Hiya people! I have come to another fan fic that popped up in my mind that I want to write. For unknown reasons, I think I'll actually have a god time writing this. Anyway, let's get on with the fan fic!

Chapter 1

'Crap. I didn't get any sleep.' thought a young blond haired boy.

The sun started to come over the horizon and the hokage's tower as Naruto just stared blankly at his apartment's ceiling. He had just got done trying to retrieve Sasuke, which was a failed, and couldn't stop thinking about that somewhat depressing thought. He motioned his head to move up his pillow and laid in a sitting style. He glanced at his clock.

'3:00 A.M.' the blond sighed.

Not only he had Sasuke on his mind, but Akatsuki as well. No, he didn't know the other jinchuuriki in the world, nor bijuu, but he had a feeling most of them were caught already. He closed his eyes to get the thought out his head and relax, but it kept coming back to him like a boomerang. He did that for a while before he opened his eyes and looked at the clock.

'3:02 A.M.'

Now what he thought, It wasn't long before 6:00 A.M. came around the corner. In that time, it was like hell-like to Naruto. The sleeping in over time, the constant banging on his door by Sakura, the smacks, pushes, and punches. It was hell. Naruto knew that if he ever went back to sleep at this time, he would repeat what I described in the morning. Although, he dropped the thought immediately, and closed his eyes. This time he went peacefully to sleep.

A blond women (or should i say kunoichi girl) raced threw the forest leading to the Konohagakure. It seemed to be the Akatsuki was after her, and she hardly escaped death. If she ever made it to the hokage, she would report that she was to stay at Konohagakure until at least most Akastuki were eliminated.

The kunoichi blond jumped of a tree quickly and quietly to the gate of Konoha. She dug into one of her pocket scrambling for the photo of the Konoha gate.

'Yep. This is it.' the blond kunoichi, thought panting for air.

She proceeded to step up to the huge gate that loomed over her. In the distance, some night shift guards saw the blond walking towards the gate. They slowly started to grab their weapons as the blond started to proceed. She finally was in front of the gate.

"State your purpose for being here." said a guard.

The blond kunoichi started to scramble some more of a note her loved ones wrote back at her village. She handed the note to a guard. After a few moments of reading the half ripped note, the guards nodded their heads at each other.

"You may proceed."

The gate slowly opened to the village she long awaited for. (Protectiveness, that is.) It creaked and tugged at the dirt surface of the ground; leaving marks that dug deep. She moved her right leg forward as the gate finished opening. Two inches after she walked in and past the gate, it slowly creaked back closed.

It didn't take long for the blond to spot the hokage tower; as it was a huge red tower with the word "Hokage" on it. She then made her way towards this building, taking in the beautiful sights as well.

"Lady hokage," Shizune said bursting in the door to Tsunade's bedroom. "A kunoichi has appeared in the leaf in need of your help."

It took two moments for Tsunade to react to the words Shizune reported since she was so sleepy. She slowly started to raise her head up, then the rest of her body, and reached for her hokage outfit.

"Why does it always have to be at this time?" Tsunade asked herself with tears in her eyes.

In the office, Tsunade examined the note Yugito gave her. Her eyes nearly went wide at some of the note's writings.

"Yugito Nii, huh?" asked Tsunade.

"Yes ma'am." Yugito replied silently and softly.

Usually, she didn't talk this way unless she was meeting something new, and she was at this moment. Tsunade slowly put the note on her desk and turned to Shizune, who were almost sleeping while standing.

"Shizune, when 6:00 A.M. comes, got get everybody from team Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai to report here."

"Yes ma'am."

After that was said, Tsunade turned to Yugito. She looked scared, but confident.

"Yugito, I'll be watching over you, and so will a certain someone."

"Eh?" Yugito said with a puzzled look.

Tsunade had to keep this news away from Danzo, who she thought were lurking in the shadows almost.

"Yugito," Tsunade said starting with a sigh. "I haven't done this in all my days of hokage, but for tonight, sleep in my room for tonight."

Yugito sighed with a smile. Shizune looked over to the hokage confused.

"Where will you sleep?"

"The guest room."

Shizune went wide eyed.

"We had a guest room??"

"Enough questions. Show Yugito the way to my room."

Shizune dropped the questions she really wanted to ask, and motioned her hand for Yugito to follow. They walked threw halls and finally arrived to Tsunade's room. Shizune opened the door and Yugito went wide eye. The room was huge with the right type of room temperature she liked.

She set her backpack on the ground and turned to Shizune.

"Thank you." she said.

"No problem." Shizune smiled.

After Shizune left, the door closed slowly and silently.

The bright sunlight shined threw Naruto's apartment window. As usual, he slept in late, and Sakura was banging on his door to wake up. When I mean banging, I mean BANGING that people could hear it on other floors of the apartment complex.

"DAMMIT NARUTO, WAKE UP!!" Sakura yelled; repeatedly punching the poor door. (Didn't mean that, lol)

Still, no response came from Naruto as Sakura banged his door with all her might. He was in dreamland. Sakura's next step was to break into his apartment and violently shake, push, and punch the sleeping Naruto.

Sucess! Sakura managed (like the thirtieth time) to get into Naruto's apartment. She lowered her arms down to Naruto, grabbed him with force, and shook him violently. The first shake was enough for Naruto to wake up, but allowed himself to be shook crazily by Sakura.

"WAKE UP, NARUTO!!" Sakura sounded like a raging bull.

Naruto, trying to keep his hands from shaking like he was, grabbed Sakura's hands that were holding him tight. Sakura stopped suddenly; which made Naruto sigh a breath of relief. She then let go of her blond team mate.

"So your finally awake," Sakura said trying to hold back a smile. "Normally It would take you a few smackings and beatings to wake up."

"Well, at least I'm awake earlier." Naruto said.

"Anyway, Tsunade wants us in the office."

"For what? I thought you just came in here to wake me up."

"It's about a kunoichi from the Kumogakure village."


Naruto walked towards his closet for a towel and some clothes. He stopped in front of his bathroom door and looked at Sakura.

"Do you mind?"

"Can't you just stay in the bathroom and change?"

Naruto decided not to fight (he wouldn't normally. He's just grumpy today.) and walked into the bathroom. SLAM! He didn't even notice he slammed it in Sakura's face.

"Eh!? Naruto!"

Ignoring her calling his name, Naruto undressed and stepped into the shower. A few minutes passed, and Naruto stepped out his bathroom dressed (Not in his ninja outfit). Sakura turned her head with a mad look on her face.

"What the hell was that about?"


"You slammed the door right in my face!"

"I did?"

Sakura put her hand on her face and shook her head; pink hair flowing back and forth. Naruto slightly blushed as Sakura's hair flew. She took her hand off, and looked up at Naruto with those Emerald eyes.

"Sorry, Sakura-chan."

He thought she would scream "YOU BETTER BE," but surprisingly, she smiled.

"Apology accepted. Now lets get to the hokage tower!"

Sakura grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him. She ran off towards the hokage tower.

When they got there, Everyone else looked towards them. (Mostly looking at Naruto.) Sakura and Naruto never expected so much eyes to be set on them when they entered. It stopped going threw Naruto's mind when he spotted an unfamiliar, blond haired kunoichi standing next to Tsunade.

"Ah, Naruto," Tsunade waved. "Just the person I want to see."

Naruto took a glimpse at Tsunade before staring back at Yugito. Tsunade noticed all too well. She moved a little next to Yugito.

"He notices you." Tsunade whispered.

"Eh?" was all Yugito could say.

Tsuande smiled. Sakura moved to Tsunade's desk with Naruto.

"Naruto and Sakura, meet Yugito Nii." Tsunade said.

They both turned to her and welcomed her warmly.

"I'm Haruno Sakura. I am Tsunade's apprentice and I like to train hard."

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I LOVE to work hard, I have the Kyuubi sealed in me, and I wanna be the future hokage!"

Yugito gasped at what Naruto said. 'He has... the Kyuubi?'

Naruto giggled and smiled at Yugito. It seemed that every time Naruto said this information, he would get hyped. Anyway, Yugito knew the kyuubi was located in Konoha, but she never expected to meet it so quickly. She thought the wielder of the kyuubi was special treated, but it didn't seem like it now that she met him here.

"Hi," Yugito said forcing a smile. "I'm a kunoichi from Kumogakure village, and one of the strongest. I don't mind training, and I have the Nibi cat sealed in me."

Naruto lost all thoughts about being hokage after he heard what Yugito said. 'Two tailed cat? A bijuu jinchuuriki!"

Tsunade looked back and forth between Naruto and Yugito. Somehow, she could feel the attention they were giving each other.

"Well, I bet you guys are tired of standing around," Tsuande said to everybody. "You all can go."

Immediately, Everyone, except Sakura, Naruto and Yugito, were scrambling for the door. Yugito spoke first.

"Nice to meat you." Yugito said holding her hand out for a friendly shake.

Naruto smiled and shook her hand. He could tell they were going to get along fine. Sakura had a strange feeling, though. Tsunade broke the moment.

"Naruto, I'll be looking out for her, and so will you."

Naruto snatched his hand away from Yugito's, and glared at Tsunade.

"You want me to do what??"

"Since you and I know a lot about this village, and I'm mostly in my office, You'll be looking after her too."

Naruto gulped at the thought unknowing how to take care of someone. (food, shelter, etc.)

"Hey, don't worry. I'll be there with you every step." Tsunade said.

Naruto agreed. He, Yugito, and Sakura left the office.