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Marly said nothing at the threatening tone. He simply grabbed the mans hands, hitting a pressure point to make him drop everything on the desk.

"Number XI!"

Marly turned the man around and leaned him against the table. Vexen struggled to get out of the hold but, though he hated to admit it, the flamboyant man was extremely strong. It's because he's younger... This was the point where the academic silently screamed as he felt just how "excited" the assassin was.

"M-Marluxia, Please leave-"

"Shut up." Marluxia's hands snapped to the older man's neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. When he received no reaction, the pink menace pushed his body onto the blond, swaying his hips ever so slightly.

Vexen gasped, allowing Marly's tongue opportunity to thrust forward and examine the new terrain. Vexen's mind was in a whirl. He wanted to push the other man away. Lord knows he tried to move his hands, to tell them to push and beat the crap out of the assassin. To freeze his balls off. But his body was so damn hot. His hands moved, not to push the man away, but to travel up the exposed chest, neck then finally tangling his fingers in the pink mane. Marluxia smiled as he moved from the icy mouth down the strong jaw down to his neck and sucked on the warm pulse.


"What?" he said in a husky voice, nipping at the creamy pale skin. "Tell me what you want."

Marluxia smiled as a broken groan/whine escaped the scientist lips when he snaked his hand past the waistline of his pants.

"Say it." He grabbed the base of the erection tightly, leaving Vexen gasping.

"Suck me. Fuck me. Do something!"

Marluxia smiled. He ripped open the robe and threw it to the side. One hand teased the hardening peaks as the other lowered the black skin tight pants. He doesn't wear underwear either?! Vexen's cheeks flushed a deeper red (if that was possible) under Marluxia's hungry stare.

"If all the blood is going to your cheeks, then we won't get enough blood where it's needed right now..."

Vexen went to slap him before the amazing warmth engulfed his length. He knew the pink menace was gay, damn it he fucking fluttered flower petals with each action, but what his tongue was doing was simply amazing. A groan escaped from deep in his chest as the younger man hummed and a small tune while bobbing his head. His fingers were tangled in the pink mane, trying to trust up but denied by the strong hands on his hips. Just when he felt like he was about to explode, Marluxia nipped the head, making him growl in pain and annoyance. The assassin chuckled, voice deeper with lust.

"That's better." he said, finger sliding pre-cum across the head. "That is how it should look." Vexen glared at him and blew cold air over the pale chest and down. Marluxia groaned as his cock twitched, getting harder. Of course he would get turned on by that... Marluxia grabbed the older man and turned him so he was bent over the table. Three fingers were shoved in his face before he heard a commanding "Suck" from behind him. Vexen apparently didn't go fast enough because the fingers were shoved between his pink lips. I'll show you... The blonds tongue danced across the fingers, working around each to prepare them and give a show. He scrapped his teeth across them then gave a final coat before releasing them with an audible pop. Marluxia's dick was rubbing against the other just before he popped one finger in, moving it around. Vexen cried out, muscles clenching tightly around the intruder.

"Come on now Vexy...Relax or else you won't be nearly ready for me."

As punishment, another finger was shoved in. Vexen gripped the table, knuckles white as the finger scissored, stretching him. When he finally relaxed a third was put in, immediately hitting the special spot that made the older man cry out in pleasure. Marly leaned forward, nuzzling the damp hair and whispered a husky "Oh...did I just find your sweet spot?"

He shoved in again, rubbing against it. Vexen's mind screamed that this was illogical, but his hips moved down, desperately trying to get the feeling again. A couple of more times and Vexen saw white, screaming as he came.

Marluxia pulled his fingers out. "You dirty whore. You came without me. And with just my fingers? This will be fun indeed..."

Vexen's hair was plastered to his forehead, sweat and cum dripping from his body as he was flipped and laid across the surface. "M-Marluxia...please."

Marly smiled as he loamed over the man. "No matter...I'll fix it."

"Mar-" Marluxia kissed the man again, fist pumping his quickly hardening cock. Fully erect again, Marluxia stopped, pulling the snow white legs over his shoulders and positioned himself. Vexen looked down before blushing and screaming "no wait! Don't..."

"Don't what? It's too late for that."

"Marluxi-ah!" Marluxia shoved his way in, making the man tear slightly. He gasped at the feeling, eyes closed at the heat around him. But wait...

He pushed himself up and looked down at the academic. His eyes were shut, slightly wet with tears, his arms up as his fingers gripped tightly to the top of the desk. Marluxia took a deep breath to prevent himself from cuming from the erotic display in front of him. One hand gently pushed the blond locks away from the others face.

"Relax or you'll tear more." The voice was rough, making the emerald eyes flash open with a hard look. "Take it out!"

"No. Relax." Marluxia kissed the man agin, trailing his jaw and nipping at his ear. The hard look melted as Vexen gave into the body above him and his own wants. Needs

Marluxia felt the muscles relax and took that as his invitation, pulling out slowly then plunging back into the heat. Vexen moaned with him as he continued, speeding up the pace each time. The assassin remember where the spot was and hit it, drinking in the sounds of pleasure from the man beneath him.

"M-Marluxia-ah!" Vexen dug his fingers into the younger mans back as he came, tightening around the length.

"Vex...ah...yes..." Marluxia was milked, his cock twitching before he pulled out. He collapsed on the blonde before a slight chuckle escaped.

"What the hell are you laughing about?"

The blue eyes looked up. "Didn't know you had a need for such strong tables. What exactly do you do down here all day?"

Vexen pushed the pink haired menace off the table, hearing the loud thump and the swearing. "For your information, I need strong tables."

Marluxia's head poked up from the edge of the table. "Right. Just as much as I need Axel in my garden?"

The blond sat up and sighed. "Marluxia, can you just go. You're done now."

The assassin pushed Vexen back on the table and with a dangerous smile said "Who said I was done?"

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