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Gothic Lullaby-- Chapter One

The Movie Marathon-EPOV

"Edward, guess what I got!" Alice screamed, holding up a huge white plastic bag.

"Did you finally invest in some dignity?" I said, my tone bitter.

"Oh my gawd, Edward. Your fling was years ago. Get over it." Bridget sassed, putting both hands on her hips.

Bridget came into the family about six months or so years ago, about a year after I left my Bella. I have been without my Bella for two years now. Not your Bella, I mentally scolded. Bridget was beautiful. She looked much like Rosalie, with her long blonde hair. Hers was curled slightly, and waved gently down her back. Her body was curved to the extreme. It was wierd, unporportioned, just like a Barbie doll. She was top heavy and hip heavy with barely any waist and dainty feet. She was tall as well, and it didn't help that she was wearing the highest heels I had ever seen. She made sweats and a tank top look couture. She also had an unhealthy infatuation in trying to get me out of the hell-hole depression I was in. Maybe she was striving to be Dr. Phil or Oprah? I didn't know, but it was annoying.

Bridget sat down next to me, crosing her mile long legs. We didn't change her, she was alone, with red eyes. Her eyes were now a rough honey color, though I could see some orange. She cheated on her diet ocassionaly, but we never said anything. She has the ability to block powers, which she has been doing for the past ten years. No minds for me, or futures for Alice, or emotions for Jasper. Nothing. Not a whisper. At first I had felt annoyed and aggitated. It was Bella all over again. Slowly I realised how nice it was...the silence I mean.

"Oh Bridget, do us a favor and shut your cologen lips." Rosalie snapped.

"Excuse me? My lips don't have cologen!" Bridget gasped, putting her hand to her chest.

"Could have fooled me." Jasper mumbled.

"Carlisle!" she pronounce it Car-lissle, despite what we try to tell her. "They're picking on me again!"

"Children!" a dissmissing sigh said.

"Anyway, LOOK WHAT I GOT!" Alice chirped, pulling out a couple of DVD's.

I took a brief sweep across the titles.

Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd.

"Interesting choice, dear. But the blood..." Jasper started. He still hadn't gained alot of control.

"Oh, Jasper. The blood is practically Fuscia. Suck it up, be a man." Bridget said.

"I'm trying." Jasper moaned.

"It's okay, sweet-ums." Alice cooed. "Your more then man enough for me."

"Oh god, it's times like these I'm glad I can't read your minds. Put on Sweeney. I never did see it." I tried to seem happy.

"I did! It sucked." Bridget piped, crossing her arms.

"Well we didn't. So you can take that comment and shove it up your--"

"ROSALIE!" Esme and Carlisle appeared in the door way.

"Donkey." Rosalie finished.

"Enough chit-chat. The family, save for Bridget, haven't seen it, so go ahead and put it on." Esme dismissed.

The DVD started a moment later. "Man, even the DREAMWORKS is depressing!" Jasper exclaimed. The DVD continued to play, with Alice's comments every three seconds.

"Isn't Johnny Depp dreamy? Look at his voice"

"I love Mrs. Lovett. Her acting skills are ah-mazing."

"Awww, poor Tobey!"

"Did you know Mrs. Lovett's first name is Claudette?"

"Hey, it's Snape!"

"Hey, that Anthony kid looks like you, Jasper!"

And with her singing snipits of songs.

The movie ended, and I have to say, it was a good movie. The ending was stupid, but the theatrics were nice. Not the best, but not bad. It didn't 'suck' how Bridget had pointed out.

We finished off with the credits, since Alice wanted to see if her named showed up. But what we weren't expecting was this.

In small white lettering, next to Mrs. Lovett, said Bella Swan.


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