As Kiro comes out of his home he whistles.

"The mail box is ringing!" He sings.

He checks the mail to see he has received 3 letters.

"Nook's Cranny has updated!"

Can sell that fish now...

Inside his home is a shark in a goldfish tank.

"The HRA invites you…"


"Dear Kiro,"


Hey Kiro,

I regret to inform you that I'm moving, but before I move I just want to say that it's been real fun getting to know you. I don't know where I'll end up, but I know I'll have fun.

Love, Filbert

As Kiro puts the letter down he starts to cry.


"Maybe I can say goodbye to him before he leaves?" Kiro asked himself as he took out his map. To his disappointment the house no longer was on the map.


Instead of being two houses, there was just one now. He did notice that there were a few other houses nearby that weren't there before.

"Whose in that acre now…Savannah is still there…no one…Hazel just moved in…huh? Who's Tad? Stella?"

As Kiro walks to the acre between the police station and the tailor shop, he makes a note of something.

"All the neighbors houses, look the same…It looks like a 2 story house on the outside, but it's small and possibly cramped within."

As Tad comes out, Kiro greets him.

"Hey, how is it going?"

"It's all good, -sluuuuurp noise-"

"…You're not drinking anything."

"I know, -sluuuuurp noise-"

"Not another quirky neighbor." He says as he slaps his face.

Crossing to the other side of the village he finds Stella's house.

"Hi, I'm an old gal looking for a swinging good time!" She starts to dance tango and salsa style.

"Least she's lively…"

Kiro leaves the acre to greet his final new neighbor and it turns out to be another squirrel.

"Hello nutmeg," she begins as though she's in a trance, "I'm Hazel."

"Hi…I'm Kiro."

They shake hands.

"Oops, my nuts dropped." She bends over in front of Kiro and her tail makes a fist and punches him in the face. His nose starts to bleed.

"Excuse me. I must go find the Blibbering Humdinger."

She leaves without picking up the nuts.

(Man…Wish I had that ability, then the people from Halloween would have left me alone!)