This is the first chapter of the mega-revised version of Miko, Hanyou, High School. By mega-revised, I mean I ripped it apart and kept barely anything. But Kag's new adopted bro is cool! And before anyone asks, no, this isn't a futuristic fic. Kag's bro is just...special. LOL I don't own anything.

Kashioki quickly dressed himself and then jumped into his spinning chair. He spun around a few times, and then faced his computer. Kashioki was a very tall boy, around six feet. He had messy brown hair and eyes that changed color. Anywhere from blue to brown and everything else, except for red.

"Goooood morning, Lyn."

A face appeared on the screen. It was Lyn, Kashioki's AI, the only thing he had (currently) from his home planet. (More on that later) She chose to display herself on the monitor as a pixelated face. She had a sweet face, an ever-present smile, green eyes, and greenish hair done up in a high ponytail. (check my profile for a link to her whole picture) She had decided on her name and appearance while surfing the web. She had found a girl named 'Lyn' from a Japanese game called 'Fire Emblem', and decided that that was her new name and looks.

"Hey, Kashioki! How ya doing?" she said through the speakers.

"Just dropped by to say hi before I went to school."

"Oh yeah! Today's Kagome's first day, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Never knew she was a miko."

"Just like I never knew that you were the smartest person in Japan."

"Oh, be quiet. That comes from being from a planet that's centuries ahead of Earth in technology."

"You're point being?"

Kashioki just stared at Lyn's smiling face, which was trying to look innocent.

"Sometimes, I really hate you, you know that?"

"Thanks! Wuv you too!"

"Well, gotta go! Oh, and Lyn?"


"Next time you come to the school network, please refrain from using your fancy digital sword to shred it. Just avoid it. Having a bunch of stupid youkai jocks staring at porn on the computer next to you isn't really fun."

Lyn blinked. "Shred? But I just kicked the thing away!"

Kagome walked into her room, refreshed from the shower she just had. She chose out some clothes and put them on. Kagome had long ebony hair and chestnut eyes. She was the 'eye candy' of her old school. Basically, that just meant she had the biggest breasts. She was kind of small, about five foot.

"Hey, Kagome!"

Kagome turned to her computer, seeing that a particular AI had decided to drop by.

"Oh, hi Lyn."

"First day at the new school, huh? Nervous?"

"Well, letsee, I'm going from a high school full of horny human boys and sex-crazed human girls, to a high school full of horny youkai AND human boys and sex-crazed youkai AND human girls. Yeah, I'm pretty nervous."

"Well, your miko powers can blast them to Mars if they bug you too much, right?"

"If I ever learn how to consciously use them, then yes."

"Then your fine. I'm sure it isn't that bad. I mean, Kashioki is still alive, right?"
"Kashioki is smart. He doesn't need strength or powers to survive. Hell, he just made a tazer to keep the more bloodthirsty ones away!"

"Do you really believe that?"

"YES! He showed it to me!"

Lyn blinked. "He never showed ME!" Her face twisted into one of sadness, complete with the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Did you ever ask?"


"Than that's why he never showed you, it was on level with Earth technology, so he didn't think it was that big of a deal."

"Oh, yeah," Lyn said in a sarcastic tone. "A High Schooler making weapons that are very expensive and very hard to make in one day with limited materials, that's REAL normal."

"He may be smart, but he lacks in the common sense department."


Both of the girls started at Kashioki's voice coming through the door. "Come on Kagome, don't want to be later than we already will be."


"Well we have to get your schedule, and the secretary is a complete idiot, so that will take about fifteen minutes, putting us at the bell. Then I have to show you your classroom, putting you at least five minutes after. Then I have to go to my class, making me one very late man. That's if we leave in ten minutes."

"Oh," Kagome said, having thought that she had stayed in the shower too long. "I'll be right out."

"I'll drop by any computer you're logged onto every now and then, m'kay?" said Lyn.
"Great, my chaperone is a computer," said Kagome playfully.

Lyn pretended to be angry, steam blowing out of her ears and a little vein pulsing on her forehead. Both of them shared a laugh at that.

"Kagome..." said Kashioki impatiently.

"Alright, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Kagome walked out of her room and proceeded into the kitchen, Kashioki right on her heels.

"Morning, you two!" said Mrs. Higurashi (who will be henceforth referred to as 'mom')

"Morning mom," said Kagome.


Kagome elbowed Kashioki for being rude.

Mom dismissed it with a wave of her hand. "It's alright, Kashioki has never been much of a talker around anyone but Lyn and his friends anyways."

Kashioki rolled his eyes. The way mom was saying that implied somewhat that he might be in love with Lyn.

The words of his biological father, who was dead, came to his mind. "Kid, anything is possible. Even slamming revolving doors. You just have to think about it and come up with a solutions. Like a doorstop, or a brick wall. You can slam revolving doors on those."

Wait...what did revolving doors have anything to do with anything?

But he was most definitely not in love with Lyn. Nope. No way. Nuh-uh.

Kagome smacking him upside the head slammed him back to reality.

"I know you're enjoying fantasizing about Lyn being naked, ("What? I was not!") but we should probably grab something to eat before we're later than we already will be."

Kashioki nodded, still a little annoyed by the comment about Lyn, and snagged a pop-tart.

Mmmmmm, cinnamon sugar (drool)

Kagome's biological brother, Souta, walked down the stairs at that moment. "Ohayo..." he said sleepily.

Kagome quickly finished up a bowl of cereal, decided to bop Souta on the head for absolutely no reason, and then walked out the door. Kashioki literally grunted a goodbye to mom and left as well.

When Kagome saw the school, she could have sworn she shrank a few feet. The place was HUGE! It was almost three times the size of her old school! And her old school was pretty damn big.

"Big enough?"


"Come on, you need your schedule."

"Right, let's go!" said Kagome while punching the air.

Kashioki sweatdropped. "...Oooookkkaaaaaayyyyyyyy..."

They entered the building and immediately turned right. That put them right at the student services office. Kashioki opened the door for Kagome and they entered, seeing a young wolf youkai woman sitting at the desk.

Kashioki blinked. "Ayame, where's baka-san?" That was his name for the stupid secretary.

Ayame looked up. She was about half a foot taller than Kagome, with red hair done up in two ponytails and green eyes. "Oh, hey Kashioki. He didn't show up today, and you told me today was Kagome's first day, so I decided to hang around here. Here's your schedule, Kagome. We have first hour together, so Kashioki won't need to escort you!"

Kagome giggled. Ayame was speaking as if Kashioki was a bodyguard. That's a job he definitely would not be able to pull off very well.

"Well, Kashioki? What are you still doing here! Shoo! Shoo!" Ayame said, complete with shooing hand motions.

"Alright, alright, I'm going! Geez..." He said as he headed towards his first hour.

"That guy is the dumbest smart person I have ever met..." (LOL Yay for I, Robot!)

"That I will have to agree with," said Kagome as the girls left as well. "At least I'm not going to be-"

Bing, Bing, Bing.

"Late. Shouldn't we hurry up?"

"Nah, our excuse is legit."

As the girls entered their classroom, which was Government, the teacher was taking roll.

"Ah, Ms. Shiro, so nice of you to join us today."

"I was escorting our new student."

The teacher glanced at Kagome. "Yes, you may take a seat, Ms. Shiro. Ms. Higurashi, correct?"

Kagome nodded her head.

"Why don't you come up here and tell us a little about yourself."

Kagome walked to the front of the room and cleared her throat. "Well, my name is Kagome Higurashi. I'm sixteen, I have two brothers, an adopted one who is a really smart idiot and my age, and a biological one who is just an idiot and a few years younger than me. I have a cat, I like to read, I like computers...uh...that's about it."

"Very well, you may sit down next to Ms. Taijiya. Ms. Taijiya, please raise your hand."

A girl near the back raised her hand. Kagome took the open desk next to her.

"Hi, I'm Sango." She was a little taller than Kagome, about two inches, maybe three, with dark brown hair and eyes. She had her hair done up in a ponytail. (Can you say lots of ponytails?)

"Hi Sango, you already know my name."

"Okay, hi Bob."





Both girls burst into fits of laughter. The teacher, who was finishing up roll, just raised an eyebrow.

The two girls entered the lunch room. They were the first ones there, because they literally bolted out after fourth hour had ended. The ladies serving the food were slightly surprised when they saw blurs come from around the corner and suddenly two human girls were standing next to the food. After taking what they wanted, they paid and were out at a table.

"So," Sango said, munching on some pizza, "enjoying your first day?"

Kagome nodded her head. "The teachers are fun. Well, most of them, anyway. I'm glad you're in, like, all of my classes."

"I know, that's weird, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Hey, isn't Ayame supposed to be coming soon?"

"Yeah, her and her boyfriend. You met him?"

"No, you?"

"No. Heard he's the captain of the football team though."

"Speak of the devil."

Ayame and a tall man walked up to their table, food in hand, and sat down.

"Hey girls!"

"Hey Ayame! Who's the guy?" asked Sango.

"Hi Ayame," Kagome said."

"The guy is my boyfriend, Kouga."

"Hey." Kouga looked about five and a half feet, with black hair and blue eyes.

About that point, Kashioki came out of the line with a boy dressed in purple and black. Sango groaned and put her head in her hands.

Kashioki sat down, acknowledging everyone with a short nod, and then turned to Kagome. "You alright? Anyone bothering you?"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "I'm fine, you don't need to babysit me."

"Hey, I'm just looking out for you. If I don't, something bad may happen, and if I don't hear about it, then people will get hurt."

"By you?"

"Kagome, I'm your brother, it's my job to worry about you."

"You? Worry? Ha! The only thing you worry about is your computer."

Kashioki shot her a glare over the pop he was gulping down.

The boy who had sat down with Kashioki, seeing that it was safe to talk, spoke. "Hello, beautiful maiden. My name is Houshi Miroku! I'm pleased to meet you! May I please ask you a question?"

Kashioki choked on his pop. "Houshi..."


"Will you bear my child?"


Miroku fell to the ground. Behind him was Kashioki, tazer activated.

Kagome gasped.

"Don't worry, I only set it to medium. After what he gets from Sango, that'll keep him down no more than a minute."

Kagome's eye spotted a boy clad in a red T-shirt and blue jeans. He had silver hair, golden eyes, but most importantly...

the most adorable and fluffy looking doggy ears Kagome had ever seen.

The boy snarled at Kashioki, who snarled back, even going so far as to throw a few grapes at him.

Kagome got the impression that Kashioki really didn't like this kid, because the only food he loves more than grapes is strawberries.

"Who's that?"

"That's Taisho Inuyasha."

"Is he a bad kid?"

"No, he's something of a rogue, but other than that, he's pretty good."

"Then why don't you like him?"

"He has the most HUMONGOUS crush on the school whore, Kikyou."

"Or, as we like to call her over here," said Miroku, "Kinky-hoe."

"Or Kick-you," added in Kouga.

"Bitchy whore," said Ayame.

"Fatass slut," chimed in Sango.

"And we refuse to be associated with her in any way," said Kashioki.

"Which means no Inuyasha," finished Miroku.

Kagome furrowed her brow. "Well maybe he isn't that bad, just...misguided."

"Maybe," admitted Kashioki, "but he hangs on Kinky like a lost puppy. And we can't stand her. He worships the ground she walks on. So, no Inuyasha."

Kagome walked into her next hour, which she didn't have with any of her friends. She spotted Inuyasha in a corner. She decided to go sit by him.

"What do you want?" he snarled.

"I want to be your friend."

"Why? I saw you sitting with the antis."


"The name given to people who refuse to be associated with Kikyou."

"Yeah. So, as I see it, you're an anti."

"I did make friends with them, and one is my brother," she admitted, "but I won't judge without prior knowledge."

Inuyasha raised his eyebrow. "You know what?"


"You, unlike your brother, are cool."


He smirked. "No prob. But aren't you afraid you'll lose your friends?"

"I don't think-"

"Hey, you little whore, get out of my seat!"

Kagome looked up, and saw a girl that looked much like herself, but with cold charcoal eyes.

And whorey clothing...

"You the hell are you, bitch?" Kagome said back.

"Tama Kikyou, in all my radiant glory. Now move, whore, I want to sit next to Inuyasha."

"Go to hell Kikyou, I was here first."


"WHO'S CALLING WHO A WHORE?" Kagome yelled back, standing up and getting in her face.



"KAGOME, SHE SAID MOVE!" roared Inuyasha.

Kagome looked at Inuyasha, shocked. "I guess you can go to hell with her." Then she stalked to the other side of the room, fuming.

"Arrogant, stupid, jackass, son of a bitch..." mumbled Kagome, walking into her sixth hour.

"You talked to Inuyasha when Kinky was around, I suppose?"

She spun to be face-to-chest with Kashioki. "Oh...yeah."

"You see now?"



"Yeah, whatever. You were right, happy?"

He laughed. "Let's get the good chairs before they're all gone."

They bolted to the computers with the spinny chairs and logged in. Almost instantly, Lyn appeared on Kashioki's computer.

A text bubble appeared by her head. 'Hey, Kagome by u?'

Kashioki typed back. 'Ya, she on comp 2 my left'

'K I b right bak'

Lyn hopped over to Kagome's computer. 'Hi Kagome, just type ur response'

'K, y?'

'Dont wanna b caught'


'Hey, sign in to AIM'


Lyn left, heading to the home computer. (I have never used aim, so it will most likely be inaccurate)

-Houshi2234 has logged in- (Miroku)

-DaUBERgenius has logged in- (Kashioki)

-BigBoomerang has logged in- (Sango)

-GirlwhojustkickdyourASS has logged in- (Kagome)

-Iris has logged in- (Ayame)

-FootballWoofwoof has logged in- (Kouga)

-SacaeWarrior has logged in- (Lyn)

DaUBERgenius- 'Yo'

Houshi2234- 'hey'

BigBoomerang- 'hi'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'Wow, is evry1 here?'

Iris- 'Hey'

FootballWoofwoof- 'looks like it'

SacaeWarrior- 'Hiyas all! XD'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'does ne1 pay attention in comp.?'

Houshi2234- 'Nah'

DaUBERgenius- 'we all just chat all hour lol'

BigBoomerang- 'So, wats evry1 doin after school?'

Houshi2234- 'nutin'

SacaeWarrior- 'ditto'

FootballWoofwoof- 'wat she said'

Iris- 'watever woofwoof is doing XD'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'Hey, maybe we can all get over 2 my house!'

BigBoomerang- 'YA!'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'Lol teach is sleep, I call mom'

Kagome dialed her mom's number on her cell. "Hey mom?"

"Kagome? Is everything all right?"

"Yeah, I was just wondering if I could bring some friends over?"

"How many?"


Her mom laughed. "You guys are so lucky that I'm so high up in my company, otherwise all these huge visits-turned-sleepovers would be impossible. Sure, go ahead."

"Thanks mom! Bye!"


GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'We can'

BigBoomerang- 'Hell ya!'

Iris- 'LOL Sango'

DaUBERgenius- 'you should sing 4 them wen they come, kags'

Houshi2234- 'Ya, dats awesome idea!'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'I not that good...'

DaUBERgenius- 'u have da voice of a fricking goddess kags'

SacaeWarrior- 'Ya'

DaUBERgenius- 'u been really quiet Lyn'

SacaeWarrior- 'just tinkin'

Iris- 'bout wat'

SacaeWarrior- 'nutin much'

DaUBERgenius- 'Lyn we all no that means sumtin big'

SacaeWarrior- 'nuh uh'

Houshi2234- 'dont u 2 lovers start arguing'

DaUBERgenius- 'Ga we not lovers!'

SacaeWarrior- '(sniff) u don't wuv me?'

DaUBERgenius- 'thx houshi now I have 2 deal wit dis'

SacaeWarrior- 'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Cashie don't wuv me!'

DaUBERgenius- 'ugh Lyn I love u'

SacaeWarrior- 'U love a computer? dats weird...'

DaUBERgenius- 'ugh fine Lyn I wuv u'

SacaeWarrior- 'YAY!'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'Lyn u just told dem'

Houshi2234- 'salright we know da hole story'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'hey we never head the hole story'

DaUBERgenius- 'ugh long story short cruising by Earth in a ship w/ mum and dad and hit a piece of trash crash land only survivors me mum n lyn we get a home and mum gets a job she dies two yrs l8r then you guys adopt me wen I 14 and every yr I can talk to home planet 4 5 min cuz of satellite alined, but I happy here so I no wanna go bak happy now?'

GirlwhojustkickdyourASS- 'yup purty much'

Houshi2234- 'bell ring in 2'

FootballWoofwoof- 'l8r all'

-FootballWoofwoof has logged off-

-Iris has logged off-

-Houshi2234 has logged off-


-DaUBERgenius has logged off-

-SacaeWarrior has logged off-

-BigBoomerang has logged off-

The whole gang walked through the door of Kagome's house. "Mom we're here!"

No response.

"Must have gone somewhere," said Kashioki.

"Yeah... Well, go watch a movie, play video games, do whatever, but I am going to the bathroom," said Kagome.

"I'll be in my room."

"Gonna go cyber with Lyn?" asked Miroku.

Kashioki flipped his tazer out of his sleeve. "Run, Houshi."

Miroku took the advice. Kashioki entered his room.

The others looked around. Kouga and Miroku immediately hopped on the Wii when they saw it and started playing Brawl. Sango and Ayame went into Kagome's room after she got out of the bathroom and started to watch a chick flick. Lyn had hopped over to the computer in Kagome's room and watched through the webcam and listened through the speakers, which she could reverse...'cause she's good like that. Kashioki had locked up his room, because this was the time of year when he had his five minutes of talk with his home world. Who knew what he was talking about?

In the middle of the flick, the phone rang.

"Got it!" yelled Kagome. "Moshi moshi?"

"Hey Kagome... I just called to apologize for earlier..."

"Huh? Inuyasha? What the hell! You have the f—ing nerve to say you want to be my friend, then you yell at me like a bad dog because I got to a seat first and didn't want to move! And how in the name of sam hell did you get my number? You know what, I don't care. Lose the whore, and maybe you can make six or seven new friends." She hung up.

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