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Preveiw to First Love, First Time. If I get enough reviews then chapters will be added. Enjoy!

"How do I get rid of this pain?"


"Can love heal all wounds?"




"How does it work."

"Love works in many and mysterious ways Gaara-kun. All you need to do is find someone that cares about you enough."

"Is that what love is?"

"Yes and much more."

"When will I have it?"

"You just got to meet someone."




Love, time, family. Those words and many more mean nothing to me. I love only myself. I have only myself. I am Gaara of the Desert, the monster that lives in the sand and loves only himself. Or at least that is what I was. Since the that day, the first time I lost. I have...experience many new...things. I know what it's like to have fun. Laugh. To feel wanted. But I still have not felt loved yet I think or at least that's what Uzumaki says that I'm in love. That I'm in a onesided love. That I have a crush on someone.

A crush. A onesided love. And the only way to end it is to tell her. Confess. It has been years that fight. Because of Uzumaki I have many friends. Including her. That is how I ended up loving her. Because she was my second friend. Also first female friend. While Uzumaki went to train for years, I realized that even if I confess to her, she can't return those feelings. She is in love with Uzumaki, my friend. But he problem is he doesn't love her. He loves the pink haired girl. Though she loves the Uchiha. Everyone says he is gay but when back during the exams I realized he loved my crush. Uzumaki said I'm in a oneside love but so is he and that pink girl and the Uchiha. Our oneside-ness connects. My uncle said love works in many and mysterious ways. Is what he meant. But the pain I have isn't healed yet. How does love really work? Must I make her love me? Must I kill my friend and the Uchiha so she loves to heal this pain? Oh uncle what must I do to have her? To free myself of this pain. How much longer must I wait? When is soon? Hyuuga Hinata when will you be mine!