On a train somewhere in a world that looks like a game…A young excited boy was smiling. He was seated on a train and was content with life.

(Just got out of college and all I've learned will be put to the test!) He said raising a fist.

Thinking to him self a blue cat decides to sit across him on the Hogwarts Express. Kiro was lost in thought to notice him.

"What's your name?" Rover asked.

"Kiro" He automatically replied still happy.

"Sounds like a nice name for a girl." He said sincerely.

"I'm a boy!" He said no longer smiling.

"Sorry! It's ambiguous." He says putting his hands up defensively.

"But you can see me!" Kiro said pointing a finger at the feline.

"So where are you headed?" He said to change the subject.

"…Smashville." He forced.

"Been there before, make sure to not look up at the sky to often." He took a hand and pointed upward.

"Why?" One eyebrow of his raised.

"We've arrived!" Someone from the front yelled.

"Nice meeting you Mango!" Rover said waving.

Rover waves goodbye as Man- Kiro gets off the train and meets Porter.

"Now for the next kid…" Rover thinks to himself.

At the station!

"Welcome to Smashville, here's an umbrella, things are bound to fall so watch out!" Porter says while handing Kiro an umbrella as a pitfall falls from the sky.

"I like you, do you like me?" Looking at Porter.

"GET OUT." He says with a screechy voice and threatening eyes.

Backing up slowly Kiro gets off the steps and he meets a thief.

"Name's Tom Nook, I was told you are in need of a home?"

Kiro nods, "My mom called you?"

He nods.

"Follow me."

He says taking two steps South and stops and they are at the acre with the four identical homes.

"Go on, check each of them out, they're unique in their own way."

As Kiro explores the interior of the 4 identical houses, he finally chooses the one of the upper left corner. As he exits the house, a hammer head falls through the roof. Nook shows a surprised expression and walks up to Kiro with concern.

"You're going to have to pay for that!" He chuckles madly.

"Look, I- (He's offering a home I shouldn't argue) will pay for that." He forces out.

"Ok good…you can have the radio for free! The wall and carpet, plus the roof color, the gyroid and the roof it will come up to 20,250 bells!" Tom said while holding his hand out in glee.

As Kiro checks his sack, he gets nervous upon only seeing 200 bells.


"Is something the matter?"

"What if I pay you back gradually?" He proposes with one hand behind his back.

"You can not bargain here in the real world, child, you must pay up your end of the bargain, that's how life works." He says with fire burning behind him.

As Kiro looked up, several coins fell from the sky.

"You're saved thanks to the brawlers…"

After counting the coins that fell from the brawl

"Well you're short several bells, but you can work at my store to pay it back, just turn right 3 times and go up twice, it's a cozy small shack, you can't miss it." He points towards the shack.

As Tom leaves Kiro turns around.

"And where-" Tom vanished! In actuality Nook hid behind Kiro like the sneak he is.

Later at Nook's

"You're late!"

"I just saw you…a minute ago…I could come back in an hour." He says without trying to be defiant.

Tom pulls a maid outfit from out of his "pocket."

"Look I don't mean to whine, but why a maid's outfit?"

"Because not only will you appeal to the customers, you will also shall do some business for me."

Somewhere on a family friendly site…A mother shields her son's eyes from this game.

"Keep pushing, you're almost there!"

"But it's going to get all over me!"

"Nonsense, just keep pushing it and it will fit!"


As Kiro pushes a box of junk onto a higher shelf, Tom cleans the shelves.

"You're first duty is to deliver this couch –points on a map- to Olivia."

"In- in this outfit?" He raises a brow.

"You're right…" Nook says as he pulls out the default clothes.

After changing

"This dumb leaf uniform makes me itchy…but its better then some skirt…" He shivers at the thought.

"You the delivery boy?"

"Yes…" Kiro says with a sad look that looks like he's been abused.

"Just move it in here."

"Which direction?"

"Down there is fine."


"What was that?" Kiro asked

"That uniform…You look cute in poison ivy." She teased.

He leaves the house swiftly and runs to his home and stripes out of his "uniform" and changes to his casual wear.

He returns to the shop

"How dare you change without my consent!"

"We barely know each other!"

"Your clothes I mean, not your personality!"

"I should sue you but then you'd lose money and it would take longer to pay you back…"

"Fine, kids are so ungrateful these days…" He mutters the words under fine.

"You're next job will be to plant these flowers around the shop, so don't get crazy now…here." He gives Kiro the bags and pots and they crush him.

He returns from planting flowers.

"That will be 480 bells from your check…" He says while writing it down in his black notebook.

"You're job will be to meet everyone in town, and trust me, I'll know when you do meet everyone."

Tom waves goodbye as Kiro leaves as swift as possible.

"I forgot to get a map…or directions…guess I'll just aimlessly wonder." He thinks aloud.

As Kiro bumps into a tree a bee hive comes down. He runs back into the store.

"I need a map!"

"50 bells."

"Ok fine, just take it out of my pay check."

"Glad we both agree." A lust in his eye shines.

He hands it over and its drawn in crude crayon.

"Who made this?" He says with an appalled expression.

"My nephews."

As he tried to read the map he hits a tree and a leaf falls on his head and it turns into Naruto. Kidding no references to shows I DO NOT like here.

He grabs it he puts it in his pocket. As he continues to read the confusing map, he runs into someone.

"Sorry about that I've been trying to read this map and-"

"It's no problem boy-o!"

"Irish sir- uh…"

"Cooper! Do you need help lad?"

"I need a proper map, the shop owner gave me a faulty one."

"Say no more."

Cooper hands him a map.

"Stay out of trouble and greet the mayor boy!"

"I will thanks!"

(Wait why don't I have him arrest Nook) He thinks walking away from the cop.

(Because he's the only one in this town with a store.) Cooper replies.


Kiro runs and looks at the official map with great intensity.

"Ok 30 acres and many people too meet…Let's start at the post office…"

As Kiro walks into acre A1 (stake-sauce) He sees the town hall and steps inside.

"Hi, I'm new!" He says looking around, only to find one female pelican.

"Hi, my name is Pelly, how may I help you?"

"I'm new and need to know what these symbols on this map mean." Kiro says showing the map.

"This envelope here is the town hall. You can send and store letters, pay for your house and dump junk here. The pink square is the train station. The red looking house is Tom Nook's shop. Looking downward at the lower acres, the oil looking symbol is the fountain, where you can check the progress of the town. The green house, which isn't green, is the museum in which you can donate items to making your town look better! There's also a café in the basement and an observatory on the second floor."

"What about this X marked spot?"

"The X marked spot is where missiles from Metal Gear land!"


"I'm kidding!"

"Ok…so what is it?"

"It's the police station! These last two spots; the golden rectangle is the dock where you can go to the island and the orange shirt is the Mabel Sister's design studio. And that is all the places in this town."

"Thank you!"

As Kiro leaves Pelly looks downward.

"Alright Phyliss where's the money?"

"Hmm!" She mumbles with a terrified look on the verge of tears.

Kiro exits and heads south and sees a home.

"I guess this is a neighbor."

As he heads downward he sees a purple creature in a dress.

"Hi, excuse me, I am new and I was wondering-"

"My saw goes zzz…"

Putting one hand to his chin and the other around his stomach, "Wonder what I can do to wake him up…"

He starts to move him around and eventually he wakes up.

"Huh? Woah, who am I?"

"Don't you mean WHERE am I? Also I was wondering if you could tell me."

"Do you have amnesia?" Bob asks with a sparkle in his eye.


"I'm Bob, the kitty, it's a name to be feared and the reason would be because there's a shiny by your foot! What's your name, pthhpth?

"I'm…Kiro…nice to meet you Bob."

"You're very polite Kilo, I'm sorry but I'm sleepy at the moment, please leave a message after the…Zzz."

Kiro is confused and pokes him.

"Ok I'll eat you later you soft clouds…Let me eat the gummy-bears first…" He drools.

Bob shrugs and drags him inside his house.

As Kiro puts Bob to bed he looks around and sees the puzzle house.

"It suits his personality: complex yet simple. I'll check up on you later."

As Bob sleeps, Kiro slowly closes the door. He checks the map.

"You didn't sing the map song!" The map protested

"!" Kiro drops the map in surprise.

"Stop stealing my gimmick!" Solid snake yelled over the stage before he was punched off by Ganon.

"You are new, its ok but don't drop me or I will rust!" The map said it tried dusting itself.

"You're just paper though…"

"Bitch, I will cut you. You think I can just be folded and thrown away? Don't you know who I am?" The map asked putting on Kamina shades.

"Look I'll tell you where to go, so that you can stop opening me. I need my shut eye!"

Kiro folds the paper.


Kiro unfolds the paper.

"I need to talk, just leave me out and I can tell you where to go, I am a GPS after all."


"On the train you were in the bathroom. You ate-"

"Alright you stalker, just direct me!"

"To your right there's a lake."

Kiro looks to see the beautiful lake and sees some shadows in the water. He hears the tranquility of the lake and enjoys it.

"Sleeping beauty, let's go I feel exposed being open like this." The map said sternly.

"Fine, where to next?"

"Go to your house, but go one acre down."

Kiro does so and looks around.

"Who lives here?"


Kiro looks around and he knocks on the door, but there's a sign.

"Look around."

Before Kiro can even turn, Snake has him in a choke hold.

"How goes it, bunyip?"

"Uh…why are you doing this?"

"Look at how I dress."

Snake lets go of Kiro and he turns to see him dressed as a ninja.

"You're a bunny?"

"No, I'm a ninja!"

"No I mean your name is snake and you're a bunny?"

"Yeah. So what?"

"Isn't that…ironic?"


"Don't snakes eat bunnies?"

"No they don't, but they eat other snakes."


"Well I'm off to play hide and seek-"

"That sounds safe."


"…Ok, I'm going to go now."

He heads towards the acre to his right in a sprint and bumps into someone.

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok, just watch where you move next time, ok bucko?"

"Helga Pataki?"

"No, but you ok bucko? You're confusing me for a girl. Anyways I'm Filbert."

"How many Nickelodeon references are you made of? And you look like a girl!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. Anyways, I am a Squirrel."

"I can see that but if you're not a boy, why a dress?"

"Easier to move in."

"I admit the maid outfit is- NO!" He said literally pushing the background image of himself in a maid costume away.

"Is there someone else in your acre who I can also introduce myself to?"

"Yeah there's –points- Van."

"Thanksandnicetomeetyou!" He says as fast as he can and moves towards the giraffe as quick as he said that.

"Hi, I'm Kiro."

"Hey Yankee, I'm Savannah. See that troy?"

"You have a heavy Brooklyn accent…"

"I planted it and grew it and now we have the only Cherry tree among the oranges in this town."


Kiro's stomach grumbles

"I'll let you have dis, but you have to do something for me."


"Deliver this honker-burger replica to Fil there."

"Even though he's a couple of feet away and there are many oranges about, I do love cherries, they're easy to eat and…"

"Just do it fast before I call my home boy the map to pop a cap in your-."

Kiro walks over but Filbert is gone.

"Where'd he go?" He asks himself a loud.

Kiro knocks on his door but there's a sign.

"Out, go find me."


Kiro finds himself in another choke hold.

"You rang, bunyip?"

"I need your help finding Filbert!"

"Are we playing hide and seek…TO THE DEATH?!" He asked with ecstasy.

"No! I just need to find him so I can get a cherry."

"Why not an orange? Or why not steal a cherry?"

"Didn't you hear my dramatic monologue?"

"It's more of an aside."

"So you did hear it!"

"You better deliver it before I call the map!" Savannah says from beyond a couple of feet.

"What's in it for me?" Snake asked.

"Fine, I'll let you kill…uh –looks around- a tree?" Kiro said looking about.


As Kiro goes wondering, Snake goes into the trees.

"Finally, some action! Let's see…"

As Snake talks to himself and looks around he finds Sydney. He jumps down from the tree and gives her a choke hold and she continues to smile.

"Where is the squirell known as Filbert?"

"That's cute, sunshine!"

"I'm serious, where is he, bunyip?"

"I don't know, but if you find him, tell him tag!" She says as she puts a finger to his nose.

"You are always smiling…its creepy."

"Happy! Happy! Happy!" She sings.

Kiro has wondered into another acre.

"Hi, I'm new and my name is Kiro."

"Nice to meet you, Kirot, I'm Emerald, BAM!"

"…No please, don't, not you, is everyone, oh man…" Kiro said looking as though he is going to have a nervous breakdown.

"It's only a matter of time before you're one of us!


Want one of my famous creations to ease your mind?"


Emerald goes into his house and comes back out.

"Here you go!"


"Do you like?"

"It's stationary…"

"No silly look at the stationary!"

"It's a picture of a cherry…"

"Eat the paper."


"Go on, don't be shy."

"My mom only moved me out here to make me suffer."

Kiro takes a bite and chews on it and finishes eating it.

"That wasn't too bad." He says almost smiling.

"See? Anyways I'm off to make more of my creations, later!"

"Wait, I-"

He shuts his door and Kiro just leaves with the edible paper.

"Stu." Snake said in a cold tone as he jumped down from an invisible rope and lands in front of Stu the ox.

"Where's Filbert?"

"Snake can I finish eating these pickles?"

"Fine, let me help you."

Snake kicks the pickle out of Stu's hand and it flies into the air and he slices it with a sword and lands as the pickle returns to Stu's hand. After landing a rock and a tree split into many pieces and the pickle lands in one piece in Stu's hand.

"Uh…NINJA AWAY!" He throws a smoke bomb downwards but it turns out to be a stink bomb.

At the fountain.

"I'm the mayor"

"I know you just told me that…5 times…" Kiro said.

"If you excuse me, I need to go and make a snowman."

"It's October…"

"I know. That's why I'm going to the beach!"

"But you just-"

"Excuse me young son, I need to go to the bathroom."

Tortimer goes into his shell and Kiro leaves as fast as possible as he starts to pull out his hair.

As Snake finally finds Filbert, Snake looks at his surroundings.

"Filbert, I've been looking for you."

"Really? Oh sorry Snake, I just went one acre up to get some oranges. So what's up?"

"Not much, later. Oh and tag!" He says as he pokes Filbert's noise and vanishes.

"Alright bucko." Filbert says to himself.

"What a funny fellow." Filbert thinks as he puts on a hot dog hat.