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Mika stared Kikyou down. Said whore had a smirk on her face, ready to kill them. But she wouldn't be killing them, oh no. She'd BE killed.

"What are you waiting for?" taunted Mika. "Can't handle the stress?"

"Oh, shut up!" she retorted. Forming a bolt of dark energy around her hand, she aimed at Mika, who was ready to dodge. So instead, she shot it at Kagome. Mika slammed into her, knocking her out of the way, as the black energy hit her. She screamed, feeling the corruption burning at her cells, whispering to her even as it tried to kill her to give over and embrace it. Being of strong will, she was able to dispel it. As she got back up, Kikyou threw another one at her, cackling madly. Mika snarled and grabbed it out of the air, using her youki to protect herself. The influence of it turned the bolt from black to gold, and she threw it back at Kikyou. She tried to shield herself, but the bolt went right through her shield.

"You are SO dead…" growled Mika.

Kashioki held his ground. "Lyn-"

"My name is Lossiara! And hold still, so I can kill you!"

"Lossiara. Think. Why would Onorora tell you that I killed your family? I'm not attacking you now, why would I have attacked them then?"

"I don't know, I don't care! Just die!"

"Listen to yourself! You ALWAYS care, don't let her control you!"


"Lossiara, listen to me! This isn't you!"


Kashioki back flipped away from the panting Lossiara. "Fine then." He held his arms out in the shape of a T. "Kill me."

She ran forward. Kashioki began to sing.

"So I'm taking you with me,

Anywhere that I, could ever want to be,

For the rest of my life, I want you there with me,

And if there ever comes a time, when I should have to leave,

I think you know that I, I'm taking you with me!"

Lossiara was more than halfway there.

"And every second that goes by, is just one more second of my life,

And it couldn't be more clear,

I'm dying without you here!"

Lyn's eyes widened as her sword was about to pierce Kashioki's heart.


Mika stepped back from the corpse. Half of the face was missing and the body was bloodied. She then looked at Kagome, who was still on the ground from when she pushed her out of the way. Mika walked to her and helped her up, when they heard a scream from the warehouse. They ran in to see a shattered amulet on the ground along with Lyn's sword, and Lyn crying in Kashioki's arms.

"What happened?" asked Kagome.

Kashioki just shook his head.

Kashioki, Mika, Lyn, Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango all sat down in the Higurashi living room.

"So Kashioki," mused Miroku, "It appears you have some explaining to do."
Kashioki nodded. "I will start on the fact of my race. I was once asked what I was. I said I was completely human, and at the time, it was true. This is because I am a Muk'Tulah'Nah, a Shapeless. Even on my planet we are rare, about one of us for every thousand people. Imouto-chan is a Muk'Tulah'Nah as well, but she lost her ability to shapeshift. We are both Shapeless because both of our parents were Shapeless." Kashioki took a deep breath. "As is custom for the King and Queen."

Mixed responses came from the room, variations of 'What?' and 'You're royalty'?

"Yes, yes, I am royalty. So is imouto-chan. I didn't want the throne, however, and instead opted to train in the military under the identity of Koshiro. My father found out, and didn't like that. He revealed my identity to the military, which we fought about afterwards. He then had me promoted to very high up in the ranks, which we fought about afterwards. I denied the promotion and continued as my rank, which we fought about afterwards. I joined the Special Forces, which led to me being here. Shortly after that, people in our family began to be found dead in their homes, with no clue as to the identity of the killer. To protect my family and friends, I gathered us all into the same room- me, imouto-chan, Lyn, and onee-chan. It turns out onee-chan was the killer. When I left to converse with one of my subordinates, having reached the rank equivalent of Sergeant by myself, I came back to find Onorora sucking their power out of them, and almost killing them. When I got her off of them, they were both dangerously weak. The Defense Forces, or the Police as they are called here, tried to kill her. Apparently they failed."

"Wait, what happened to Mika and Lyn?" asked Inuyasha.

"I was getting there. Mika had lost only enough power that she could no longer shapeshift without killing herself. Lyn, on the other hand…" at this point they locked hands, "she had lost enough that her current form, identical to the one you see now, used too much. To save her life, she took all the energy she could spare and transformed herself into an AI, and was offline for three months. She came back up shortly after I got here." Kashioki looked over the room and all the confused expressions it contained. "Any questions?"

Miroku was the first to speak. "What does being Shapeless mean? Other than the fact that you can shapeshift you didn't explain much."

"Being Muk'Tulah'Nah, or Shapeless, means that you can turn into anything you come into contact with. By mixing and matching, you can change what you look like." Kashioki gestured to himself. "This form was created from my contact with a wolf youkai on my home planet and a panther-like animal from there as well."

Taking more time to examine Kashioki, several new details were noted. He had panther ears and two black tails, as well as fangs and claws, but his eyes continued to change color.

"Oh, so that thing Kish was telling me about where your eyes turned red for a second, that was just some weird Shapeless thing?"

Lyn answered that. "Actually..."

Kashioki looked at her. He didn't know either, so this should be interesting.

"Kashi-kun's great-grandad designed a program called Executioner--"

"Oh, I remember hearing something about that," he said.

"--which was designed to be put into an artificial body like mine. It would be the perfect law enforcer. It was to be identified by its red eyes. It would tell the person what they were guilty of and their punishment based on their crime. Now, understand that this was NOT sanctioned by the government, and that this is just his great-grandpa being crazy. Well, he was finishing it up one night during a lightning storm. His computer was struck and fried, and Executioner downloaded into him. It was imprinted into his cells. He had no idea until it activated and killed a murderer. After Kashioki's dad, it was thought that it had been bred out of their line. Apparently it hasn't."

"How did you know that, and I didn't?"

"I asked your mom what happened to that program after hearing it mentioned by someone."

"Could it be downloaded in me, too?" asked Mika.

Lyn shook her head. "You have two X-chromosomes. You should be fine, so long as there's no incest going on that I don't know about."

Kashioki put his face in his palm. "Lyyyn..." he groaned.

After a bit more pointless discussion, everyone retired for the night, opting to stay there rather than go home.

The next morning, Kashioki attempted to enter the kitchen to cook food for everyone. He found Mika in his way.

"Onii-chan, you're so bad at cooking, the stove explodes when you look at it. Do us all a favor and let me cook."

"You cook? Ha! You're so bad at cooking you managed to give half the family severe food poisoning from an ounce of chicken!"

Sango approached. "Move, I'm making breakfast."

"Okay," said the siblings, yielding to the more experienced cook.

After about ten minutes, most of the population of the house came to find out what the alluring smell coming from the kitchen was.

Everyone but Kagome.

Kashioki slipped away to her door and knocked. "Kagome? You in there?" he whispered.

No response.

Kashioki opened the door…

The room was trashed, the bed empty, and the window open. There was a note on the bed.

Kashioki went to his room and opened a box. After affirming the everything was there, he took it downstairs.

"Kagome has been kidnapped again. And look what I found." As he spoke, his tone stayed calm but angered.

Inuyasha read the note.

"The harbor at midnight."

He blinked. "That's all it says."

"We're going to get her," said Kashioki. "Everyone eat up, and someone bring me food. It'll take me a bit to prepare." He then went outside.

What Kashioki had done was create high-tech devices to protect everyone. They were in the forms of necklaces, with different runes in the Shapeless language coded to do different things. They only protected the wearer, really, but it was like a suit of armor.

About midway through the day, Kashioki went up to his room to check some design specs on his computer. As he was leaving, having confirmed that the circuit pattern WAS closed-closed-open and not open-closed-closed, one of his ears twitched. He went towards the sound, and found it was coming from Lyn's room. She was crying.

"Lyn? Can I come in?"

After a moment, he shrugged. "Well, she didn't say no..."

Kashioki walked in to find her half-wrapped in her sheets with her face in her pillow. He walked next to her and sat down. "What's wrong?"

"I'm scared, Kashi-kun...I don't want anyone to die!"

"No one is going to die, Lyn. You know that I don't let people die."

"B-but what if that gets you killed?"

"Then I would die knowing I was serving my family and protecting my friends."

This only made Lyn cry more, and Kashioki smacked himself in the face. Stupid thing to say!

"Lyn, no one is going to die."

"B-but you just said..."

"It won't come to that."

Lyn was silent for a moment. "Kashi-kun?"


"Just in case...just in case you do...don't make it..." She stopped.

"Go on," he said.

"Sleep with me, Kashi-kun."

He blinked in surprise. He knew he heard her right, but...

He had to think about it. He wasn't an ultra-conservative Christian who believed that one sin could send him to Hell, but sex before marriage...that was big, at least for him. Did he really want to compromise his values to make her feel better?

...Of course he did. He loved her, and he would do anything for her, even if this one thing WOULD send him to Hell.

...Which, thankfully, it wouldn't.

It was finally midnight, and everyone was preparing. In battle-dress (A/N what they wear in the show), everyone prepared to leave. Mika was just wearing her normal clothes. Kashioki went heavy-duty. Only wearing a tank top and cargo pants, he had turned into a ten foot tall man with black fur and all the attributes, such as the ears and tails, he had in his other form. The head was a panther's, but he retained his ability to speak. On the top part of his back was a flamethrower fuel tank, and on the lower areas were six ammo boxes for the MG42 in his right hand, as opposed to the flamethrower in his left. All the boxes had linked belts, so he never had to reload.

Arriving at the Harbor, Kashioki didn't bother asking where they thought they should go. He headed straight for an old warehouse (A/n …) and kicked down the door, filling the youkai behind it full of lead.

As they came into the main room, a small army of youkai turned around to look at them, many of them horrors best left untold. At the opposite end, three people stood. Naraku, Onorora, and Max, her AI. But a fourth person emerged, and it made Mika's heart skip a beat. It was Kikyou, half of her face showing her skull. Where her eye would have been was a red glow. The remaining half of her face twisted into a smirk.

Naraku spoke. "Welcome."

Kagome woke up, groggy. She was in the back room of the very same warehouse her friends were in, though she didn't know it. Someone was stroking her face. When she opened her eyes, she saw it to be, to her disgust, Kouga.

"Get off of me…"


"Shut up Kouga."

Kouga became quiet, confused.

Thinking about her situation, Kagome wondered when she would be saved. When she felt a hand touch her breast, she yelped and brought her hand around, slapping Kouga.

"You bastard!" she fumed. "Don't you dare touch me!"

Kouga smirked. "You know, I've waited a long time to take you as my mate…"

Five seconds later, where Kouga used to be, was a charred corpse. Kagome's eyes went from pink back to their usual brown. She blinked, taking in what she did.

I wanted him to die…and he did…I need to be careful; these are dangerous powers I have.

She got up and began to look for an exit.

As Miroku and Sango held the vast legions of youkai back with relative ease, Inuyasha took on Naraku, Kashioki fought Onorora, Lyn took on Max, and Mika killed Kikyou again, after much difficulty.

With Kashioki, it was a superiority contest. He would shapeshift into something, and she would become something to counter that, and him to counter her. Eventually, she took the form of the Tonnak, a powerful Tiger-like creature. Kashioki had but one thing to best it, not wanting to use his precious ammo on her.

Guesstimating (A/N holy skak, that's actually a word!) to fill in the blanks with DNA, Kashioki took the form of the Tyrant Lizard, the T-Rex. To counter that, Onorora let out a psychic blast, preventing them both from shifting to anything but their common forms. This forced them both back. Kashioki glared, and released his spirit. Onorora released hers. It was a Spirit Duel. These were dangerous, as anything they lost in reality or in their spirit forms was lost forever in both forms, and not even transformation could bring it back. Both of them were clad as ancient warriors, and they fought long and hard, their battle unseen to everyone else, their swords silently clashing against each other. A youkai was about to behead him in reality, but Lyn stepped away from her fight with Max to protect his fallen form. After that youkai was dealt with, she went back to trying to carve up the enemy AI, who showed extreme prowess with an electrically charged quarterstaff. Fortunately, it didn't conduct through her sword because of the wooden handle.

Kashioki saw Mika impaled with a spear. His mouth opened in a silent cry of, "NO!" He kicked Onorora's spirit in the gut. He then leaped over and caught her spirit from the air, throwing it back to her body and refusing Death. He then returned to his fight with his evil sister. She immediately lifted her blade above her head.

"Fencing suicide, Onorora," said Kashioki as he lunged in and stabbed her through the heart. "I thought you of all people would know that." Her spirit fell to the ground and disappeared and her body stopped breathing. Kashioki returned to his. He began to riddle and fry youkai as Inuyasha took on his opponent.

They took blows from each other, and after twenty minutes of stalled combat, Inuyasha grew enraged. He used the Kaze no Kizu at point blank range, killing Naraku easily. (A/N always fail at writing the Inuyasha/Naraku fight, not even going to bother trying.) The youkai then increased in number, and they were hard pressed to keep them back. A door next to Inuyasha opened, and a charred female corpse fell through, followed by Kagome.

"I'm sorry Ayame. I didn't want to kill you."


"Inuyasha? Inuyasha!"

"GET OUT OF HERE!" roared Kashioki, their objective completed.

He threw his flamethrower, the wicks having run out, and shot the tank to use the remaining fuel as well as possible. The explosion killed a dozen youkai. Still hundreds more came at him. Kashioki realized that he only had one option. His hand now free, he reached into his pocket and grasped a coin shaped item. After everyone had gotten out of the warehouse, he threw the object, called a Deathwill at the youkai. It was an old invention, not commonly used anymore on Kashioki's planet. It was designed to detect life in the person it is in contact with. Being in the air, it didn't get anything when it should have, so it did what it was programmed to do.

It exploded in a fiery blast engulfing the warehouse.

"KASHIOKI!" yelled Kagome.

Panicked, the group ran forward to the rubble and threw it aside, digging for their friend. After half an hour, Miroku cried, "I found him!"

Kashioki slept in the hospital, recovering from his grievous wounds. The next day, when he had enough energy, he shifted back to his human form, eliminating all injuries. He left without any of the staff knowing—there was just money on the bed to pay for his treatment, as well as a note to not inform anyone of his visit.

When Mrs. Higurashi came home, she asked if she missed anything interesting. She was met with a no from every teen.

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