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-..- . -..- Chapter One: Messes -..- . -..-

-Saturday 1A-

Misaki lay, sprawled out on the floor after a full day's worth of cleaning. He didn't know who had left the fridge open the night before, resulting in the horrible mess he'd had to clean in the kitchen, nor was he certain as to who had knocked over the entertainment center in the living room, resulting in that… erm… well, mess was an understatement...

He was fairly certain he hadn't been sleepwalking, and he didn't remember opening the fridge at all last night, so it was safe to say it was probably the only other occupant of the gigantic castle that Misaki called home- a certain novelist. This was getting out of hand, though; this was the fourth day in a row he'd had to clean up after that smut-writing bastard, and he was getting pretty tired of it. It'd be fine if Usami would fess up and apologize or give some kind of reason, but he'd always either deny it or put up some kind of confused or air-headed front.

"Tadaima." Usami let himself in, suddenly, tugging at his tie on his way in.

"WHERE WERE YOU?" Misaki snapped, peeling himself off of the floor. It was four PM on a weekend and when he'd awoken, Usami was nowhere in sight. He hadn't left a note- only the mess Misaki had spent the entire day cleaning.

"I was out at a meeting… I told you about it." Usami replied, heading up to his room. "…The place looks nice."

"WHAT DID YOU DO?! I woke up and it looked like a tornado had hit!" Misaki complained, following his lover up the stairs, frustrated.

Usami tossed his tie across the room, grabbing another one and putting it on. "What're you talking about?"

". . . Are you going somewhere, now?" Misaki arched a brow as Usami collected a few things.

"Yes, I already told you I'm going to be busy all day… I'd invite you along, but I wouldn't put the one I love through what I'm about to go through."

"…Sick?" Misaki blinked, confused, and Usami shook his head, negatively, heading back downstairs. "Meetings."

"Meetings?" Misaki tapped his chin, thoughtfully, as he followed Usami back down the stairs. "Meetings… meetings… like… sitting around, right?"


"Discussing things?"



"I really haven't the slightest idea as to what you're referring to." Usami frowned, sliding on a pair of glasses. "This place has never looked more pristine."


"…What're you talking about?" Usami asked, realizing there was also a stain on his shirt and heading back upstairs to change it, too.

"I'm talking about the mess I woke up to! Surely you noticed it on your way out?! You couldn't have made it to the door unless you could FLY!"

". . ." Usami closed the door on Misaki's face.

Misaki's jaw dropped. "…HEY! ANSWER ME YOU SON OF A-!" He threw open the door and flushed when he saw Usami tugging off his shirt and pitching it.

"Ah, Misaki," Usami turned with a smirk and a special gleam in his eye that Misaki recognized instantly. "you wanted to watch?"

". . ."

The door slammed again and Misaki stormed toward the stairs as fast as he could, but something latched onto the back of his hoodie and dragged him back into the room…

The door slammed once again, entrapping Misaki with his impending doom.

"Usagi-san… what're you doing?! You have to go, right?!" Misaki squirmed under his lover's strong hold. The older man was hovering above him on the enormous bed.

Usagi simply smirked, leaning down for a kiss.

"Usagi-san!" Misaki admonished, turning, only to have his neck ravaged. "…You're supposed to be an adult, aren't you?! Shouldn't you be hurrying back to your next meeting?"

"I'll be more focused if I get my daily dose of Misaki." Usami turned Misaki's face and kissed him, gently.

"Stooop…" Misaki whined, pulling away and blushing lightly. "…You have to go to work, don't you, Usagi-san?!"

"…I do, but I'm allowed to be a little late." Usami smirked, kissing Misaki again.

Misaki hesitantly kissed him back, wondering, for a moment, if it was that mind-set that got Usagi-san into so much trouble when it came to not meeting his deadlines… He let his mind drift a bit more before focusing on their kissing. He shut his eyes and moaned softly as Usami ran his hands down the brunette's stomach to their desired destination, stopping only when he reached it, the novelist gripped at Misaki's swelling length from beneath his pants.

"Uaah…" Misaki gasped, leaning away, but Usami had a gentle but strong grip on him. "…No…"

"…Cute." Usami smirked, pumping a couple of times.

"Mm…" Misaki shut his eyes, shrugging his shoulders, nervously and uncomfortably. "…Stop…"

"No way." Usami countered, smirking and pumping harder.

"Mm… No…" Misaki whined, squirming, shoulders shrugging from one side to the other as his fingers came to rest on Usami's chest. "…No means no…"

"No means yes; sometimes." Usami raised his other hand to the back of Misaki's head, pulling it to his chest and kissing Misaki's hair, gently. "Like now… while your upper half says no, your lower half is saying yes…"

"…But my brain is in my upper half." Misaki huffed, trying to pull away, but Usami held him there, smirking and rolling the two over yet again, resting a knee between Misaki's legs; making sure it brushed against Misaki's crotch.

"Aaah!" Misaki couldn't bite back his moan, "Stop…"

"Why are you resisting, Misaki?" Usami smirked, rubbing again. "Are you guilty? Frightened?" He took Misaki's hand and licked his fingertips, sensually. "Do you think I want to dominate you or something? To punish you? To hurt you? Make you suffer? Make you sad? Do anything other than to make you writhe with pleasure?"

". . ." Misaki blushed, falling silent, before nodding.

"…WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YES?!" Usami froze. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

"…Your upper half and lower half say so…" Misaki huffed, turning away. "Besides… you really should be getting to work…"

"Like I said, it can wait." Usami tugged Misaki's shirt up to expose his small chest.

"…Usagi-san… what about the messes?" Misaki blushed lightly before gawking as Usami tugged his pants down, too.

"I said it already, right? I don't know what you're talking about." Usami mouthed Misaki's length, going down on it completely and swallowing.

"Aaaaah!" The resisting stopped and Misaki threw himself back on the bed, fully, arching his back as more moans ripped from his throat. "U-U-Usagi-saaan!"

Usami raised enough to lick the tip and smirk before pumping a few more times with his hands, licking any pre-cum that leaked out, threatening to stain his sheets. "Misaki… your legs are trembling…"

"…Usagi-san… I…" Misaki sat up; reaching down for Usami's face, but Usami went down on him again. Misaki winced, trying not to cry out as he watched his lover's mouth engulf his erection. His fingers, which were still raised near Usami's head, were trembling, as was his entire body. "Usagi-san… I'm going to… going to… aaaaaaah!!" Misaki shut his eyes tightly as he came down his lover's throat, falling back into the sheets behind him and panting, shuddering as his lover swallowed the last of his semen.

Usami swallowed it and rose up, kissing Misaki gently. Misaki shut his eyes, wrapping his arms around his precious Usagi-san and whimpering when Usami's tongue invaded his mouth, sliding along his own supple pink muscle.

The college student wondered if his cheeks would stain and forever remain the abnormal color of pink that they often were when he was with his lover. Usami's train wasn't making the normal racket it usually did, so the only sounds filling the room were the wet sounds of their own little make-out session… this only made Misaki blush more; it was getting to the point to where he could FEEL himself blushing…

After a moment, he felt Usami's hand on his own, and the older man took the smaller hand into his, guiding it to the bulge in the writer's pants.

Understanding, and for once, not arguing or resisting, Misaki reached up for Usami's chest with both of his hands, pushing him away and back-down on the bed. Swallowing nervously, Misaki unbuckled Usami's belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled him out, staring at the large organ, nervously.

"If you do it, make sure you either catch it or swallow it." Misaki could hear the smirk in his lover's voice.

"Why?" He huffed, oppositionally.

"Aikawa would understand why I had to change shirts, but if I come out with a new pair of pants, she'd think it odd, don't you think? And when that woman gets thinking, she-"


"Of course not, she's waiting for me at the next meeting place… Isaka will probably give us hell if I'm late…"

"So this is a meeting you don't want to go to?" Misaki huffed, working his hands over his lover's dick.

"Nn… Not really. I hate all meetings, but having to tolerate that guy is bad enough as it is… anyway, he'll probably cry or something if I'm late. If that's the case, and I have to put up with some kind of obnoxious temper tantrum, I really will take it out on you, Misaki."

Misaki licked Usami from the base to the tip before going down on him, a little too fast. He almost gagged himself, but as far as he could tell, Usami hadn't noticed. He started swallowing; trying to mimic what Usami had done for him. Usami wasn't trembling… was he doing this right?

Then he got an idea… sure something like that really turned him on when he was a virgin, but maybe Usagi-san would enjoy it, too…?

He reached up with his hands as his head continued bobbing up and down on Usami's groin, and he tugged Usami's pants down to his thighs, placing both of his middle fingers on either side of Usami's hip bones and slowly sliding them down along the sensitive skin of his nether regions toward his crotch.

He found that doing that when he was younger would usually cause him to involuntarily shudder, and back then it would turn him on, so he hoped Usami might also become turned on by it… though Misaki could pretty much be lying there dead asleep and without a doubt, Usami would probably be turned on by it…

What an unpleasant thought…

"…NN… Mi…Misaki…"

Misaki reveled in his little victory; he felt Usami shudder, if only momentarily, but then he felt large fingers weaving through his bangs and hair.

"Misaki… I want to see it… your cute face…" Usami whispered as he sat up a little.

Misaki blushed deeply, now that Usami could see him, he felt more self-conscious. He moved his hands to cover his mouth as he continued sucking.


Misaki's eyes widened a little as he felt a warm, gooey substance enter his mouth and leak down the back of his throat. Closing his eyes, he sucked and swallowed until no more came out.

Tentatively, he pulled back and pulled Usami's pants back up, wiping his mouth, though he knew he'd swallowed it all.

"…Misaki…" Usami reached up to caress his younger lover's cheek and guide his face to his own, kissing him, gently.

"…Usagi-san…" Misaki bowed his head a little, embarrassed, and Usami pecked him on the forehead. Suddenly he felt lonely at the idea of his lover leaving him… "Do you… want anything to eat before you go?"

"I just had something, thanks." Usami smirked, teasingly.

"…Are you coming home for dinner?" Misaki looked up, sadly.

"Sorry… eat without me." Usami frowned, caressing his younger lover's cheek.

Misaki blinked before nodding. "Alright…" He got up, and headed out to wait for his lover.

He closed the door behind himself and headed down the stairs, dejectedly. Usually a man would feel satisfied after having done that, wouldn't they? But he found himself feeling quite teased and somehow wanting his lover to stay home for just one evening—

'AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! AM I COMPLETELY TURNING INTO A WOMAN?!' Misaki yanked at his own hair in frustration from his own feelings before yanking his shirt up to his collar bone to check for actual breasts. He lowered his shirt and fumed, plopping down on the couch, only to land on something- a book or who knows what, and groan, climbing off and setting it on the coffee table.

Usami came back out of his room, moments later, completely changed and holding a bundle of miscellaneous paperwork. "Anyway, I'm off!"

"…Come back, safely… Ah-! YOU CHANGED YOUR PANTS, ANYWAY!" Misaki gawked.

"…Well, this shirt looks better with these pants… I'll just explain that to Aikawa." Usami shrugged.

"B-but you said… You… YOU…" Misaki trailed off.


"…If you end up coming back in time for dinner, give me a call." Misaki muttered as he sat down on the couch. "Oh, I'll leave something for you to warm up." He tacked on in a monotonous tone.

"Ah, Misaki," Usami stopped before passing the couch completely, "a goodbye kiss…?"


"…What about all that just now?" Usami arched a brow, playfully.

"That's because-!! Th-that's because-!! That's different!" Misaki snapped, face beet. "But a goodbye kiss is out of the question! Not after all that hard work!"

"In that case, it's a reward for all of your hard work." Usami gripped Misaki's cheeks together, squishing them slightly and pecking Misaki on his forcefully pursed lips. "Try not to miss me too much while I'm gone, I promise tomorrow we'll spend the entire day together, and if you'd like, you can order out tonight, since there's probably no food left in the fridge."

"SO YOU DID KNOW?! The entire contents of the fridge have gone BAD because you left it open! Don't you know there're third-world countries tha-"

"If that's the case, and you really don't want to order out, then go shopping." Usami handed Misaki his card, "But I really wanted us to go together… then again, I'll be fairly busy the next couple of days… all of these meetings, and I still have a deadline just around the corner…"


"Bye, Misakiii!" Usami waved as he was closing the door on himself.

Misaki fumed before glancing down at the card in his hand. "I'm going to go buy a camera so that if Usagi-san makes another mess tonight, I'll have proof!"

-..- . -..-

The brunette made his way along a quiet road, the card and what little cash he had were stuffed messily into his pocket. His brows were furrowed in determination and fury as he stomped his way to the store.

A small child passing by with his mother cried out, pointing at him: "Mama, a monster!"

Misaki blinked out of his furious stupor and laughed, nervously, waving to the child before sighing and continuing on his way.

"Usagi-san… where does he get off, anyway?!" He muttered to himself, fist clenched and trembling, dramatically. He wasn't paying attention to where he was walking and he suddenly heard a loud honking noise, almost like a car horn…

Blinking, he glanced up, just in time to be yanked out of the way of an oncoming car. "UAAAA!!" He gawked ahead, eyes slowly glancing to the side and watching as the car sped off.

Laughing quite nervously, now, he slowly turned to thank his savior. "…Th-thank you so much! I was almost- ah-?! Sumi-Sempai!"

Sure enough, his senior was standing before him with a rather disturbed look on his face.

"Misaki-kun, if you don't pay better attention to where you're going, you're going to die at nineteen…" He informed him.

"Ah- yeah… about that… I was just upset- I should have been paying better…" Misaki's eyes slowly drifted to the video camera in his sempai's hands. "…Uah… what's that for?"

"…It's called a video camera… you point it at things and it records the images it sees, like memories, and you can wa-"

"I mean why are you carrying it around?" Misaki asked, excitedly, kneeling down to get a better look at it.

"…Well, I had to videotape a project, but I'm almost done with it… why do you ask?"

"Ah… I need something like that to tape Usagi-san… I think he may be sleepwalking lately, since, when I wake up, there's a big mess everywhere that I end up having to clean up… about how much did it cost?"

". . . For taping Usami-san?" Sumi asked.

"Yeah." Misaki nodded.

"While he sleeps?"

"…Well… yeah, while he sleepwalks…" Misaki stood up straight, blinking a little stupidly.

". . .But while he sleeps, right?"


". . ."

Sumi set the video camera in Misaki's hands. "…Borrow it."

"Eh?!" Misaki gawked. "Really?!"

"…In exchange, I want to see, too."

". . . Uuh… err… I don't know…"

"Where were you going to go?" Sumi asked, grabbing Misaki's arm and tugging him across the street in the direction Misaki had been headed before his near-death experience.

"Eh? Ah… the store… and maybe to an electronics store, but… for now, I think I only have enough to buy dinner tonight… I guess it wouldn't be right to purchase something as expensive and extravagant as a video camera with Usagi-san's money… even if he deserves it… he wouldn't notice it anyway, but… I don't think my strong moral up-bringing would permit it…"

"Let's go together…" Sumi smiled, tossing his arm lazily around Misaki's shoulders. "I'll make sure you don't get hit by any cars or anything…"

"Ah… aheheheh…" Misaki rubbed the back of his head, bashfully. "Thanks again… if it hadn't been for Sumi-sempai, I think I'd probably be critically injured right now… or dead…"

"Mmm… Usami-sensei probably would become extremely upset if you were to be hurt, huh, Misaki?" Sumi noted.

"…" Misaki blinked, frowning. "…You're just trying to rub it in that I'm an idiot!"

"No, it's true… your brother, too, right? Do you really want to go and leave your brother all alone?"


"Then pay better attention to where you're going, space-case." Sumi huffed. "Not to mention, if I had seen you die right before my very eyes… it would be most traumatic for me."

"You're making too big a deal out of it."

"Don't worry, Misaki. If that did happen, I'd wait an entire week before seducing Usami-sensei."


Sumi laughed, pointing to the grocery store. "Here we are! I have to shop, too."

"Really?" Misaki blinked as the two entered and headed toward the fruits and vegetables. "…Do you shop for your parents or grandparents or something?"

"Not for my parents, for me." Sumi blinked. "Why?"

"…You drink prune juice?" Misaki made a face at the item Sumi had put into the basket he had grabbed on his way in.

"I'm all for trying new things."

"…Trying new things?" Misaki perked, grabbing one, too. "Me, too!"

"So how is your relationship with Usami-sensei?" Sumi asked as the two shopped around.

"Well… we haven't spoken to one another much, since he's been busy… before that, things were pretty normal…"

"So you mentioned earlier that you keep waking up to messes, right? That's sort of strange, isn't it?"

"You bet! I've never dealt with anything like it before! It's like a tornado rips through the place while we're asleep! I even woke up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and ran down the stairs, but no one was there! When I checked on Usagi-san, he was fast asleep!"

"…You don't think it could be someone or something else, do you?" Sumi inquired.

"There's no way!" Misaki snapped. "He just HAS to be up to SOMETHING… I don't know what… but I have a bad feeling…"

"Hmm…" Sumi shrugged. "Don't know what to say about that… if he's trying to seduce you, I'd think these little acts would have the opposite effect."

"I don't know how destroying a household could be considered a turn-on for anyone…" Misaki muttered, picking up some rice. "Hmm… is brown rice really supposed to be more healthy?"

"…I won't buy it." Sumi grabbed some white rice. "I don't normally buy it."

"Mmm… what happened to trying new things?"

"…Hmm…" Sumi huffed, tossing a bag of brown rice into his basket.

'…The other day, Usagi-san also mentioned trying new things…' Misaki thought back on his lover's words. '…But I can't link THAT to these damn stupid messes!!'

"Misaki?" Sumi blinked.

"Guuuu…. I really don't get that guy at all sometimes!" Misaki fumed.

"Ah… you know… I'm pretty used to you and your antics… but I imagine any normal person simply observing you from afar would probably be somewhat put-off by your often-changing facial expressions… you know… I watched you once as I approached you, rather than calling out, and as I watched, your face went from bored, to thoughtful, to kinda pissed-looking… then you finally noticed me and it went completely innocent like normal…"

Misaki blushed beet. "…It's because of Usagi-san!!"

"Yeah… I kinda figured that… still… are you really thinking about him all the time?"

"Yeah… pretty much…" Misaki made a face.

"…You should mask it more…" Sumi shrugged.

"You mean because it freaks people out?" Misaki asked, grabbing some ramen off the shelf.

"That, too… someone's going to think you're demon possessed one of these days, you know…"

"Eh…" Misaki's brow twitched.

"Well, I've got somewhere I have to be, and it's getting late… see you in school."

"See you… thanks for lending it to me, I'll be sure to bring it back on Monday."

"With the recorded findings, please!"

"…Right…" Misaki sighed, feeling utterly guilty… a bad feeling swelled in the pit of his stomach.

To Be Continued… (in chapter 4)

-..- . -..-

AN: Okay, so I added a lemon scene in there because, even after adding in more description and stuff… it was still only like 3 pages… the lemon scene added 2 more, that's the best I could do… okay, so that's not true, but… Romantica's actually my least favorite couple, so it's harder for me to get into writing them- don't worry, though, they still have a huge part in the future! Everybody does…

Chapter 2 Summary: Switch to Egoist Couple: Nowaki's birthday is coming up, and Kamijou has him come up with a list of things for them to do (while he inwardly brainstorms on what to give Nowaki as the perfect gift). Kamijou and Miyagi switch precious possessions; Miyagi's car for Kamijou's list (unintentionally).

Chapter 3 Summary: Combination of Egoist and Terrorist Couples: Shinobu finds the list of things to do for Kamijou's birthday and jumps to conclusions, seeing as it had been in Miyagi's pocket. The Egoist and Terrorist couples have dinner together…?? WTH?

Chapter 4 summary: Back to Romantica! (Continuation of this chapter!) The true creator of these past few nights' worth of messes is revealed, and about a week later, an even more startling revelation is made: Just what was Professor Kamijou Hiroki's relationship with Misaki's lover-?!

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