe myself anymore?

Link stood up from his bed near the window, pulled on his green tunic and hat, his gauntlets, boots and shield and moved towards the end of his bed. He no longer possessed the Blade of Evil's Bane or the Kokiri Sword. Both, to his knowledge, were returned to their rightful resting places. The Kokiri Sword to the Kokiri Forest and the Master Sword to the Temple of Time, but what did that leave him?

Link carried no weapons, not since his traipse through time so many years earlier. He had no need to brandish a sword anymore and from a more personal perspective, no sword felt right in his hands.

"I better get to Lon Lon Ranch, they probably need me today."

Link walked toward the door when something struck him. His face tightened and his brow began to gleam with sweat. Something seemed to fall over him like a mist or veil. He was frozen in place, trying to form resolve against this feeling.

He swallowed hard and shook his head.

"It can't be. It just can't be and I know that. I…I have to stop looking for these kinds of things. This isn't…it can't be…there's no way that this could even be remotely possible. No…no it's…it's not…"

Link shook his head more forcefully this time, as if to cleanse his body of what he had just felt. He turned the doorknob and walked out of the house towards Lon Lon Ranch, his mind continually stuck upon the feelings he had just experienced. Even as he entered the ranch, his head was still clouded with uneasy thoughts, so much so that even the oblivious Talon noticed.

"Link, me boy," yelled Talon at the top of his lungs, "what's wrong? You look like you just woke up from under a goron."

"Hm, what's that?"

"I said that you look a little disheveled. What's the matter Link, you don't seem like yerself. I can't have ya cleanin the stalls like this. I only pay ya a few rupees a week. If you get whacked by a horse cause of your foggy brain, you won't have nearly enough money to fix yerself."

"Its okay daddy, Link's probably just thinkin up one of his crazy stories again, ain't that right Link?"

Just that short sentence was enough to snap Link back into reality. Malon had come from inside the barn and overheard what Talon had been saying.

Link looked over at Malon and was glad that he had some excuse other than just his own feelings getting in his way. Although it did make him cringe a little every time Malon referred to his travels through time as "crazy stories." Though, he had no reason to complain about something so trivial. It was her, after all, that had done him so many favors. She was the one who had gotten him the job he was now readying himself for, and the one who had saved his life.