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Dear Readers,

Once again, this is something entirely random that I came up with off the top of my head. I did this entirely in dialogue b/c it worked better that way. Anyhoo, I dunno if Liz is supposed to be Canadian-born, but it works for the fic. Enjoy :)

Best Regards from a Bookworm (and SGA SPARKY!! anti-Sheyla fan),

Miss Pookamonga ;-P

I Say "Tomato"…

"It's 'been'."


"Been. As in 'bin'. Like a storage bin."

"Beeaaa—iin…oh, forget it, John!"

"Aw come on! You almost got it that time, Elizabeth!"

"Does it really matter, John?"


"You made a bet with Rodney, didn't you?"


"Come on, John, you know you can't fool me."

"Fine. He and I had an argument over…stupid things…and I made a bet with him that I could successfully get a Canadian-born person to talk like a native-born American."


"Don't say it. I know it's idiotic."

"Whatever. Why don't we just try a different word."

"Okay…how about 'sorry'?"