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Chapter 2: Confessions of a Rock Star Wannabe

Mark doesn't know what he's doing back in town, what he hopes to gain from it, but he knows this is a mistake. There's a risk of running into Vanessa, but secretly that's a risk he wants to take, just to see her face again. He's not perfect, most men aren't, and he's made his mistakes. The biggest mistake he made was leaving his wife, and he knows it's too late to correct it. At the same time he keeps an eye out for her when he walks down the street, just to 'bump into her' and guage her reaction, see if there's still a spark, if they still have a chance. His heart breaks at the realization that he still loves her.

Things haven't been going well for him lately. He's tried moving on, but it's not the same. He knows he can never feel for someone else the way he does for Vanessa. She's prevelent in every dream, nightmare or sexual fantasy. She's a killer, she's a school girl, sometimes he just dreams he sees her again – she always hates him. He laughs at himself for this. Only pathetic losers still fantasize about their ex-wife. But the truth is that's him, a pathetic loser that's still in love with his ex-wife.

Then comes what Mark would refer to afterwards as, "karma kicking his ass." He's at the mall buying some new clothes. His hotel room had been broken into while he was out earlier and he was robbed. They took most of his posessions, minus his guitar and his wallet, both of which he had with him when he went out. Mark has very little faith in the police, and he highly doubts that they'll find the thieves, and even if they do his stuff will probably have been sold by then.

As he's in the food court, finishing the last of a cheeseburger, he spots a young woman with long, brown hair in a ponytail. She's walking out of the flower shop with a frustrated look on her face and from the looks of it most likely cursing under her breath. She's a little taller and much less pregnant than the last time he saw her, but Mark recognizes her as Juno MacGuff. He thinks about running and hiding as she comes his way. Did she notice him? What would she say? Would she even say anything?

Mark knows better than to assume things would be cool right away. He knows he did a terrible thing dropping that kind of bomb on her. It was thanks to her he realized he wasn't ready to be a father, but looking back on it now he thinks of himself as stupid for it. He was going to go through with it for Vanessa because he loved her – and he still does – and if every man let his fears of being a father get to him all men would do what he did. If Juno notices him and decides to speak to him, Mark will at least try to apologize.


And it all just goes down hill from there.