Wow, I am SOOO sorry for all the craptastic-ness that was in some of those chapters. Really, I am sorry. I'm actually kind of sad about some of the cliché, boring, crap…ness… (sorry, I can't find any other words to describe just how upset I am about some of these things!)

And, really, that chapter titled "After"… did I really do that horrible of formatting? And I switched from first to third person perspective! I can't tell you how annoying that is for me so I can only imagine how annoying it was for you all!

But on to the other reason for putting up this little note…

Since summer is almost here (I'm ALMOST done with this school year… so close, I can taste the freedom-y feel of sunshine) I've started to get ideas for what I will do if (and probably when, crossing my fingers that I'll get around to it) I write a sequel for this.

Number one on my list: fix up some of the previous chapters. My goal is NOT to make them perfect (I don't have nearly enough patience for that) but I am going to change some things around, try to make it a little more coherent. And I'll change Alejandro very slightly. I just feel really bad because he's not my character and I never asked the person who created him if I could use him. (bad, bad me!) So I think I will tweak him enough to keep his scenes close to the original but he won't be the same Alejandro. I'll change his name too. Also, I think I'm going to change some of the scenes with the four girl vampires (Erin, Michelle, Andrea and Venus) around so it's not so confusing but I'm not going to take any of them out.

Two: I still need to explain to everyone why this Caius has black hair and Aro has white when in the saga, it's the opposite. When I write the sequel, I'll probably write a few scenes that take place between the end of Amore Italiano and the sequel. It will involve some interaction (or lack thereof) between Caius and Rachel and one of the vampires that Stephenie introduces in Breaking Dawn- Alistair, possibly? Also, these little 'in between views' (pardon my lack of creativeness) will show when Rachel meets Bella because the bulk of the story will take place post-Breaking Dawn.

Three: actually figure out exactly where I want to go with the story! After I write the 'in between views' I'll ask you all what you want me to write about if I haven't already gotten an idea. So far, I've thought that Rachel could either

a) travel the world and meet new people (not too fond of this idea)

b) stay with the Cullens. Rachel, Carlisle and maybe Jasper would work on researching or experimenting with certain aspects of the vampire anatomy (skin, venom, etc)

c) go and stay with one of the other clans for a while or maybe even stalk Alistair and make him be somewhat social (I just really like Alistair for some reason, not quite sure why)

And, if you're wondering where Caius comes into all this, I've yet to figure out what to do with him. I mean, come on, the man was ready to go off and kill all the Cullens & co. and I'm not going to change that part. So obviously, Rachel will have some problems with that. No matter what plan I decide on, Caius will be some how involved though more likely than not, he won't physically show up much. Mainly e-mails or webcam-chats.

Anyway, let me know what you all think about these ideas and if you'd be willing to read a sequel (that I honestly have no idea when I'll start writing it).

Also, what do you all think of the movies? I've been wondering how people feel about them. I personally, think they could have been MUCH better. But that might just be because I'm not a huge Rob- or Kristen-fan. Taylor Lautner though… mmm amazing :D

What about Breaking Dawn? Did you like it? What did you think about the ending? Again, I personally was not so thrilled with it, but oh well. I think she could have stopped at the end of Eclipse.

So please review and tell me what you think! Thanks to everyone for their wonderful support, even though I don't feel I deserve it for this story!