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Th fic takes place afther Sasuke comes back, two years from the when Naruto returns. Enjoy and please review!

"How do I get rid of this pain?"


"Hey Gaara!",I turned around to see a yellow and orange blur come at me. In one blink he was in front of me, his face a little to close. He steps back and his hand rubs his neck as he laugh nervously.

"Sooo what brings you here. An important meeting-"

"You can be so dumb loser. All five kages are here for the festival for the treaty.", I turn away from the blond to raven beside him.



"Hehehe and don't forget me.", We both glance back at the blond before glaring at each other again. "Hey so you are here fun then right. Hey I know why don't you hang out with me, Sasuke and Hinata. Everyone else is on mission so it'll be just us." Hinata. With the Uchiha and Naruto?

"Sure.", I reply, taking my eyes off the Uchuha. I won glaring contest anyway.

"YAY! Great, We were just on our to meet Hinata at the bridge when we heard you were here. Come on.", Naruto grabs mine and the Uchiha hand, dragging us some where.


Naruto dragged us to the bridge. Never letting go. When at the side of the river, near the bridge, there stood her. She wore a not a large jacket nor a kimono. But a black tank top with fishing net sleeves, light blue shorts that covered half of her thighs and plain sandals. She was so...cute. Cute. That is the only word that comes to mind to describe her. Her shyness just makes her even cuter.

Before I knew Naruto had dragged us onto the bridge. Now I stood in front of her. Being closer to my heart starts to beat faster. I didn't notice Naruto letting me go until the Uchiha stood between me and her!

"Oh hello Sasuke-kun.", She seemed to be startled by him. Her cheeks become a light pink. That blush was the because of him. My hate for the Uchiha just keeps growing.

"Hi Naruto-kun, Gaara-kun.", I nodded and give her a small smile. She in turn smiled back.

"OK let's go!", Naruto cheers happily, grinning his trademark grin. Weird. He always seems to be grinning or smiling. I may never know why or how he can be happy like that, or at least fake it. Acting never was my best skill.

"Yeah, le..let's g..go.", Hinata said softly, yet load enough for us to hear. My heart skips a beat for a second. Her voice and that sweet smile...The pain I hold sudsides when she is around. She is...is the one I love. I must make her love me back.


Soon the sun began to set and the air started to become cooler. We had walked and stopped at many different booths, played games. Now we were going to get dinner before we head home. Through the day the Uchiha tried many things to my...Hinata. Who he was such a pervert.

"Hey Gaara are you ok?", I was snapped out of my thoughts when the blond called me name.

"Yes why?"

"You looked upset.", he said as he sat down at the end bench, near the window. I seat next to him. The Uchiha and Hinata sat a cross from us. Hinata sat a cross from me. When we were all seated the waiter came over to our table.

"What would you like?", he asked us.

"Ramen.", Naruto grinned.

"Rice balls", Hinata said softly, hopeful he heard her.

"The same as her.", Stupid Uchiha, copying her.

"Just green tea.", I said simple. Just looking at him made me sick. There was no way I could eat. Sides being around her I don't even feel hungry.

"Your orders will be ready soon.", the man said before he left.

"Um g...g...Gaara-kun. It..it.well...it was really fun..be...ing with you to...day.", My heart skipped two beats. It was then I notice the Uchiha and Uzumaki were in a heated conversation.

"Oh...yeah. It was fun."

"It has been a long time since we talked or spend time together.", she said without stuttering.

"It has, hasn't."

"I missed you."


"Um well...I miss..missed you.", This my heart skipped three beats. My whole body feels warm now.