Drivers Ed by AndromedaMarine

"You can't be serious! I'm a horrible teacher – just ask Rodney about the ascension thing."

Elizabeth gave her husband a wounded puppy-dog gaze that Sheppard was sure she had learned from Rodney at some point. "Please? I'll only be able to for the next nine months or so. Come on, it'll be fun! I promise I won't crash or anything."

Sheppard rolled his eyes and groaned. This was the last thing he needed right now – teaching his wife how to drive a Jumper. He rubbed a hand across his face and stopped so his eyes were bugging beneath his fingers. He sighed. "Oh all right. After lunch."

Doing a very un-Elizabeth-ish thing she clapped her hands and squealed, perhaps imitating (although not intentionally) Vala Jackson's usual behavior. "Oh, thank you John! I've always wanted to!" She jumped up from the bed upon which she had been sitting and hugged her husband very tightly.

"'Lizbeth, John can't breathe!" he choked out, talking in third person so Elizabeth would pay attention. The woman released her husband and kissed him.

"Is it hard?" She inquired, as though just now was the first time she'd thought to ask the question.

John rolled his eyes again. "No, honey, it's not hard once you learn how to control it. Besides, the little guy's doing all the work."

Elizabeth slapped John playfully. John smiled. "The little guy is just providing the gene," she said and kissed John again.

"I wonder if the Ancients gave out Jumper Drivers Licenses," John said questioningly, which was met with another slap and another kiss. If Elizabeth's drivers ed continued that way they'd be doing more than just driving a Jumper.