Around 1949. Family consists of Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, and Rachel (I added my own character!) Yes, I Realize that some things will be different, but you'll figure that out later. To help the story along, I will allow vampires to sleep and faint. AND, Caius has Black hair in this story, Aro has white hair... I didn't have New Moon when I started writing this.

Disclamer for the whole story because I will forget later: I own nothing except for Rachel Cullen and any other differences in this story!

I sat on the couch and listened to the silence in the room. The radio was on, but it was background noise. I didn't pay attention to it.

Instead, I contemplated how my 'family' and I were living our lives. We were doing the right thing. Drinking only animal blood. But could we be doing more? I knew that there were other people of our kind who gave into their thirst, and drank human blood. But the diets didn't seem so different. If we were really as good as we gave ourselves credit, why didn't it seem that way.

Animal and human blood didn't seem so different. Of course, they smelled different. Human blood smelled so much more appetizing than an animal's. It was harder to ignore human blood when we were thirsty than it was animal blood.

'But if Edward is correct, and we truly are dammed, why are we denying ourselves?' I thought to myself. But when I thought the name Edward, the boy sitting beside the window staring out into the snow as it fell, immediately turned his head to look at me. He had heard my thoughts.

'Because we can hear our conscience,' Edward's mind spoke to me. 'Because we feel guilty when we hurt humans. Trust me on this one'. Edward smiled faintly.

'Is it really that different?' I asked him with my curious mind. I was grateful that my powers were similar to Edward's. This way we could have conversations without others knowing.

Edward's talent differed slightly from mine. Edward could hear everyone's thoughts, all the time, and had to concentrate to block them out. I, on the other hand, had to concentrate to hear other's thoughts, and could block them out easily. I could also communicate to them, and could have a conversation with him or her in their mind. Also, when I was in contact with someone, I could instantly learn what someone was talking about, as long as his or her mind was concentrating on that subject. Occasionally, I could also 'suggest' things to others, which is very hard to ignore, or so I've heard. I found it difficult to explain to others, but Carlisle and Edward understood what I meant.

Carlisle is our coven's leader. He started our 'family', and has been a vampire much, much longer than any of us. He was born in the sixteen-forties, and was changed in the sixteen-sixties around the physical age of twenty-three.

'Yes, it is different,' Edward replied to my unspoken question. 'And, I think it is best this way.'

'Obviously,' I replied. 'If it wasn't best, we wouldn't be doing this would we?' I smirked at him. He shrugged with a smile and then went back to staring out the window. I was glad that no one else had noticed our seemingly random smiles. Rosalie was attempting to cross-stitch and Esme was reading a book. Emmett was up in his room, doing who knows what, and Carlisle was most likely still at work.

Carlisle was a very skilled doctor, and even though we do not need the money, he has dedicated his life to saving others. Carlisle, unlike the rest of us, was not changed when he was near death. His life was taken from him in the prime of his life. He never told me the complete story, and I resolved to ask him as soon as he came home.

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood while I waited for Carlisle to come home. I got up from my seat by the fire, which was across from Rosalie and Esme, grabbed my coat and walked out the door.

I really didn't need a coat; it was more of a prop so the humans wouldn't become suspicious. While I walked, I began to think about my family members.

First was Carlisle. He's wonderful, of course. He has intelligence beyond compare, even for a vampire. He was an optimist. Compassionate. He is very skilled doctor. He's my father figure. My father cared greatly for Emmett and I, but was unlike other fathers since he was a Chicago gangster, so Carlisle was the father I never had. Over all, he is one of the best men I have ever met. Many of his nurses are unable to concentrate when he is around.

Next was Edward. He was changed by Carlisle in nineteen-eighteen when he was dying from the Spanish Influenza. Edward and I are the same age, seventeen, and to the humans, we are twins. He was the first Carlisle had ever changed. He, too, is wonderful and one of the best men I have ever met. He is my best friend, and has been ever since we met. When Carlisle wasn't around, he would explain things that were strange and new to me, things about vampires I had never known. He and I were the only ones in our coven who had special talents.

Then I thought about Esme. Esme was changed after Edward, after attempting to commit suicide since her first and only son died a few days after he was born. She is every bit as compassionate as Carlisle, which is probably one reason why they loved each other so much. She is the oldest of all of us, physically that is, at age twenty-six, and is a mother figure to all of us, except Carlisle, who is her husband, and like Carlisle, she was a parent figure. She too, was wonderful, just as much as Carlisle and Edward.

Rosalie was the next to cross my mind. She is my eighteen-year-old sister-in-law, a year older than myself. She was changed after Esme, and approximately four years before myself. She has stunningly good looks, even for a vampire, but her beauty could sometimes lead to vanity. She is the wife of my biological brother, Emmett. She was the third person Carlisle changed, after her drunken fiancée and his friends attacked her. She was left to die, but Carlisle found her and changed her. She was originally supposed to be a lover for Edward, but they have shared nothing but sibling love.

The last of my family (besides myself) is my older brother, Emmett. Emmett is my biological brother, and is technically five years older than me, but since he was changed about two or three years before me, he is physically three years older than me. Emmett was twenty years old when he was changed, after a bear while hunting had mauled him. Rosalie had found him while she was hunting, and immediately fell in love with him, but knew that she could not change him herself, so she carried him over one hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie told me that she saved Emmett because he reminded her of her former best friend, Vera's, baby boy.

The wind blew harder for a moment, rushing through my golden-bronze hair the way it did when I ran at vampire speed, and then went back to its calm, placid state. The wind brought me out of my reflection, and I realized I was near the hospital. I decided I would go in and visit Carlisle, and help him if he needed it. I walked in what would be considered a 'fast brisk' to a human, then crossed the street and entered the small hospital.

"Good evening, Miss Cullen," the slender secretary said from her seat at the front desk. "How are you?"

"I am very well, thank you. Could you tell me what time my father will be finished with his work?" I asked politely. I noticed there weren't many people in the waiting room, just two, a man and a woman, who seemed to be waiting for someone else. By their thoughts, I could tell they were both worried about their young daughter, who was in the hospital after falling from a tree.

"Dr. Cullen should be finished in thirty minutes," the secretary replied with a smile. "He should be finishing his work right now, and making sure everyone is all settled for the night."

"Do you think it would be alright if I went in and see if he needs any assistance?" I smiled at the secretary. I knew before she verbally answered me, that it would be 'perfectly alright'.

She answered me and I thanked her as I headed off to look for Carlisle. He most likely wouldn't need my help, but I felt like coming anyway. I enjoyed being at the hospital. It seemed to help me test and build my ability to ignore the smell of blood.

I could see Carlisle exiting a room, and heading to the next.

"Hello, daddy!" I rushed over to him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, the way Rosalie and I always do whenever we were in public.

"Hello, Rachel. What are you doing here?" He didn't seem surprised to see me, but asked the question anyway.

"I just came to visit. I don't suppose you could use any help around here, could you?" I knew the answer, but I asked anyway.

"Actually, I'm almost finished, but if you would like to stay, I can give you a ride home," he answered.

"Alright," I answered. "I'll be right back," I added after a moment of thought.

"Where are you going?" he asked somewhat confused.

"You'll see," I replied cheerfully. I decided I would find a gift for Carlisle's patients in the gift shop. I walked in, and the cashier greeted me fondly.

"Good evening, Rachel," he said cheerfully. "Is there anything I can get you?" I didn't miss the double meaning in his words, but decided to ignore them.

"Yes," I replied and I saw a wide grin appear on his face. I frowned. This boy did not seem able to take a hint. "I will need," 'lets see,' I thought, 'Carlisle had four? Yes, four patients today. It's a rather slow day.' "I will need five dozen flowers. In vases, please, Jerry," I smiled.

"Alright," he said, ecstatic that I had smiled at him. "Five dozen flowers. In five vases, I'm assuming?"

"Yes, please," I replied. Jerry was starting to get on my nerves. It was quite obvious I did not like him and yet he kept flirting with me.

"All right, here you go," he said. "Do you need any help with those?"

"No, thank you. I'll see you later, Jerry," I smiled at him taking all five of the thin vases in my hands. The vases were small around the middle, and then widened at the top, with the flowers shooting out beautifully.

"Do you want me to walk you home, Rachel? I'll be done with work in about twenty minutes!" Jerry called as I started walking out of the shop.

"No, thank you, Jerry," I replied firmly. "And please don't follow me again. Emmett and Edward didn't like that very much." I smiled at the memory of Jerry being beaten up by Emmett and Edward. I would have joined in, if it weren't for the fact that I wasn't supposed to have superhuman strength. Jerry stiffened and murmured something I wasn't supposed to hear, but, being a vampire, I did.

I chose to go around the rooms first, and then I would bring the fifth bouquet home. Esme always enjoyed fresh flowers. I got to three of the rooms, and then I started to get to the fourth room, when I heard an old man's determined voice.

"I told you I don't want any of that stuff! Get away from me, crazy doctor!"

"Sir, please calm down. I've told you, this will not hurt at all. This will take away the pain. Please calm down, sir," came Carlisle's calm, velvety voice. I walked into the room with my vase of flowers.

"Good evening, sir," I said to the man, interrupting the two men's argument. "Hello, father," I added to Carlisle. I set the vase down on the old man's bedside table. "I hope you don't mind, but brought some flowers. I thought it would brighten up the room," I added with a cheerful voice. Carlisle gave me a thankful look, and then stealthily got the man his medicine.

"Well, thank you, miss. It does brighten up the room, doesn't it?" The man said, forgetting completely about Carlisle. "Are those daisy? They're lovely! Daisies are my favorite!"

"Really?" I asked. "Daisies are my favorite, too," I lied. I noticed Carlisle had just slipped the man's medicine into his IV. In response to the medicine, a goofy smile came across the old man's face, and he slipped silently into unconsciousness. Carlisle laughed.

"If I'd known I could get him to cooperate by giving him flowers, I would have given him as many flowers as this room could hold," Carlisle chuckled. "Are those flowers for any special boys?" he asked suspiciously as he eyed my last vase.

"No," I replied forcefully. "They are for home. I thought mother might like flowers during the cold weather," I replied with a happier tone, but Carlisle didn't buy it. "If I ever fancy a boy, you'll be the second to know, or somewhere close to that."

"The second?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well, you try keeping a secret from Edward! That twin telepathy of ours can really come in handy," I replied, laughing at my little joke.

"I suppose you're right," he replied, laughing with me as we started walking toward the front of the hospital and Carlisle's black Packard.

"Since when have daisies been your favorite flowers?" he asked with a smile.

"Hmm, well they were my favorite when I gave them to that old man, but now white roses are my favorite again," I replied.

We waved at the secretary when we walked past her, and she gave Carlisle an extra friendly smile that was highly unnecessary. He turned to face me and I smirked at him.

'Now, this is a complete guess, I have absolutely no proof, but… I think she likes you,' I thought to him with a smile. He replied with a smirk, and to my thoughts with his own.

'Lucky me.' I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I could tell that the receptionist was giving me a funny look, and as soon as we were out of the hospital, Carlisle slapped me lightly on the back of the head.

"Sorry," I replied. "I just couldn't help it," I let out another giggle. Carlisle scowled and got into the driver's side of his Packard. I got into the passenger side and put on my seatbelt.