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Ch 2


General Hammond was waiting for the team he sent out to get back. They were tracking down a Goa'uld on Earth and he could not help but be slightly nervous. With so many people on Earth a single Goa'uld could vanish and become impossible to track if they were trying to hide.

'We already learned that lesson with Seth and his cult. We had a Goa'uld on Earth and did not even know it. If he had made more of an effort to hide we would have never found him.'

The thought was disquieting for the General. 'The Goa'uld could easily infiltrate Earth and we might not find out until it is too late. Just another reason to make sure we come out on top in this war as quickly as possible.'

The faster SG1 got back the better he would feel. He sent out Dr. Jackson, Major Carter, and Dr. Fraiser to track the Goa'uld down and if Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c were not out fishing he would have sent them along.

As if to add to the situation of a rogue Goa'uld on Earth the gate was acting up. It was as if someone was using it as it dialed out and then later back in all by itself. Not only had that happened but the iris opened both times.

He did not know what to make of it and the scientists were all saying it was manually overridden. The guards in the gate room did not see anyone and that was where the override was located so it had to have been something else. It reminded him of the Asgard but he knew them to be too serious to mess around like that and not show themselves.

Then again the way it was opened the first time reminded him of the Nox and they were also able to make themselves invisible. 'The gate on their planet should have been buried though. And what would a Nox have been doing on Earth all this time? When SG1 gets back I'll send them to the address the gate opened to and maybe we can contact some of our allies.

'With both the Goa'uld and Replicators out there I don't like not knowing what is going on when it could lead to compromising this base's security.' It was as he was finishing this thought that Dr. Jackson, Dr. Fraiser, and Major Carter entered the briefing room. Sitting down at the table Hammond waited for their report.

"Sir, we managed to track the Goa'uld down to an old temple in Egypt. There we found the man we believed to be the Goa'uld on the ground and injured" said Sam.

Driving over the sand dunes in the hot arid desert Dr. Jackson, Major Carter, and Dr. Fraiser were tracking down Steven Rayner and the Goa'uld they believed to be controlling him.

A few dunes away they could see the jeep that the Goa'uld must have taken parked in front of a half buried temple. "That's the jeep Steven rented. He must have some here since this is where all those artifacts were found." Daniel said.

Pulling up and checking their weapons, including the new Goa'uld tranquilizer darts the group started moving toward the entrance.

"We need to try and take the Goa'uld alive. Hopefully those tranquilizer darts should do the trick. If not we have to subdue the Goa'uld using any means."

Looking at Daniel as she said this Sam could see Daniel was hoping they would be able to save his friend. "Alright, let's get moving."

Taking positions on either side of the entryway Dr. Jackson and Major Carter made sure the other was ready with a quick look and nod.

Turning on the Flashlights they carried and guns at the ready the two started to move into the temple with Dr. Fraiser trailing behind, dart gun at the ready.

Inside the temple was a large room with an altar at the front, pillars down the sides, and hieroglyphs all along the walls and pillars. Sand and dust coated everything inside the dark temple and had worn down the surfaces giving the whole place an abandoned and lifeless look. On the floor in the center of the room was the injured form of Steven Rayner.

At this point Daniel added his thoughts, "As far as I can tell the temple was dedicated to the God Osiris. There must have been something hidden there that the Goa'uld wanted.

"When we approached Steven he started talking about a key and how I was right in my theory of the pyramids. We checked to see if he had a symbiote and after we knew he was not a host the real Goa'uld showed up."

"Why did you suddenly come here Steven and did you come by yourself?" Daniel tried to get some answers out of his friend and find out who the real Goa'uld was.

"The carbon dating came back. You were right Daniel, all this time you were right. I figured out the amulet was a key, and I had to see what it opened."

As he started coughing Janet remarked that he was in very bad shape and if they did not get him to a hospital soon he would likely die. Sudden movement behind them caused them to turn around aiming their weapons in the direction of the noise.

Looking upset at the news he was about to give Daniel frowned, "It was my friend Sarah Gardner. Or at least it was Sarah before the symbiote took over. She was the Goa'uld all along and had played me into thinking it was Steven. She introduced herself as Osiris and since she heard us talking about Goa'uld wanted to know what we knew of the other system lords."

Standing in a white dress was someone Daniel recognized, "Sarah? What are you doing here?"

Her eyes lit up in a white orange glow as she started speaking with a distorted voice, "I am your God Osiris. Tell me; how it is that you have knowledge of the Goa'uld?" Standing with her hands behind her back the group could not tell if she had a hand device on or not.

"No one on this planet seems to remember their Gods. Tell me of my brethren, why is it you no longer cower before your Gods, serving us as you should? This planet would make a perfect conquest yet why have none taken it?"

Angry at the thought that once again someone he was close to had been taken as a host Daniel taunted the Goa'uld, "Well, we killed off Ra, Seth, and Hathor. Apophis took a beating from us as well. The other system lords must be too scared to try anything. We also know what you truly are, just a parasitic race far from the gods you portray yourselves as."

Flashing her eyes and glaring at the group Osiris then broke into a smile. "You have done me a great service then. You having taken out my enemies for me make it easier for me to take my place as a system lord once again. My brother Seth is a minor loss but tell me, what of my mate Isis?"

Seeing his opportunity for more revenge Daniel answered her question with a smile on his face. "I'm afraid your mate Isis is dead; died in the containment jar. We have the symbiote back at our labs for study."

Enraged at the news Osiris took a step forwards and brought a hand forward forgetting that the hand device he had in this temple was gone we he got here. Seeing no hand device on the Goa'uld Janet took this moment to make her move and launched a tranquilizing dart into Osiris.

Stunned momentarily with the impact of the dart and realization that he had no hand device Osiris backed up a step then glared at the group. "What have you done?" He pulled the dart out of his side and threw it down to the ground.

He could feel the mixture in his hosts' body; felt it slowly starting to affect him. He knew he had to get out of here before it did.

Moving quickly using his superior speed and strength Osiris backhanded Dr. Fraiser throwing her back and sending the dark gun skidding across the floor.

Bringing her gun up to fire Major Carter's shot went wide as her arm was knocked aside causing her to lose her grip on the gun.

Throwing another powerful backhand Osiris had Major Carter on the floor and was heading towards Dr. Jackson without pause.

Seeing the gun pointing at him Osiris stopped his assault, eyes flashing in annoyance.

As Sam and Janet were still dazed and on the ground from the powerful hits they took Daniel hoped Osiris did not make a move. He did not know if he could actually kill the Goa'uld as it would mean killing his friend as well.

Osiris could feel the drug in his system slowing him down and sapping his strength. He needed to get to his ship and escape. He had to do something and soon.

Daniel watched as Osiris made a gasping noise then grabs his head, eyes glowing. "No! Stop, you can't do this. I am your God."

Letting his eyes stop glowing Osiris started speaking without distorting the voice, "Daniel, you have to help me. It's me Sarah," slowly walking toward Daniel Osiris continued, "Whatever was in that dart is working. It's loosing control over me. Please, help me Daniel."

It had to be a trap. He knew it was a trap. The Goa'uld had used this trick before but what if it was due to the drug and not a trick this time? As Sarah got a little closer Daniel lowered the gun slightly and relaxed his grip as his resolve wavered.

Looking at the approaching figure and thinking about the situation Daniel made his decision. "I'm sorry Sarah." He had to do it; he could not just trust the symbiote was not in control.

Tightening his grip on the gun he started to take aim but it was already too late. Osiris sprang forward grabbing Daniel by the neck and slamming him into the pillar behind him. Dropping the gun at the force of the impact Daniel watched as Osiris smirked before throwing him to the floor.

Pressing a few hidden buttons on the pillar Osiris moved into the center of the room waiting for the hidden rings to transport him to his hidden ship. The two he had thrown earlier were starting to stand and move for their weapons.

Seeing the Goa'uld still moving, Daniel reached for the dart gun that he landed near after he was thrown and shot the Goa'uld a second time.

Feeling the second dart hit Osiris pulled it out just as the rings lowered down around him. "Osiris will return and the rivers shall run red with your blood."

These parting words said a white light flashed and when it died down Osiris saw he was still in the temple. Looking around in confusion and slowly losing consciousness his last thought before darkness was that these pathetic humans had beaten him this time.

"After the Goa'uld was secured I checked it out and there must have been a ship nearby at some time to ring to and I imagine the Goa'uld thought it was still there. The hidden compartment that the amulet opened in the altar was also empty.

"It was lucky for us the ship was not still there as otherwise it would have escaped. I would like to suggest we study the rings and learn anything we can from them. We should also double check the temple to see if anything else is there." Looking at General Hammond as she made her request Sam she knew the answer would be a yes.

"That is a good idea, however, for right now I want to you to let the other scientists study it to keep you free for other duties. Until we find out if we can move them I need you here at this base." Getting a slightly disappointed yes sir from Sam General Hammond looked over at Dr. Fraiser.

Back in her lab coat Dr. Fraiser began her report, "I was able to keep the Goa'uld sedated on the way back using the sedative found in the canopic jars. The substance is amazing, sir, and although we need to adjust the dose for future use it would be very effective for taking Goa'uld alive. The effects do not harm the host in the dose that would be required to take out a symbiote; the only effect would be sedation along with the symbiote.

"However, in large doses or prolonged use it does start to harm the human hosts. It targets the Goa'uld specifically but the host is affected by it to a minor degree. I do not see why it can not be used to sedate a Goa'uld and the host until the symbiote can be removed as long as it does not take too long. This way we can save the hosts instead of dying along with the Goa'uld."

She was really excited about this new drug, created by Goa'uld to work on Goa'uld. 'If I had this then we might have been able to save Major Kawalsky when he was a host.'

Leaving her thoughts Dr. Fraiser continued her report, "We can keep both symbiote and host sedated for about a month before it starts to become dangerous for the host. However, the less time spent sedated the better it is for the host."

"I want a few guards on the Goa'uld at all times even if it is sedated and it needs to be restrained. If that is all, I want your reports on my desk by this time tomorrow. I have a new mission for SG1 when Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c get back so stick around the base." Directing the last part at Dr. Jackson and Major Carter he dismissed the group before heading into his office.

He had a few calls to make about the Goa'uld prisoner. He also needed to schedule SG1 to check out the planet the gate had dialed to today. 'The two missing members of the team get back tomorrow, so the next day should be good.' Sighing as he picked up his phone, General Hammond knew this new prisoner was going to cause trouble.


Walking through the flowing corridors Harry could not help but notice the reddish tan floors and blue-gray walls. "It's the exact same color scheme as the lab. You would think that there would be a little variation. I mean, it's peaceful and all but I can see it getting boring real quick. I've already had two years of it. I bet they even used the same colors in the major cities."

Curled around his neck, Harry's only companion for the last two years did not even bother to reply as he had become accustomed to Harry's complaining and ranting.

"At least they make it up in Architecture. I can't wait to see the tall towers and spires that make up one of the city-ships. The pictures and diagrams are one thing but to actually see it in person must be awe inspiring." Turning his thoughts to the capital city Atlantis made Harry frown a little. It was a disappointment that the city was no longer on Earth.

After sensing the gate beginning to open Harry got into a gate ship and cloaking the ship flew to see who was arriving on his planet. He had a guess as to who it was but he wanted to make sure it was not somebody hostile.

Soon after the gate opened, a mechanical vehicle came through and starting looking around and sending a steady stream of information back through the gate. Based on the design and technology Harry guessed it was either from Earth or a planet with the same level of technology.

Harry did not know why he was worried anyway as only an Alteran could see the cloaked building that was the main entrance to the facility and the whole place was shielded from detection. It would take a race as powerful as the Alteran to find the base and stronger to actually get into it.

Thinking on this latest happening gave Harry an idea to get information about the current state of the galaxy. Whoever was coming through the gate Earthling or not obviously had some experience traveling through the Astria Porta.

He could use them to find out information on the galaxy as it was one of the main pieces of information he was missing. The Alteran kept detailed records of the planets they visited throughout the galaxy so it would be easy enough to update them once he got the information.

Almost anything could have happened since the time the database on this planet was last updated and it was even more current than the one from the lab complex on Earth. If he was going to travel the galaxy he needed more information on what he might encounter.

"It would also be interesting to study how the planets have changed and if life was seeded on planets that previously had none. There might even be a few civilizations with advanced technology worth studying."

"That ship I found on Earth was interesting, and I still have no clue about the language used by the systems. I guess if I knew how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs it would help. I might have to grab some books the next time I go to Earth.

"Finding more of the same type or technology might help me decode the language without using Egyptian hieroglyphs as a comparison or even meet the race that designed them. As old as that ship was there might even be significant technological development.

"After all, Alteran technology uses a highly advanced form of crystal technology. It might even be reasonable to say whoever designed the ship did so by studying the CCD and ring transports as both use similar forms of crystal technology."

"Sometimes, you talk too much." Poking his head out from Harry's cloak Raven looked around at the surface of the planet as they hovered near the stargate. "What a nice place you have claimed as our home."

"I do not talk too much. And what is wrong with this planet? So what if it is a little barren it has everything we need right now."

Giving the snake equivalent of a shrug Raven settled back down into Harry's cloak and the warmth of his body.

Looking at Raven Harry decided he might even go capture one of those snake-like aliens on Earth. Harry did suspect that was the race that designed and used the language and ship. All he needed to do was to be careful and maybe learn something about them before he captured one.

Deciding on a plan Harry grabbed an Alteran weapon and landed the gateship with the exit of the ship facing the gate and opened the door. Sitting down on one of the benches in the rear compartment of the gate ship Harry used his bracelet to access the database in the production facility and started to read while he waited for someone to come through the gate.

It took longer than Harry expected but eventually the Astria Porta activated and four people came out. He was close to the gate so he could hear them talking about looking around and returning in a few hours.

Harry could see the group look around the barren and rocky landscape for any obvious signs of civilization. It was rock, quarry type pits, and small hills extending all the way to distant snow capped mountain ranges. Different shades of brown and grey made the whole planet seem slightly gloomy and depressing in combination with the grey sky.

"Alright folks, lets stick together and keep your eyes open. We don't know what we're dealing with here. Teal'c, you see any tracks?" The grey haired man said.

"There are indeed tracks here O'Neill. However, from their size and impression I would say they belong to a child or small man." Teal'c said while he surveyed the ground around the stargate.

Nodding his head the now identified O'Neill looked over at Teal'c, "What direction do they head off to? We might get lucky and the tracks will lead right to our mystery guest."

"Unless they live underground I doubt they are still here. Look around Jack, this place is devoid of life. I don't see any type of dwelling or even ruins of one that would suggest any type of civilization." Harry watched as the one with glasses spoke to O'Neill. "Chances are they just came here and then left through the stargate again."

Teal'c looked over at the one with glasses and said, "That would seem probable Daniel Jackson, however, these tracks lead away from the stargate for some distance before they come back to the gate. It would be reasonable to suggest that something might be out there."

"You heard the man Daniel; we follow the tracks and see where they go. We might even get to meet mole people." Finishing with a smile O'Neill looked over at the last member of the group who had yet to talk.

Looking up from what she was doing when she heard the last comment the fourth member of the group started to speak, "Sir, I'm getting some strange readings. There is something strange about the rocks around us. There are also trace amounts of Naquahdah, Trinium, and some other unidentifiable minerals in them. We should take some samples back with us for some tests."

"Just how much Naquahdah and Trinium are we talking about Carter?" O'Neill said.

"I'll need to take some more readings, but I think that this planet should provide us with a steady supply of both. I don't know how large the planet is but if large enough it could potentially give us all we need for our own spaceships."

"On our way back we'll get some samples to take back home. First, we need to follow those tracks." O'Neill looked over at Teal'c who then nodded and started leading the group along the tracks.

Having listened to everything said Harry narrowed his eyes. 'Right, like I'll just let you come and take my resources. I'll just have to make sure they don't remember any such findings.' Now standing at the exit to the gateship Harry willed himself out of the visible spectrum and put a silencing charm around his feet. That done it was time to stalk his prey.

It was once the group was closer to the entrance of the underground complex that something strange happened.

O'Neill stopped moving and was staring straight ahead with his mouth open. The four people around him stopped and looked at him.

"What's wrong, sir?" Looking at Carter and then back in front then back again O'Neill started looking confused.

Pointing ahead O'Neill looked at the rest of his team, "You mean you do not see that big honking building that just appeared out of nowhere? The giant one right in front of us. You know that tall gray building?"

Seeing the looks of confusion O'Neill said, "Oh come on for crying out loud! It's right there!" punctuating this with pointing at the building the rest still looked confused.

Looking around and still seeing nothing Daniel turned to O'Neill, "Uh, I don't want to sound skeptical Jack, but we don't see a building there. You sure the mole people haven't gotten to you?"

Harry was surprised about this turn of events as he knew only those with specific Alteran genes could see the building once they got close enough. Naturally he himself could always see it no matter how far away he was but that was because he could see through the cloaking.

Deciding it best to make his move sooner rather than later Harry aimed the weapon at the one named Teal'c and unleashed a blue bolt of energy. Not stopping for a second, three more bolts landed on O'Neill, Carter, and Daniel. In seconds all four of the team were seemingly unconscious.

Cautiously approaching the group, Harry pulled out a HSD he always kept on hand and used it to make sure the four were in fact stunned. He did not detect any surface thoughts from any of them but it was best to be sure.

Getting the results show that the four were unconscious Harry slipped the HSD back into his cloak. Now positive that they were stunned, Harry levitated them into the gateship and made his way back to his underground home.

After landing the gateship Harry levitated the four through the halls towards a room he had found just that morning. He had found it odd that a production facility would have a set of cells but then again you never know when you will need them.

Setting the group down in the large cell Harry proceeded to remove all their weapons and supplies leaving them with only their clothes.

Watching the shield activate as he closed the cell door, Harry took one last look at the four people on the ground before leaving the room. "Since they will be out for an hour or so I might as well go through their equipment and see if I can find anything of use.

"I also need to do an in-depth scan of the group as well. One of them appears to have the genes necessary to activate Alteran technology not to mention see the entrance to this facility." Taking all the equipment to a nearby room Harry started to look through it for anything useful.

Nothing caught his eye until he found a camcorder in one of the packs. It reminded him of the one he found with the ZPM on Earth and the fact that he never took at look at it.

He completely forgot about it as fascinated as he was with the strange ship and weapons he found. Making a mental note to retrieve it when he returned to Earth in a few days Harry made his way to the nearest console to start his scans.

The cells each had sensors like those used in the medical bays for in depth scans of prisoners so it would not be hard to get it done.

As the results of his scans started coming in several things showed up that he did not expect. The grey haired man did in fact have the gene as he already knew but also a unique brain physiology. Along with this was something that Harry recognized but could not remember what it was.

It was strange, like something had tampered with his brain and he knew he saw this same type of change before. 'The repositories! That's where I saw it before.'

When he was looking through the database for the idea behind direct knowledge transfer Harry came across information on the database repositories. Using a repository leaves a unique marker that can be detected and that was what he was seeing.

'It's amazing he is even still alive. As unique as his brain is that would not stop the information eventually shutting it down. No, he had to have had the information removed somehow. However, nothing on Earth is capable of such a task.'

Thinking for a few seconds Harry smiled, 'Well, it seems like I'll get the information I need; if not from these four then their technologically advanced friends should have what I need.

The next scan showed nothing abnormal just an average human male. The last two however, interested Harry greatly. One had trace amounts of naquahdah in her bloodstream and the other some type of pouch on his stomach housing a snakelike alien same as the ones he saw on Earth.

Instead of located in the neck around the spinal cord and controlling the human, it was just sitting in the pouch. 'Interesting. And that woman, she must be the one from that temple on Earth. No one else had naquahdah traces in their bloodstream.' His hour almost up Harry saved the scans for later study and started back towards the cell; it was time to get information.


One by one the four figures started to stir and slowly wake up. The first thing the four noticed as they came to was their lack of weapons and the room where they were located.

The room they were in was a large square, with a smaller square cell in the middle. The smooth grey walls left no indication where the exit was and neither did the walls of the cell.

Between four pillars were the long, flat, and six inch wide pieces that made up the bars of the cell. Besides being rectangular they were also unique in that they ran horizontal instead of the vertical bars the group was used to in cells.

It was obvious someone had captured the group, probably the same person that used their stargate recently. They were just getting their bearings when a segment of the wall surrounding the cell opened and in walked a short figure in a white and gold cloak.

"I see you are all awake." The figure said while it walked right up to the cell that trapped the team.

Upon seeing their captor so close to the openings in the cell Colonel O'Neill tried to reach for him only to encounter an energy shield that shocked his hand leaving it feeling numb. "I would not do that if I were you, it stings quite a bit."

This changed things as they were now obviously dealing with an advanced race. They would have to be careful as they might get a new ally or technology out of this whole ordeal.

Any race advanced enough to have shielding technology might be capable of helping in the fight against the Goa'uld. Still, being held captive was not the ideal start to a relationship.

Even knowing they had to tread carefully did not stop Jack from making his displeasure at being caught known, "Where are we and why are we locked up? Better yet, who are you and what do you want with us? You're not mole people are you?"

At these questions the figure laughed. "I could ask some of the same questions of you as after all this is not your planet."

This statement caused Daniel to step in front of Jack and speak up. "We are peaceful explorers of the galaxy. We mean you no harm we were just exploring. My name is Daniel Jackson and this here is Samantha Carter, Jack O'Neill, and Teal'c."

Bringing its hands up to the hood covering its head the figure brought it down revealing a youthful face. The boyish figure before them had deep forest green eyes, messy black hair that was partly covering a scar on his forehead. His smooth pale skin made not only his eyes stand out but also his hair and scar due to the contrast.

The four members of SG-1 were all staring in surprise at the figure as he seemed to be just a child.

Looking directly into their eyes he started to speak, "You may call me Potter. This is my planet and I have little trust of visitors. However, I have no intentions of harming you of that you can be certain." Brought out of there shock at hearing that he meant them no harm brought up some questions.

Picking up on one part of the answer O'Neill asked in a disbelieving voice, "You mean you own this entire planet?" This question brought looks from the rest of his team as there were much more important questions to ask.

"Yes, as I said before this whole planet belongs to me." Potter replied.

Hearing this answer prompted Daniel to ask his own questions, "Since you own this planet would that make you the leader of its people? What is your culture like?"

Seemingly brushing off Daniel's questions Potter started speaking, "It seems that we seek the same thing as each other, information. I just recently woke from a long slumber and my knowledge of the galaxy outside this planet is outdated. It is for this reason that I brought you here. As explorers of the galaxy surely you could provide me with the information I seek.

"As for why you are locked up I had no way of knowing if you were hostile or not. This was merely to ensure my safety until I could discover your purpose here. Now, if you give me your word that you will not do any harm while on this planet I will let you out and give you back your weapons and equipment."


With this said Harry looked at each person in the cell with a searching and penetrating gaze. 'Even if they are armed I could defend myself and defeat them so this little show of trust does not put me at a disadvantage. Not only that but I will know if they lie to me and that will result in other means of getting the information.'

As Harry thought this he remembered what he learned about legilimency. He could enter these people's mind and take what he wanted but that was to be used as a last resort as it was not very pleasant for both him and the victim as he had yet to master all the skill.

Receiving truthful promises from all four Harry waved his hand over a section of the cell and the energy field dropped as the cell opened.

Harry noticed the one named Carter seemed intrigued and excited about this and she started asking how the cells worked as Harry lead them to the nearby room which housed all their gear. Harry briefly explained how it worked using terms the four had never heard of and in the end they had no clue what he was talking about.

After they had finished putting their gear back on Harry waved his hand across this group ending with it pointing towards the doorway gesturing for the group to leave the room first.

It was as he made this sweeping gesture that he cast a little charm on each of the four to be more trusting. As they left the room Harry never noticed Teal'c keeping an eye on him, as if slightly weary.

Walking through the hallways of tans, blues, and grays Harry thought on how to go about creating more trust between him and the group in order to get more information. The spell cast on them would help, as he was sure giving them their weapons did.

He would just have to give them some information in return. It would not matter at the end of the day if he had to give them some information in return for theirs.

"Um, I was just wondering where everyone else is as you're the only person we have seen so far?" Harry turned to look at Daniel as he asked and the reply once again shocked the four.

"We are the only people on this planet as it was just me before you arrived."

"Aren't you a little young to be here all alone? Where are your parents?" It was as if O'Neill completely forgot about being captured by him, and his owning the planet.

Harry looked at O'Neill and answered, "Not everything is as it seems O'Neill and my parents have long been dead. As I said before I have been asleep a long time and my knowledge of the Galaxy has become out of date. Do not let my appearance deceive you." With this said Harry guided them into the meeting room and took a seat followed by everyone else.

"To make this fair you may ask me for information in return for the information you give me, however there are some things I will not tell you mainly about the technology I have as I will not give out technology to people and a civilization I know nothing about."

Throwing in the last part to give them some hope of getting new technology Harry thought it was likely to make them give him what he wanted. "Now, what can you tell me of the galaxy as you know it?"

Looking around at each other Daniel decided to do the speaking. "Well what do you want to know and what do you already know?"

Looking at Daniel Harry gave his reply. "As I said before the information I have on the galaxy is outdated so let us pretend I have just heard of space and start there. Who is the most powerful race? What is the standard technology level? What species is a threat? What alliances are there? Information along these lines is what I seek the most."

Looking over at Harry O'Neill asked, "How can your information get out of date if you were only asleep for a while? I doubt the galaxy can change very much in that amount of time."

"That is a good question, however, I do believe I asked mine first." Smiling as he replied, Harry then looked over at Daniel to get his answers leaving O'Neill frowning.

"Well, the most powerful race alive that we know of would be the Asgard. Their technology is only below that of the Ancients. The ancients are the ones who built the stargate's but they all died out or ascended to a higher plane of existence a long time ago, leaving some of their technology around. The Nox are a powerful but peaceful race with technology that is around the level of the Asgard. The Tollans are another race with advanced technology.

There are two main threats to the galaxy right now and they are the replicators and the Goa'uld. The replicators are technological beings that self replicate and assimilate and enhance any technology they come across. They are mostly in the Ida galaxy slowly beating the Asgard and entering our galaxy.

"On the other hand, the Goa'uld are contained to this galaxy. Goa'uld are a snake-like species that enter and take control of a host body. They steal their knowledge and technology and have enslaved a large part of the galaxy. A group of Goa'uld called system lords are the top Goa'uld and each has their own territory to rule. They all play the role of gods and in their own megalomaniac way think they are gods.

"To enforce their rule they use an army of Jaffa; humans enhanced by holding larval Goa'uld in their bodies. This gives the Jaffa longer life, greater strength, boosted immune system, and increased healing all in exchange for incubating the young Goa'uld. Using regenerative technology lets the system lords live for a very long time and even bring back the recently killed. They are technologically less advanced than the Asgard, Nox, Tollan, and Replicators. However their large numbers and Jaffa warriors pose a problem.

"The Asgard help keep them in check with the Protected Planets Treaty but that is largely a bluff that has not yet been called by the Goa'uld." Daniel continued to speak of the other more advanced races that they had met in their travels and hostile beings as well."

'Interesting, these Goa'uld could be very useful to me. Posing as Gods huh? I'll just have to show them what a real god is like.'

'I'll have to watch out for those Asgard until I am powerful enough to fight them should they declare me an enemy. From what I've heard they seem to be peace keepers. The others can be encouraged to help me in my endeavors.'

'When I go back to Earth I'll need to take a little side trip to that base and make myself a copy of their database. I could not at all understand the system they use for planet coordinates from just a few thoughts. I probably should have done it when I was first there, but it does not really matter. I'll have it soon enough.'

After he had gained sufficient information from the group Harry offered to answer questions they might have. Jack started them off with the question of how the information he had on the galaxy was outdated.

"When I said I was asleep for a while I meant it. The information I have is currently around 10,000 years out of date. That was around the last time information was entered into the database. As you could guess much would have changed in this long period of time."

He could tell from the looks they were giving him they either did not believe him or thought he was crazy. Just as they were about to ask him more questions he looked off into the distance for a few seconds.

"Ah, I believe you will need to return back to your home world soon. Come; let me take you back to the Astria Porta." Still shocked at his apparent age this news as well as a mild dazing spell kept them from protesting leaving or not being able to ask more questions. 'That went rather well, now all that is left is the last part of my plan.'

With this thought in mind Harry stood up and led the team to the gateship bay where he then proceeded to fly them to the stargate. 'They really need to get back soon or I bet more people will come here which I do not need.'

Ignoring all questions about the ship and how he knew they needed to report back now that the daze was fading, Harry landed the ship near the Porta and then lead the four man team outside of the ship and closer to the Porta.

Turning around Harry started to speak, "Thank you for all the information you have given me, it will be very useful in my travels. However, I'm afraid I can not let you remember anything of your time here."

As he said this the four people in front of him started to grab their weapons so Harry froze them with a wave of his hand.

"Do not worry as this will not hurt at all and you will be quite fine afterwards." This said Harry one by one removed their memory of their time on the planet and replaced it with the memory of having looked around and found nothing.

The dazing effect of the procedure lasted long enough for him to replace each ones memory and get back in the gateship before it wore off.

Sitting in the cloaked gateship Harry smirked as he watched the four came out of their daze and then left the planet a minute later. He had gotten some good information out of all of them.

While he could not take information forcefully from their minds without difficulty and them feeling pain, he could ghost their thoughts getting pieces of information that was not given.

Pointed questions brought up thoughts and information some of which were left out of their answers. It paled in comparison of just taking the information from the mind, but until he could figure out how to take the information without causing pain it was easier.

The mind is not like a book ready to be read. To get to certain information from the mind keywords are used and then when the victim hears the keyword you can 'follow' the thoughts back to their origin forcefully viewing all the memories stored there which is painful for the victim. When in pain most of the victim's thoughts become jumbled and it makes it harder to 'follow' the paths back to the memories.

Of course the victims often focus on the pain, which leads to memories of pain and strong feelings leave imprints on the memories. Painkillers can not be used as ones strong enough to help cloud the mind which makes it virtually impossible to follow the thoughts.

'When I go back to Earth in a few days I need to make sure to practice on people until I start causing less pain. It would have made today so much easier to just take the information from them without the games.'

Harry let out a sigh at thinking about how he still had a way to go mastering some of the wizard skills he was learning. He could remember everything he read but it took time to practice everything until he could do it instinctively.

Landing the gateship in the hanger it was back to familiarizing himself with the complex.

Wandering the halls his recent visitors got Harry thinking about Earth and what he had left to do there. 'That reminds me, Atlantis was not on Earth, and neither database mentioned it being destroyed. Looks like if I want the capital city I'm going to have to track it down.

Of course since it was last on Earth as far as I know, the outpost should have some information. Getting to it would be a problem unless I melt most of the North Pole and I think one natural disaster on earth is enough for now. Heh, wonder how they will handle the hypercane?'

Just thinking about it got Harry impatient. How much destruction would it cause? Would they find a way to stop it? Will it completely destroy the British Isles? How will the planet react to part of the ozone being destroyed? Will the increase in radiation have any impact? 'The database had information on the formation and properties of Hypercanes but never recorded the effects to the planet.

There also was no civilization on the planet so I wonder if any buildings could survive the winds? I doubt it but you never know. Maybe I'll go back and watch the event unfold. I could even record it to further study the effects.'

Thinking about how to record the effects best he searched his memory and came up with an observational satellite. It was perfect as it was designed to be hard to detect and to monitor an entire planet. Two more days and the show will begin.


In a medium sized room what looked like a man was kneeling down in front of a wall of fire. He has albino skin and hair, a tracery of raised lines on the chin and cheeks, an indentation of the skull just above and behind the eyes, and his eyes appear as a misty gray pupil without an iris.

Dressed in white robes with a metal piece that started mid chest and rose in v shape towards his neck where it split, following each shoulder back and then upwards framing his face in an oval shape one could tell he was somebody of importance.

Facing the wall of fire the man started to speak. "There are only a few solar systems left that have yet to heed the word of Origin and begin to worship the hallowed Ori."

Versidt looked at the Doci as much as a being of pure energy can look and let his voice echo throughout the room. "Hallowed are the Ori. You, who serve us well, shall have the honor of bringing the light of Origin to those solar systems. Shall they not see the light that is Origin we must cleanse the evil from our world lest it spread and infect all those who follow the path of Origin. We put our trust in you our faithful Doci to save the souls of mortals as only the path of Origin can.

"All who do not follow the path of Origin must find the light or be cleansed from our world and only then can mortals be free to rise to higher levels of existence as promised in the book of Origin. Serve us well and we, the Hallowed Ori, will be there to greet you when you ascend."

Completely captivated and inspired by the word of the Ori the Doci replied. "Hallowed are the Ori. Those solar systems will see the light of Origin. All must see the light that is Origin. Hallowed are the Ori." Hearing this Versidt let the flames dim some, signaling his leaving and watched the Doci say another hallowed are the Ori before leaving to spread his word.

'My plans are moving along nicely. This galaxy is almost all following the path of Origin. Soon we will increase the population and then we must wait until the time is right to make our move. In the mean time, my side project is going as planed.

'It is a shame I never did finish my alteration device but with the boy I chose it should matter little. His own innate abilities should make up the difference. If those Alteran were not in the way I could have done at lot more but I still got one over them.

'While I can not do anything in their galaxy I was able to enter the child's dream and manipulate it to my purposes. Having his own abilities retrieve the bracelet from my labs got around that problem of not being able to interfere without the Alterans noticing me there. I knew it would not be long before he was injured sufficiently for him to be transported.

'Now, with the destruction and chaos he should cause that galaxy there will be no one able to resist the spreading of Origin and the Alteran will meet their end at last. The boy is flawed in design but when it comes time to move I will perfect the design and have this Orici guide the troops.' It would not be long until the Alteran were gone and then he could start the next phase of his plans.

Thinking back Versidt could remember when and how it all started.

It was amazing. All the power and knowledge he had at hand now was incredible. While the others were still researching the process to ascension he had done it. As far as he knew he was the first of his race to ascend to this plane of existence.

He was testing his new powers as an ascended being and he just so happened to pick a planet with humans on it as part of that testing ground. When he presented himself to them they thought he was a god and started to worship him. And he found out it gave him more power.

Now all he needed was to figure out a way to have people worship him all across the galaxy. Thinking about it he remembered reading about how once they had lived on Altera but they left when the Ori were starting to cause problems.

Leaning more towards religion than technology the Ori could be just what he needed. As an ascended being it was easy enough to travel back to the home galaxy of the Alterans and learn all he could of the Ori. It had been thousands of years since the two groups had split apart and change was bound to have happened.

Learn he did and while he learned he also planned. He would wait to see if they would ascend and if they did Versidt would be there to greet them and tell them his wonderful plan to spread their religion throughout the galaxy. Then once they gained enough power they could eliminate the Alterans.


Waking up after a few hours of sleep Harry knew it was going to be a long couple of months. He had so much to do until he could relax more and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

His information gathering session yesterday gave him a slightly new outlook. It was his plan to have no contact with the people of Earth, but he had gotten some good information out of them.

It might not hurt to have some contact with the explorers from Earth. He would just have to limit it and make it on his terms.

He wondered whether he should change his approach with the Asgard. They could have useful information and he might even be able to use them for his own ends. The alliance they made with the Alteran might be useful as he was technically Alteran.

Harry would have to research the terms of this Alliance and find out if it was useful otherwise a different approach was needed.

'The Nox might also be of use to me. According to O'Neill's thoughts they could turn things and themselves invisible. Plus that Carter woman was amazed they could bring back the recently dead.

'They must have some form of energy manipulation and I would not mind learning. Is it possible to bring yourself back to life? They are definitely a race to meet.' Just as he had this thought Harry got the sudden sense he should put off meeting the Nox.

It was just a strange feeling that meeting the Nox would not be a good thing. 'I'll put off meeting the Nox and work on the Asgard first as they are more problematic. The other races they mentioned are not as important as these two.

'Or should I start at the bottom and work my way up? Or prove myself before meeting them.' Sitting up on his bed Harry stored these thoughts for later contemplation.

Heading into the bathroom Harry took a shower and then got ready for the day. He stopped by the area Raven had made his nest to see if he was awake. Seeing as he was Harry held out his arm for Raven to climb up which he did.

"So, are you looking forward to tomorrow? I know I can hardly wait." Harry started walking over to the trunk full of books near the door and grabbed two books from it.

"What is so exciting? It is just going to be a big storm. Now those weird snakes, those are what I want to meet. Do they talk as funny as they look?" Raven hissed what could be considered a laugh as he finished.

Running a hand along Raven's scales as he started walking out of the room Harry said, "I have no idea. We'll just have to wait until we capture one. But you are right about them looking funny. Although taking control of a body how they do would be an interesting ability.

"And it's not just a big storm. It's a gigantic storm. One that's destruction will affect the whole Earth. A Hypercane is the ultimate in natural disasters."

"You are obsessed with storms. You always go outside when there is one and now you're causing the largest one ever on Earth." Raven hissed.

Walking into the kitchen area Harry grabbed some food and said, "What is not to like about storms? They are perfect. And I'm not obsessed; I just like to watch them. Now obsessed would be you with rabbits."

Raven let out a sound of pleasure at the mention of rabbits. "Mmmm, rabbits. They taste so good, and are filling. Better than those mice you wanted to feed me."

Eating his food as he walked Harry and Raven made their way towards the construction control center. He could also access what he needed from the main control center but this room was closer to where he was going next. Entering the room Harry then made his was to the console that controlled the construction bays. He needed to make that satellite by tomorrow or he'd miss recording the hypercane.

Everything for the observation satellite was going smoothly and Harry saw that it would be finished in time. He would need to take the partly finished ship to get the satellite into orbit over Earth.

Checking on the progress made to the ships while he was there, Harry was pleased to note that his first ship would be ready within two months and the second one he was having constructed should be done in a little over two years.

Since he told Raven he would not go by the name Saerpix Harry had instead used the name for the ship he found half built in Versidt's lab. As for the second ship, Harry still had no idea for a name.

The second ship he was building was based off of an Alteran battle cruiser. The main difference was that it was slightly larger and had integrated an Alteran defense satellite as part of the weapons systems. The hyperdrive was also modified to allow for greater distances and speed as apposed to just fast short distance jumps.

Harry almost could not believe how complicated it was to combine the battle cruiser with a defense satellite. Just looking at the plans he could tell someone had spent probably years designing the ship. There was one thing that Harry wanted to change from the original design.

During the time yesterday when he was reading from the updated database, he came across something that intrigued him. He was looking through the more recent projects and Project Arcturus stood out to him. Mostly this was because Alteran shields will hold as long as they have power supplying them. With enough power to supply shields a ship could become practically invulnerable.

There were of course several problems with the project as it was now, but Harry was confident that by the time the ship was getting close to being ready he should have something ready.

Starting to pet Raven again Harry left the room. "I still have no idea where that idea came from yesterday. I mean one second I'm reading the next it just hits me. Multiple universes might solve the exotic particle problem. I don't even know any of the details of the project so why did I think multiple universes would solve a problem I really have no knowledge about?"

"You probably read about it somewhere. You do enough reading to have read something about either the project or multiple universes and it just came back to you when you were reading." Raven said.

Shrugging his shoulder Harry had to agree with Raven. "You're most likely right. I must have come across something in my readings that gave me the idea."

Entering a large empty circular room Harry looked around. Nodding his head after a quick look around Harry pulled his wand out of its holder and started to create a practice room.

"Did you want to stay while I practice? The last time you only almost got hit a few times." As Harry finished his question Raven was already halfway down his body.

On the floor and heading for the exit Raven gave his reply, "You're crazy if you think I'll go through that again. No thank you, I'm leaving."

Smiling as he watched Raven leave Harry concentrated on recreating his practice room from the lab on Earth. All of the wall would have a reflecting spell placed on it except for two small sections placed opposite each other that would absorb spells.

This way Harry could dodge and practice casting spells all at the same time. All the while he would use telekinesis to float a book in front of him so he could learn new spells. It is very good practice for concentration as he has to keep the book floating while casting spells, dodging spells, and reading.

Standing in the middle of the room Harry took one of the books he brought with him and opened it to the page he was last on. This done he suspended it in the air in front of him and prepared to start practicing.

Exiting the gate SG-1 was still a little bit dazed. They felt like something was not right. Getting cleaned up and storing their gear the team headed up to the briefing room for their debriefing.

Sitting around the table General Hammond was the first one to speak, "So what did you find?"

"There was nothing there Sir. No sign of anyone having been there recently. Just a lot of rock; a whole lot of rock." Said O'Neill.

"He's right sir, the place looked uninhabited. From what we saw I doubt anyone could live on that planet. No plant or animal life was in sight from the gate."

Waiting for Sam to finish Daniel added his own opinion, "There was also no sign of civilization in the past. No ruins or anything. I hate to say it but going there was a waste of time."

Looking over at Teal'c General Hammond wanted to hear his thoughts. "Indeed, there was nothing there besides the tracks to and from the gate."

Everyone looked at Teal'c. "I don't remember any tracks, Teal'c. Are you sure you are remembering right? It seems like something I'd remember."

"I am sure O'Neill. I remember tracks leading to and from the gate."

Looking around the table Sam remembered something. "Now that you mention tracks Teal'c I think I remember something about the rocks."

Listening to the group Hammond had a feeling of déjà vu. "It is possible you encountered another race capable of altering your memories again?"

Remembering the last time their memory was altered made the team frown. Being used as slave labor was not something they wanted to remember, not to mention the fact that Teal'c almost died.

"It is possible sir. That could also explain why we are remembering things. Since we had our memories altered before it could have made us more resistant to it happening again. The only real way to tell would be to use the za'tarc detector."

Standing up, General Hammond gave his orders, "I want all of you to undergo testing using the za'tarc detector. And in the mean time I'm going to have to confine you to your quarters. Until we know what is going on I can't risk letting you all roam the base."

As the group left for their quarters O'Neill suddenly said, "Mole people."

Getting strange looks from his team he said, "What? I remember something about mole people. Can you believe it? We could have met mole people and I don't even remember it."

The rest of the team just let the comment slip by them. Jack was being his usual self and it was somewhat relieving.

Continuing on their way SG-1 knew that until they either got their memory back or figured out what was going on it was likely that they would not be going anywhere.