"Get out now," thought Jackson, "and I can get to the prison to see Erica before lunch." What else was there to do on a Sunday morning? Besides worry about Greenlee. He hoped his daughter could forgive Aiden and just be happy. Erica was always better at knowing what to tell people. Maybe she could give him some good advice. But the phone rang before he could get to the door.

"Jackson Montgomery… why are you calling here... it's none of your business where my daughter is… not as important as you staying away from my family!" Click. She had enough problems right now. He should stay away.

Ryan was sitting alone in the park. He had known the truth for a while now but had not been able to come to terms with it. He was in love with Greenlee. And it wasn't going away. Remembering Annie wasn't going to change that. What he felt for Greenlee was almost like what he felt for…

"Gillian," he spoke to himself. "If you knew that I would love Greenlee this much you would have my head."

But he couldn't lie to himself anymore. He had to tell Annie the truth. But first he was going to find Greenlee and tell her. Right now.

"The boys enjoying their new toy cars?" Kendall asked her husband.

"Can't get enough of them," Zach responded. "They kicked me out of their room because they thought I was hogging the fire truck."

"Were you?"

"Course not," smiled Zack.

"Sure. Guess the real cars don't do it for you."

Kendall walks over to Zack and gives him a kiss

"Keep that up and I promise I'll leave the boy's toys alone forever."

"I guess I'll have to make that sacrifice. For the boy's sake of course. I can't have their father butting in on their good time."

After another kiss, Kendall breaks away and asks, "Have you spoken to Greenlee recently?"

"Not in a couple days. Why are you bringing up Greenlee again?"

"Because she is my best friend and I'm worried about her. We are starting to get along again but she is still miserable. I can see it."

"Greenlee is stronger than you're giving her credit for. She'll be fine."

"But…" Before Kendall can plead her case, the house phone cuts her off.

"I got it. - Hello. What do you want… why do you want to know… yes I do… she moved back to Pine Valley… at her old penthouse… yes, it's the same number. Why do you… oh my G-d!… you better not be... how can… oh wow… call her now!"

Grabbing her keys she turns to Zach. "Greenlee is gonna freak."

Greenlee had just gotten dressed, although she couldn't figure out what she was going to do that day. She longed for a time when life was simpler. A world where her finance didn't sleep with her best friend. Then she remembered that life almost never was simpler. There was Katarina crashing her and Leo's engagement party, Laura, Vanessa, Ryan going off the deep end. She forgave Leo and Ryan for those things. Could she forgive Aiden? She hoped so, but she wasn't ready yet. She stared at her picture collage of her and Leo, the one she gave him that Christmas, the one she looked at whenever she wanted to feel loved. A tear rolled down her cheek as she wondered if she would ever have that again. But the phone interrupted that thought.

"Greenlee Smythe… hi, how are you… yeah I moved back… what's up?… am I sitting? Is something wrong…" A stunned Greenlee fainted, luckily onto the couch, dropping the phone.

"Greenlee. Greenlee are you still there? Greenlee!" cried out the familiar voice on the phone. David knew this would happen. He told her to sit. You don't find out every day that your dead husband is really alive and on a flight home. Well, maybe Greenlee does. He had to call back Zach and Kendall and let them know to check on her.

"Greenlee. Greenlee wake up. It's me Kendall."

A startled Greenlee began to regain consciousness. "Leo. Leo. Oh, Kendall. How did you…"

"Zach called my cell on the way here. David figured you passed out so I got the super to let me in."

"You mean. It wasn't. A dream? Oh my God. He's. He's really. Alive." A now fully energized Greenlee jumped into Kendall's arms.

"Does this mean we are best friends again?"

"Don't push it. Wait a minute. Why would he stay away from me? Did he fake his own death too?" Greenlee couldn't take that again.

"No. David told me it was something about Vanessa stealing some of that drug he had that took away memories. I don't know. But it wasn't his choice to stay away from you Greenlee. It was Vanessa. He said Leo's flight would be here at 5. So you have plenty of time to think this through and get ready."

Kendall was thrilled with the news, of course for Greenlee's sake and for Leo's. Leo was a good guy and she saw how much Greenlee loved him. But she was seeing Greenlee come alive. Maybe she wouldn't care anymore about what happened with Aiden. Maybe they could be best friends again. That comforting thought was interrupted by a pounding at the door.

"I'll get it," Kendall volunteered. "Ryan. What…"

Ryan stormed past Kendall right to Greenlee. He reached out and held her hands in his.

"Greenlee. I…I have to talk to you."

"Ryan," Kendall interrupted. "This is not the best time for you to just barge in here like this. Greenlee and I were…"

"I have to do this now. It can't wait any longer." Greenlee, overcome with so many different feelings just stood there, unable to move, unable to say a word.

"Really Ryan can't this wait."

"No it can't" he snapped at the woman he used to love. The one he thought he was in love with when he first lost his memory. But now he knew the truth, and he couldn't waste another second.

"Greenlee. I've known for months but I kept thinking that it would pass so I kept quiet. But I know now that what I feel for you is real and it is going to be part of me forever. I know you may still love Aiden but I need to tell you the truth. I need you back no matter what it takes. I can't just be your friend anymore. I'll do anything you want. But please, please give me the chance to be with you again. To be your husband again. Greenlee Smythe. I'm in love with you."