So you would think that with a nice little organized list, I would be able to set my mind into working on those stories? nah! Why would I do that?

Well, this is a KH, 411, yaoi two-shot story that I just felt like writing and now I'm finally getting off my lazy ass and posting it XD

Rated M for language, lemons, all that good stuff

Summary: Marluxia comes back from a mission a little different. Who does he run to to fix his problem? Why the Chilly Acedemic! Of course that's not the only problem he'll fix...

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The castle was quiet. Most would think this would put one at peace of mind, but for the members who lived here, a peaceful amount of time, no matter how long, only spells disaster. It was keeping this in mind that Roxas, number XIII, cautiously walked through the hallways. It was early in the morning, so he was praying that that was the reason for the peace in the castle, but he knew at least one early riser that should already be up and about. And not seeing that particular menace was putting a great deal of stress on the young blond.

When he got to the kitchen, he slowly poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the empty table. With one last glance around, he closed his eyes and let his body relax as he took a sip of the sweet life nectar.

This was the precise moment when he felt something soft rub against his leg.

"Axel, If you want that now then no. I am not breaking another table."


Roxas opened his eyes, confusion showing clearly as he looked under the table. Sitting at his feet was a pink fur ball of a cat, blue eyes staring up at him contently.

"Holy shit...Marly what the hell did you do?"

The cat shrugged then meowed as it jumped onto the table.

"Stop fucking around. Change back."

Marly looked over his shoulder and hissed slightly, looking at Roxas like he was an idiot.

"You can't change back, can you?"

The pink tail went straight up as Marly nodded ferociously.

Roxas shook his head. "Well I don't know what the hell I could do to help you...not that I actually want to."

Marluxia's fur stood up as he hissed.

"Alright, Alright. But one condition, I find you outside of either mine or Axel's room or inside or anywhere near us for that matter, I will chop off a special part of your anatomy and let Axel lite you and your garden on fire. Understand?"

The cat nodded, calming down slightly.

"Now the question of who to take you to...Superior?"

Marluxia shook his head, ears going down in disapproval.

"Well then, who do you suggest I take you to?"

The blue eyes glittered as the large paw tapped the table.


Roxas rolled his eyes as the tail curled happily.

"I'm too tired to argue...even if this goes against everything I think is right." He grabbed the pink fluff ball by the scruff of his neck, earning a loud disapproving noise as he carried him to the Chilly Academic's room. Once outside, Roxas simply opened the door slightly and threw the creature in, walking back downstairs to reheat his now cold coffee.

The room was dark, but since Marly was still in cat mode, he was able to see everything perfectly. Including the blond, a surprisingly messy sleeper. Marly jumped on the bed, carefully dodging the long pale leg hanging off the side. Papers were scattered on his night stand as well as across his chest. Must be the first night of sleep he's had in a while...perfect. Marluxia carefully removed the papers from the bed, knowing that they had to be somewhat important if he took them from the lab, and put them on the night stand. Then he carefully walked to the now vacant and exposed chest. He smiled as he place himself on top of the blond, tail brushing against the toned stomach.

Slowly, the green eyes fluttered open, slight confusion seen in his features before a hand came gently down on Marly's head. More confusion as he stroked whatever it was on him.


Suddenly the green eyes opened wide as he jolted up and grabbed the furball that tumbled into his lap.

"What the f...Marluxia?!"

The cat nodded, then pawed at the scientist's hand to drop him. Vexen obeyed, dropping him to the floor as he followed, dragging himself to the closet as he muttered insults and curses under his breath.

What he hadn't noticed was the drooling cat he left behind. Oh...Oh my god! He slept nude?! His brain had completely shut off. And it was still in dream land when Vexen came back, fully clothed in his Robe, black pants, black boots and gloves.

"I apologize for my attire...I hadn't gotten sleep. So I kind of passed out after I came out of the show- wait. Why the hell am I explaining myself. I'm the Superior here." He shook his head and grabbed a brush from under the papers. As he worked out knots, he continued "So I'm guessing you can't change out of that form and came to me before number I sees you." He set his brush down and glared at the cat. "Why should I help you?"

Marly glared back, fur standing on edge. Because if you don't, I'll RAPE you.

Vexen rolled his eyes and grabbed the cat, transporting to his lab. He threw the furball to the side, earning a loud hiss.

"Shut up XI..." He said, grabbing some sort of green liquid and a bowl. He set the light blue dish in front of the cat and uncorked the bottle. The cat hissed slightly at the horrid smell that emanated from the liquid.

"Shut up and drink it," Vexen said, pouring the contents out of the bottle "If you ever want to face number I again. And I expect hush money."

The cat's nose wrinkled as Marly lapped up the liquid, choking and gagging the whole way.

"Come now Marluxia." Vexen said, back turned as he conjured the papers from his room "you're choking on that?"

"Well you try drinking it asshole."

Vexen glanced over his shoulder. "Why don't you try cloths?"

"Why? You know you like it."

Vexen stayed with his back to he man, taking a deep breath before saying "Get out. I have work to do."

"I thought you said you needed hush money."

Vexen felt how close the other man was to him.

" leave me alone."

"Or..." The assassin said, the smug smile heard in his voice "I can tell you this was a trap and it worked out perfectly."

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